Alabama special senate election: Roy Moore files lawsuit, citing experts on election fraud

This morning, Alabama’s state canvassing board will officially declare Doug Jones (D) the winner of the Dec. 12 special senate election. We are told that Jones defeated Roy Moore (R) by 1.5% or about 20,000 votes.

Late yesterday, Moore filed a lawsuit to stop Alabama from certifying Jones as the winner. The defendants in the lawsuit are Alabama Secretary of State John H. Merrill and Jefferson County Probate Judge Alan L. King.

As reported by the New York Post, Moore’s attorney said in a statement that he believes there were irregularities during the election and that there should be a fraud investigation and eventually a new election because “This is not a Republican or Democrat issue as election integrity should matter to everyone.”

While saying he has so far not found evidence of voter fraud and that his office will investigate any complaint that Moore submits, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill nevertheless told The Associated Press yesterday evening that “It is not going to delay certification and Doug Jones will be certified (Thursday) at 1 p.m. and he will be sworn in by Vice President Pence on the third of January.”

In the complaint, Moore’s attorneys noted the higher than expected turnout in the race, particularly in Jefferson County, and that Moore’s numbers were suspiciously low in about 20 Jefferson County precincts.

Roy Moore’s lawsuit complaint states the following:

(1) The “purported” election results “were contrary to most of the impartial, independent polls conducted prior to the Special Election and in contrast to exit polls.”

(2) There are “multiple public outcries of election fraud,” including:

  • Pre-marked (for Doug Jones) sample ballots were discovered in a bundle or bundles in Bullock County.
  • Multiple out-of-state identification were presented at voting places.
  • “Certain precinct directors” allowed out-of-state persons to vote.
  • A news video shows a young man saying that he and a “fellowship” of others had come from out of state to vote for Jones. Secretary of State Merrill claimed to have investigated the man (but not the others in the “fellowship”), but has not released the man’s name for others to verify.

(3) Voting machines cannot assure electronic vote alteration did not occur, nor are the electronic ballots stored or saved.

(4) Statistical analyses of the election results undertaken by election fraud experts “clearly indicate election fraud”. Statistical discrepancies were found in:

  • Predominantly Republican precincts, but not in predominantly Democratic precincts.
  • In 20 “anomalous” precincts in Jefferson County, Roy Moore received “sharply lower” (“an enormous, implausible drop-off”) vote totals relative to the Republican party-line votes — an average of 34% lower than the vote share of the Republican Party.
  • The vote-share discrepancy in the 20 anomalous Jefferson County precincts total more than 26,000 votes, which is more than Jones’ purported margin of victory of 20,000 votes.
  • Voter turnout in Jefferson County was “inexplicably” higher than outside Jefferson County.

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48 responses to “Alabama special senate election: Roy Moore files lawsuit, citing experts on election fraud

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The new commission has proven SO FAR that voter fraud HS BEEN committed in elections in the USA by Democrats.

    More info on this election in Alabama.


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  2. amazing!….merrill’s determined to certify jones even in the face of all these “irregularities”…I guess as long as he says there are no irregularities, then there is no need to investigate (sarc.) …’s a shame he won’t do his job (even though he says he will….maybe after jones has been certified).
    prayers to Judge Moore. what a tainted election.

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    • this is only the beginning….liberals don’t like it when they lose..voter fraud will be rampant and folks at merrill’s level down to voter precincts will be paid off to produce a liberal result…red states need to ensure they don’t have liberal moles working for them…
      it’s also interesting to note that Moore took a polygraph test against his accusers and passed…

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      • maybe moore’s accusers should do the same…

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        • Yeah-I’m SURE they’d GLADLY comply. (sarc)

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        • MomOfIV . . . . You have really nailed it! if the Democrats are allowed to “win” even one fraudulent election–there will never again be true elections in the land. This is one of the most egregious plans to attack those of us who are conservative. To steal elections out from under the noses of conscientious voters. After a time, people will give up bothering to vote, since their will, will no longer matter in the grand scheme of things.

          To be able to destabilize an election campaign via bringing up “sexual harassment” charges at the 11th hour, but not being able to have the rights to “discovery” regarding the infamous “yearbook” that supposedly had affectionate writings supposedly written by Moore. Naturally, that snake in the grass attorney, Gloria Alred (I hope I have the name correct,) would not allow Moore’s people to actually see or inspect the year book. Gloria Alred interjects herself in so many of these attention getting legal issues, that I no longer trust or feel that she is an ethical attorney.

          I was not surprised to learn that Judge Moore had passed the lie detector test . . . the fact that his opponent utilized this kind of smarmy scheme is just reprehensible. To let the election be certified would be a travesty.

          In another article regarding Judge Moore, he had consulted with three supposed “experts” in he field of elections; one of which says the results of this election going this way had a statistical probability of 1 in 15 billion.

          Now that the courts have cleared the way for President Trump’s commission on election fraud . . . they need to immediately turn their focus to this particular election in the State of Alabama.

          Since when can you walk up to the receiving desk at a state poling place, and present “out of state” identification — and still be allowed to vote. This is an instance where not only the person presenting the ID should be charged with a crime, but the election worker who choose to accept this fraudulent form of ID should be as well.

          This travesty perpetrated by some Democrats needs to be challenged, and I mean right now!

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  3. I don’t like to be pessimistic but I feel is a done deal for the demokrats, they’ll fight tooth and nail to keep Jones -Whether true or not Moore’s accusers have cast a shadow and will get paid big bucks to keep him out of Washington.

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    • Voter fraud? Democrats? Say it isn’t so! Did you know that the dead ALWAYS vote Democrat?

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      • lophatt . . . It certainly seems as though the dead do indeed vote Democratic, but I still think there is more than enough evidence that charges should be brought. After all, we really do not want the dead interfering in our elections!

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        • I suppose you’re right. Maybe someone could actually go to jail for a change? It always amazes me that, no matter how outrageous it is, they never seem to prosecute vote fraud.

          There are few things in life any simpler than a vote. If they can’t get that right and inspire confidence, they have no right drawing a paycheck. There is MUCH more to be said on this subject, even before the “vote”, but at its root, its pretty straightforward.

          I’m glad to see that he’s suing them. Of course they have piles of Soros money to pay off any judgements. They don’t care if what they’re doing is “right”.

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          • lophatt . . . . what you have said certainly does ring true. The ethical thing to do is just what Judge Moore has done. Take it to the courts. Let actual evidence be presented, force attorney Alred’s client to turn over the actual year book for inspection by experts. If we do not stand for what is right, then there is the possibility that we will fall for the wrong. I think calling the Democrats on this election is something that MUST BE DONE! If it could ever be established that someone like Soros had put up money for this kind of chicanery, perhaps he could be brought up on charges of racketeering . . . and wouldn’t that just be a good thing. It is a travesty that foreigners and their money are busy manipulating our governments, our Constitution, and our way of life. If it is possible, this needs to be stopped dead in its tracks.

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  4. The Dumbocrats KNOW they’re swirling around the drain-they have NOTHING to lose now. I’m afraid I must expect them to do absolutely ANYTHING to fish the Dem. Party out of the sewer trap…

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    • truck . . . I know what you’re saying is true . . . but my better self still wants justice in this matter. I just hope that justice may be found. I suppose I am just spittin’ in the wind.

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      • Auntie-I still can’t give up. As I have to tell friends more and more often-“This isn’t over until I SAY it’s over.” As long as we’re still wi8lling to TRY,it’s still in play.

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        • truck . . . Add me to your list of folks who have to say “it’s over when I say its over” in order for it to really be over! I realize that Alabama plans on have Pense give the oath of office to Jones early in January . . . however, I firmly believe that if it could be established that chicanery had been used to fraudulently steal this election–I don’t think it would make a difference that the other guy had already taken the oath of office. Let us have justice, which means the true intent of those who have the “legal right to vote in Alabama” decide who represents them . Those are the only votes that should be considered!

          I suppose that if Merrill, the Secretary of the State of Alabama, were a “Never Trump” sort of guy . . . he may not want to really take into consideration the various indications that fraud was involved in this election. Thus, he may be in a hurry to see the Democrat take the oath of office sooner rather than later. This would possibly tip the balance of power away from Republicans who do support Trump and his excellent plans for our country. Although, he is a Republican, we certainly have more than enough Rhinos and turncoats that there is just the possibility that he did not do his do diligence in looking into fraud relative to this election. I don’t know, I cannot see into his heart . . . that’s why I want some sort of an intervention to delve into the activities leading up to the election, the activities that occurred during the election, and activities post election.

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    • Hello truck, I think dumbocrats are smarter than what we know, snakes slither their way through until they strike!

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  5. So they are going to put him in before checking so if they find fraud can they kick him out and file charges against the num nut that put him in any way? Wonder how the legal works in this case?

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    • Well, while different, it shows their thinking. Remember that Obongo was ineligible to be President, no matter what you believe. He also had stolen identity, and many other questionable issues that should have resulted in his ouster.

      No matter how loudly people complained and pointed it out, Congress (ha!) was silent. Why is that? Are they not sworn to uphold the law?

      We know that they have no respect for us. We know that they don’t work for us. Why would we expect them to do the “right” thing?

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      • So true that when he was in the powers to be controlled everything including the DOJ and no matter what people got stopped at every turn. And so funny the second you said anything about him you had the whole weight of the left the media and the likes chomping at the bit to put you under.

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    • Brian . . . that is a killer question! Would it not be a better plan to delay giving the oath of office to ANYONE, before all the allegations regarding fraud are dealt with? I hate to say it, but Southern cities and towns are characterized as being filled with slow witted, criminally minded folks . . . the likes of Boss Hoag from Dukes of Hazard. Perhaps, the stereotype is actually true! It might seem so by the goings on surrounding this particular election.

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    • I had no doubt that they would, even with this action.

      Hey, when are all the lawsuits against Moore for sexual harassment going to be filed? /sarc

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      • That’s a very good question. I also don’t know what the statutes of limitation are for such “crimes” but, why weren’t they reported? I’m all for consequences for predators, but the victims have to let someone know what’s going on.

        The sad truth is that they don’t care if they lose in court. They have lots of Soros money to pay settlements. They got their placeholder in there and that’s all that matters to them.

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  6. Excellent comments, we get it.
    So, suddenly the powers that be wants us peons to believe one of the deepest red conservative states suddenly turned a hard left and elected someone that believes in open borders and abortion??????
    There is no doubt fraud was used, too much info coming from too many sources. I watched the results through out the evening and Moore was doing great until the 11th hour. Sudden rush to implement the fraud??
    If we let the left get by with this yet again, this will only empower them for 2018. And we all know they will commit fraud again. Count on it.
    We know the Clinton gang committed fraud and the 2012 election was also taken from us. The left feels entitled.
    Do I think Merrill will do the right thing, nope, already compromised. Maybe he and the judge need to be audited.

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  7. As long as electronic voting media remain, we will never have another legitimate election anywhere.. This is, of course, by design. Every state has reported fraud, yet none of it is ever investigated Illinois would be a red state were it not for Chicago’s dead people rising from the grave in sufficient numbers to overcome the state’s conservative vote. Voters have to demand a return to paper ballots and no more electronic vote counting.

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    • Goldbug . . . . I am 100% in favor of returning to paper ballots, and poling place watchers. There are just too many ways a election can be rigged when using computers. It might seem as though we were stepping back into the horse and buggy days . . . but who cares, at lease we would know that the elections were honest.

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  8. WAKE UP ALABAMA. This entire scenario is DISGUSTING. This democrat rigging was endorsed by REPUBLICANS!! WHERE ARE YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP?? But for the grace of God and white hats, we’d have Rotten Hilary in the W.H. now.

    The GOP didn’t want Trump either. The same exact MO was played out during the 2016 Presidential election. Claims by lying trollops crawled out of the woodwork, supported by the disgraceful Gloria Allred. Notably, even VP Pence distanced himself from PDJT.

    Dirty Alabamians, dirty democrats, and SCUMBAG Mitch McConnell & GOPe all contributed to this RIGGED result. None of us, regardless of the State we live in, should be prepared to allow Jones to be sworn in under the circumstance. If this travesty is not averted, our votes are worthless in the future. Good luck in 2018 GOP, you’re going to need it, because your incumbents will not get another dime or vote from me.

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    • Well, we’re both in the same boat now. Look how they have conducted themselves. It’s easy to see they both work for the same boss.

      We need some more parties, or none at all. When these drinking buddies find someone that threatens their little scam they pull together to disenfranchise them.

      It’s like Worldwide Wrestling. The “Iron Sheik vs Capt. America”. They all know who’s gonna “win” before the “match” even begins. Just look around Congress (ha!). Have you ever seen a smarmier lot?

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    • filia.aurea . . . . Bravo! Very well put. I also fear that if this election is not challenged, there truly will not be any chance for conservatives to win any elections in the future.

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  9. How can we bring this to President Trump’s attention?
    Sorry-I couldn’t find the link to this on FOTM. I know it’s there,but my eyes are tired and I couldn’t spot it. THIS link has enough info to convey it,or,if you have the FOTM link handy I’d much prefer to use IT.

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      • Thank you, truck. It’s despairing that the GOP still does not try to overturn that judge’s ruling from decades ago.

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        • That’s why I asked-I believe our President WOULD want to see this straightened out. After all-he DOES have skin in THIS game.

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        • I’m ALSO surprised nobody has discussed this “judge’s” ruling-it kinda reeks of UNCONSTITUTIONAL to me.

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          • Well, its a “consent” decree. Both parties AGREED to it, the judge just rubber-stamps it. That’s what I’m referring to, above. Neither the representative of the “party” nor the judge, can barter your rights.

            They can agree that, AS A PARTY, they won’t challenge the vote or the election. So, you AS A VOTER should take issue with that. If they are your party you should demand that they straighten this out. I’m sure they didn’t ask you first.

            If they refuse to fix it, leave the party. If they start losing funds they might reconsider their options. Either way, you can still vote.

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        • Dr Eowyn . . . why should a frail 88 year old retired judge be allowed to come back one day in the year to sustain the continuance of his ruling? This is so preposterous. The sooner that Trump can get good judges in to many, many judicial positions, the better. I can only hope that some time soon the old judge who keeps popping up once a year gets called back home permanently. This whole thing is nothing short of just plain crazy. These are the very happenings that are damaging our country.

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      • Well, that’s “interesting”. As a “party” they would be prohibited. But, even those who are registered Republicans do not lose THEIR right to a fair vote. In other words, the “party” doesn’t take the place of citizenship.

        I am not registered as either a Republican or Democrat. I’ve stated why many times. Using these “parties” as proxies is not a good idea, in my opinion. This may just be a great example of that.

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        • lophatt . . . . Your thought process there is quite stellar. If the GOP cannot insist on something, then private citizens certainly should be within their rights to demand safeguards to fraud.

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          • Thank you Lulu. It seems rather obvious to me that no agreement can nullify the law. As an organization I suppose they can agree not to pursue legal voting procedures, although that seems pretty strange for a political party.

            But the law isn’t written to be in force only of a political party insists. The whole episode stinks, including the agreement.

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  10. Excellent article with all the need-to-know facts! I’m so GLAD to hear Moore is SUING the beasts, lazy or liars or both! It sounds like he has an excellent case from all the points listed. Next hurdle > a wicked judge &/or jury.

    Moore & Trump & others in this nightmare “Life with the Dems” must have guts made out of steel. The non-stop stress has to be severe, to be maligned & attacked constantly.

    –“Claims by lying trollops crawled out of the woodwork, supported by the disgraceful Gloria Allred. Notably, even VP Pence distanced himself from PDJT.” – filia.aurea

    I hear those “ladies” are doing a TOUR (sort of like a book tour but without the book) to tell their “Trump sexual harassment stories.” Since I haven’t heard any MSM news about it yet, maybe their “tour” doesn’t begin until after the first of the year(?) Hopefully, it will be a FLOP. FLOTUS Melania should be in first-row-attendance at any “live” tour stops. Somewhat of a reverse of Trump having Bill Clinton’s victims in the front row of Hillary’s speech!

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    • Yep. And having lawyers calling around, offering rewards for lies. Of course they didn’t couch it that way. If pressed they’ll say “I never asked anyone to lie”.

      These guys give “shameless” a bad name.

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  11. “I never asked anyone to lie”.
    “This was just a business transaction-They merely AGREED to tell “their story” for a PRICE,which I PAID. It’s not MY fault if they LIED.”


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