Report reveals 92 percent of foreign nationals in federal prisons are illegal aliens

build the wall

From Fox News: new report published Thursday by the Trump administration shows that 92 percent of foreign nationals in federal prisons are in the U.S. illegally — a revelation that Attorney General Jeff Sessions said proves why the U.S. needs to follow through on President Trump’s proposed immigration reform.

The 2017 report, from the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, found that more than one in five individuals imprisoned were not born in the United States. Of those foreign nationals, 94 percent are in the custody of either the Federal Bureau of Prisons or the U.S. Marshals Service.

Sessions said in a statement that Americans “are being victimized by illegal aliens who commit crimes. … The simple fact is that any offense committed by a criminal alien is ultimately preventable. One victim is too many.”

The attorney general also noted that, based on sentencing data, “non-citizens commit a substantially disproportionate number of drug-related offenses, which contributes to our national drug abuse crisis.”

By the end of the 2017 fiscal year, 58,766 known or suspect foreign nationals were imprisoned in the United States.

Newly-confirmed Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen added that the report highlights “that more must be done,” and added the department “will continue to pursue President Trump’s immigration priorities.”

The report did not include information on incarcerations in state prisons or local jails. “State and local facilities do not routinely provide DHS or DOJ with comprehensive information about their inmates and detainees—which account for approximately 90 percent of the total U.S. incarcerated population,” the report said.

This past October, the Trump administration announced it was seeking several major changes to the country’s immigration system, as the president pushes forward with his plans for a wall along the Mexico border. The requests included additional crackdowns on “sanctuary cities” that protect illegal immigrants; reducing the number of incoming refugees; 10,000 more Customs and Border Patrol agents; and new initiatives curbing the number of unaccompanied immigrants who come to the U.S. illegally as children. Democrats already have said many of the White House’s terms are off the table.

It remains unclear when the wall might actually go up. Trump campaigned on building it and set an ambitious timetable for construction. But aside from potential funding and political complications, there have been court challenges from geologists.

Critics also have said the barrier would be ineffective and costly. On the campaign trail, Trump said Mexico would pay for the bill, which Mexico has flatly denied. The actual cost of the wall has not been clear.


13 responses to “Report reveals 92 percent of foreign nationals in federal prisons are illegal aliens

  1. All of which goes to show the Left, by continuing with their “sanctuary” cities/states, really don’t give a fig about the well being of Americans.

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    • This is all too true. Many of our nation’s leader’s live in highly secure areas, or gated communities. They are not in a position where the likelihood of themselves being victimized by the flood of illegals is as great a risk as it is to the rest of us peons. If the flood of illegals brings greater numbers to the ranks of the Democrats . . . that is all they care about! The fact that they do not care about the average US citizen, should be reason enough to boot them out of office.

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    • Put an end to the illegal immigration as if we were ridding the house of pests, everything goes. Build an electric fence. Return them back to the border 100 miles out so they can’t come back. Put to practice it works!

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    We must stick to our guns and demand a wall and immigration laws which adhere to the Constitution.

    The Obam left’s ideology of communism/muslims have proven they are trying to turn our country into a third world country and make the citizens slaves of the government which the left are presently living under that banner.


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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    I think it is past time to abandon the use of American to describe the true U.S. Citizens, as all to many illegal aliens consider themselves as american, which only serves to make them all the more brazen with their contempt for the law of this nation.

    Their very presence “victimizes’ every U.S. Citizen, in one form or another, and only the anti-U.S. are pro-immigration.

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  4. I bet they include the immigration detention centers in this count…


  5. It’s bad enough there’s been a recent surge in illegal aliens flowing in because they know the time is relatively short for them to get here and possibly be able to stay. I’ve never heard anyone, even from decent Republican legislators, state what I believe is the most important reason for the Southern border wall. We know Mexico and some Central American countries have super extreme problems with murdering drug cartels, poor economies, government corruption, etc. IF there were mass catastrophic circumstances caused by economic/EMP attacks/natural events, there would be no way our border control could prevent thousands upon thousands of illegals rushing our border to get here. Only a wall could prevent such an onslaught. Of course, that would be the globalists’ dream to quickly overrun and immediately turn the US and Canada into third world countries.

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    • The Mexican government does nothing to improve the lot of their people. In fact, they have agencies that work with border crossers to assist them to get into the U.S.. That’s THEIR solution. They send us THEIR problems.

      Now think back to the Slick Willy era. We got NAFTA and all that “trade” with no requirements to protect against illegal immigration? Believe me, anyone dumb enough to head South is met with the harshest treatment.

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    Bericht zeigt, dass 92 Prozent der Ausländer in der Bundesrepublik Gefängnissen illegal Aliens sind


  7. Obama was even flying illegals in to New Orleans and busing them via UPS all over the U.S. All Americans suffer, especially the ones that are homeless, living beneath the poverty line,and our veterans. Thank goodness President Trump has rescinded the ACA penalty. The ACA was DESIGNED to fail, and has hurt millions of families.

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