Vatican’s Nativity scene is too sexually provocative even for Facebook

The Catholic Church today makes traditional believers despair.

In a video for the pro-abortion and pro-LGBT website, the dean of the Jesuit School of Theology at California’s Santa Clara University, Fr. Kevin O’Brien, dismisses the notion that there is a “war on Christmas”.

O’Brien says (LifeSiteNews):

“I don’t think Jesus would care much about whether we say Merry Christmas or not. It should not be about litmus tests, about whether I say ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Merry Christmas.’ To me, that’s an easy way out to prove your Christianity. We have to be careful about the language we use in a pluralistic society like ourselves, because in it we encounter people of different faith traditions” to whom we should listen and respect, as Pope Francis instructed. 

A fish rots from the head down.

More distressing than a Jesuit theology school dean airily dismissing the reality of a war on Christmas is a social justice Nativity display at the Vatican, which is deemed too “sexually provocative” even for Facebook.

Notice anything about the Vatican exhibit that isn’t found in traditional Nativity scenes?

Here’s a close-up of what Facebook deems to be too “sexually provocative” — a naked man supposedly being offered clothing by a charitable pilgrim.

Facebook rejected an ad featuring the image of the Nativity scene with the following justification: “Your ad can’t include images that are sexually suggestive or provocative.”

But Pope Francis says the manger scene, the work of Antonio Cantone, is a depiction of the corporal works of mercy — those of feeding the hungry, visiting the sick and imprisoned, burying the dead and clothing the naked, which is where naked guy comes in:

“This year’s Nativity scene, executed in the typical style of Neapolitan art, is inspired by the works of mercy. They remind us that the Lord has told us: ‘Whatever you wish men to do to you, you also do to them’ (Mt 7.12). The crib is the suggestive place where we contemplate Jesus who, taking upon himself the miseries of man, invites us to do likewise, through acts of mercy.”

Blah, blah, blah.

Many on social media are not fooled by the “works of mercy” crapola. They note the vague (or not so vague) homo-eroticism of naked guy’s languid pose, and point out that naked guy is more prominent than what should be the focus of a Nativity scene — baby Jesus. (Source: Breitbart)

Indeed, I am hard pressed to even find baby Jesus in the scene. Can you?

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34 responses to “Vatican’s Nativity scene is too sexually provocative even for Facebook

  1. Pope Frankie is really doing himself proud with this absurd display.

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  2. The democraps should run him for president

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  3. Even if “naked guy” was not shown in the picture . . . I have little doubt that “Facebook” would find it acceptable for their site. In fact I would have been flabbergasted if they had let it remain up. Anything they can do to stomp on Christians or Conservatives, they’ll put their heavy boots on before they start the stompin’

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    • You know Auntie, the same thing went through my head -they had to have some excuse I bet we could find instances of nastier things than the “naked guy” on Facebook. On the other hand, with their attitude towards Christians they should love the blasphemous content and be thrilled with the chance to disrespect Christ.
      I read in another article on this subject that they are planning on putting baby Jesus there on Christmas, but I imagine he will still be overshadowed by the in your face naked gay man, and clearly that is what the designers and makers of the scene intended as discussed in the more in depth article at this link.

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  4. Of course this would happen in California.

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  5. Doesn’t look like the Nativity scene to me.

    And screw Facebook!

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  7. “We have to be careful about the language we use in a pluralistic society like ourselves, because in it we encounter people of different faith traditions” to whom we should listen and respect, as Pope Francis instructed. ”
    And do those same “people of different faith traditions” ever lift a finger to respect OURS?

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  8. This is really appalling, I’ve never seen anything like it, Personally I’m glad facebook rejected it. What is happening to the church, get rid of this pope

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  9. Hey yo dawg,
    Where’s Jesus?
    This ain’t workin at all for me dawg

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  10. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    After viewing this – the vote is – IT NEEDS A RE-DO. After viewing the Sistine Chapel works of art – the Vatican can do better than this.

    I know ugly art form when I see it.

    And to the fellow who is speaking with a forked tongue and is lecturing us about Merry Christmas – he needs to do a little more “soul” searching. In America with all of our cultures – who want us to incorporate their values instead of ours – buzz off.

    The weakest link is evident here.


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  11. Sexually provocative, for whom, gay men?
    Zuckerberg does not believe in Christmas anyway.

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  12. they call that a nativity scene! ridiculous!
    what’s on display does nothing to represent the historical factuality or holiness of our Lord and Savior at his time of birth over 2000 years ago…just the opposite actually

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  13. Yeah, I have to think he’s being “over the top” on purpose. Surely he has better taste. I can’t imagine Ratzinger allowing this. Day after day it looks more and more like Fr. Martin was right.

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  14. I’ve never scene a nativity display like this in my entire life!

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  15. O’Brien’s an idiot. Not too long ago we had another visiting priest, a Jesuit. He preached a wonderful homily on never being afraid to declare yourself a Christian and the power of Baptism. His overall message was, “it’s OK to be civil to people of other faiths, but ONLY Christians have ‘The Lamb of God’ and the one true way. Therefore, don’t ever equivocate with someone of another religion. Pray for their conversion.

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  16. I’m completely distracted from the Nativity by Naked Man…not just his utterly inappropriate, in-your-face complete nudity (couldn’t he find a scrap to cover his shame?), but the fact that not the slightest effort was made to depict him as poor, downtrodden, ill, needy, dirty, etc. And such a superb, healthy specimen of manhood, too, with a physique to make a Greek sculptor weep…what, did he lose his job as a stonemason? Did the wind blow his clothes off?

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  17. P.S.: Somebody please cover him up.

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  18. OHFORGODSAKE……..POPE and all…… we HAVE to have a Global “Politically Correct” depiction of the BIRTHING of CHRIST……or ANY OTHER CHILD, for that matter? As one who has given birth—all you YAHOOS get out of my face. It is a sacred moment between mother, child, and God……the first breath of life after a journey of formation/shared space between mother and child…..I don’t want the needy and the LGBT-whatever community, the depressed, the mentally ill , the WHATEVER YOUR SPECIAL IDENTITY IS….to be prostituted in the manger. I JUST WANT IT TO BE WHAT IT WAS……the birth of a divine baby who brings to the WORLD the hope of a better real and spiritual future.

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  19. Any and all Nativity paintings have the little baby on the manger covered. Why ruin the Spirit of Christmas with nakedness to depict the corporal works of mercy? Pope Frankie can GO TO HELL, for all I care!

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  20. At one time I attended Bible college, as I believe I mentioned. I also studied very hard, before I finally decided to go there, for several years. I ended up on occasions finding myself in some trouble with certain people due to my take on a literal reading of the scriptures. When I read that the Bible said one thing and a church did the opposite, then I considered that church to be a cult. One of the biggest cults that I identified out there was also one of the biggest churches there. I am speaking, of course, of the Catholic church, so you can see where I got into trouble. I was in a fundamental Baptist church at the time, and they didn’t like me taking that stance, either, by the way. But if you classify a cult as a church that takes the word of God and ignores it then you start to line up some of the ideas of the Bible and compare what the Catholic church teaches, you can see why I came to the conclusion that the Catholic church was a cult. But it was not considered polite to say such things. Myself, being naive and not being brought up in the church, although having been saved at a young age, I didn’t really care about being polite, only with being true to the word of God. When I went to Bible college, thinking I was going to be a Pastor, I learned that Bible college is a place where you can not only learn much, but where you can also become carnal, if that is what you desire. You see, many parents of churched children say, I will pay for you to go to college, buy you are going to a Christian college. And so, you get kids there who have no desire to go to Christian college, of both sexes, and they are just as wild there as if they went to a pagan school. But when they graduate, they will have a degree from a Christian college, along with STD’s and more sexual partners than some prostitutes. The entire holiday of Christmas has always been a little bit of a downer to me. I don’t really know why, but I think it has mostly to do with the entire commercialism of the whole thing. Because I love Easter. The entire idea of the symbolism, the death, yes, but also the rebirth, that is symbolized with the coming of spring. My first wife, and my present wife have both always given presents to our children as easter gifts in celebration of the rebirth of Jesus. I know, I am rambling once again, but forgive me, I am not a professional writer, but simply a retired foundry worker. Anyway, may all of you be blessed at this Christmas time of year, and draw close to your families, and remember the most important things. God bless each and every one of you.

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    • I understand your missive far more than you know, pigpen, as I attended a conservative college/university in the heart of Virginia, who shared classes with a Mennonite University and another Protestant church-based college/university nearby……..and some students ended up following the “carnal way” that you described…much to my surprise…b/c I’d chosen my place of higher education based upon conservative standards for my own choice/way, and was readily accepted—so, naively, I thought everyone in my same cohort would believe and act similarly. Not so…..but still…..I believe that I engineered myself into at least a most conservative placement for my day and the politics surrounding my higher ed. days….I totally understood at the time the liberal pressures (drugs, political fads, social culture at the time….”liberated” sexual activity and “understandings” ) were at play. I just wanted to pay for/get my higher ed. at a place where all these pressures were held at bay……. or, at least….spared ME, due to my conservative bent——-DO NOT think it could or would happen today at my same institution over 30 years later…….


  21. I couldn’t agree more with what’s been said against that display–I was almost afraid to look too closely at it, not knowing what might actually be going on there! But, if the idea is to present to the world the things Christ taught us about helping the poor, visiting the sick and those in prisons, etc., then I think Easter might be a better time during which to teach everyone those things through a display like that–or, rather, through a far better depiction of those teachings by the Lord. And, yes, please cover that naked guy up more than he already is–what an awful way to portray the Nativity!

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  22. What place does a corpse, and some bizarre star with a long wavey point upwards have in the scene? The star is a 7 pointed (septagram/heptagram/”fairy star” not sure if this was meant to coincide with the “fairy” jargon for homosexualism or not, but it is used in the “faery tradition” of the cult of wicca.) one at that, a symbol used by the baha’i cult, as well as the “otherkin” subculture cult, and at least two sects of “wicca” (“blue star wicca, specifically, in addition to “faery tradition”. Also it has kabala/gnostic & satanic symbolism as well, ala crowley’s “star/seal of babalon”, himself picking it up from the kabala use, perhaps.) See here:

    Also one wonders if this is going to become more controversial when they unveil “baby jesus” there, (Why do they have him wrapped up and hidden, and also why is it those cherub… parts… look absolutely terrified?) are they going to make him “black” perhaps, or something else?

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  24. jumping jehosophat

    “December 20, 2017 ( – Eyebrows are being raised following the announcement that a Vatican official with strong ties to LGBT activists has hired an openly homosexualist digital marketing company to design and manage the Holy See’s new internet news service.” Contract was no bid.
    What you’re seeing in the Nativity scene is the competing figure of an gay ideal of beauty, something to rival and compete with the body of Christ.
    Get used to more of this with the new gay communication system tweeks coming soon at your local parish.
    Is the Pope Catholic????

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  25. jumping jehosophat

    Of course the Nativity scene is homoerotic, look at who put it on:

    “Inquiries by LifeSiteNews have revealed that the Abbey of Montevergine, which donated the innovative ‘Nativity of Mercy,’ houses the Marian image that has been adopted as patroness by LGBT activists in Italy. The abbey shrine is the annual destination of a sort of sacred and profane “ancestral gay pride” pilgrimage which, according to one LGBT activist, in recent years has gained the “active, political participation of the LGBT community.”

    ““The presence of the Vatican Nativity Scene for us is a reason to be even happier this year,” Antonello Sannini, president of homosexual activist group Arcigay Naples, told LifeSiteNews on Tuesday. “For the homosexual and transsexual community in Naples, it is an important symbol of inclusion and integration.”

    ““This horrendous exhibit, a sacrilegious, highly deceitful and malevolent attempt to turn the holy innocence of the manger in St. Peter’s Square into a lobbying tool for the homosexual rights movement, is just the latest fiendish act, but one that’s symptomatic of this entire pontificate,” one source close to the Vatican told LifeSiteNews.

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  26. jumping jehosophat

    Gay friendly news will be the norm coming out of the Vatican:

    “December 20, 2017 ( – Eyebrows are being raised following the announcement that a Vatican official with strong ties to LGBT activists has hired an openly homosexualist digital marketing company to design and manage the Holy See’s new internet news service.”
    This was a no bid contract.

    Is the Pope Catholic????

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