Salvation Army bell ringer beaten for saying “Merry Christmas”

Rev. Jamie Wolfe, Sr., a bell ringer for the Salvation Army in California, was savagely attacked for greeting a man “Merry Christmas”.

From Roseville in northern California, Jennifer McGraw reports for CBS13, Dec. 20, 2017, that a man attacked bell ringer Rev. Wolfe in front of Walmart for simply spreading holiday cheer.

Rev. Wolfe said:

“I greet everybody, ‘Merry Christmas’. He haymakered me, hit me, got me down on the ground and we started wrestling. At that point I’m fighting for my life. Definitely unexpected.”

Lt. Steve Pavlakis, who has been with the Salvation Army for 14 years, said this had never happened before:

“It’s really saddening that one of our bellringers would be out there working day after day for us that’s met with hate and punches to the face and kicks to the face. Store says they love him [Rev. Wolfe] and he’s been the best bell ringer they’ve ever had, so an attack that’s unprovoked is very surprising and very unfortunate. It’s not the call we’d expect to get at night. ”

Rev. Wolfe is shaken up and suffered bumps and bruises, but says the attack won’t deter him from bell ringing because “It’s really rewarding. I’ll be right back out there doing it again tomorrow.”

The suspect is still on the run. Police hope surveillance video can help put that man behind bars.

Meanwhile, Fr. Kevin O’Brien, dean of the Jesuit School of Theology at California’s Santa Clara University, insists there is no “war on Christmas”. /sarc


29 responses to “Salvation Army bell ringer beaten for saying “Merry Christmas”

  1. that suspect had to be demonically possessed…I pray Rev. Wolfe recovers from his ordeal and I pray for the soul of the man who attacked him.

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  2. Ah, those oh, so “tolerant” people at it again. How miserable must your life be to attack someone for saying Merry Christmas?

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  3. SOLUTION: I’d make a poster sayin’ Merry Xmas, when attacker hits me, i’d use my poster to beat the shit out’o the attacker and have somebody call 911.

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  4. Btw, I always donate to that noble cause.

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    • Alma, I also always donate to the Salvation Army due to the fact that as a little child my mother and her siblings were helped by that organization. The family was literally destitute, in viewing a picture of “this desperate family” which appeared in a Tacoma, WA newspaper–you could see these young children all suffered with bloated bellies . . . just the same as we see in little African children who are living in starvation circumstances. My Mother recalled that that Christmas The Salvation Army presented her with a dolly, which she never forgot. So, I always donate, in an effort to pay it forward, because they helped her. I am so grateful that they were around, and helped my mother’s family. Later, she was given away for adoption, due to the fact that her mother could not feed and cloth all of the children she had. Although, I know many adoptees suffer their whole lives from being deprived of the association of their brothers and sisters (which my mother did.) In my mother’s case, she faired much better than any of the other children due to having been adopted. She was not reunited with her siblings until she was about 28 years old. Thank goodness The Salvation Army has stayed on track with their mission of relieving suffering among the poor. That only happens when you and I care enough to support their mission.

      The Salvation Army is an extremely noble organization!

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      • I am so sorry for the difficulty childhood you had, but unlike so many, you pulled yourself up and made something of your life. Congratulations, you are an inspiration.
        We too, always give to the SA. If you look at the salaries of other organizations leaders. it explains what an upstanding charity they are.
        There are several we never give to.

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        • Glenn47 . . . . you brought up the business about salaries, it is for that very reason I shy away from donating to certain supposed “charities.” The only thing charitable about them is that the CEO is the chief recipient of the charitable funds. Thank goodness, the Salvation Army is not based on that kind of hierarchy.

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      • Auntie Lulu, I have a lot of admiration for You. Your writings speak greatness of your character.
        I hope you are feeling better from your bad cold.

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        • Alma . . . thank you so much for your kind words. In thinking that this cold is starting to break up, so I figure in another couple of days I hope to be as good as new.

          Thanks to everyone who has offered me their best wishes in getting to feeling better. That means a lot to me.

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  5. Hope they run the attacker through a psych-eval ,because that sounds totally over the top for someone saying “Merry Christmas”. Makes me wonder why he was so tightly-wound. Having the MOST rotten of rotten days? All amped up on drugs?
    Regardless of the reason for the attack,I’ll bet the reverend forgives him. That’s just how he rolls.

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  6. How very sad. I hope some of the evaluations here are correct i.e., the guy was on drugs or whatever, but I am not counting on it. Who knows- could have been an antifa type or some other brainwashed SJW. Most are mentally ill anyway.

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  8. I cannot even envision someone being such a monster that they would attack, physically or verbally anyone who is engaged in trying to make the world a better place.

    The week before Christmas, I went to my local Fred Meyer store (Kroger family of stores.) What was unusual was that instead of having an older person ringing the bell . . . it was two young Hispanic boys. Perhaps one was 11, and the other was about 14. Talk about making sure that their message was received . . . they were not in the least degree shy about proclaiming loudly . . . “Merry Christmas.” I was so taken with the two of them, that they did not settle for the lamo greeting of “Happy Holidays!” I unloaded all the change from the bottom of my purse, which was probably between $4 – $5. I told them both how proud I was that they were wishing people a “Merry Christmas” rather than the substandard greeting of “Happy Holidays.” That happened on my way into the store. While in the store I purchased a package of expensive chocolate treats, which I presented to them on my way out, in addition to putting more folded bills into their kettle. I wanted those young men to come away with the idea that we always say. M-E-R-R-Y * C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S! we do not succumb to the PC pressure to take Christ out of the celebration. After all Christ is the reason for the season!

    I cannot even imagine that those two, as cute as they were, with their ebullient message of “Merry Christmas” did not bring in far more monies than someone older who sticks with the safer greeting of “Happy Holidays.”

    It’s a good thing that I did not see them again, as I suspect that I would go broke donating to such a fine pair of bell ringers. These are the kinds of young people that we need in our society. They do credit to their parents, and our society.

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  9. Weird, I used to live in that town many years ago. It once won “all American City”. Personally, I HAVE indeed noticed, for the first time in many years (perhaps eight?), that people are greeting each other with “Merry Christmas”. It is truly heartwarming. It’s like, after the removal of Satan’s disciple, we can breathe again.

    Whatever “triggered” the SJW, there should be consequences. These idiots have been mind-controlled into violence an we shouldn’t allow it.

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  10. I must say the old (me) Cubans in Miami and everywhere have greeted each other with Feliz Navidad, the Happy Holidays gets lost in translation.

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  11. This is so sick…yes there should be heavy consequences. Every bell ringer I went by at Kroger’s this year got a donation and a cup of hot coffee or cocoa…it’s cold here in TN this time of year. Bless all of them, they’re so good to stand outside and ring that bell and wish us all Merry Christmas. One little gal just hugged me for her hot chocolate.

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    • Christian Zionist . . . . I would just bet that more than one of those cold, tired, discouraged bell ringers got the competitive edge they needed to keep going via your loving and compassionate act. God Bless you!

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  12. got to be more to the story…someone just doesn’t punch another without a reason why


  13. As a retired Police Officer from a major Southern city, I found that the local Salvation Army was the only rescue mission that always took in the homeless and down and out, at anytime of the day and night. They were quite literally life savers in my town. The Salvation Army are my local heroes and always on the top of my list for donations.
    Merry Christmas, y’all!

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  14. Too bad the Rev. wasn’t carrying . Do they know what type of goon did that to him ?

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  15. The Salvation Army is the best one out there. If you look at what they actually give to the people is much more than any other charity. They do not pay enormous salary’s at the top most of it does get to the people. They have help thousands here in Memphis when the weather gets really bad they step up to the plate. I would give my money to them first then think about the rest.

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