Christmas shoppers mowed down – police cite mental illness

ABC NEWS – Melbourne incident: Flinders Street driver had history of drug use, mental illness

Police said the driver was a 32-year-old Australian citizen of Afghan descent, and was known to police, but was not on bail at the time of the incident.

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Islam is a Mental Disorder


23 responses to “Christmas shoppers mowed down – police cite mental illness

  1. So is Communism and all the other centralized political isms.

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  2. What a shame.
    Australia seems to be reverting to it’s rich heritage as an asylum.
    Especially if they want to diagnose every violent thug with some mental disorder.

    That was a gun free zone right?
    It would have been way better if the headline was how this guy got neutralized by an alert armed pedestrian either while he was performing the act or immediately afterwards.
    Give the rest of the reptiles something to ponder.

    We know you cannot stop every one of these creeps, but having adequate laws and enforcing them would be helpful, exactly like President keeps saying.
    Maybe they want to make this turd the new mayor of SF.

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  4. Call it what you want proggies. Won’t change the truth which apparently is too hard to accept.

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  5. Religion of peace strikes again!

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  6. Australia once had a very wise immigration policy, but under the “leadership” of commies, they are now going to jihadi hell, as are their UK and Canadian cousins.

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  7. Just because one is mentally ill does not exclude that it was an act of terrorism. Really. Can we guess what has inspired the mentally ill turd?
    People of European descent can’t expect anyone in their gov is going to try to protect them anymore. And between the mentally ill libtards they pick for the juries and the Marxist Courts they will probably “feel sorry for him” just like they did in Kate Steinles’ case, and all the rape cases in Sweden.

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    • Lana . . . Thank you for the voice of reason regarding this nonsense of expounding that these heinous, murderous, acts are not Jihadi driven, but cases of mental illness. I think that from all we’ve seen of these types of incidents, including the picture that TD has provided of the Jihadi thugs holding the severed head of an innocent cat . I think that we can easily conclude that people who involve themselves in these behaviors are mentally ill, and they are driven to these horrific acts by their Muslim faith. When a religion tells its followers that people who are not of the Muslim faith should be put to death, unless they convert; that in itself drives mentally unstable people to kill and maim at will.

      Since this man is of Afghani descent, and we know that the incident of inbreeding has been rampant for hundreds of years. We can hardly expect that either the men or women from this kind of background are mentally stable, neither are they people of any degree of intelligence due to this factor.

      Would we wish to import someone like Jeffrey Dahmer, or the cult leader Charles Manson . . .I think we can say that’s a resounding “NO.” if you play with fire, often you will get burnt.

      There is no reasonable expectation that countries that make up Western civilization should be importing all these ticking time bombs. This action is being pushed by the New World Order people, they wish to break the backs of the common people in these lands, so that they can subjugate them.

      Unfortunately, our own citizens have been brainwashed by our government controlled schools. Liberalism is rampant, so our jury pools, and judges are tainted, therefore they render verdicts that are unreasonable.

      Australia is another country that needs to wake up, before it is too late! It is shameful that these occurrences are going on, and being passed off as acts of the “mentally ill.” This particular young man needs to be dropped by parachute someone in the wilds of Afghanistan . . . let this turkey fend for himself. Let him do his drugs there, and express his mental illness there, let him kill and main his own kind.

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  8. MENTAL DISORDER is the new meaning of terrorism. No matter where the act is committed authorities are AFRAID to call it by what it really is. An Aussie of Afghan descent is a Muslim as the ones born here and elsewhere. What more do they need to say it is TERRORISM?

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    • They, like the rest of their NWO fellow travelers, don’t want to point to the obvious and give away their game. In places like Germany and Sweden it ha gotten so extreme that, even though women are gang-raped in broad daylight, the “media” refuses to cover the story or name the perpetrators.

      Just imagine your “own” government, that you pay taxes to, etc., refusing to help you after a vicious rape and continuing with their odorous policies of genocide through displacement.


    • DAH! Acts of terrorism are CRAZY and based upon “magical thinking,” which is also crazy (when I do “this”, then “that” will necessarily happen as a consequence….like, if I kill others in my cause…then….’revolution” will ensue in my favor. ) Therefore, these acts perpetrated out of magical thinking and the promotion of terrorism in any form for whatever reason at all….are ALL TERRORISM. Don’t care if you call it a “disorder” or a “personality disorder,” or a mental illness…it ALL ends up at the SAME “intake” psychologist at the Federal incarceration facility.


      • CalGirl, Electroconvulsive Therapy -ETC (electroshock therapy) is proven effective in some cases where mental disorders and drug abuse occur. Individuals respond to treatments as well as medications and supervision. In the case of “these disturbed people” a couple of volts will sure calm them of all their impulses. bzzzz bzzzzz bzzzz.


  9. I suspect finding some one to carry out their red flag events is probably the easy part of these agenda driven staged attacks.

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  10. I’m generally a pretty non-violent sorta guy,but it appears,more and more,to me that the ONLY way to put an end to this behavior by members of the “Religion of Peace” (snark) is to declare an “open season” on ’em. I HATE that though,because it’s relatively sure to lead to a flood of Vigilanteism. My concern is that as people would carry this out,their “focus” fades and the identifying parameters loosen to a point where people who are NOT targets are “close enough”. That’s a historic reality.
    I hope America can find a far better way to stop the spread of Muslims’ murdering ways without sacrificing OUR ways and Liberties.

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    • truck . . . . God Bless you for that offering which is the very sound of reason. One of the problems that often pushes people to resort to vigilantism is that the government has abdicated their responsibility to deal with the perpetrators of these heinous acts. I too hope that “American can find a far better way to stop the spread of Muslims’ murdering ways without sacrificing OUR ways and Liberties.”


  11. The cure for this mental illness would be a double tap.


  12. So that is what they are calling it these days?? Then why didn’t his co-pilot stop him? Was he suffering from a mental disorder also?
    They will rue the day they refused to label it what it is, terrorism.


  13. To me the only real question is, is it another “Gladio” operation or a stray Islamonut. That’s not always easy to determine. The governments use nut jobs for their purposes.


    • lophatt . . . You have struck on a very chilling fact . . . . . :The governments use nut jobs for their purposes.” As much as we want to think that this cannot possibly be so, when you really think about it–you know that just isn’t true.


  14. Glenn47, there was no co-pilot Glenn, as per first reports. The second guy was a bystander taking pics [for promos?] who had knives in his backpack. In OZ we all take our knives out for a daily walk.


  15. Here’s another reaction. This guy is a Shia cleric and he wants these terrorists lynched on the spot. He gets spat on by Sunnis when he walks through their ‘hoods. He is endearing himself to many Aussies but skeptics like me are well aware of Taqiyya and the methods employed by the “moderates”. See what you think…………..


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