Website sells fake penises to ‘transgender’ kids as young as 5

Biologists say there is no such thing as “transgenderism,” our sex being determined by our DNA (males have the XY chromosomes; females have XX chromosomes), except in the very rare cases of genuine hermaphrodites.

But that hasn’t stopped the Left from their “transgender” propaganda that, with lightning speed, has overtaken America and the West, if not the world, in the space of a mere 2-4 years.

Even more absurd is the notion of “transgender” young children. Think back to your childhood: did you, when you were very young, have a gender identity as male or female? In fact, studies have found that children’s “gender identity” is surprisingly fluid — the majority of kids who imagine themselves to be “transgender” simply grow out of it.

But where there’s a buck to be made, opportunists — especially opportunists with an ideological agenda — are sure to exploit.

There is a website that hawks merchandise to “transgender” children. From the image on the website, Transkids target very young children — as young as 2-3 years old:

Transkids’ “About Us” page says:

TransKids is run by Searah, who also runs a site for trans guys called After years of helping adults find high-quality gender expression gear, she saw the need for a site and store that focused more on kids and their unique needs.

Searah hopes that all parents coming here can trust that this is a safe and affirming place, where helping your kids live fully and embodied is our only goal.

Transkids sell children’s books with titles as My Princess Boy and Jacob’s New Dress, all the better to confuse and indoctrinate kids.

The online store also sells fake, prosthetic penises, in extra-small for kids 5 years or younger.

  • Masho Packer: A “soft-skin” penis and testicles with “life-like” texture, which is designed for adults but, happily, “is one of the smaller packers on the market”. The rubber penis is 1.25″ wide and measures 4″ from base to tip. Thoughtfully, the penis “is angled downward for a more realistic and less ‘outstanding’ package.” It is suggested that the child “wear this in a harness, packing strap or pocketed jock strap”.
  • Model E Stp (Circumcised): A “stand-to-pee” silicone devise for a 8-13 years old girl who imagines herself to be male so that she can stand up while urinating. The devise is “discreet enough that they can be worn all day under clothes.” Just hold the upper rim of the devise over the urethra, aim and pee!, then shake it out.
  • Model E Stp (Uncircumcised): The same “stand-to-pee” devise, but the fake penis is uncircumcised — for Gentiles. So thoughtful!

And here’s Transkids’ owner, Searah Deysach (because “Sarah” is so conventional and boring). Three guesses as to her ethnicity!

H/t The Goldwater

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29 responses to “Website sells fake penises to ‘transgender’ kids as young as 5

  1. If a penis is a man made doesn’t that speak volumes? The “mum” looks like a dude. They want to pervert the world to make them believe and feel normal. They hate and defy God in every way.

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  2. what are they using for money?
    what are they using for mommy?


  3. Google photos of inside this fatso’s Potemkin store look like no viable retail business I’ve ever seen and more like an amateurish and very hastily staged photo set to go with the seemingly out-of-nowhere promotion of transgenderism among children under five on the Internet. In one interview she even says that the highlight of her day, good or bad, is walking down the street for ice cream, probably because there’s nothing better to do with no customers.

    It’s pretty obvious something other than sales supports this frivolous young woman and charade about there being a significant demand for these items. I’d guess her parents are nihilists who sacrificed their own daughter to the communist Moloch of political correctness soon after she was born, and little Searah is going to please mommy and daddy by upping the ante and convincing her own daughter she’s so ugly she needs to mutilate herself into something resembling a boy.

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  4. If you keep an eye on your children, boys and girl, and see what friends they associate with you will prevent a lot of heartaches at an early age, that doesn’t mean that later on the son or daughter may have chosen a different path as long as it is not indecent and inmoral. You may not approve but never never shut the door, accept him/her as they are and you will not lose a child.

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  5. I’ll take two of these and a unicorn antler in case I decide I’m a “brony”.

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  6. Ummm,..

    Masho Packer,.?
    This must be a typo,..You mean,..’Macho Pecker’;,.., don’t you,.?
    I don’t see any black ones ,{.extra long}
    I would expect that ,..’erect’,.. ones will be ‘,..’coming out’,..soon,..along with some, appropriately sized, condoms .

    I could go on & on,..but I have to go now,..I think I hear my mommy calling me,..

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  7. Just sad to turn a child into something they are not.

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  8. If I ruled the world with an Iron Fist, those perverts who attempted to sexualize children wouldn’t know which way to run.
    I’ll leave it at that.

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  9. That mum looks like she just might be packin a steely dan

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  10. The little girls use the Hasbro Easy Charge credit card


  11. Okay, enough is enough. This is bordering on abuse and down right sickness. This is becoming a way to display their perversion in public using their children as props.
    Kids have no idea what the heck is being projected onto them. At that age, They have more important things to do, like play and be a kid. Sex isn’t in their vocabulary yet and their hormones haven’t kicked in.

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  12. Ten dollars says this sicko is dealing in child porn and is a frequent partaker of cheese pizza and/or hotdogs. Her computers need to be confiscated and investigated!

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  13. Occasionally the subject of a post leaves me speechless. This is one of those posts. Dildos for 4 year old girls, marketed by a “genderqueer” woman in San Francisco named Den Kirkwood Tucker. […]

    Baby’s First Dildo – courtesy of the Transgender Movement

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  14. Shouldn’t this be considered corruption of a minor, and sexual abuse of a minor, at the very least? These people are evil, very obviously, and whats worse they are trying to demonize and destroy children in order to push their satanic filth… expected from followers of the devil, since children are priority 1 targets, and the devil hates few things more than a child, but that is no excuse for anyone to allow this kind of thing, should they be in a position to put a stop to it.

    There’d be nothing to sell if there were no suppliers, so the question is, who are the reprehensible villains supplying the materials? Not the raw materials liek the base components of the silicone mixes etc. persay, but the models and molds.

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    • My guess for most likely two suspects would be China and/or Israel. Can you imagine working at a place that makes crap like this? “What did you do at work today daddy?”.

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      • Or at the place that makes “onna holes” or “trottla” which deals in “anatomically-correct imitations of girls, with ages as young as five” ( per: apologies to Dr. Eowyn, and others for such a grim story, this isn’t the only company doing that, by the way… theres more than a few asian-based, and potentially tel aviv backed, companies that make such abominations, whether it be full “dolls” or semi-functional sexbots, or just parts like the “onna hole”, etc.)

        I fail to see why people are not taking action to stomp this kind of thing out before it gets further along, I understand society has undergone heavy satanification/gnostification over the last 200 years, with lots of generational conditioning involved, but I wonder how much of society is actually so passively victim, or merely that way because they don’t get wind of things due to the media’s tampering, and as such don’t organize, or when they do organize, they get co-opted by already controlled opposition groups that they don’t know to avoid, and subsequently either have their efforts defeated, or give up on discovering the subversion.

        Suffice it to say all these clearly demonstrate that the collective “foot” should have been put down on these things.

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        • I suppose as long as there is a “market” for such things, someone will manufacture them. In terms of sex “aids” for adults, rubber “parts” are a sad substitution for feminine company.

          As to the kids, however, that’s an entirely different thing. First someone has to condition them to want one in the first place. How sick is that?

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    • The description of at least one of the prosthetic penises says it’s made in China.


  15. In case you missed it…

    Left-wing media editor tells parents to buy erotic vibrators for their children

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