Part of the swamp is self-draining: Over 700 employees quit the EPA

From the NY Post: More than 700 workers have left the rapidly shrinking Environmental Protection Agency since President Trump took office — including more than 200 scientists, according to a report.

The exodus by staffers who have quit, retired or taken buyout packages includes 96 environmental protection specialists and nine department directors, according to the report by The New York Times and ProPublica.

A majority of the employees, who include attorneys and program managers, are not being replaced, according to the report.

The departures reflect poor morale at the EPA, which Trump and top congressional Republicans have criticized as bloated and guilty of regulatory overreach.

That discontent is likely to widen following revelations that GOP campaign officials were using the Freedom of Information Act to request copies of emails from agency personnel suspected of opposing Trump and his agenda, the report said.

The news outlets’ investigation showed that the administration is well on its way to achieving its goal of cutting 3,200 positions from the agency — about 20 percent of its work force — to levels last seen during the Reagan administration.

EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox said the agency was running more efficiently. “With only 10 months on the job, Administrator Pruitt is unequivocally doing more with less to hold polluters accountable and to protect our environment,” he said.

It was reported in October that EPA head Scott Pruitt has been getting far more death threats than anyone else who has ever led the agency, whose budget was slated for a 30 percent cut.

The EPA has experienced a downward trend since the Obama administration after Republican-led budget constraints left it with about 15,000 workers at the end of his term.

The reductions have accelerated under Trump, who campaigned on a promise to drastically scale back the EPA, leaving only what he called “little tidbits” in place.

The reason EPA went down to 15,000 employees under Obama is because of pressure from Republicans. This is the effort of the Republicans under the Obama administration on steroids,” said John J. O’Grady, head of the American Federation of Government Employees Council 238, which represents EPA workers.

Trump has called climate change a hoax and announced his intention to withdraw the US from the Paris climate accords.

Pruitt, Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke all question the scientific consensus that carbon released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels is the main driver of global warming.

The Times and ProPublica analyzed EPA staffing changes through the end of September obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, and interviewed current and former EPA officials.


22 responses to “Part of the swamp is self-draining: Over 700 employees quit the EPA

  1. Those 700 EPA employees are more principled than the Hollyweirdos who vowed they would leave the U.S. if Donald Trump was elected President, but who are still here.

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    • Good! Now if we can just get the FBI and the DoJ to do the same thing….! Oh, and the 9th District Court judges too.

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      • lophatt . . . . that is a great idea! With the scum we have seen in the “FBI, DOJ, and the 9th District Court, just getting those among these three groups that are scoundrels would go a terrifically long way in cleaning up the swamp. There must be more than enough men of good character to step into their positions.

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        • BLM is another corrupt alphabet agency that needs to go. The federal gov. cant own anything x square miles from DC, yet look at the maps, in NV, in particular…If memory serves some 89% is owned or controlled by the can that 1) be….2) legal?

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Yeh, yeh, yeh – WHAT SAY YOU?


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  3. Goodbye and good riddance!

    On a different subject, I saw an article yesterday claiming that loud mouth Democrat Jackie Speier is also wearing a surgical boot on her right foot. It showed a picture of her with a group of other loud mouth Democrats as they were complaining about President Trump’s tax cuts. I wish I could find it back.

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    • Left foot:

      And, (possibly) how she got it… Colbert!

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      • Interesting, no? Every time they do something like this we should point out their obvious contempt for democracy. They should be ashamed. Better yet, they should be jailed.

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      • If at her age, she is so stupid as to be skateboarding in the halls of Congress . . . she certainly needed to break something. Too bad it did not incapacitate her to a greater extent. When an adult whose job it is to oversee the formulation of laws that govern our country, yet has no more common sense than this . . . she should not be holding down such a serious job. I could expect this of an 18 year old, but really at her age . . . . It is not a good look. What does she have between her ears?

        If for that matter, Colbert cannot manage to comport himself in a more dignified manner . . . he should be barred from entering any of the Capital buildings himself!

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  4. Tell me when they get rid of the last 15,000 of these leeches.

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  5. If only the same reductions were happening at the Departments of Education, Interior, Energy, HHS and State.

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  6. Drain all the unconstitutional departments, beginning with the wholly unnecessary Department of Brainwashing (Education). I really cannot think of any “department” that is necessary. How about letting go all the “non-essential employees” of whom they speak when they contemplate closing down the government? Think of all the money we’ll save!

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    • Goldbug . . . I suspect that your comment above is really an instance of “preaching to the choir.” It is outrageous that our government ever ballooned into including all these unneeded, unwanted, money wasting entities. Shut them down! Let these people go and seek gainful employment in the private sector.

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  7. “A majority of the employees, who include attorneys and program managers are not being replaced, according to the report.”
    Amateurs… they’re merely helping to accomplish The Mission (drainage).

    “It was reported in October that EPA head Scott Pruitt has been getting far more death threats than anyone else who has ever led the agency…”
    Those wacky, waskily Liberals, always so peace-loving!

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    • cogitoergosumantra . . . Yes, I suppose than anyone who tries to rein in any of these bloated department is hated by those who earn their living from working there. I hope that he is given appropriate security coverage.

      I certainly do agree with . . . ” Those wacky, waskily Liberals, always so peace-loving!” Any time anything goes contrary to what they want–all Hell breaks loose. They preach peace, yet when crossed, the claws come out.

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  8. So….does this mean the EPA —-which was est. to take care of environmental disasters like oil spills/chemical/fuel-type things or dangers after hurricanes/tornadoes/etc…NO LONGER has enough people to assign 50-plus paper-pushers to badger/fine farmers who have naturally-occuring puddles on their land after rains? How about for fining or taxing rain-water run-off for homeowners?

    Go Trump, Go!!!!!!

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  9. Glad to see the EPA evaporating. It was being used for nefarious reasons. They were even attacking people with legal water on their own land. Obama and Jarrett were called bragging about using the EPA to finish off small businesses and controlling just about everything imaginable. Good riddance.

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  10. Seems like a huge solvent spilled out and cleaned up “that environment”. It is time for those unemployed to change carreers and get a real job.

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