LA County psychologist employee takes credit for sending horse poop to Treasury Secretary

robby strong

Robby Strong: A childish professional…

Any wonder why we say liberalism is a mental disorder?

From NY Post: A psychologist for LA County who thinks President Trump’s tax bill stinks to high heaven likened himself to Jesus when he admitted delivering a crappy Christmas present to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

Robby Strong told he dropped off the box of horse manure at Mnuchin’s house as an “act of political theater” to hammer home the point that “Republicans have done nothing for the American worker.”

“What I did, I would like to compare to what Jesus did when he went into the temple and overturned the tables of the money-changers, who were exploiting the people financially in the name of religion,” Strong told 89.3 KPCC.

“I feel like that’s what the GOP has done to the American people,” added the psychologist with the LA Department of Mental Health.

Strong — who said he was an organizer for the Occupy LA movement — sides with critics of the $1.5 trillion tax overhaul who say it favors corporations and the wealthy, CBS Los Angeles reported.

He told KPCC that he “borrowed” some poop from a pal who owns horses and gift-wrapped it in a festive box. Strong added a card addressed to Mnuchin and Trump.

“We’re returning the ‘gift’ of the Christmas tax bill. It’s bulls—. Warmest wishes, The American People. P.S. – Kiss Donald for me,” he wrote.

On Saturday, the bearded man posted several images on Facebook, one of which shows him posing with a shovel next to the box, and another that shows the box full of what appears to be dung.

“I need someone to ride along and document my Secret Santa project. I’m going to hand deliver boxes of horse s—t to Steve Mnuchin over in Beverly Hills,” he added in a message. “No disguises, no fake names. Totally owning this one. You’re only powerless if you do nothing!!!” he wrote.

Strong said he delivered one box to a home Mnuchin owns in Beverly Hills, and another to his mansion in a tony Bel Air neighborhood where the LAPD’s bomb squad responded to. Mnuchin was not in Los Angeles when he received the putrid presents, CBS reported.

He said he realizes his stunt might have put his job at risk – and that he was surprised he has not been arrested by the Secret Service, which questioned him at his home.

“I just got interviewed by the Secret Service and I’ve now joined some of my heroes like Timothy Leary and Martin Luther King,” he told “[The agents] just showed up in my yard.”

The LAPD, Secret Service and Treasury Department have not commented on the probe.

Strong pooh-poohed suggestions the prank could have alarmed Mnuchin or his family. “LOL!” Strong wrote on Facebook. “It was pure organic horse–, just like everything that administration’s done so far. Bomb scares certainly were not my intention, but maybe they should be a little scared, eh.

Strong insisted that he was merely exercising his First Amendment rights. “A few years ago when [a Supreme Court ruling] said that corporations are persons and money equals free speech, that is so absurd and my rule of thumb is now that if corporations are free speech, then so is horses—t.”

He also said he didn’t violate laws about mailing hazardous waste*. “It was a gift-wrapped package of poo,” Strong told “I kind of dodged that whole issue. Is there a law that you can’t drop off a box of poo? Not really.”

*See the list of hazardous materials, as defined the USPS, here. I believe horse poop qualifies as hazardous under this definition:

Clinical (diagnostic) specimen is any human or animal material including, but not limited to, excreta, secreta, blood, blood components, tissue, and tissue fluids that have been collected and are being mailed to a medical or forensic laboratory for the purpose of diagnosis, or being mailed from a medical or forensic laboratory for return to a law enforcement agency.

But since he personally delivered the poop, guess he dodged a bullet. But he didn’t dodge a visit from the Secret Service. What a fool.


31 responses to “LA County psychologist employee takes credit for sending horse poop to Treasury Secretary

  1. That crap is what this guy must be smoking too.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Though his effort is a little on the loony side, I would agree with his sentiment. Any one, and every one, connected with the ‘treasury department’ is connected to the criminal banking cartel whose whole purpose is the fleecing of every hard working persons labor and nations resources.


  3. Robby Strong just confirmed my long-held suspicion that mentally ill people self-select to be psychologists/psychiatrists.

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    • That’s what I was going to say!! People who major in Psychology do so because they are mentally ill themselves. Don’t believe it? Go talk to one. Better yet, read this story. Too bad he just gets to do this and walk away bragging!

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      • Wow, Dr. Eowyn, Pam, what a load of horsesh|t! This guy is an idiot? Sure, no doubt. But generalizations such as you make, are as full of it as he is. Psychiatry is a fake science, yep, I agree. Psychology is a different thing, yet it does not prevent idiots from become psychologists. But that all who become psychologists being mentally ill… c’mom, you are stepping as low as this idiot. As far as Mr. Strong being free to exercise his 1st A rights, yeah, probably he did just that. Can he be charged with trespassing? Yep, most probably that is true! Since he is not USPS he may have dodged a bullet not mailing excreta, but stepping foot on Mnuchin’s property and delivering the package to his door step may well be trespassing.


    • I can vouch for it. My sister’s one and she’s bath*t crazy.

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    • As a wife of a psychologist who has practiced many years in criminal,foresics,, family, addiction etc…fields to give a life-line to many… the point that we had to put a private room in our home for people who came to our front DOOR seeking help (FREE)……. literal tears are running down my cheeks about these recent posts abt psychologgists//psychiatrists

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      • PS…MERRY CHRIST-mass all….even the bat-shit-crazy psychologists of the world whom, apparently,,, are all lumped into one big “useless” category…

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      • Try not to take it personally CalGirl. Many professional fields get a bad rap. All it takes is a bad experience with one for that bad label to be assigned. I.e., lawyers, social workers, hair stylists, professors, etc. We know that the majority of doctors, like your husband, are good. I’m sure the comments here are not a reflection on him nor the other good professionals.

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      • CalGirl:

        Your hurt feelings are misplaced. I should have been clearer in my original comment by making this logical-empirical distinction:

        That some mentally ill people become psychologists/psychiatrists does not mean ALL psychologists/psychiatrists are mentally ill.

        Some As are Bs ≠ All Bs are As
        (A=mentally ill ; B=psychologists/psychiatrists)

        No one here on FOTM thinks your psychologist husband is mentally ill. The proof? He had the good sense of marrying you!

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  4. Great post, and yes, this confirms a mental disorder is present with this guy. I love your posts. In fact, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! See my post about it, and may continued blessings come your way.

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  5. Do liberals have to be so gross, uncouth and just so very ignorant! It matters not that even if they have a Doctorate Degree, they are all the same.

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  6. Psycho is so confused instead of munchin’ on the horse poop he mailed it to Mr. Mnuchin, reason why is employed by the LA Mental Health Dept. -Latrine Waters hails from CA. South LA County, doesn’t she?

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  7. He must have a great deal in common maturity-wise with his clientele.

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  8. Is poop considered an unmailable substance?

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  9. Jumping Jehoshaphat

    No one knew what was in the box , Mnuchin is high profile , bomb squad called for nothing. LA county needs to bill this psychologist for the bomb squad visit and then maybe he’ll think twice about political theater. County employees have a hazy notion of where their salary comes from. He’s worried about the tax overhaul but it’s OK to sock it to the taxpayer for his stunt.
    Robert Strong
    Los Angeles County, 2016
    Complains about the American worker’s plight but his salary in 4 years with LA county went from 77K to 105K: 28K increase!

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    • Jumping Jehoshaphat . . . I could not possibly agree more with you. There needs to be some type of criminal charges brought against this goofball. Why should anyone be able to come on your property, uninvited, and leave such a package? As you have said, there was the cost of various city/county agencies called out to “handle this situation.” If the family had been at home, they no doubt would have suffered some degree of anxiety–not knowing exactly what the box contained. Mr Mnuchin needs to go down to the court house and take out a “restraining order” against this fool. Furthermore, since when are county employees supposed to show “political leanings?” As far as I know, there are at least supposed to “act as thought they have no political leanings.” since they are a civil servant.

      This guy needs to come into a whole world of hurt by the real stupidity of his actions! It will be a travesty is he gets away scot-free.

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      • Furthermore that he would envision that he is “like Jesus Christ” for taking this action. He should be charged with the integration of religion into his public servant job.

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  10. Morons like this guy conduct therapy classes for things like anger management?
    His job description is too vague but being a shovel operator on a manure pile sounds about right.

    Isn’t what he did a violation of a federal health law, or is everything covered under a sanctuary state blanket?

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    • MeThePeople . . . You have really hit on several pertinent factors. He definitely qualifies for being forced to take anger management classes. I certainly agree . . . you have hit on just the right job description for this joker. I am left thinking that if the Secret Service/FBI wanted to badly enough, there must be some statutes that prohibit this kind of nonsensical behavior. He also needs to suffer the loss of his civil servant job.

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  11. He probably avoids, at least from federal prosecution, any consequences by virtue of the fact that he delivered the “gift” in personal, not by mail.

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  12. Well, no matter HOW phony psychology is, Economics is worse. For my money they can both share the horse pucky at their next Spirit Cooking get together. They can probably use this to stiffen the “Spirit Cakes”.

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  13. Are we having fun yet?

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  14. Let’s see. He lives in California. Strike one. His heroes are MLK and Timothy Leary. Stike two. He’s a gov’t employee. Strike three. Full Blown Looney Tunes! Now that he’s got his 15 minutes of fame, he’ll go loopier until he’s busted or dead.

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  15. This deranged idiot looks a whole lot more like the patient than any person that helps people.
    And yes, it can be dangerous sending animal feces in a closed container. It can explode due to the content of the ammonia, let alone containing parasites and other contaminants.

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  16. Because of the deficiency he seems to have in verbal expression, he went non-verbal, took the trouble of going to a source of fecal matter, then collected, packaged, and delivered it. Sort of like monkeys throwing excrement at people looking at them at the zoo. Do we have the missing link here?

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  17. I say drop a load on his house from a helicopter and see if he finds it funny. Too much? Have him buried in a load up to his chest for a day. Give him time to consider his actions.

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