Breaking! NYPD released pic of white supremacist who drew swastikas on Manhattan doors

NYPD is searching for a man who’s been vandalizing apartment buildings throughout Manhattan by drawing swastikas and penises on more than a dozen doors in the last 30 days.

The man’s vandalism includes:

  • In the evening of Nov. 26, the man entered a Kips Bay high-rise near Madison Avenue and East 29th Street and vandalized apartment doors on the 48th floor with drawings of two swastikas, male genitals, and “Max G was here”.
  • A few days later, the man went inside a Financial District apartment building near Pine Street on Dec. 2 at about 3 p.m. He drew an upside-down cross on the building’s elevator doors, and multiple swastikas, male genitals and the tag “Max G was here” on apartment doors.
  • On Dec. 18, the man entered an apartment building near North Moore and Greenwich streets and drew a swastika, male genitals and “Max G was here” on two floors.
  • The next day, the man went inside a Chelsea apartment building, located on W. 29th St., at about 11 p.m. and drew swastikas and male genitals on nine doors.
  • The most recent vandalism happened on Dec. 23, when the man entered another Chelsea apartment building, on W. 23 St., and drew a swastika, male genitals and “Max G was here” on various doors.

On December 27, NYPD released a photo of the man they believe has spray-painted the hateful images.

Police have not yet identified the suspect. The police department’s hate crimes task force is investigating the incidents. (Source: Patch)

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21 responses to “Breaking! NYPD released pic of white supremacist who drew swastikas on Manhattan doors

  1. Oh yeah, there were a number of stories on Stuart Varney’s program the other day about people who claimed they’d been targeted when they’d done it themselves, including one professor. They got caught, thank goodness. Stupid is as stupid does!

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    • Right, stupid is as stupid does, and, like this free-lancing bro’, not every “neo-Nazi” is an agent provocateur or useful idiot in the employ of the CIA or FBI–altho maybe this bro’ did hear there’s plenty of federal money for crisis acting and this sort of thing.

      The leaders of the faux “neo-Nazi” or “white supremacist” movements, on the other hand, are almost all going to be agents of influence or salaried agency moles. At least the government/msm plan to equate traditional Christian belief among whites with racism, and particularly anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, is being exposed at every turn, and even the FBI is said to have stopped taking its direction from the SPLC.

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on komonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    How do the Police know he is WHITE when they don’t know who he is?
    Fake news again?


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  3. I thought he was going to be a Hasidic Jew, tbh.

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  4. Show me some nazi hate symbol and I’ll show you one of Obama’s children.

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  5. I am glad that the “hate crime task force” is investigating these crimes. Now, when they catch the obviously African American dude, they need to impose the full measure of punishment under the hate crimes statutes! No get out of jail free card, cut him no slack even though he is a member of a minority race. We have seen far too many instances where individuals of the same race as has been disparaged that are committing the crime. They need to be brought to justice and the stiffest sentences allowed for the crime they committed needs to be imposed. Perhaps, some of these folks will think twice before entering into these hateful certain acts. We hear about this weird incidents–yet we never hear what they are convicted of, we never hear what kind of sentence they receive. I am wondering, since the crimes were enacted in order to garner sympathy for a specific group of “victims” . . what kind of sentences do they receive? Do the get off easy, since it was not actually perpetrated by someone who genuinely hates the special class of people that the act was supposedly carried out against. I am all for levying the harshest sentence possible in an attempt to stem the tide of these kinds of acts being committed. This kind of happening just screws with our society as a whole, making things worse for everyone. Not to mention the time and money law enforcement agencies piddle away in tryng to find the perpetrator. This just creates a tempest in a teapot.

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  6. His tan comes as a great surprise to me!

    I almost wish a WHITE neo-Nazi really WOULD deface some building, just to break up the monotony of Blacks having to commit these crimes on behalf of the lazy, White neo-Nazis who never seem to do anything on their own.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    See… ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Come To Life

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  7. I wonder if he knows “Pete”? He seems to have a fascination with male genitalia. Maybe next time he can draw a scrotum with Hillary’s face on it.

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  8. LOL! I love these kinds of stories. Can you say Mana Truhill?? Haw,Haw.

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  9. Imagine the disappointment with the MSM when his race is exposed. Don’t expect it to reach the headline news report.

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  10. I notice he paints “male genitalia” on everything. It appears THAT is the ONLY male genitalia he HAS to offer….

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  11. could he be a scape goat or is he a fool….

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  12. I wonder if he is Jewish????

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  13. Well if he’s being paid then his payer would be wise to hire a huwhite to do their race hustling next time so the ever present cameras can actually catch an ebel huwhite nazi kwistion conservative SMDH

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  14. How did he gain access to what I presume are security-locked high rises?

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