Victoria Beckham accused of promoting gender stereotypes after sharing daughter’s poem of “sugar, spice & all things nice”

sugar and spice

A little girl’s work of art triggers libtards…

Proggies have to ruin everything.

From Daily Mail: To most of her millions of Instagram fans Victoria Beckham appeared every inch the doting mother when she proudly posted a snap of her daughter Harper’s artistic efforts over the weekend.

But the six-year-old’s sketch – which included lines from the old nursery rhyme about girls being made of ‘sugar, spice, and all things nice’ – prompted some followers to criticise the former Spice Girl, 43, for her parenting methods, insisting it amounted to promoting ‘harmful’ gender stereotypes. 

Harper had decorated a piece of card with a quote from the nursery rhyme ‘What are Little Boys Made Of?’ which says boys are made of ‘frogs and snails’ while little girls are made of ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’.

Furious Instagram users said the rhyme was ‘harmful’ to little girls because it suggests they must be sweet, while boys are allowed to be naughty.

Victoria had taken Harper, six, her daughter with David Beckham, for a drawing session with illustrator Tatiana Alida, and proudly showed off their work online. Harper appeared to have cut out her drawings of women and star patterns to decorate a quote from the nursery rhyme.

The quote reads: ‘Boys are made of slugs, snails, puppy dog tails. Girls are made of sugar, spice, all things nice.’

Clearly proud of her little girl’s work, Victoria posted the art on her Instagram page – but not all of her fans approved.  She captioned the post: ‘Mummy and Harper having so much fun with @tatianaalida_illustration X kisses VB.’

While the sweet post reached over 95,000 likes on the app and was flooded with comments from well wishers, others were not so keen on the artwork.

Some users insisted the nursery rhyme reinforced gender stereotypes among children, and criticised Victoria for effectively passing them on to her daughter.

@KlambertaThomson wrote: ‘Ugh. ‘Sugar and spice and all things nice’ is not girl power, it’s gender stereotyping and cultural rules that are telling girls what they are ‘supposed’ to be. So girls shouldn’t be mischievous or act out, cause they are supposed to be sweet and nice.  But it is ok for boys to do that because that is how they are born. It is crap and we really need to move away from such stereotypes that are harmful for our girls.’

@Ruariwalker commented: ‘Do you think that reinforcing gender stereotypes is fun?’

Hinewhetu agreed: ‘Not a cool poem. This is whete [SIC] conditioning begins. Ive always hated this poem. As much as ive hated the story of bluebeard.’


18 responses to “Victoria Beckham accused of promoting gender stereotypes after sharing daughter’s poem of “sugar, spice & all things nice”

  1. The Left have become the new Puritans — screeching, busy-body harridans.

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    • That is so funny and true!

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    • Amen to that! I think children need to be taught from an early age what kinds of things are appropriate for them. Girls will always be different than boys, and they should learn to revel in that difference. I just wish these shrews would sit down and shut up!

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      • I know this isn’t politically correct,but I’ve always believed ALL girls should have Auto Shop,and Boys should have Home Economics as REQUIRED Subjects in their Junior or Senior year of High school. Apparently though nothing matters anymore,since nearly all HS Grads just buy fast foods and ready-made foods,and pay the car dealers to do everything including checking the oil and adjusting the seats-until it’s time to turn the car in and lease another one. Mention the reason the car’s melting down is because they tore the bottom of the radiator off on that last parking bump and they’ll say, “That’s okay-I’m trading it in for a new one in a week. It’ll last that long,right?” CLUELESS!

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  2. I believe in equality of the sexes, but physically and mentally we are different. That is a fact that can’t be changed, and makes life more interesting. Can’t we let little girls, and boys have a few years of innocence before we slam them with political correctness.

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    • Patrick . . . You are right on the money! Children should not be burdened by the perimeters that society sets until they get a little older. Six years of age is a time to just play and be, not be settled with the constraints of loony older folks.

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  3. You ever notice how they turn on each other and would eat there own if they thought it would further their agenda down the road.

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  5. Think of what these so-called feminists are actually doing. They are disparaging femininity. That means that they believe that masculinity is superior. They are truly antiwoman. Rather than recognizing and defending the virtues of femininity, they wish to expunge femininity. The ultimate goal of these people is the abolition of gender itself. Men and women would be indistinguishable in their ideal society. Read Marge Piercy’s “Woman on the Edge of Time” for an idea of what such a society would look like. A world without femininity is a world that I would not care to live in. Indeed, I do not believe that I could live in such a world if I tried.

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    • Joseph . . . I would say, you are a very wise man. Our society would be all the poorer if there was an absence of masculinity, and femininity. I abhor they women who wish to stamp out the difference.

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      • Me too. Ultimately,that can only have one result-Extinction of the Human Race. How can THAT be a good thing?

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      • I’ll “third” that! What we have here is mental illness getting encouragement. If all these alleged “feminists” realized how their manipulators were laughing at them they might rethink their positions.

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  6. I wish to clarify something I wrote in my earlier post. I called these people “so-called” feminists. One would think that people who call themselves feminists would be defenders of and advocates for things feminine, but they are the opposite. They believe femininity is weakness and wish to masculinize women. I regard myself as more of a feminist than they are because I regard femininity as a woman’s strength and glory, and I honor women and their femininity. Women need not become more masculine in order to “improve.”

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  7. I’m so confused now,……shouldn’t ‘gender’, as in male or female being all that there is, be very simple to “stereotype”?

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  8. So much for “tolerance,” even of a 6-yr-old’s concept of her sexualtiy or her world. If it were a “confused gender” 6-year-old-boy thinking he’s a girl, they’d be slobbering all over him in support….BUT, let a little 6-year-old girl express her concept of her own sexual identity in a traditional, hundred-yr-old or more childhood poem….maybe even by her OWN concept of her first years in school by the way SHE is treated vs her little boy cohorts……and GROWN UP PEOPLE attack her like she’s ISIS or an anti-Christ.

    GIVE ME A FEAKIN” BREAK ALREADY. One day the world is gonna’ come face-to-face-with these freak-azoids in their “real” lives and SMACK THEM ON THE HEAD: tolerance MEANS both ways……and….BTW——I don’t know about OTHER places on Earth, but I can attest to this as a teacher of children of all ages in CA……OUR COLLECTIVE stereotypes as parents, teachers, cultural milieu—-promotes and accepts this VERY STEREOTYPE of boys being rough and tumble, maybe disobedient, and girls being sweet and obedient: THAT is EXACTLY what is sent to school to me from the homelives of my students…..Why saddle this on the neck of a 6-year-old girl child when it’s EXACTLY what is tolerated, bred/raised, and sent to school in my male student population by their parents?

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    • Dear CalGirl: As you know, I am a big fan of yours, and your new comment is a good example why that is: spot on analysis coupled to the right reason for the right action.

      My own experience as an instructor/teacher was first to a 1969-1970 senior HS class in English Literature [Not UK but English language], then far more successfully in Horticulture & related techniques at the technical college level, from the mid-Eighties to recent classes in the early 21st century. What the Hell is the underlying motive and end of all this crapola?

      Granted, there is a SMALL percentage of students & parents for whom this is a burning concern, BUT: from what I’ve seen and read too many students are burned for another’s concerns! When does a person get a break in all this? In FORTY+ years I’ve never had a student come to me w/this as their ‘problem’. NEVER. ONCE. And I was deemed the MOST accessible & understanding of 200+ instructors.

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