Epidemic of medical boots: Now it’s Rep. Jackie Speier

There is an epidemic of foot issues among our politicians.

First it was Hillary Clinton, who was fitted with a medical “walking” boot on October 15, ostensibly for a broken toe from “running downstairs wearing heels” and “falling backward”.

Two months later, seen at an appearance in Vancouver on December 14, Hillary is still wearing the boot, albeit a different one, although the recovery period for a broken toe is 4 to 6 weeks.

On December 21,  NBC News reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered the Justice Department to interview FBI agents with knowledge of an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s role in a uranium deal with Russia, reviving interest in what President Trump has called a “modern-age” Watergate.

Sessions’ order comes a month after Republicans in Congress had urged him to appoint a second special counsel to investigate Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, the Uranium One deal, and the FBI’s handling of its investigation into her private emails at secretary of state.

See “The real U.S.-Russian conspiracy: Russia gave $multi-million bribe to Clinton Foundation for 2010 uranium deal“.

Then it’s RINO senator John McCain, who was fitted with the boot on his right leg. His office said in a statement on November 6 that the boot was because of “a minor tear in his right Achilles tendon”.

Two weeks later, he switched the boot to his healthy left leg to, as he put it in a tweet, “give it a break”. Not only does it make no sense to put a cumbersome medical boot on a healthy leg, that he no longer wears a boot on his right leg means that his Achilles tendon is healed.

Bloomberg reported in 2016 that Saudi Arabia donated $1 million to the McCain Institute, a contribution the Institute has refused to explain publicly. (See “McCain cuts off questions about Saudi donation“) Then there is the rumor that McCain is the “Republican politician” who ordered the entirely bogus “golden showers” Russian dossier on Trump.

That both Hillary and McCain suddenly sported medical boots on their respective right leg triggered speculations in the Alternative Media that their boots may conceal ankle monitors.

Now, the boot epidemic has hit Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA), who was seen with the boot on her left leg (source: Reddit):

According to Garth Kant of WND, Jackie Speier is one of “three Democratic lawmakers who employed the criminal Awan brothers and who are on the HPSCI” (House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence).

As information technology (IT) staffers, the Awan brothers — Abid, Imran and Jamal —  compromised U.S. national security by hacking into classified or other sensitive information of members of Congress. The FBI arrested Imran Awan in July 2017. He is currently awaiting trial on charges of bank fraud.


38 responses to “Epidemic of medical boots: Now it’s Rep. Jackie Speier

  1. Something is afoot, eh Watson?

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  2. Well well well. We seem to have some very dangerous walkways around DC.
    I have seen Speier and she is calling for blood. I suspect as a smoking mirror to her real problems.
    I don’t believe any one of them for one second.

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  3. I didn’t know that loss of the soul could cause ligament damage.

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  4. So interesting…

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    • I badly want the rumors to be true!

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      • We all do, but let’s get real. With the evidence (that we know of) against Her Nibs, and still no prosecution, what are the odds? Who’s gonna prosecute? Sessions? Don’t make me laugh.

        This whole “draining the swamp” thing is pure rhetoric. A good faith effort would involve Hillary, Obongo and that whole passel of miscreants we grew to hate so well.

        Anything short of that is just for show. I guarantee you, if you made me King (and could keep me alive), I’d give those overpaid mynah birds at the propaganda outlets something to howl about. I’d rock their world.

        Look at some of the former Obongo enablers that recently refused to speak to Congress. What was the reaction? They did a “Henry Waxman”. They wrote a letter and told them how “disturbed” their behavior (that being ignoring a summons from Congress) had made them.

        It wouldn’t take me an hour past the required reporting time to have the Federal Marshals dragging these mutts into a committee room by the scruff of their necks. This is very bad theater.

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    • As time-and the boots-goes on,I’m finding it harder and harder to put any credence at all in them. Maybe the Boot is simply a plea for pity while they’re either under fire or at RISK of being under fire by the Administration with its intent to drain the swamp where their traditional “Safe Places” are hidden.
      Maybe this is just another case of,”Someti8mes a rock is just a rock.”

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  5. Considering the seriousness of the crimes that have been committed against our country by these traitors, I would like to see their ankle monitors replaced by a noose around their necks.

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    • Rope is definitely more effective, and cheaper too. That’s what we really need. We need to repeal all those anti-hemp laws. We’re gonna need rope…lot’s of rope.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    A true shame they are so secretive about the crimes of politicians, as if their more major concern is the fear of retribution if their legitimate pursuit of justice is not “politically correct”.

    No wonder faith is so hard won.

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    • Maybe the secrecy is more to keep the future targets from scattering so much. Sorta like if you shoot a deer with a rifle,the deer around it will scatter to the hills,but if you drop it with a crossbow (quiet,compared to a 270),the others are more likely to think,”HMMmm-Why would she nap HERE,of all places? Oh well…”, making it easier to sneak up on the NEXT target…

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      • I think you give them too much credit. They KNOW they will NEVER be prosecuted. That’s WHY they do what they do.

        It would take a “REAL” wildcard to upend this sickness. I wouldn’t worry about tipping them off. They know who they are. They should just get them someplace where they can suck all the oxygen from the room.

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        • Did you get a chance to see this? I don’t usually get into this kinda thing,but it all fits together so well,and makes sense to me-or maybe it’s just wishful thinking,but every day I see things that look to confirm what I watched here…

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          • Yeah, it isn’t that I wouldn’t like to see that. I’m afraid I’m too jaded to believe it. I’ll be the first one to GLADLY say I was wrong if they nail them. I don’t see it happening. If it gets too hot they will sacrifice a few Hollywood celeb weirdos, they don’t care much about that. When it comes to their “star players”, the filthy politicians, its a different story.

            None of this is as it appears. They ALL know each other. They all work for the same boss. They may get into some internecine rivalries from time to time, but nothing stops The Plan.

            I DO believe that more and more people are beginning to see this. That is probably a little worrying to them. That isn’t because they fear prosecution, they’ve got that nailed. It just makes the illusion more difficult to maintain.

            Most people live in a sort of “la la land” where they act as if everything on TV is real. These politicians belong to two parties and fight each other, and blah, blah, blah. No, they are employees.

            Just like the BLM flunkies, their job is to fleece us cattle and get us to the slaughterhouse before we wake up to what’s going on. They are paid big bucks and win valuable prizes to do just that.

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  7. She is absolutely useless. Coming from SM County, I remember her and the Jim Jones debacle. Time to move on Jackie. Just goes to show you how stupid Silicon Valley really is. Native Californian – can’t wait to leave!

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Only time will tell what is going on. It is very important to find out what was going on with this gang of terrorists and the fact these terrorists were hired and downloaded the Congressmen and womens information to a foreign source. This definitely needs to be investigated to see if Speers was complicate

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  9. TERM LIMITS TERM LIMITS TERM LIMITS. It will take a Constitutional Convention of the States to get there—to REALLY DRAIN THE SWAMP (& I really think it COULD succeed—perhaps Trump should make it a goal that he instigates for at some point?) b/c these blood-suckers with “life-long jobs” at our governmental epi-center are NEVER going to vote it in against their personal “money maker” jobs (to which I am referring to those like the Clintons….Harry Reid…Nancy Pelosi….who came into their entry-level governmental positions with modest means….then…made as much per year in salary as maybe me and my husband combined—and we BOTH work more than ONE job most of the time……..and they come out at our ages as multi-millionaires and my husband and I are lucky to have worked ourselves up to “middle class,” despite mulitiple degrees beyond the BS/MS. HOW DOES THAT KEEP HAPPENING? DAH!) Limit everyone to TWO terms…..just like the presidential limit….and you’ll see then who REALLY wants to serve as a “citizen” and then GO HOME, back to their citizen lives and communities …..We’d see a HUGE sea-change in the way the voting public is served in Washington, D.C. For sure, the D.C. lobbying firms would REALLY have to work hard to make a rich living with so little time to goober-up these shortened terms….NO easy. year-after-year” marks” from the likes of Harry Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein….our perpetual, professioinal legislators…..(have the likes of these EVER worked any OTHER jobs out of “professional politician?” Did they even deliver papers or work behind a drugstore counter? How about waitressing or mowing lawns????)

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  10. My concern with a Con-Con is that,in opening the Constitution up for ANY reason,the Liberals would find a way to hijack it to bring the US down,from a CONSTITUTIONAL level. It’s not that I don’t trust them-well,yeah it IS,knowing their track record for “honesty”…

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    • I agree. We don’t need to overhaul the Constitution. It’s fine like it is. They just want an opportunity to gut it. Hell, they can’t live legally by what they have, how are they gonna improve on it?

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  11. AMEN,Bro.


  12. Okay Dr. Eowyn, I am now officially convinced this thing is more than wishful thinking.


  13. These aren’t medical boots – they’re a fashion statement!

    Who knew DC politicians were at the cutting edge of fashion, trying to make wearing a medical boot into something trendy?

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  15. JoAnn Leichliter

    Speier is hardly “one of three Democratic lawmakers” who employed the Awans. The list is a mile long and even included my former Democrat congressman (Nebraska), before he was replaced by a Republican (Don Bacon) in 2016.


  16. Have faith, these are tracking devices on the clowns. There are over 4,000 sealed indictments all across our country. Watch the theater, read the list of R & D senators & reps not running again, coincidence? NO, this is the swamp being drained. HRC, John McCain, BHO (in custody, extracted from Atlanta airport), all are going down. Incrementally, systematically being purged and tracked. 70% of our government is corrupt, and to do it all at once would be catastrophic, but when you have the goods on all of them, you can target the most egregious and use those who cooperated with them as the beginning of the purge.


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