De Blasio compares himself to Gandhi, says Hillary should have listened to him

bill de blasio

New Yorkers re-elected this guy to a second term. Elections have consequences.

From NY Post: Mayor de Blasio compares himself to Mahatma Gandhi and Thomas Edison — and says Hillary Clinton would have won if her campaign had taken his advice.

“Every time someone tries something and it doesn’t work, it invalidates anything else they might do going forward? Tell Thomas Edison that, and Henry Ford, tell Mahatma Gandhi,” Hizzoner said in a newly published interview with Politico while defending his failure to become a progressive leader on a national level.

He quickly clarified that he is a “speck on the universe” compared to those three men — only to then claim that Clinton’s campaign failed after refusing to adopt his “progressive” vision. “I was telling them they needed to have a clear progressive populist message, and they had to believe it. If they had, they would have won. I stand by it,” the mayor told Politico.

Asked why he isn’t as widely lauded as predecessor Mayor Mike Bloomberg, he says it’s because he hasn’t spent enough money on self-promotion.

“American culture deifies the wealthy, and he was one of the richest people in the world … Obviously, he had tremendous resources that he could use for self-promotion, and he did,” said de Blasio, who once recruited Broadway stars to literally sing his praises in a taxpayer-funded video.

But people say they’ve heard him loud and clear — they just don’t care. One person who saw him lecturing other leaders at the Conference of Mayors in New Orleans last year said there was “eye-rolling” in the room.

“It’s fair to say that there was eye-rolling. It’s fair to say that there was frustration,” the anonymous witness told Politico.


17 responses to “De Blasio compares himself to Gandhi, says Hillary should have listened to him

  1. We know liberalism is a mental disorder, but de Blasio has jumped even that shark, claiming to be like Gandhi. He’s delusional, completely divorced from reality, and candidate for a straight-jacket.

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  2. Dr. E. My thoughts exactly. How does anyone get or become that delusional?

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  3. I always had a bad feeling about de Blasio. He makes me think of Jim from Taxi in an expensive suit.

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  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

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    The laugh of the century. This is what happens when you allow illegals into a big city – they can’t take care of themselves – so they do what they know best – bring their “take care of me government into power.”


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  5. Looks to me as if Mr. Horse’s Ass has delusions of adequacy! Eyerolling, indeed!
    But “Kaiser Wilhelm” as I call him (because his real birth name is Warren Wilhelm—and note that Communists always change their names) has a point: Candidate Hillary DID NOT have a “populist message”: She ran a campaign of negatives which lacked a list of her accomplishments.
    The reason this LAME JOKER won is because only some 13% of eligible voters showed up to vote (and I was not one of them). This means that we in NYC have been thoroughly BROWBEATEN and lack an electric firebrand like Trump.
    My real fear is that someone in power will actually take this walking disaster of a Mayor seriously.

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    • steven . . . . I had to laugh when I read the line . . .”She ran a campaign of negatives which lacked a list of her accomplishments.” From my point of view, actual accomplishments are so few and far between, it’s not even funny. Unless, we include . . . getting four honorable young American men killed at Benghazi: lying her head off about a tape disparaging Allah was what instigated the firestorm at our embassy in Benghazi; committing high treason by the facilitation of selling 20% of America’s uranium–which ultimately ended up in North Korea; perfecting the use of the “Clinton suicide”; lying to the American people about how excellent her health is, although she had to be drug up stairs, with a big burly man at each arm; the traitorous actions of having a home made server which allowed other nations to have access to in some cases “top secret” information . . . . . I agree that she does have accomplishments aplenty, they’re just not positive accomplishments.

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      • Wasn’t done yet . . . . the only positive accomplishment that she achieved that I can think of is . . . she failed in her bid for the Presidency. When you think about it, that is as good as it gets!

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  6. Who remembers Soap Operas?
    I say let’s rename MSM to Dope Operas.

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  7. As far as de Blasio is concerned, he may well be the mayor of NYC, but he still looks and acts like a big, stupid oaf! It is rather incredulous that he would actually compare himself to Gandhi! That is enough to make a person choke on a chicken bone.

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  8. I believe De Blasio is another beneficiary of rampant vote fraud. On a recent trip to NYC, my wife and her friends took a sight seeing bus ride. The tour guide told the people on the bus that everyone in NYC despises De Blasio.

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    • I totally agree, the people don’t a like him. He is destroying the city, the first responders and police can’t stand him, just how did he win?
      DeBlasio is a lot of things, most unprintable, but Ghandi and Edison are not it.

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  9. Ahhh, we talk about de Blasio, baptise him with many names and he laughs and laughs sitting at his desk knowing his time there is short and calculating the money he is taking to the bank while planning on a new strategy to deceive New Yorkers with his good deeds -posing for his best camera shot for the newspapers. He cares none if we call him old goat or devil’s disciple, ha laughs and says he who laughs last laughs best.

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  10. Please forgive me for stating (I believe) the obvious,but when an Election goes THAT far from a logical conclusion,I believe we HAVE to look into Voter Fraud as the primary cause. Either THAT or he “has something” on enough of the population they’re AFRAID to vote against him. OR it could be a combination of the two,with that size population….

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    • I can even see him using the “Perot” method. That’s where you buy the whole city. Still, how does a moron like this slug become and remain rich? It’s a question worth asking.

      There is something particularly smarmy about him. He is “removed” from the concerns of ‘his eaters’. He couldn’t care less. OK, given that, and how obvious it is, how does this happen? Can you say “vote fraud”?

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  11. It is just like Obongo. You will never convince me that this twerp was elected. He may be in office, they may have put on a real sideshow to “prove” there was an election, but I don’t believe it. This guy’s a butt plug.

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  12. Well Clinton did win elections when he was her campaign manager…but deep down he knew she wasn’t going to become President he didn’t even endorse her.
    Bloomberg couldn’t improve is self image even if her spent more money on self promotion. He is a dull person and know one trusts or like Jewish politicians.
    The black women who De Blasio is banging is going to his head….


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