Trump tells State Department to close dozens of refugee centers

Reuters reports, Dec. 21, 2017, that at a December 1 meeting in Washington, State Department officials told representatives from nine major refugee agencies that the number of refugee centers will be sharply pared back in 2018 as President Trump cuts the number of refugees allowed into the United States.

Since taking office in January, President Trump has moved to sharply reduce refugee admissions to the United States, because of national security concerns and a belief that money could be better spent resettling people closer to their original homes. He first slashed the 2017 U.S. refugee cap to 50,000 from the 110,000 ceiling set by Obama. In September, Trump announced a cap of 45,000 for 2018, the lowest number since the modern U.S. refugee program was established in 1980.

Refugee resettlement in the United States is handled by nine non-profit agencies, including religious agencies, which receive millions of taxpayer dollars from the federal government for their refugee work. They partner with, or oversee, hundreds of local “resettlement offices” in nearly every state that help new arrivals with basic tasks like enrolling children in school, arranging doctors’ visits and applying for Social Security cards and other documents. See:

There are about 300 resettlement offices spread across 49 states. Offices that handle fewer than 100 refugees in fiscal year 2018 will no longer be authorized to resettle new arrivals, which means many of them will have to close. Refugee advocates estimate several dozen offices are at risk, though shuttering plans will not be finalized until next year.

A State Department official said the agency is looking to “reduce costs and simplify management structures to help the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program run in a way that is fiscally responsible and sustainable.” The Trump administration has said it wants refugees to assimilate quickly, both to promote national security and so that they can become self-sufficient.

But refugee advocates say the closure of local offices will undermine that goal. They say the resettlement offices play a crucial role in helping newcomers traumatized from having fled conflict or persecution. Even if no new refugees are resettled by the offices they still have an obligation to help those already here.

Robert Carey, who directed the Office of Refugee Resettlement under Obama, says if refugees lose access to “services to help them navigate the processes of registering for school, and English classes and finding a job, that will mean that it will take longer for them to navigate life in the United States and contribute to our economy.”

Holly Johnson, Tennessee’s refugee coordinator, said the resettlement office in Chattanooga, Tennessee is at risk of shutting down because it is only projected to receive about 85 refugees next year. Johnson insists that “Small doesn’t necessarily mean weak or subpar. They spend more time with folks, they have really well-established connections to the community, so people feel welcomed, which really helps.” Blah, blah, blah.

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40 responses to “Trump tells State Department to close dozens of refugee centers

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsensjane/blogkommonsents.

    It cost $182,000 to house “unaccompanied children” for just four months.

    It is time to get our house in order, build that wall, and use the Constitution as the law of the land and use merit immigration.


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    • kommonsentsjane . . . . All I can say to that is . . . Amen and Amen! It is ridiculous for American taxpayers to be shelling out in excess of half a million dollars per unaccompanied child per year.

      These “non-profit” organizations that are raking in the dough have a vested interest in keeping this money making scheme going. Let them shut their doors, and get off the backs of hard working Americans.

      When people who come here do not have someone to “hold their hand,” what do you think happens . . . all of a sudden they learn English, they seek out advice from others who have navigated this same path. The immigrants who came in the 1800’s and up until perhaps the mid 1960’s did not have all this “non profit help.” They came, they knew they would have to “put their shoulder to the wheel” to make things go . . . now the US taxpayer is forced to “put their shoulder to the wheel in order to supplement these helpless souls.”

      By shifting the burden of helping immigrants away from agencies, and forcing the individuals to stand on their own . . . I think we might well weed out those who do not plan on learning English, or plan on entering our work force from even seeking to seek asylum within the boarders of our shores.

      If it was good enough for immigrants of old, among whom are many of the parents/grandparents/great-grandparents of many of us. The greater majority of us came from sturdy, hard working, talented, ready to grab the brass ring to become . . . A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N-S!

      In the 1960’s my Father’s cousin from Norway wanted to take a job here in Portland, OR with a family to be a housekeeper. My Father had to sign papers that indicated that he would be financially responsible for Signe. That was a far better plan that the huge number of churches (at lease her in Portland) that have brought in Russians, Lithuanians, Romanians, people from the Balkans. They are brought here, and then dumped on the US taxpayer to support.

      At least in the Portland, OR–Vancouver, WA area, there has been the rise of the “Russian Mafia” who are responsible for many car thefts. The IT director from the Dairy owned a just darling little red sport’s car that was stolen. When the police found the car, there was only the chassis left–all other parts had been stripped from the car. The police told him that they were having a significant problems with members of the “Russian Mafia,” stealing cars and breaking them down for parts within just a matter of several hours. So here is an instance where allowing these “immigrants” to enter our country, and all of a sudden they set up a criminal enterprise.

      We are seeing this same scenario of criminal enterprises being set up not only in the US, but in European countries. Don’t we have enough low life criminal types in this land? Must we import them also?

      The fact that President Trump wants to change the dynamics of those who are going to come to the US in the future, to being people who can speak English, people who are educated, people with real talents and skills that are wanted and needed in our society. That will truly be a Win/Win situation. We might as well pick and choose who we let into our nation, because we may well be safer by adopting that plan.

      We have far too many home grown indigent people. People who have little or none marketable skills . . . we certainly do not need to import more of the same.

      I absolutely agree, the Constitution of the United States of America MUST be regarded as the supreme law of the land! No ifs, ands, or buts. If immigrants want to be ruled by Sharia law, or some other plan of government, or if they are not willing to pledge allegiance to the Constitution–they should be barred from entering our country. If it is later found that they lied about adhering to the Constitution–it should be an automatic deportation for the whole family, back to wherever they came from.

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      • Agree w/so much, Auntie…as usual. The bulk of my ancestors came in the earliest waves of colonization, late 1600’s up to about 1730-50, German/Swiss, English, Swede….but some of my Irish and Finns came closer to the late 1800’s…..and my LATEST and last came from Italy, just on the Swiss/Italian Alpine border…in 1903. I found his papers and he had to PROVE that he had the means to support himself…that he would NOT be a burden on the citizens and government of the United States of America, and that a sponsor would sign for him that he had a place to live, a job, and that they would pay for his upkeep if, indeed, he failed to support himself. ALSO…..when in the 30’s…WWII was imminent on the European continent….and we had so MANY Germans and Italians here in the USA on the East Coast…..he had to go to the courthouse and finalize his citizenship PRONTO—and record at the courthouse all verifications–official USA documents— that each of his children(one was my grandmother) had been BORN here in the USA…OTHERWISE….he and all his children would have been shipped out to Italy…..PERIOD….even tho’ his wife was a second-generation, born-here, Irish-American. At that point in history, no sniveling lower-level judges blocked President Roosevelt’s efforts to protect us, and law-abiding citizens and “guest residents” COMPLIED without whining, sniveling, going to court….they understood that what protected the country…protected THEM.

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        • OOPS…and PS…..when I was a little girl and found that my great-grandfather had come from Italy, I asked my grandmother if she had ever learned/spoken Italian….I was really entranced that she might have learned 2 languages growing up…..and her immediate and emphatic reply was, “NO!” It was forbidden in her household. Both of her parents wanted her to go to school every day and get an American education and to speak English fluently from the “get-go,” without any compromises. My great-grandfather was only “allowed” to speak Italian with his friends down at the “Sons of Italy” fraternal meetings…….

          Let me illustrate as a teacher in American, English-speaking public school, how important this decision was by my great-grandparents—–I had a 6th-grade student last year who immigrated from Holland in 4th grade. His mother is Dutch. His father is German….two competing “native languages” in his home from his “get go.”. When they came to the USA, they made it a point to ONLY speak English. This child not only speaks conversational AND ACADEMIC English to a high level, but without any accent. I tested him for Gifted and Talented designation last year—-meaning….only within 2 years of his arrival to this country and the advent of him learning English. He was an “English as a Second Language” designation student in his records…but tested OUT by his 2nd year here. I’ve had MANY Asian students who followed this same pattern..even 2 Russian and one Egyptian who did also…..and YET….I can’t tell you HOW MANY “Hispanic” students whom I thought needed tested for “special ed” due to their confusing lack of achievement, verbal ability, etc….that I went to their cumulative records…only to find out that they were not only NOT “retarded,” but supposedly BORN here, have been to every kind of public education we offer, from “Head Start” to my middle-school grades—so they are NOW 11-14-ish years old in this country…a decade or more of education in English, and they still don’t speak English…or speak it in such a “pigeon way” that they can not achieve academically. The SCHOOLS get blamed for this….but let me tell you that my other experiences tell me otherwise—-it comes from the EXPECTATIONS at home.

          Growing up in Central PA…..where so many Amish “Pennsylvania Dutch” (Low German) speakers reside and send their kids to public school for at least grades 1-6…sometimes 1-8……these children do NOT hear or speak English for their first 5 years. They do not attend Kindergarten. They are sent to first grade at age 6 with the EXPECTATION in their home, that they will become fluent in English in that first year of school. It’s like a benchmark set up for them…like getting a bike for Christmas when you are age 6—-a cultural expectation…..and they step up and do it, fluently…even THOUGH,due to their religious sepration from modern society & conveniences otherwise, these Amish kids NEVER EVER see the television or commercial advertisements,e tc. in English…they are NOT immersed in any English at all until they go to school at age 6…(.UNLIKE our “Hispanic” counterpart children here in CA–who here and see English all around them from birth, even if NOT from their parents at home)…..and by the end of first grade, they are fluent English-speakers…..which, again, is a “benchmark” expectation at their homes.

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          • CalGirl . . . I love your two posts My grandfather came from Norway in 1903, later returned to Norway, and returned to the US with a large number of cousins and townsfolk in 1906.

            There is no doubt in my mind at least that immigrants from previous times had a vision, and that was to become an AMERICAN . . . whatever it took! We see this same need to excel among some immigrants, but among Hispanic peoples there seems to be no real emphasis to become educated in order to personally improve one’s own circumstances. I think there are far too many who come here who are more than satisfied to kick back and let the US taxpayer provide for them. I am 100$ in favor of President Trump’s desire to switch from “chain migration” to merit based immigration. It is high time that we bring in people who have the skills and desires to make it on their own.

            My grandmother, who was born in Minnesota, the child of two parents who had immigrated from Sweden, was among those who did not learn English until she went to school.

            I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I do so very much enjoy your additions to the FOTM articles. You are certainly the voice of reason!


  2. I know Holly Johnson of TN, that leftist no good. She and our so-called Christian Conservative governor, Bill Haslam love seeding our state with Somalis and destroyed once wonderful small towns and making them into no-go enclaves of Islamists. Oh yeah, our corrupt Republican governor announced that he didn’t vote for Trump, and was proud of it. He and his family are in court because their company, Pilot Oil/Flying J was screwing all their small business truck owners to the tune of millions and millions. FBI raided their office a few years back, and now they’re in court and the underlings are telling that the owners knew all about it and actually said new people had to be trained in how to cheat the little guys. Sick bunch of jackasses.

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    • According to videos I’ve seen, Shelbyville was one such town destroyed. From your statement it sounds like this hasn’t been limited to Shelbyville. What a tragedy.

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      • All this happens “under the radar”. These UN and CFR mandated programs provide money to these parasites for implementing THEIR agendas. The citizens don’t count. All these parasites are on the take.

        Most don’t wonder like I do when I see traffic circles spring up out of nowhere or idiotic regulations that nobody asked for implemented over night. That’s how it happens.

        The local governments sign on for a gaggle of Somalis and, presto, you get crime and they get a payday. Often they “share” their loot with contractors. They get a “non-profit” to run the scam. Why work when there’s money to be had by all?

        None of these mutts work for us. If we ever want more from life than being spectators we have to wrest control back from these international parasites.

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    • Christian Zionist . . . this kind of deliberate breaking the backbone of small American cities needs to stop, and those who have done it need to go to jail. If they have amassed monies and property as a result of their dishonest dealings–the monies and property needs to be confiscated.

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      • They have to be rooted out. They are dug in like Alabama ticks. Their goal is a future with one rule for everyone, globally. They will plan your life down to the amount of soap you’re allowed to wash with.

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    • I am sorry so much damage is being done to Tenn. a once beautiful state. I have seen where Muslims are moving into areas and making demands about moving hog farms, etc. these invaders have no intention of ever assimilating, but moving into small areas around the country until they can take over local elections and move on up.
      They are living off of the people while scamming us. We are doing everything, a hand out is not a hand up.
      45,000 next year is 45,000 too many.

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  3. ” they have really well-established connections to the community, so people feel welcomed, which really helps.”
    I think,when our President says “closing”,what he’s referring to is ending Federal FUNDING. I think,if these people are providing what they consider ESSENTIAL services to refugees,maybe they should continue with SUPPORT efforts,skip bringing more people in,and go earnestly towards securing continuous donations (Try Microsoft,Caterpillar,Walmart,etc.) for financially capable donors,plus possible future employers of well adjusted refugees…

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  4. The insane lefty liberals will file dozens of lawsuits over this. The only thing left for Trump to do is just ignore these people and ADHERE TO THE CONSTITUTION.

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  5. Turn off the tap, drain the swamp then clean up the coast.

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  6. maybe they have more offices then what is needed……

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  7. It is wonderful to have an elected official do what he promised to do if elected. If only that could turn into an epidemic next election and afterward.

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    • TrueDan . . . If that happened, we would all think we had landed in Nirvana. I do hope that putting our nation first will catch on with more politicians. If we could only get term limits, that would go a long way to solving the problem of self-serving, dishonest politicians.

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      • The “typical” politician would have to re-learn his/her profession to survive in an America First environment,so it’d take a Generation for it to get locked in. There’d also be GREED,the biggest cause of the corruption we already have, to deal with. THAT will be the hardest thing to eliminate.


  8. Wow. This is very cool. I am suprised they pay $ to teach english. Tons of illegals have been in CO for 20 years plus, and still dont speak english. I go to public places, and honest to God, I feel like I am in a 3rd world country. We are Americans, and our language is English!!

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    • Teri . . . In this complaint, you are preaching to the choir. Our governments, Federal and State has fostered immigrants remaining speakers of their native tongues. This is accomplished by the printing of government forms in any number of languages. This should stop now. If you do not want to speak English, which you should be able to accomplish in, lets say three years–then NO GOVERNMENT funds should be dispensed to you. Furthermore, serious thought should be given to deporting those who really do not wish to be Americans.

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  9. Finally… hooray !!! it is maddening and sickening to read how thousands of our tax dollars go to illegals but we have American vets and citizens sleeping in the streets. What is wrong with that picture. Take care of our own first.

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    • I agree, we need to take care of our own citizens before we start shelling out monies on foreign nationals. It is a profound tragedy that US Vets come after the care of foreigners.

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      • Do you ever wonder what it’d be like to immigrate to someplace like Japan? I bet it wouldn’t be NEAR as easy as becoming an American.


  10. Turn off the water and they move on. Stop making things so easy for the invaders. Over and over it has been proven they abuse the system.
    I don’t trust one of the relocation charities. To them. It is all about making money.

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  11. It seems that the contractors have a propaganda campaign going on the issue and the mainstream media is doing their bidding! […]

    Al-Qaeda and ISIS won’t love us if we close more refugee offices—waaahhhh!

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