Please say a prayer for this WWII vet


For two and one half years I worked at a retirement community center. During that time, I became very fond of Carl, a 93-year-old WWII vet. Since I left working at the center we continue to keep in touch and I visit him often.

We have delightful conversations about politics – he’s a republican and was very pleased when Trump was elected! Carl also tells military stories and shared some of his experiences from WWII.

Carl served with the 77th Infantry Division during the battle for Okinawa. From his story: “I went from Saipan to Okinawa as a replacement, to C Company, 306th Infantry Regiment of the 77th Division. The war was for real there. The company commander assigned me as a machine gunner because he said I was big enough to carry the heavy load. I told him I had heard that the Japanese really go after the machine gunners and he said, ‘I know that, but you will be the machine gunner.’ Then he said, ‘If you live the first three days, you will make it.’”

One particular story I recall Carl telling me about was during a fight while in the trenches. He specifically remembered a fellow soldier, a kid about 19, who had a terrible time. The young soldier was so distraught that he ran out of the trench screaming and ran into the field. Carl and his fellow soldiers could do nothing to stop him nor chase him. As Carl recalled the story, he teared up stating he always thought about that young man and what had happened to him. It was clear that even after all those years, the war still deeply affected him.

Carl once said, “I was ready to go to the Army when I was drafted. When it was over, I had done my part and was just ready to come home. I thank God every day that He let me come home, have a family and experience all of those joys and challenges that come with being alive. I am so very proud to be an American and hope that our country will always prosper and stand for what is right in the world.”

On Friday Carl was placed under hospice care. I have visited him over the weekend and although he is on morphine, he’s been able to recognize family and friends.

Please say a pray for him and his family during this difficult time. Thank you.


17 responses to “Please say a prayer for this WWII vet

  1. He is in my prayers! Hang in there DCG. My grandfather was a WWII Marine Vet, purple heart recipient, captured in the Philippines and imprisoned in Cabanatuan. He was as close to death as one can get before being liberated in 1945. He was hospitalized for 1 full year recovering. These great men were some of the bravest I ever knew. May God bless you Carl and Vera! My grandfather passed away in 2004 and I tear up every time I think about the Military Funeral he received from the local VFW (I still have the flag they gave me; something I will never part with). It was truly beautiful!

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    • Teri . . . Thank you for sharing the story of your grandfather. I love to hear stories from the greatest generation. My father served aboard the USS Laws. He was there off of Okinawa, and was active in the battle for the Philippines. The vast majority of the men who served were truly remarkable, valiant men, who loved their country, and if need be would have given their all in defense of this land. Unfortunately, among today’s young men, I’m not sure that we can say the same.

      I am praying that Carl will slip into Eternity in a quiet and pain free manner. To once again be reunited with all his loved ones and friends, never to be separated again.

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      • It really was a great generation wasn’t it Auntie Lulu? – lots of fond memories. They all will be missed dearly, as their isn’t many left! Ugghhh – don’t even get me started on “todays young men”…I want to puke every time I see that military transvestite picture (predominately always shown on gateway pundit) – the one of those 5 whatever the he*& they are – sitting around in their skirts, and wigs and earrings! My grandfather was a die-hard Jack Kennedy democrat – but even he is probably rolling in his grave due to 1) Obama as president – 2 terms and 2) transvestites and gays in the military! LOLOL…I crack up thinking about how Grandpa was a PIG farmer in Iowa, and a great (skeet) shooter as well!!! Its a good thing he died before Obama – he would have probably suffered a massive stroke, as opposed to dieing peacefully in his sleep!!!!!

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  2. Pray for Carl at 10:30 Mass today. 🙏🏻

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  3. Carl, God has always been by your side, guiding You and protecting You. Your journey will continue to be in His hands, in His House you will have eternal glory. God bless you now and forever, Amén

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  4. God Bless Carl and his family. He sounds like a good man.

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  5. DCG, please thank Carl for his service to our country and tell him that many people are praying for him.

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  6. Praying for Carl and his family. My father was a WWII veteran of the Navy. He passed many years ago when I was a child. More recently a friend of mine, Herman Gingrich, who was a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge passed away. I use to love his stories of the war. The LORD is with you, Carl.

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  7. My prayers will be for Carl and his family as he prepares to make his final journey home. My grandads were also WWII veterans, “The Greatest Generation” they ‘re both in heaven now. We can never thank them enough for their service and they will never be forgotten.
    Psalm 23 was always very comforting for me “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”.

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  8. DCG, you choose your friends well, Carl and his family have my prayers. He went through a war for the best of principles and was given many years after his return home to live a life living according to noble standards for younger generations to see. Such veterans will leave this life with their honorable discharges admitting them to an eternity with no more horrors as those they have endured. For all of us still here, keep all the Carls in mind as we confront the new evils before us in a world his generation could never imagine.

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  9. DCG-Tearing up as I type this;I prayed for Carl and his family,and for you,because I know his eventual loss will be hard for you to take. I’m sure he’ll meet up with my Dad when he crosses,they were in different war theaters (Dad was in Germany,France and Belgium) but Soldiers are all brothers in the same war. Please thank him for his service and commend him for a life well lived.
    Merry Christmas to all.

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  10. Thanks all for the kind words and prayers. I will pass them along to his family.

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  11. Praying for him, too.

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  12. Carl passed away last night. His daughter told me he as peaceful all day.

    Thanks again for all your warm thoughts.


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