Queer Theology Coming To A College Near You

Breitbart: Swarthmore College Introduces ‘Queering the Bible’ Course

by TOM CICCOTTA – 22 Dec 2017

Next fall, the prestigious Swarthmore College will introduce a course called “Queering the Bible.”

…In another course offered in the department called “Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology” the attempt is made to argue that God is a female.

Read article: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/12/22/swarthmore-college-introduces-queering-the-bible-course/

Personal thoughts on this:

I shared the above article because I find it so offensive that some academics are getting away with promoting perversion and declaring it to be righteous. So very sad. Pray that God unmasks this stuff.

30 responses to “Queer Theology Coming To A College Near You

  1. I’d like to see ’em try a “Queering the Koran” course. (Bet they won’t… )

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  2. What “department” is this? The Apostate Department? They need a queer universe too. They can all go there and live in it.

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    • …..” a queer universe…”
      That sums it up rather nicely. They are not content to be who they are. They, like any true sociopathic narcissist, have to have everything and everybody reflect back to them their idealistic, but delusional and perverse self image….and if you don’t voluntarily do so, they will be sure to enforce it with every means available.

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  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Just another group smearing religion. Nothing new here.

    This is the problem with our liberal professors and administrators at these colleges – they spend too time on this kind of bunk and don’t spend enough time on the three R’s and that my friends is why we have so many air heads running around this country.

    When will these professors be held accountable for not doing their job and using politics to brain wash our young people. Where is our new education secretary?


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    • kommonsentsjane . . . Amen to that! Rather than teach things that might actually help them in life, they spend their time teaching garbage they picked out of the air.

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  4. Would it start a Civil War if the President officially CLOSED all Colleges until specific classes were OFF the schedule and others were OFFERED? (All we have to do is figure out how to do this in a CONSTITUTIONAL manner…)


    • It would be quite easy to do. Just have the Dept. of Ed. stop guaranteeing student loans. All the most liberal colleges would dry up overnight. Plus, the colleges would no longer build like they were the ancient Egyptians. It’s funny how whenever the government guarantees that someone is going to get their money, suddenly the cost of everything goes up. College, mortages, etc. As to this make God gay movement, this is nothing all that new. They have been trying this for years. It is just more open now.

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  5. Jumping Jehoshaphat

    This is a 2016 comment made by Valerie Smith, current president of Swarthmore, in an interview referring to a school she attended in her youth:

    ” It was a parochial school that was attached to the Baptist church that my family attended and the principal of the school happened also to be the wife of the pastor and she was an extraordinarily brilliant, elegant, confident, spiritual; deeply spiritual person who took all of her students, all of her charges, I think, under her wing”
    What would her Baptist parents and her school mentor think of a college course given under Smith’s oversight, labelled “Queering the Bible”?

    This college was founded by Quakers, they must be rolling in their graves.
    Look who’s teaching the class this fall: Gwynn Kessler who has a Doctorate in Rabbinics from the Jewish Theological Seminary. I wonder if she is as blasphemous with the Torah and Talmud as she is with the Christian Bible?
    You think?

    What would happen in the Islamic World if higher education wanted to reinterpret the Koran, to “destabilize long held assumptions ” about the Koran on gender and sexuality? They would have to go into hiding like Salman Rushdie.

    President Smith also wants Swarthmore to be a Sanctuary campus. Maybe she can fill the Queer Bible class with MS13ers.Here’s her email address if you’d like to give her some feedback: president@swarthmore.edu


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  6. Blasphemous PIGS, they must actually be atheists attempting to subvert Christianity or they are REALLY stupid because the insult to God by changing his WORD carries a steep price.

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    No doubt it will be a very short version.


  8. The course is taught by Dr Gwynn “Butch” Kessler and based on “postmodern, queer, and trans theory.” This amounts to every word ever written or spoken–not just the Bible–automatically confirming the Talmudic indictment and hatred of Western Civilization and Christian morality. After the SHTF one of the most pleasurable tasks facing our people will be defenestration of the human dirt like this womyn, who took over these strictly mediocre but elitist schools following WW II when Jewish Talmudists with largely bogus or inflated credentials were hired to teach the social sciences. Having Jewish Talmudic perverts in charge of teaching sexual morality to Christian youngsters and college students, as insane as it is, follows directly from allowing our worst enemy imaginable to become the judge and jury over every aspect of our religion, culture, and society.


  9. God is a Spirit Being, no gender, no color, queers, lesbians, adulterous, criminals and all the deviations are the creation of the corrupted and ill minds of the human race, yes, the Church, governments, institutions are guided by egotistic individuals wanting power and domination of the lesser kind unable to escape their grip.


  10. I have a friend who is a professor there. He doesn’t say much about the leftists he works with and teaches. I think he is just trying to make it to retirement.


  11. Can’t say this is surprising since they’ve already made a “rainbow” bible… neo-pagan “goddess centric” lesbianism has been having a feud with the trans-cultists as well though, which is funny as the two can’t get along as one only recognizes women as women, but apparently their ideology is relegated to being inferior to the trans garbage.

    It may also be significant, per the last article about the corrupted nativity, that the group associated with it runs a place that was based on an old temple of cybele, who was a phyrgian vile deity of incest and murder, effectively, hardly a legitimate deity even by pagan standards. This is significant to the trans garbage and likely to these pseudo-theology courses in that cybele was believed to have been a hermaphroditic abomination named agdistis, (Born because zeus decided to try to have sex with a mountain.) that the other deities subsequently castrated, getting rid of the male parts, leaving cybele as a “female”, however as the vile story goes, those male bits etc. turned into a tree, which bore “fruit” that somehow got a human woman pregnant, who subsequently gave birth to a man called attis, effectively cybele’s “son”, but this man was noticed by cybele and pursued as a “priest” of hers… however attis found another female that took his fancy (y’know, a real female.) and cybele in a fit of rage “punished” attis for his “infidelity” (apparently indicating she thought she had dibs?) by inflicting madness on him and getting him to castrate himself, after which he became suicidal and she subsequently turned him into a fir tree. Subsequently devotees/priests of theirs would inflict the same injury on themselves, purposefully becoming eunuchs.

    No, I don’t pretend any of this filth makes any sense. Besides it would appear originally attis, per herodotus (unless it was a different one) had nothing to do with cybele and the rest of that, and this was concocted later. You can see how such a corrupt myth would appeal to the psychopathic devilry of the homosexual & “tans” movements etc. of course.

    This action seems to represent an ongoing incremental corruption intended to supplant Christianity entirely, and replace it with something that is probably going to be like a mix of mormonism, baha’ism, and the old “mystery religions” of which the cybele cult is one. (All of which have gnosticism as a core.) Basically, satanism/anti-christianity.

    But what can be done to oppose, and remove it?


    • Oh how could I forget another interesting tidbit, phrygia went on to become lydia, which in turn went on to become turkey… the tidbit? That land was in very ancient times also called magog, per the court records of the assyrians of who they did business with.

      Whether or not this ties into anything about homosexuality etc. being something from magog used to attack, would be mere speculation. A curious thing it is however. As a final bit, I would also add that secret societies in the past have often attempted to secure positions for homosexualism to invade. Such as the “order of chaeronea” and the “uranians” of karl heinrich ulrichs… wait, didn’t uranous of the greeks also get castrated by khronos? Is this where ulruchs got the name from? If so, one wonders why there seems to be this presence of castration in the homosexualist, and “trans” movements… perhaps this belies the gross self-hatred which is really at the core of these pathologies?


  12. I guess I have lived to long…
    When I was a kid in America, being queer was against the law!
    Now, it’s darn near mandatory…


  13. If the sodomy laws were still in effect, we would not be talking about the absurdity of same sex marriage…
    Which is a technical impossibility, since you need one of each to CONSUMMATE the marriage, meaning it must have the possibility of an heir being conceived on the night of the wedding.


  14. This cannot happen in any kind of “same sex union”…
    These cannot be born, but only recruited…


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