NFL, Morehouse College co-host “social justice” workshop

Colin Kaepernick

Oh, the personal “sacrifice” of the warrior Kaepernick…

No doubt listing that workshop on your resume will certainly impress potential employers.

From Fox News: The National Football League is partnering with Morehouse College for a three-day social justice workshop in February inspired by Colin Kaepernick’s activism.

“The Advocacy in Sport Workshop is a direct extension of Colin Kaepernick’s activism,” Interim President of Morehouse College Harold Martin Jr. wrote in a letter. “We recognize and applaud Mr. Kaepernick’s efforts and personal sacrifice. His work…inspired this very tangible discussion and training.”

The workshop in Atlanta, Ga. “will engage professional athletes around issues of social justice and other advocacy agendas emphasizing how to effectively launch platforms that rally community support and national attention.”

The announcement comes after the NFL pledged to donate $89 million to social justice causes over the next seven years, a commitment that came after Kaepernick and other NFL players kneeled during the national anthem to protest police brutality and other perceived racial injustices.

“This historic workshop is aimed at training the next generation of athletes who wish to use sport as a powerful platform for advocacy,” said Troy Vincent, NFL executive vice president of football operations in an NFL press release. “Our partnership is designed to equip athletes as influencers and community leaders with the mechanics to develop their advocacy platform.”

Dr. David Wall Rice, associate professor of psychology at Morehouse, designed the curriculum for the workshop through his Identity, Art and Democracy Laboratory. Students selected to participate in the workshop will also take his winter term course Psychology, Sport and Social Justice.

Rice tweeted his thanks to Kaepernick for the event: “Looking forward to this crucial work. Thank you @Keapernick7 @RISEtoWIN @nfl @Morehouse for the activism that got us here…”

“Linking with the NFL and their players in pushing forward social justice agendas that mirror present and past activist foundations of Morehouse College is important work,” said Martin Jr. “We take our relationship here and the trust that many of the players have already communicated to Dr. Rice seriously, and we know that the work we do in February and beyond has the capacity to impact lives.”

Kaepernick drew praise but also outrage for refusing to stand during the national anthem. Some accused him of lacking patriotism and disrespecting the American flag. He has not been signed by another team since his protest.

While the university referred to Martin’s letter, Benson said “the workshop will not support or promote kneeling during the national anthem.”


10 responses to “NFL, Morehouse College co-host “social justice” workshop

  1. While we were sleeping, commies took control of the NFL.

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  2. It makes me laugh when people think that just because a person have a mansion and is making good money that they are not being oppress. Just remember for blacks to be in major league sports it was a fight. So now these first class athletes they are showing that they are more then just coons entertaining and grinning. The NFL making billions on their sweat is now being obligated to do something for the better good….


  3. “The NFL making billions on their sweat is now being obligated to do something for the better good”
    Not sure what you mean here True. No one disputes the unfairness of days past concerning Blacks. However it is now 50 years plus of these folks being given every leg up in the name of equality, and yet we are still being bludgeoned with guilt – this is not for the better good, it is to guilt Whitey.
    Here is disingenuous example:

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    • Thanks for the link. I gather Adam Donyes started and runs a vaguely Christian-themed ministry racket that will have thousands of those Ben Franklins being redeemed by Adam now that he’s gotten the free exposure he was after. His practiced Ted Talk style says a lot more than his words about just what a dangerous manipulator this guy is.

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    • We are indeed being divided for the gov’t and other interest groups to divide us…

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  4. Because of all the disrespect they have inflicted upon this country I will never go back and watch them again. Too much blood is on our flag and taking a knee is unacceptable in my book. Boycott till they do not exist.

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  5. The only restrain looser Kaepernick has ever known is everytime he uses da toile!

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  6. Lets adopt water polo, field hockey, soccer, anything but Obama’s thugs and the NFL. This game belongs being played by prison inmates, in fact it is.


  7. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Hi, my name is kommonsentsjane, and Kaepernick and the NFL is full of BS.

    I wasn’t adopted – I had a real mother. I was given a life every child deserves. My brothers and sisters worked hard to achieve the life we had.

    I stand for the National Anthem because this country has afforded me – with hard work – a life I could not have achieved elsewhere.

    Racial injustice and oppression is a figment of Kaepernick’s imagination because of his standing in the community. What does it matter that you converted to Islam and support BLM? You sound like the story of MASTER PO PING.

    Po Ping is shown to have had a traumatic childhood, having been separated from his biological father, Li Shan, during a giant panda genocide committed by Lord Shen. This lord wanted to avert the prophecy about his tyranny being stopped by a “warrior of black and white”, and he killed Po’s mother while she was saving her son. This is why, at first, he seemed unable to achieve inner peace. However, after being told by the Soothsayer that it isn’t the past that shapes the person, he realizes he has led a happy and fulfilling life, despite his tragic upbringing.

    Po is often flustered and clumsy, but generally laid back and easy going. He has shown that he dislikes himself for his weight. This is shown when he splits into good and bad Po, where good Po says that he thinks he is slightly chubby. While he seems childish, overenthusiastic, and mildly dim-witted at times, he has a deep appreciation of the martial arts in all its aspects and can genuinely be a brave, intelligent panda. As a result, Po is a formidable warrior who is not only capable of teaching the discipline’s philosophical and physical elements, but is also able to learn traditional techniques quickly with the right instruction while developing powerful innovations.

    So, the moral to the story is:

    It isn’t the past that shapes the person, he realizes he has led a happy and fulfilling life, despite his upbringing – not having black parents is the burr in this man’s butt.



  8. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    I have my own workshop! “How not to be a hypocritical asshat!” But since he is now a Muslim he’s oppressed no matter what.

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