Hundreds of Muslims storm Egyptian Coptic church, calling for it to be demolished

egyptian church mob

The “Religion of Peace” strikes again.

From Daily Mail: Hundreds of Muslim demonstrators have stormed a Coptic church in Egypt calling for it to be demolished.

A hostile mob wreaked havoc in the building by wrecking sacred objects and attacking worshippers after gathering outside during Friday prayers.

During the brief siege the demonstrators chanted offensive slogans and called for the church’s demolition, the diocese in Atfih said. The wounded were transferred to a nearby hospital after security guards dispersed the mob. The nature of their injuries is not known.

The church in Giza, just outside of Cairo, is yet to be sanctioned by the state but has been observing prayers for 15 years. The diocese said it had officially sought to legalize the building’s status under a 2016 law that laid down the rules for building churches.

Local authorities often refuse to give building permits for new churches, fearing protests by Muslim conservatives. That has prompted Christians to illegally build churches or set up churches in other buildings. In contrast, building a mosque results in few restrictions.

Christians constitute 10 percent of Egypt’s mostly Muslim population. Sectarian violence occasionally erupts, mainly in rural communities in the south.

Egypt’s Christian minority has often been targeted by Islamic militants in a series of attacks since December 2016 that left more than 100 dead and scores wounded.

The country has been under a state of emergency since April after suicide bombings struck two Coptic Christian churches on Palm Sunday in an attack that was claimed by the Egyptian affiliate the Islamic State group.


7 responses to “Hundreds of Muslims storm Egyptian Coptic church, calling for it to be demolished

  1. I see Muslim beliefs are strictly political. To force conversion is demonic of their Muslim belief. They are blood thirsty and will never stop their demonic behaviour. God will utterly destroy them according to scripture.

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

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    Have these muslims not heard of “sharing” the world and having more than one religion? Guess not! I guess the old adage – You can’t teach an old dog new tricks is true.

    Why is it they want everything to be demolished? If they want to live in the ruins – tell them to go to Syria – they could start over there.


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  3. Muslims are sand goats, they can manage their way through rocks and boulders and survive the desert but they cannot manage to live in a civilized world.

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  4. the Muslims in Egypt are frowns, no less politicized religion than the Muslim, they take from the Christian everything they use and duplicate their pretensions for a single and only God as allah,fuck your crazy understanding, you are not more than a beast , without gram of brain

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  5. Say it ain’t SO!! Muslim is a religion of PEACE! THEY would NEVER do something like this! Don’t believe me? Just ASK ’em.

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