Pizzagate Comet Ping Pong’s demonic rock poster and barman

Comet Ping Pong, rumored to be part of Pizzagate, is a popular pizza restaurant located less than 5 miles from the White House.

Its owner is James Alefantis — a former boyfriend of Clinton crony and Democratic Party operative David Brock of Media Matters — who was named in 2012 by GQ magazine the 49th most powerful person in Washington, D.C. That would explain why Alefantis, a “mere” pizzeria owner, visited the Obama White House four times. One visit was an overnighter in which Alefantis’ group of four included a male porn star.

On its Facebook page, Comet Ping Pong has this odd cartoon (below) and describes itself as a “family style restaurant” that’s “good for kids”.

Curiously, the “family style” Comet Ping Pong restaurant has a penchant for hosting satanic rock bands in the evening, such as obscure Israeli “garage” rock band Monotonix on February 4, 2011:

Thanks to a tip on Voat, we are alerted to another demonic music event by Pujol, The Grey A (a “garage” rock group) and Rom, at Comet Ping Pong on October 28, 2016.

Below is the poster for the event from Pujol’s Facebook page, which says performances would begin at 10 pm for “all ages”. Note the gruesome sketch of intestines, suggestive of cannibalism — an obsession of spirit cookers John Podesta and his brother Tony, who has a sculpture in his home which mimics the posture that cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer had positioned one of his victims.

Then there’s Comet Ping Pong’s demonic barman, Joshua Ryan (joshuaryanv).

Using Comet Ping Pong’s Instagram account, joshuaryanv posted an obscene picture of two people having sex on top of a giant slice of pizza. To see the pic, click here.

joshuaryanv has an Instagram account in the name of Joshua Ryan Vogelsong @gaybashdc @donnaslash @homosuperiordc. Below is his pic on Instagram:

The Instagram account is now set to private, but not before a netcitizen took this screenshot from his account:

A side-by-side comparison shows that joshuaryanv is the demonic bartender:

Whatever Comet Ping Pong’s role in Pizzagate, this “family style” restaurant certainly hosts very dark and disturbing events in the evening which are open to “all ages,” including children

See also:

UPDATE (Dec. 27, 2017):

H/t FOTM‘s CP:

Comet Ping Pong barman Joshua Ryan Vogelsong says he has an alter-ego, a drag queen named Donna Slash (source: Washington City Paper). Below is his pic as Slash (note the satanic upside-down cross earrings):

Drag queen Donna Slash’s Instagram.


16 responses to “Pizzagate Comet Ping Pong’s demonic rock poster and barman

  1. Seems all totally normal to me for the DC Establishment Club Scene.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yep. That’s what they’ve done. They’ve become even less “inclusive”. Christians need not apply to their nightmare. Now they are the Satan Party. The only question now is how many have they won for their master?


  2. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for these types of perverse people. Satan is waiting at the gates of hell laughing at the fools he has won over.

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  3. Am i so naive to think all these is real? Where do these people come from?

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  4. Nothing to see here, nothing icky and suspicious at all…

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  5. The people who cover up for those who commit such horror against children, thereby enabling them to continue, are going to receive the same eternal punishment of eternal hell as those who commit such horror.

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  6. Properly considered, it isn’t “us” who have drawn a line in the sand and said “this is what the future holds”. We have been trying to live effective, moral lives. We are now, and especially since the Obongo reign, faced with a choice. It is either Satanic perversion or Christianity.

    To me that is what these wild displays of depravity represent. They are intended to force the cattle to “choose”. The MSM and a large portion of government are firmly aligned with the NWO forces this represents. They are remaking the world in their master’s image.

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  7. This exposure terrifies the stan worshipers more than anything. Please pray for them to be charged, arrested, convicted if guilty, and imprisoned. Pray for dissension to arise in their ranks, let them turn on each other. Odd how all the perps say pizza/pedogate has been debunked and Alex Jones aka Bill Hicks apologized for his coverage of the story. Lol. If anything, Shill Hicks apology makes it all the more suspect.

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    • Josh . . . In my mind the only reason Alex Jones “apologized for his coverage of this story” is that he valued his life. You are correct in that, “Shill Hicks apology makes it all the more suspect.” I have no doubt that had he not brought forth a retraction and apology, he feared that these folks would either ruin him financially, or he would be another Clinton “suicide.”


      • I think you’re right. That’s they trouble with loud mouths, sometimes their efforts result in more damage than good. Had he confined his accusations to things he could prove he would have had nothing to worry about.

        It isn’t that I don’t believe virtually ANYTHING bad about these demons, its just that, legally, if you can’t substantiate your allegations you can lose a suit for defamation.

        So he gets on his stallions and huffs and puffs and tries to be a hero. In the process he says things that probably are true, but not provable. So, just like the “pen is mightier than the sword”. The “mouth can be more dangerous than the mind”.


      • I think Hicks is one of them ie a satanist, and he did his part in covering up his cronies. On a like note, there was a youtuber who was exposing this and elefantitis mentioned to him on twitter or whatever it was how pretty his girfriend was and other veiled threats, so the youtuber took down his vids. Some people buckle to threats, others are inspired by them.


  8. I just hope that we can move on to the “indictment” phase of this heinous story.


  9. These photos are horrifying.


  10. The complete crux of the matter was clearly outlined above, proving just how deep and wide this whole nasty thing is. Whether we can stop this insidious slide down is another matter.

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    • I think of it as something that is always simmering just below the surface. Every so often, it erupts and we see it plain as day. In this iteration, these Satanic forces are making a “push” to see how much ground they can gain. They are flaunting it and asking their fellow travelers to fully cast their lots with them.

      Whatever “progress” they make, their “rewards” are in this life. By turning God’s creation on its head they try to make a living Hell for us. They need to be driven from polite society and exiled at a minimum.

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  11. Three great sources of intell and commentary on Pizzagate and Comet Ping Pong are SGT Report, Liz Crokin and David Seaman. (Seaman curses a lot and calls these creeps the names they deserve.)
    MAKE NO MISTAKE: We are being ruled by monsters, and for all practical purposes, they might as well have come from Ancient Babylon. And the Bushes, the Clinton’s and the Obama’s are in on it.

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