UK students drawing up list of “trigger words” to be stripped from university libraries

The real world is going to be very tough for some people (I’m referring to you, TrigglyPuff).

From Daily Mail: Students at some universities have drawn up a list of ‘trigger words’ and demanded books containing them should be removed from the library, Jo Johnson has said.

The universities minister warned institutions they have four months to clamp down on student zealots who restrict free speech on campuses. Mr. Johnson said he has seen too many ‘worrying’ incidents of groups trying to ‘stifle those who do not agree with them’.

He warned institutions that they have a duty to intervene and ensure differing points of view can be heard – however controversial.

And speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Johnson said students at one university had created an extensive list of ‘trigger words’ and demanded any books containing them be removed from the library.

A new regulator, the Office for Students, will come into being in April 2018 and will have the power to punish universities which do not adequately safeguard free speech. Those falling short could be fined or even deregistered – rendering them effectively unable to operate. It follows incidents in which student unions and societies have banned speakers because they deemed their views ‘offensive’.

Chairman Sir Michael Barber said the Office for Students will force institutions to allow diverse opinions to be heard amid concerns that some views are being shut down.

In a speech to the Limmud Festival in Birmingham, Mr. Johnson said free speech and open debate must be a central principle of all universities. ‘Universities should be places that open minds not close them, where ideas can be freely challenged,’ he will say.

‘In universities in America and worryingly in the UK, we have seen examples of groups seeking to stifle those who do not agree with them. We must not allow this to happen. Young people should have the resilience and confidence to challenge controversial opinions and take part in open, frank and rigorous discussions.’

‘That is why the new Office for Students will go even further to ensure that universities promote freedom of speech within the law.’ As a condition of registration to the Office for Students, the Department for Education is proposing that universities benefiting from public money must show that their governance is consistent with the principle of free speech.

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17 responses to “UK students drawing up list of “trigger words” to be stripped from university libraries

  1. This is the contemporary Left’s version of Orwellian book-burning.

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  2. Excellent article DCG! I think it is truly wonderful that “free speech” is being fostered. Anyone who is so frail that they cannot deal with the free speech of those around them, has no business being out in public. The quickest way to dominate a country is to curtail the free speech of its citizens.

    The poor woman, with the bun, who is flailing her arms needs to be caught in a butterfly net and taken to the nearest mental facility. My heart goes out to her. She is pitiful, indeed.

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  3. It’s so sad to see that debate has left the stage when you talk colleges. It has become my way or the highway and if not we will riot and tear things up and then be depressed we didn’t get out way. Give me a break find a cure for the snowflake syndrome and fix the left in this country.

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  4. Snowflakes missed the whole point of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

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  5. Better to close down all libraries, shut down all print and the internet, too. Every word can and will become a “trigger”; recipe books, included (can’t use white or brown sugar or white or other flours either. All, everything is RACIST!
    Oh, and poke out your eyes while you’re at it. Clouds are white; so is snow and hot top (asphalt) is black.
    Shoot all white or black dogs, cats, pets – RACIST!
    This insanity won’t end until the LOGICAL end it! And the sooner, the less damage to repair.

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  6. Why don’t they strike OUT socialism, communism, left, liberals, progressive, and long live the Queen!

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  7. How did this madness START? Who was the FIRST “SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE”? WHO thought it’d be a GOOD THING to just make EVERYBODY stop using certain words,and start second-guessing what they can say,start pre-planning every damned sentence they speak to make sure NOBODY’S feelings get hurt?
    There was a time when we could say whatever we wanted to say,use almost ANY words we chose to,and if they happened to be hurtful or insulting,the hurt-ee or insult-ee would let it roll off and keep on Truckin’,ignore it,throw down an equally mean reply or just remember what we grew up with,”Sticks and stones may break my bones,but WORDS will NEVER hurt me.” The LAST thing a NORMAL person (or even someone like ME) would think of is making EVERYONE begin censoring their every word to prevent “hurting” someone’s feelers.

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  8. Someone should tell Trigglypuff it’s be done already:

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  9. Who in the heck died and left these idiots in charge of the freedom of speech? It is pretty simple, they don’t have to read the books. Which is in doubt more and more that they can even read.
    The liberals are caught again going against their own “beliefs”.

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  10. That video pretty much puts the lie to that old adage about the “nice” fat girl. Little Georgie Soros and his bosses are funding insane people to do this. I’m not sure what to say about the faculty that seems to want to encourage it.

    All these people need to be in institutions, just not the educational type.

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  11. This is the DELUSION that is spoken of in 2nd Thess. A great SNARE is about ready to be sprung on these poor degenerates. Society has become DEBASED, as the MSM intended. Hollywood designed the REALITY it wanted People to live, to destroy them. …and they COMPLIED.

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  12. WTF is a trigger word. I mean I guess my trigger words are liberal, tax, subsidy, entitlement, illegal immigration (o.k. that’s two words), snowflake, democrat, progressive, obamacare, pelosi, adnausium….. They make me really unstable and piss me off. Oh – the triggerheads don’t care. Well now they know how I feel about them. They’re not gonna do well when they have to support themselves.

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