Hundreds protest in Sweden after police tell women to stay inside to avoid gang rapes

sweden protest

Ain’t multiculturalism grand?

From Daily Mail: Hundreds took to the streets of Malmo in southern Sweden to protest after three teenage girls were brutally gang raped – and police told women to stay indoors.

The most recent incident involved a 17-year-old girl who was raped by an unknown number of assailants in a children’s playground in the early hours of Saturday.

The following day, Malmo police issued a warning to local women not to go outside alone at night, and to walk in pairs or use taxis. 

The first rape took place on November 4, and saw a young woman raped by several assailants after a party in Segevång, north Malmo. Just over a week later, a woman was attacked and raped by a number of men at a bus stop in Södervärn, central Malmo.

Saturday’s rape took place just a few streets away in Sofielund, and saw the 17-year-old attacked by a group of men in a playground.

‘This is a horrible, particularly severe crime with exceedingly brutal violence,’ Andy Roberts, head of area police in North Malmo told Helsinborg’s Dagblad.

He would not give the newspaper details of the violence the victim was subjected to, but added: ‘There are limits, even for me, as an old experienced police officer.’

A local newspaper reports that the victims in all three cases were teenagers.

Police say that while there is no obvious connection between the rapes, it cannot be ruled out as investigations are still ongoing. All three incidents took place between midnight and 3am and assailants were all young men unknown to the victims, Sydsvenskan reports.

Yesterday’s protest, filmed by a participant, saw demonstrators demand police protection, tougher punishment and that the government step in and push through proposed legislation on consent.

Bearing placards with messages such as ‘no rapists on our streets’ and ‘Stefan Lofven, take your responsibility’, directed at the country’s Prime Minister, hundreds of protesters gathered in Malmo on Tuesday evening.

‘I never thought I would be scared to walk around in my hometown,’ one of the speakers Sara Wettergren said according to Kvallsposten.

Read the rest of the story here.

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46 responses to “Hundreds protest in Sweden after police tell women to stay inside to avoid gang rapes

  1. Bunch of losers. You wanted them, you got them. Deal with it pussies.

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    • No mister! I surely didn’t want this influx of non Europeans! Men who in no way can behave civilized and with respect! Sorry to say, but I hate them! Just as “the masters” (globalists) want it. Conquer&Rule! Try not to.
      And the Press/TV got such a stronghold of most people’s minds. Most of them are totally brainwashed. The few dissidents are called “racists/fascists” and so on.. . Some even lost their jobs! Sweden has turned Into a cesspool of PC. With strong grief I have to conclude that our Nation is on the brink of total destruction. I try to wake people up the best I can via FB ( Will link this article f e!) Wish I was younger so I could do some more!

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      • So sorry, Birgitta. I am a direct descendant of one of the first Swedes in America (to now, Delaware). I have a great heart for you. My son, in college, earned an abroad scholorship that allowed him to live and study in the land of some of his ancestors…in the general Nordic region…..including Sweden…..I am so sorry for you and yours and your countrymen. Alma has already posted what is next for you and yours..short of the likes of the Medieval expulsion of Muslims fr the Iberian Peninsula……..your future is set in stone……what you see NOW is what you GET now and forever……..UNLESS you are a student of history… will repeat it over and over again…..

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    • Eventually, they will take over Sweden, by then it will be too late and the Swedes will become prisoners in their own country, They are a wave that can’t be stopped.

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      • “They are a wave that can’t be stopped.”
        At least not through expressly LEGAL means. It doesn’t help AT ALL that their OWN GOVERNMENT is supporting the CRIMINALS!
        Birgitta Palén-Your best move might be to either put forth a STRONG effort to change the make up of your Government (Run for a Political office,and get OTHERS who see things your way to ALSO run for office.),Sue your local Government for endangering your lives with their “acceptance” of these Criminals and their agenda,or gather your Family and friends and make a plan to apply for acceptance to the USA,and American Citizenship. You’d be MUCH safer here! I hope I’m not getting ahead of reality,but I’m expecting this Administration to soon work on the Legal Immigration System to make it quicker and easier for sincere applicants to become Americans. I’m certainly going to be pushing for this. Bless you and yours during these troubling times.

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  2. I recently binge-watched the History Channel “historical drama” series, Vikings. Like Norway and Denmark, Swedes are descendants of the fierce Viking marauders. I did a cursory research on how and why Swedish men today are cucked p*ssies.

    All I came up with is that Sweden experienced two major depletions of population: (1) The Plaque; and (2) as much as one-third of the pop. immigrated to the United States.

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    • The “pussy hats” were noticeably absent from the women’s protest rally. The swedes I grew up with in my home town were good people, but they had no tendency toward “pussy hat” syndrome.

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    • I believe it. I have one of “them” living across the alley from me. (In his defense though,he’s a Retired Marine,and is a pretty good guy. VERY involved with his family’s History,knows all his relatives,they have “Meets” where they ALL gather somewhere for a week or so each year,etc.) He WAS a Democrat when he bought his house,but now is more like a Conservative light. (Hated Obama,is SERIOUSLY pro-2nd Amendment…)

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  3. How horrible…

    SWEDEN SHOCKER: Muslim migrants gang-rape 17-year-old girl, then pour lighter fluid in her vagina and set it on fire

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    • Related link –

      Muslim Rapists Gang-Rape, Torture 17 Year Old Girl, Set Her Vagina On Fire

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      • the words…..I can’t begin to describe…the words fail me…just…pure…evil…

        I pray for the child and sweden…and the world.
        these inbred savage beasts are living among people and animals…all of those responsible for bringing them out of their cages should be locked up and later deported with them….that’s too humane compared to the suffering of that poor child and others.
        those lawmakers must be drugged by something to have such an attachment to savages and apathy for their own people….unless, they’re not their own people and the only responsibility they take is to “represent” them by denying the citizens their sovereignty in exchange for “diversity”….all of eu, and usa, and canada: sweden, germany, and uk are the canaries in the mine and the whole world will fall if we don’t wake up.

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        • I’m sure these illuminist, Chabbist, Jewish death cult overlords view this as quite amusing. They took a country where vicious acts such as rape were virtually unheard of and turned it into their dystopian vision for our future.

          There is no hope for their government and this is so over the top wrong that it seems silly to even have to discuss it. Since they obviously will not reform themselves and remove the offending element they need to be removed, forcefully if necessary.

          Just imagine having a government that basically says, “you’re on your own. It is better that you get raped, and your vagina set afire, than to ’embarrass’ the savages.

          I have no words.

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    • I read that over at Anonymous Conservative’s blog. His comment was brutal: “There is no dealing with such people. You can’t make them love life, or respect the freedom of others to freely enjoy life. You can only kill them, and be rid of them.”

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    • Trying to burn the evidence? (only joking slightly….) THAT’S beyond SICK!!!

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    • These Muslim men who did this are no different from serial killers in their sexual sadism.

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  4. women and children should leave, for their own safety

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    • Where are the men to protect their daughters, sisters, mothers, girlfriends?

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      • I have been reliably informed by many EXPERTS in Women’s Studies that women are equal to men in everything except good and evil (women of course being predominantly good and men evil). How dare you suggest that toxic masculinity is the answer to… Uhhh… Poor little refugees not knowing any better? They were just having a sexual emergency, followed by a pyromanic emergency.

        Regardless, men are the problem (except poor little refugee men), not the answer. Does a fish need a bicycle?

        Ow, my head hurts. I tried to write satire but I wound up sounding like a real leftist. Look what evils people will believe in when they refuse to believe in God….

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    • I’ve put out the invitation. NOW we need to convince DC to put SERIOUS attention into improving the LEGAL Immigration System,something everyone seems to be forgetting. THESE are the people who need to be helped.

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  5. Political correctness on steroids. Sweden has had an incredible increase in sex crimes since they allowed thousands of migrants into the country. Notice, how there was no mention of this in the article.

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  6. This is horrifying.

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  7. So,..sure,.

    The peoples of Europa are on a moral, spiritual suicidal decline.

    But then, what could you expect, when the Jews are allowed to control the media,..?

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  8. Dang!…..Only hundreds protested???

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  10. what are women doing outside by themselves between 12 midnight and 3am? Also this is another example of law enforcement failure….

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  11. What politically-correct progressivism does to a nation:

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  12. You have to cut off the head of the snake to stop the crimes. Just how is telling women to hide indoors in their own country going to help? The women need to start carrying Uzis and shooting any invader they see. They need to protect their men I guess.

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