TDS: White guys create “I am so Sick of White Guys” coloring book because of Trump and white privilege

white guys coloring book

But they aren’t sick of capitalism! Here’s a description of the coloring book from Amazon:

“I am So Sick of White Guys: The Coloring Books Experience combines the long and revered American tradition of political satire with the latest popular craze, ‘adult coloring books.’

If you are sick of news reports of yet another white guy abusing his power and taking advantage of your government, your financial system, your society and your culture, to pad his own wallet, then I am So Sick of White Guys may provide an amusing outlet for your frustrations. (Time to break out your crayon – you’ll only need one color!)

Jim Corbett and Tim Jones collaborated with caricature artist, Steve Hartley to create a collection of beautifully crafted images that skewer some sacred cows (and a fair number of pigs as well) that have grabbed more than their fair share of the pie over the years while convincing the world that the only opinion that really matters is the opinion of a white guy with money or power. Each image is accompanied by witty, sarcastic and sometimes even snarky comments that just might be the elixir you need to help you cope with what is happening to the greatest democracy the world has ever known. (Remember when our elections were decided by an insane thing called the ‘Electoral College,’ instead of an even more insane thing called Russia?)

From Everett Herald: The joke is on these two white guys. They came up with a book with a catchy title that might sound like they’re lambasting themselves. It’s called “I am So Sick of White Guys” — and it’s written by white guys Jim Corbett and Tim Jones.

What’s up with that? It’s their take on the white White House. “It has gotten to the point where even white guys are sick of white guys now,” said Corbett, 66. “We’re talking about men in power and positions who are taking advantage of their status,” added Jones, 62.

The glossy book cover has a cartoon that includes Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Steve Bannon, Mitch McConnell, Jeff Sessions and Jared Kushner, all under the puppet strings of Vladimir Putin. Well, you get the picture, and you can color it. The subhead is: “The Coloring Book Experience.”

The new book, sold on Amazon for $10, is sure to amuse some people and most certainly anger others. “For every person who might love this book there is someone else out there who would hate this book,” Jones said. “Trump supporters would find nothing funny about this book at all.”

Chances are the Make America Great Again crowd won’t chortle at the centerfold of a naked Trump on a bear rug holding a hand mirror with a long tie covering his groin.

Corbett got the idea for the book about six months ago. “I was shouting at my TV one day,” he recalled. “I said, ‘I am so sick of these white guys, people like Sessions and Trump.’ I called Tim up and said, ‘I want to write a book with you called ‘I am So Sick of White Guys.’ He jumped right in.”

It evolved from there. “Instead of doing the book as written text, we decided it would be more fun to do it as an adult coloring book,” Corbett said.

In their search for an artist, they found and liked the art done by Hartley, who is black. “We weren’t sure how receptive he would be,” Jones said.

Hartley said he has “dabbled in a little bit of everything” in his 36 years as an illustrator. “It was a strange proposal to begin with, but I felt challenged by it,” said Hartley, 55, of Lake Stevens. “I don’t agree with everything in the book. The climate is so volatile right now. I’m sick of wimpy Dems and I’m tired of angry Republicans. I think both sides are pretty crummy a lot of times. I don’t give either side the win. I’m just a guy who draws stuff.”

Corbett and Jones did the captions and admittedly snarky comments that accompany each image. “This is political satire,” Corbett said. “Where we are coming from is humor.”

They stress it is not to promote intolerance. “There is such an epidemic of white male privilege that even white males have said, ‘Enough is enough,’” Jones said.

Wait, haven’t these two guys benefited from being white guys? Both agree they have.

Corbett lives in Edmonds and is an executive for an online legal research company. Jones writes a humor blog called The View From the Bleachers from his Camano Island home. “I live in Camano Island, one of the whitest islands in the Pacific Northwest,” Jones said. “There are a lot of white guys like me, everywhere I look.”

The authors are donating 10 percent of the profits to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which devotes its efforts to opposing hate groups.

The book has 27 images, including cartoons of Rush Limbaugh and Roy Moore, many of them political cartoons against racism, sexism and religious bias. “It makes a point that there is a lot of inequality between whites and blacks, men and women, people in power and people out of power,” Corbett said.

The book ends with Trump and Kim Jong Un strapped to a missile aimed at outer space. The white guys aren’t done.“We already have ideas for a Volume 2,” Corbett said.

h/t Breitbart


15 responses to “TDS: White guys create “I am so Sick of White Guys” coloring book because of Trump and white privilege

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    It is called “RUB IT IN, RUB IT IN” and someone’s idea of making big bucks off the moment.

    In fact, I BET that not one person has noticed on TV that the liberal media are doing an overload on BLACK ADS – not Asian, Hispanics, or Native Indians – but BLACKS – thinking they are making Americans mad. I think it is great that the blacks are making big bucks off the liberal left. HA! HA!

    No skin off my nose – after a while just use the “mute” button after 15 ads one right after another selling BIG PHARMA medications so they can put people in their early grave.



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  2. A coloring book. How infantile. Are pajama boys Jim Corbett and Tim Jones in kindergarten?

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    • A friend of mine was admitted to a psychiatric hosp. here in CO. nothing serious about her, but she wanted addiction trmt. First day, they put her on very powerful psych meds. and gave her coloring books. Two weeks later I go to visit, and she is a zombie in her room coloring all day. She went from 80% mentally healthy to 2 weeks! Liberals (in CO) love drugs and coloring books! Very sad.

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  3. Be sure to order the Deluxe version-it comes with a sippy cup,adult sized footies and a vagina hat.

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  4. I am a white woman married to a white male. God made me white and created colors. I am proud to be what God made me and all colors. So….what is the problem? God?

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    • The problem is Truuuuuummmmmp! Libtard butt hurt.

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      • DCG, the problem is Oreo who started the race war. The the uneducated got on the bandwagon. Where are the other races? Probably more educated. Those radicals are the libtards who think the world owes them a living for doing nothing in society and for suiting on their diffs and finding ways of sucking off the tax payers.

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  5. Well, if the current white CIC pisses them off, what must one think they thought of the last black interloper that worked so hard to destroy this country and their ability to profit using Capitalism. And the black caucus must really rile them.
    What a bunch of baloney.

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  6. These boring middle aged whites guys live to make everyone’s life a misery


    • True George . . . very true! How come they did not make the title . . . I am sick of white guys and gals? Why would you ever, ever leave out Killary Clinton, Nancy Palosi, Barbara Boxer, and a host of other white Congressional leaders?

      I think this book sounds like a really Big Yawn! I’ll pass.

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  7. So all of these laws against preferential treatment and calumny based on race don’t apply to Whitey? Why’s that? Use the “N” word (I hate saying that as an adult), and all hell breaks loose. If you’re referring to Whitey, anything goes.

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  8. When the next civil war begins white guilt sufferers must be the first to go.


    • Yep. I’m always amazed that people can be manipulated that easily. First we had the “environmentalists” that believe humans are an aberration. Now it’s this “racial” nonsense and they’re tearing down the barricades to line up and express their “shame” for being white. It’s disgusting.

      Then we get the offshoots. Men who are ashamed that they aren’t women. A lot of us at this site say “liberalism is a mental disorder”. Is there really an argument against that?

      I don’t think you’d need a “civil war”. You could just tell them to kill themselves and they probably would. After all, its the least they could do to atone for their “white privilege”.

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      • Lophatt, it starts from birth. Mom farm their babies out from birth. Schools get the kids and indoctrate them. Computers teach them Not to think that the computer has all the answers, why else are computers in schools. I was shocked to find my grandkids were allowed calculators to use on their math exams, in grade school. Since parents are not instrumental in teaching their kids commonsense this is what we get.

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