Chicago WCKG radio station manager says UN troops already in Chicago. UN armored vehicles stored in State Dept warehouse in Maryland

Chicago, a gun-control city ravaged by gun homicides, is in Cook County, Illinois.

On December 14, 2017, in complete defiance of protocol and in violation of U.S. sovereignty, County Cook Commissioner Richard Boykin told CBS Chicago that “we’re headed to the United Nations to meet with the Assistant Secretary General” to ask that the UN “help out” by dispatching troops (“peacekeepers”) to Chicago to quell its gun violence.

According to the following reports, however, the United Nations is already in Chicago:

(1) On September 4, 2017, more than three months before Commissioner Boykin’s interview with CBS Chicago, Alistair Williams of Stock Board Asset uploaded to YouTube a video taken by a drone of “a convoy of UN armored vehicles” at “an undisclosed location” in Hagerstown, MD.

Is there a legitimate reason for United Nations vehicles to be in Maryland or anywhere in the United States?

(2) On December 18, four days after CBS Chicago’s interview with Richard Boykin, Intellihub‘s Shepard Ambellas identified the exact location of the UN vehicles. Ambellas writes:

Over 50 heavily armored United Nations vehicles and various pieces of equipment (generators, etc.) sufficient enough to support a small company of ‘peacekeeper’ troops” are sitting on the deck in the rear parking lot of “a U.S. government-owned warehouse” located at 11841 Newgate Blvd., Hagerstown, Maryland. “The vehicles are all painted white and bear the letters “U.N.” and appear to be ready for some type of rapid domestic deployment.”

According to Mapquest, 11841 Newgate Blvd. in Hagerstown, MD, is the address not of a “U.S. government-owned warehouse,” but of the food manufacturer Kellogg Company.

However, Foursquare says there is a “government building” at 11841 Newgate Blvd. — that of the Department of State SA-25″:

The U.S. Department of State uses the initials SA for its field offices.

According to the State Department document, “A Helpful Guide to Your Move,” the department has a storage warehouse in Hagerstown, MD:

“You are authorized to ship household goods
from the location where you are hired to storage in Hagerstown” (p. 6) “a USG [U.S. .government] facility (p. 44)”.

Here’s a close-up of some of the UN vehicles in the parking lot of the U.S. Department of State storage warehouse at 11841 Newgate Blvd., Hagerstown, MD:

(3) On December 18, 2017, Matt Dubiel, station manager of Chicago radio station WCKG 1530 AM, told Alex Jones of InfoWars that he saw UN vehicles while “driving around” Chicago. Dubiel said:

The UN vehicles are already here. I saw them transported by train and on rail.

Jones claims that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton had planned a UN takeover of the United States (7:09 mark):

“The Democrats [said] we’re gonna bring us into the UN, collapse the U.S. this year. Trump wasn’t supposed to get in. Patriots in our intelligence agencies, the American people fought back, got Trump in, because it was going to be the end of the U.S. as we know it — one world government.”

H/t The Daily Sheeple


72 responses to “Chicago WCKG radio station manager says UN troops already in Chicago. UN armored vehicles stored in State Dept warehouse in Maryland

  1. Dr. Eowing, I’m somewhat skeptical the U.N. troops are there to quell violence, unless there is something more than we’ve been told. Aren’t we capable of putting an end to violence in our own country when we have National Guards, Police, Armed Forces well trained and prepared to go overseas to defend other peoples countries. We the greatest country in the world, cannot control a group of thugs in our own backyard?

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  2. UN troops weren’t even allowed to load their weapons, for the most part, when “stopping the genocide” in Rwanda. This should be fun to watch…until it isn’t fun anymore.

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  3. If this is true then who knows what will happen next. Whatever it is, its not going to be good for some of the citizens in the city. We may very well be at the doorstep of some form of Marshall Law.

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  4. un-troops should realize that any armed citizen is well within his Constitutional right to treat them as an invading force at the first sign of aggression or any attempt to assert authority.

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  5. The State Department and the CIA are joined at the hip, and both were created to deal with foreign affairs, not domestic matters. All the puzzle pieces are before us (especially Alex Jones) and being put in place. Our Founding Fathers created the greatest form of government to keep us free from this, the greatest form of tyranny. Evil powers are keeping the National Guard abroad so that there will be an excuse to call in David Rockefeller Sr’s U. N. to stop the chaos needed for total mastery of the human domain.

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    • Philip McLaughlin

      I dreamed the UN would send troops here 30 years ago. In the dream British troops occupied NC. Most American soldiers were overseas fighting.

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  6. Blue Helmets make great targets!

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  7. Chicago can not invite a foreign military onto US soil. If this happens, It is coming from congress or the President

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  8. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Okay, here’s the deal fellow haters of America, we’ll get the State Department to bring down the U. S. ally Libya, give all needed modern trucks to ISIS and friends, invade Europe, then use U. N. trucks and troops to destroy America! Another Nobel Prize for Peace coming up!

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  9. Wendell Berry nailed it right after 911–that there may be no wars as we’ve known them, but solely because the world government’s apparatus of violent suppression of human rights will become all powerful. This is what GHWB meant in his ’91 speech at the UN when he inverted reality by referring to roaming NWO goon squads as “UN peacekeepers.” Orwell warned us about this grave threat of calling evil good and good evil. As for Commissioner Boykin, he probably has only the vaguest idea of what the UN is but loves the idea of enchaining his fellow man–law and order, I’m sure, couldn’t be farther from his mind.

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  10. They whine about the death toll in Chiraq now. Just wait till those UN troops hit the streets.; they’ll wish otherwise. Blood WILL flow in the streets, literally!
    Think Beruit…

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  11. This is very obviously illegal. However, they are getting this done through the ‘strong cities initiative” that Lorretta Lynch talked about. Trump should send them ‘back’ where they came from. This is the beginning of a take-over.

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  12. If true war has been declared on americans by traitors in government.Once troops hit the street eliminate them with extreme prejudice and the traitors who brought them in….blood will flow

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  13. This is an invading army. Against the laws of our country, against the Constitution, and the President needs to send in the National Guard and order these people to be gone immediately. Any elected official who invited them here should be in shackles today for treason.

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  15. Q. What do you call a foreigner in the hood wearing a blue helmet?
    A. Target practice.

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  16. Had Hillary Clinton become president, these pre-positioned vehicles would likely have become operational by now. Thank God Hillary lost.

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  17. I have a friend who has always maintained, blue helmets make a helluva target.

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  18. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    President Trump needs to clarify this.


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  19. Just so all keep this very important historical fact in their minds and recall it as needed, I again remind readers:

    This pale sky-blue colour was first used by the Czar’s Okhrana, ultra-secret intelligence who created an ‘eyes only’ single volume each month summarising all relevant information the Czar needed to run Russia as he deemed best. [] Of this ‘ultra-secret’ group the Russian people evolved this adage: “The Okhrana knew everything and understood nothing;” it failed to warn the Czar of the infiltration of foreign revolutionary Jews financed by the largest banks to overthrow his dynasty, just as the CIA failed to inform the USA Pres of the impending collapse of the USSR. And ditto for 9-11. So why is it still here?

    It is the SAME colour on the epaulettes of the USSR & Russian secret services today, true historical continuity if ever there was one! My sources tell me it’s also favoured within the CIA by ‘old hands’…. It will make them easy targets for the guns of Chicago to hone their marksmanship.


  20. This country has a standing army but not in the sense you might think. Every State has over 400,000 hunters and they are usual good with their weapons. So if this was to happen the Americans will rise up to stop anything of this nature from happening. I might be wrong but don’t think so to many marines and military that have retired are standing in the wings as well I know I’m one of them.

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  21. Gee, is it possible that the the UN vehicles are only being stored at the facility…on the other hand maybe the Peace Keepers are going to have a live hands of training on the streets of Chicago….

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  22. Does that stupid mayor not know it is against the law for states to enter into any contract with a foreign country. My advice is, if they are already in Chicago then start arresting them or shooting them because without our president’s or Congress’ signature, UN troops on our soil are essentially a foreign invading force and you do have the right if not the obligation to shoot them.

    A city cannot invite them in you dumkopfs. This is exactly what we mean when we say our education system has failed our country, because those idiots in Chicago have no fuquing clue. God, where do they find those idiots !!!

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    • remember Obama signed the UN strongs cities network ,well inside it was to allow UN troops into the US for peacekeepimg purposes ,nobody cared then so why try and stop it now ,your Trump won t try and stop it


  23. I say if the scum blue helmets show up on the streets no matter which treasonous pig leader from Chicago who called for them, then they must all be shot dead as well as our leaders who called for them. if this is an invasion then the traitors must be hanged in Chicago.

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  25. UN vehicles in the USofA are not new! Several years ago, over 15, there were over a thousand various UN vehicles stored at the Sierra Army Depot in Herlong, Calif. Ostensibly they were there for upgrades, they disappeared shortly after a friend of mine attempted to get pictures. No one ever saw any of them leave the base via train or truck, no idea where they went or if they even left the base!

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    • Yeah, I know where that is. I don’t know much about the UN, other than in theory. They aren’t a “country” so I suppose they have things in any member nation.

      Having things here, and “doing” military work on American soil are obviously not the same things. All of these wheels within wheels are breeding grounds for more of the same.

      Police Departments, Fire Departments, the Military are all the same that way. They never say “enough”. Since WWII we have just had more and more and all of the entanglements and agreements that have no end. We all pay through the nose for this ticking time bomb.

      But, as to the substance of the article, the mayors crazy. They either let this go on forever (and probably spread) or the take the necessary steps to shut it down. Either way, it isn’t going to be pretty. And remember, its worse in Baltimore.

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  26. Those UN vehicles are BUILT here ……
    TRUMP would have to OKAY U.N. troops here — ponder THAT.

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    • “Those UN vehicles are BUILT here”

      How do you know that? And if they are, our government should inform the American people about this. Transparency! Furthermore, why are the UN vehicles seen in Chicago, coinciding with County Commissioner Richard Boykin calling for UN “peacekeeping” troops to be deployed to Chicago?

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  27. “There is no legitimate reason for United Nations vehicles to be in Maryland or anywhere in the United States.”

    Really? How about America provides the most financial support to the UN so American contractors have earned the right to manufacture and perform work formUN vehicles?

    Alpine Armoring Inc. is located in the Virginia area and does armor plating work on UN vehicles it.

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  28. It’s probably part of Obongo’s private army. They’d love nothing better than an excuse for martial law and using the U.N. , which is their chosen successor for world government.

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  30. Jumping Jehoshaphat

    Was talking to a lady recently from Montana who told me she went to check on a family cabin in Montana several years back and was waved off the property by personnel with UN insignia. When she complained to the local sheriff , was told there was nothing he could do, some kind of exercise was being conducted adjacent to her property and she had to put up with it.
    The article above talks about sightings of military exercises involving foreign troops on US soil in Michigan, Kentucky,Tennesee and Colorado. Included are pictures of a Fema camp in Michigan being retrofitted. I have seen on the 101 by Camp Roberts Nat’l Guard facility the tearing down of old WW2 barracks being replaced with hundreds of new shiny barracks .

    There are more than 900 FEMA camps in the US and Canada being maintained by taxpayer funds. See map below

    The infrastructure and military activity has been there for a while in plain sight, we just don’t look hard enough. Trump rails against the UN because it objects to his stance on Jerusalum, threatens to withhold financial aid but says nothing about hosting UN troops here?

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    • Many foreign countries have arrangements to receive military training here, presumably in the interest of mutual military “transparency” and to build good will.


      • Hadenoughalready

        I wouldn’t train ANY of them. Why give away our military trade tactics? It’s insane!!!


        • I can tell you from personal experience and having seen it with my own two eyes that, often, when a foreign country receives military aid (in the form of equipment), it comes with all the training that an American servicemen would receive.

          This can make for some unusual situations. Sometimes the situation changes between countries and still, having made the trade, they are required to train them anyway.

          I’m not saying that’s the case here. Most of the manufacturing contracts for weapons and equipment are FOB. Just where the UN keeps things is anybody’s guess. The US keeps weapons and equipment stockpiled all over the world. I can’t really think of a situation where another country keeps theirs here.

          The arms trade is a dirty business that is not helped by having tons of bribed politicians associated with it. That is one of the functions of the State Department that Hillary parlayed into a fortune for the Clinton Foundation.

          If we knew all the details of thousands of these underhanded deals we wouldn’t be able to eat for a month.

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          • Hadenoughalready

            I believe you. And I’m sure many of us would be sick and disgusted over it, especially those who have served, are serving or those families who have lost loved ones fighting those we previously trained, like the mujahadeen aka al Qaeda.

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  31. Chicago blacks are killing each other. This is a local problem and should be dealt with locally. UN troops will only plunder, rape and kill all they wish. They aren’t peace keepers, they are criminals. The UN is a taxpayer funded criminal organization. The U.S. needs to get out and withdrawal aid. Kick them off American soil.

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  32. This is an act of TREASON punishable by EXECUTION by WE THE PEOPLE

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  33. The black gang bangers in Chicago know the streets, back roads and alleys. If the UN is there, or on it’s way, they won’t stand a chance against the street gangs. I’m not a criminal, but this is one time I hope the Homey’s kick some ass…

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    • Couldn’t agree more…

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    • OK, I’ll bite. What are they trying to do? It is mostly black on black shootings. They live there. What is the “proper” response?

      Obviously the cops can’t (or won’t) control this. Short of shooting first and asking questions later, HOW would one control it? Remember, most are felons and not “allowed” to have guns. Somehow, they have them.

      You can either wait around and clean up every day, or you can funnel them all into a chute, check ’em for guns, and relocate them. In a way it is like Iraq. I am not kidding about my wall idea.

      You can declare a temporary amnesty to collect guns and relocate residents and either do a pincher movement and clean up up in one fell swoop, or let them thin their own herd.

      If they choose to stay they’re on their own. The goal is not to let it spread to the innocent.

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  34. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    This is a pretty sad tale of desperation as I see it! I know this is being obvious but, it says that trying to get the Democratic MAYOR of Chicago to address the mass killings is a moot point. Can’t do it, or doesn’t want to do it. His actions and policies push my vote for “Doesn’t want to do it”. Sad, but I have no sympathy for the City of Chicago as it implodes.

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  35. A couple of years ago, there were reports of UN vehicles being transported cross country on flatbeds. So we know that there are those vehicles here. This was of course during Obama’s reign, and there is a new sheriff in town. If and when the UN tries to deploy to Chicago or any other place in America, you will see the real Donald Trump once again. Just like he did in Iraq, he will do domestically. One way or another, he will send the UN troops packing, that is one thing you can be sure of. Trump doesn’t take kindly to anyone overstepping their bounds, especially when he holds the winning hand. I may not know much, but one thing I do know, and that is that if Chicago needs help, it will come from our own country, and not the UN. And if it takes the President and the force of martial law and military troops to do it, then that is what it will take. Personally, I think it might be time for just such a move, given the blatant disregard for the constitution by the politicians in Chicago.


  36. I live about a mile from where commissioner Boykin’s district is located – and it does include one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago, and for that matter, in America.

    Sometimes I have to venture in there for work – since it’s winter now, it’s also dark, when the riff-raff thugs come out to play. I carry a few weapons when I do go in there.

    Boykin, like a lot of his constituents, is stupid. Why he doesn’t call upon the Illinois National Guard, is beyond me.

    IF the blue helmets show up, they will probably underestimate the resolve of people around here, even the gangbangers. Not that they, and law-abiding registered gun-owning residents will team up to get rid of the blue helmets; but it will be more like a 2-front war. Both will know who doesn’t belong, even if the UN troops are Spetsnaz, and can speak perfect English. If just typical blue helmet soldiers, they don’t stand a chance – they’ll be too busy with their pants down raping & pillaging.

    And Chicago being laid out in a grid system, there’s simply too much entry/exit points to cover.

    WCKG, in its current status, is a very small radio-station. I once had to call the station for business – the number I was given put me on the air live, and I could’ve walked in, sat down & shot the breeze with the on-air talent.

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    • One of the problems of acting as if things were as they should be, rather than as they are, is that we mistakenly come to believe that these parasites in office are working for us. They may not be doing a very good job, but they “mean well”.

      Nothing could be further from the truth. They are there because their real bosses (not us) want them there. They do as they do because their boss tells them to do that. There’s nothing wrong in wanting them to act responsibly, but they won’t.

      Unless we insert ourselves we are just spectators. Rahm isn’t mayor because “he’s the best”. He’s Mayor because the PTB want him to be Mayor. He obviously has zero concern for his constituents which is totally consistent with his religion.

      Axelrod and this mutt helped install Obongo. When the time was right they placed Rahm and removed Axelrod. Apparently he’s a better asset to them undercover.

      The UN goons are THEIR army. Soon they will have another in the “EU Army”. They have at least for the time being, another in NATO.


    • I feel your pain. I’m not trying to be critical of “you”. I understand what you’re saying. I grew up in a city so I understand the concept of “neighborhoods”. Nonetheless, regardless of the name of the town, one has to make a few decisions.

      First, do you consider it a “black” crime matter or simply “crime” in general? Do you feel responsible for it somehow? Is they anything that can be done short of physical force to stop it?

      At the risk of being accused of being “racist” (I’m not) I’m going to say that, to me, its primarily a black crime problem. I don’t think they’re doing this BECAUSE of anything Whitey does or doesn’t do.

      Now, we can assume that some of the residents don’t like this anymore than we do. That isn’t such an easy assumption, however, because it is common to stick together even when that isn’t in their best interests.

      So, is anyone living in these areas asking Whitey for help? If not, does Whitey ask himself, “why am I bothering with this?”. Is it dangerous for Whitey and, therefore, he has an interest in shutting this down?

      I honestly can only think of one way to deal with this. That involves separating individuals and keeping them somewhere where they can’t rearm themselves. I don’t even think anybody should consider the social implications at this time. It’s too bad for that. Whether one believes they owe some debt for this problem or not, the problem must be addressed.

      So, like you pointed out, they would have to cordon off sections and control ingress and egress. Then they would need to sweep the entire area. Once an area was “sanitized” they could allow cleared individuals in to inhabit it but they couldn’t allow unrestricted travel.

      It’s a civil rights issue but so is being dead.

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  37. Liberal faith: Build the narrative and they will come.


  38. Billy, Thank you for the spelling correction but In the future, I don’t need your corrections or comments. You sound like like one of those stereotype people. I don’t need your help, T-h-a-n-k-s


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