Town hall in Italy removed Christmas tree to not offend Muslims

Like Sweden and other countries in West Europe, Italy is totally cucked.

The town hall of Bolzano, the capital city of the province of South Tyrol in northern Italy, had a Christmas tree removed so as not to hurt the feelings of Muslims.

Rachele Nenzi reports for Il Giornale that on the evening of December 16, 2017, the National Union of Sports Veterans (Unione Nazionale Veterani dello Sport or UNVS) held an athlete-of-the-year award ceremony in Bolzano’s town hall. The ceremony was hosted by Matteo Salvini, leader of Lega Nord, the Northern League political party.

After the ceremony ended, UNVS put everything in place and returned the room as they found it, except for some Christmas decorations and a cardboard Christmas tree.

The next morning, UNVS president Alberto Ferrini was awaken by a phone call from the office of the town hall asking him “to remove that tree because at noon that day there would be a meeting of a Muslim association in the hall, and the Christmas tree could offend the sensibilities of those present.”

Reader Chrysostom puts it best:

But it’s okay to offend us Christians. It means they do not fear us, maybe because we are not armed?

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19 responses to “Town hall in Italy removed Christmas tree to not offend Muslims

  1. Political Correctness strikes yet again. Time to stop appeasing the Muslims and Liberals.

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  2. This town should be more worried about offending JESUS and His followers than Moslems !!

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  3. All the smart Italians are here already.

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  5. Think if I go to Iran they’ll not issue the calls to prayer in order to not offend me?

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  7. So much for assimilation…

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    • DGG— more than a decade ago I paid for (dearly) & attended a scam Califonia “university” in order to “EARN” a teaching credential that I’d already earned in another (Eastern) state…….but then, this is the way CA decided they could “protect” jobs for their own (limitedly) CA-educated teaching prospects. The point is this……

      We were continually “educated” in this scam CA credentialing institution that the USA was NOT A MELTING POT….but was a “TOSSED SALAD.” That, as such…we never had to give up an international identity in order to be an” American,” but that, we were all separate internatioinal identities who were just “rubbing up against each other” in a “salad.” So, in other words….no need to “adopt” any of the ways/language/aims/and so on, of the new country into which your were given refuge…the USA.

      It was BS then…..amplified in the Obama years….and is STILL total bunk today. For sure…156-bazillion people from that MANY countries can immigrate here to the USA…but that does NOT make us a country of 156-bazillion different legal definitions as a country….our laws, our Constitution, still define us as ONE people, no matter WHAT. There are NO “special” carve-outs” to this…and the only “special people” are those who are US citizens… one way or another…who are LEGALLY allowed to vote That is what drives me CRAZY about the late ‘immigration” and “DACHA” stuff. I understand the humanity and common sense of it all….but I still do not want to surrender my ONE GUARANTEED RIGHT OF MY US CITIZENSHIP—esp as a woman who could not take this for granted in former years…..TO THE BANALITY OF “COME ONE, COME ALL……NO MATTER…..”

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      • “..we were all separate internatioinal identities who were just “rubbing up against each other”

        That’s a phrase many men from a certain background would agree with 😝

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      • CalGirl-You’re absolutely right. Just look at ANY segment of society where the different Nationalities are not required to adopt the language,behavior or beliefs of the host Country. It doesn’t take long for fights to start JUST like they did with neighboring Countries with radically different beliefs. The HOST Country for these different people doesn’t have a “tossed salad”-it has but a small version of the Countries who have people here,hate crimes,wars and violent interactions included. The “Tossed Salad” theory converts to just another social experiment gone horribly wrong.


  8. Kevin J Lankford

    Removing the muslims would be the more prudent. To tolerate, or as lberals prefer to say, “to be inclusive” of any thing other than the gospel of Jesus Christ and his death, burial, and resurrection, is to be antichrist.

    John 14:6;………….no man cometh unto the father, but by me.

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    • Kevin . . . It is unbelievable that so much of modern societies are more than willing to “show that they are ashamed of Jesus Christ.” What kind of a testimony is recorded in Heaven due to these ill advised actions. By and by their countries will be overrun by blood thirsty Muslims who only believe in Allah. By their own teachings, they should not suffer that anyone of any other faith should be left alive! How is this such a difficult precept to believe in? These people are well and truly crazy. Isn’t it one thing to surrender yourself to something as evil as what is taught to modern Muslims, but why would they think they have the right to throw away the peace and safety of their children?

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  9. Jumping Jehoshaphat

    You don’t have to look too far from home to find the same thing:

    A fifth grader in Junction City, OR started singing Jingle Bells on the bus and the other kids joined in until the bus monitor told them they had to stop as it could offend people who don’t celebrate Christmas!
    If the Christians in Junction City,OR don’t carol (on loudspeaker!) the school board members as a rebuke, then it’s on them if their religion becomes eclipsed. Push back, don’t sit back.

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  10. Looks like the Muslims don’t need an Army to conquer Europe…..

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    • True George . . . . Wow! That really is a most profound statement. It’s like they just bow down to have their heads chopped off. For onlookers, it is the most pitiful sight to see.

      I noticed in the news that a gentleman who is from the Netherlands, (I can’t seem to recall his name, but he has been fighting for some time now against the invasion of Muslims) has proposed that his country adopt the same ban as Trump has initiated against six Muslim countries. Perhaps if he can make some headway with that, other countries might attempt to follow. We can only hope.

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