Liberal logic: After passing new soda tax, Seattle to spend $500K to study the effect on businesses

government solve all problems

Shoot first, then aim.

All Seattle proggies had to do was look at what happened in Philadelphia after they passed a soda tax (layoffs and plunging sales).

In June, the Seattle City Council approved a new soda tax that goes into effect on January 1. Proggie councilmember Tim Burgess said this: “The scientific evidence is incontrovertible … sugar-sweetened beverage consumption leads to negative health outcomes. Communities of color and young people are disproportionately targeted by the beverage industry’s advertising and marketing campaigns. Black children and teens see twice as many ads for soda and other sweetened beverages compared to white children and other teens.”

The new soda tax places a .0175 per ounce fee on sweetened beverages. The tax is paid for by distributors but you know they will pass the cost onto the customer.

The city estimates it will raise more than $23 million from the tax in 2018, which it intends to put toward reducing the academic achievement gap between white and minority students, as well as expand access to healthy food.

Jason Rantz at reports that the city of Seattle is reportedly spending $500,000 to fund a UW study to look into the impacts of the soda tax on, in part, businesses, because the business community has stated this is bad for them.

Don’t be surprised if after spending a half million taxpayer dollars, the city undermines the study, such as they did with a minimum wage study earlier this year, to cover the true effects of this new tax.

That’s liberal logic for ‘ya!


32 responses to “Liberal logic: After passing new soda tax, Seattle to spend $500K to study the effect on businesses

  1. Democrats: We only work at thinking of more ways to waste your money.

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  2. Amazing. Or, amazingly stupid? When I was in government I used to receive a free copy of a magazine called “Governing”. It went free to local, state and federal officials.

    The magazine was a slick production full of proposals for new laws to generate revenue, etc.. It also contained studies just like the one above. I’d be VERY surprised if the information Seattle was allegedly seeking with its own study wasn’t already done and reported there.

    Why would you do a study AFTER passing bill? Every day it comes closer to mimicking the ineffectiveness and lethargy of the old USSR. I suppose that shouldn’t be surprising considering the same ideology is involved.

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    • Lophatt, they are grasping at straws. They rely on ignorance. Get them to believe they are doing good when the opposite will be the truth.

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      • Yeah, I know that I was surprised to find the various different states and localities laws, all written and ready to go. All they had to do was change the names. They especially prized legislation that had withstood court challenges.

        But, that’s how its done. They never stop looking for ways to milk the eaters. They see it as their jobs.

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    • “Why would you do a study AFTER passing bill? ”
      That’s the Pelosi Syndrome”-Remember “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it”?

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  3. How about parents just don’t buy soda for their kids? Is there anyone who thinks it’s better to give children sugar laden drinks? What ever happened to common sense. Never mind…..

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    • noreen cerino . . . “How about parents just don’t buy soda for their kids?” On the surface, this seems like the most straight forward, common sense statement that could ever be made . . . But, after thinking about that, would it actually be a good thing to allow parent’s to make choices for the very children they brought into this world. If government sat back and allowed the actual parent’s of the children to solve the very problems their children are having, wouldn’t this really upset the very balance we see in the universe? What would be left for those on the government payroll to occupy their time with? If other’s were stepping up to make the heavy duty decisions for the children in the village . . .How could the very lucrative salaries be justified if those in the public sector were suddenly left with no earth shattering problems to solve. Good grief, how would those who get voted into office prove their worth, actually prove that they are worthy of, in many cases, pensions that are superior to those who would then have to assume all the hefty decision making all on their own. Furthermore, how could anyone justify the generous vacation time, sick time, healthcare and other perks that these marvelous government decision makers, these folks who have so generously set aside their lives to do the heavy lifting for the benefit of those around them. No, it is a much better plan that the parent’s and the rest of society back off, and spend what brain capacity they may have in trying to find ways to keep their own pitiful boats afloat in a world where the taxes to pay public servants continues to escalate in an upward spiral, let the non-decision makers consume their thoughts with trying to make life better for those in our society that are so much better suited to make all these decisions regarding the children of the village.

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      • Beautifully said. I keep saying my version of the same thing. We don’t need a “Central Committee” to decide for us on every element of life.

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        • lophatt . . . I keep hoping that if the dullards hear the same arguments but phrased perhaps a little bit differently . . . perhaps the brain fog will lift and the cogs will start to actually turn, and maybe, just maybe, they will catch the vision. God Bless you, I don’t remember when you and I did not think exactly alike.

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          • That’s good news to me, probably scary news to you!

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            • lophatt . . . The answer to that is . . . NO, not really. I am just thrilled that there are actually people out there in the world who have retained their common sense. I just see that you and I, and the majority of the FOTM family are among that group of people.

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  4. Seattle & Philly & NYC & Chicago, etc. Proggie voters don’t pay taxes anyway. The Stupid Party voters pay the taxes.

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  5. Like California they are running out of money to give freebies to lazy government money suckers. The illegals!!

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  6. This tax will probably bring buckets of monies into the Seattle coffers just as did their tax on guns and ammunition.

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    • My understanding is that people merely go a couple of miles down the road to purchase their guns and ammo.

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      • They probably go to Walmart or Cabela’s just up north. More lost revenue for Seattle but less shootings in town (libtard logic).

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        • My daughter and son-in-law own a gun shop in California. They were here for a visit and we were discussing this at dinner last night. He was telling me how Feinstein trotted out a picture of a large rifle and declared it to be “the weapon of choice for drug dealers”. Not only is that not true, it’s ridiculous. Nonetheless, they banned them.

          I might mention that Diane has a concealed carry license for herself. She just doesn’t want YOU to have one. They all make me sick. I can laugh at the crazy ones like everyone else. Some of them are just plain evil.

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    • True Dan . . . I can just see how great this will work A vast majority discontinued purchasing guns and or ammo in Seattle, so all the regular tax monies, in addition to the newly proposed went to nearby counties.

      You know how the government wants all us peons to stop driving here and there . . .well, guess what, there will be a large contingent of folks who will get in their cars and drive to other counties where this beverage tax has not been enacted and they will stock up on un-taxed sweet beverages.

      the Commies here in the Portland City Council already have this measure on the ballot for this spring. According to the literature against the beverage tax it would raise the tax on soda pop, so that the taxes will be more expensive than what is charged for a can of beer. Many are theorizing that drinking alcoholic will shoot up substantially.

      As for me, there is a lovely little town by the name of Scappoose, that lies 20 miles down the road from Portland, and it is outside the jurisdiction of Multnomah County. It is a lovely scenic drive, may times farmer’s have their cows out in the fields grazing/ I shall just have to waste my time and burn gas by going out there to purchase what I want, because i am not going to give them any more money to fritter away.

      One thing that many may find humorous, athough this tax was supposed to be on “sweetened” beverages, the County council added any drinks that are artificially sweetened to the list also, including sports beverages such as Power Aid. This has less to do with getting harmful beverages away from you, than it has to do with having monies flow into their coffers. If they think you may be left with two nickles to rub together, they will move heaven and earth to change that scenario.

      As for me, I will expend my last breath and effort in trying to do an end run around the little games they wish to impose on us “free citizens.”

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      • That’s very true, Auntie. Several years ago we were in Santa Fe, New Mexico visiting my wife’s brother. They had a “blue law” that prohibited selling any alcohol in the grocery stores on Sunday. My wife wanted a glass of wine so we asked at the market. They sent us to a pizza place.

        It was jammed with people, they were all in there drinking beer. They even sold beer in cardboard containers to go. I also noted that the gas stations sold hard liquor and mixers from drive up windows (go figure).

        Whenever the “Central Committee” decides they know what’s best for us stuff like this happens.

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        • lophatt . . . It truly is absolutely outrageous, Yet they sit back so smug, so self assured that they and they alone know how the universe is best run. I swear, garbage like this must be the cause of higher blood pressure, anxiety, and stress in general in us older folks . . . just having to look at all this unorganized stupidity and yet act like all is well with the world.

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  7. “Black children and teens see twice as many ads for soda and other sweetened beverages compared to white children and other teens.”
    WHAT? How is that logically possible? Are you saying BET is to blame?

    My observation over the decades is that school boards, city council and county commissioners (and state and US reps, for that matter) don’t base their words, votes, or actions on intelligent or logical reasoning.

    Rather, they do and say things that are intended to get them press now and in the future (such as getting us to fork up $Millions in taxes to pay for sports stadiums etc.), and as a result of the loudest squawkers in the media and entertainment — make them happy, and maybe they’ll like & vote for you.

    NEVER for the right things for the right reasons. Well, nearly never.

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    • cogitoergosumantra . . . You picked up on exactly the same thing that tweaked my mind . . . “Black children and teens see twice as many ads for soda and other sweetened beverages compared to white children and other teens.” How can this possibly be? Do black children have a greater propensity for being couch potatoes than white children? I am dying to know where did they get that information? People who come up with these sound bites never think that those of us who hear it may want some backup or want to know where did it come from, how valid is that in reality. It’s just an instance of them thinking they are a whole lot smarter than we are.

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      • Yeah, I hate statements like that. “The new legislation saved 20,000 lives last year….”. Really? How do we know this?

        Maybe I’m unduly sensitive to it, but I hear stuff like that constantly. Maybe its part of the “dumbing down” exercise.

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      • Exactly. When they “cite” a fact/study/statistic, they assume very few are going to question it or check the veracity, so it’s just used to further influence most to believe whatever it is they’re saying. Fake news to win a persuasive argument.

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        • cogitoergosumantra . . . you are absolutely right about that. They must believe that their “credentials” gives them license to say just about anything, and that it will be taken as the gospel truth. I’ve got news for ’em.

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  8. And the hard working people of Seattle that incredibly stupid and don’t know what is going on in their city or are they too busy working their rears off to pay heavy taxes for all the misusage of their tax money?

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  9. I read a book several years ago titled When The Wicked Seize A City. Even looking at the small town I live in I feel compelled to write one myself. When Idiots Seize A City. Half the roads will destroy your suspension system, school textbooks are badly outdated, the water lines have several places with permanent leaks (I know of one which has leaked for 6 years), dangerous 4 way stops in need of traffic lights and parks given over to thugs. Yet, they want to establish a yearly Jazz Festival?

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    • Yet, they somehow have money to build a new city hall, too….

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    • Youghn . . . . that just sounds like business as usual. There is a failure to grasp the idea that governments were set up to provide necessary services . . . schools, roads, water, yet they are more than happy to piddle away money on “Jazz Festivals!” I fail to see where this is a necessary service . . . yet each and every year, the City of Portland, puts on a Jazz Festival down in Cathedral Park, located under the St Johns Bridge, which is perhaps 7 blocks away from me. I can tell you, when all these drunken, revelers come into our part of the city–you cannot find any parking in order to conduct your normal business. I say, the City should not be in the business of conducting Jazz Festivals . . . let private enterprise take over that duty, and perhaps they could lease some field, perhaps outside of the city in which they could drunkenly revel to their heart’s delight! I do not want my money going for this, when we had pot holes in some places that were 14 inches deep last winter. They finally got those patched by mid-summer . . . and now we are going into another cold, freezing winter. Only to have the half-baked patch jobs they did come undone.

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