Ninth Circuit Court judge steps down after accusations of sexual misconduct

alex kozinski

Former Judge Alex Kozinski

The judge knows that you are innocent until proven guilty. Must be serious if he is not going to fight these accusations to protect his reputation.

Read about some of the judge’s most notable cases here.

From Fox News: A prominent U.S. appeals court judge announced his retirement Monday days after women alleged he subjected them to inappropriate sexual conduct or comments.

Judge Alex Kozinski (nominated by Reagan) of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in a statement that a battle over the accusations would not be good for the judiciary. He said he’ll step down, effective immediately.

The Washington Post reported last week that at least 15 women made allegations against Kozinski that go back decades. The allegations include inappropriate touching and lewd comments.

Kozinski said while speaking in a “candid way” with male and female law clerks, “I may not have been mindful enough of the special challenges and pressures that women face in the workplace,” the statement said. “It grieves me to learn that I caused any of my clerks to feel uncomfortable; this was never my intent.  For this I sincerely apologize.”

Leah Litman, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine, told the Post that the judge talked about having just had sex and pinched her side and leg at a restaurant the night before they appeared together on a panel at her school in July.

Christine Miller, a retired U.S. Court of Federal Claims judge, said Kozinski grabbed her breasts during a car ride in 1986 after a legal community function in the Baltimore area. She said it came after she declined his offer to go to a motel and have sex.

A lawyer who was not identified said Kozinski approached her when she was alone at a legal event in Los Angeles in 2008 and kissed her on the lips and gave her a bear hug with no warning. The newspaper said the woman’s husband confirmed the incident and said the couple didn’t think they could do anything because of the judge’s position.

The Post reported last week that six former clerks or more junior staff members accused Kozinski of inappropriate behavior, including showing them pornography.

Kozinski, 67, was chief judge of the 9th Circuit, the largest federal appeals court circuit in the country, from 2007 to 2014. He is known for his irreverent opinions, and his clerks often win prestigious clerkships at the U.S. Supreme Court.

The 9th Circuit has opened a misconduct inquiry that was transferred Friday to the Judicial Council of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York.

Kozinski’s retirement leaves five seats open on the 9th Circuit, with two more judges already having announced their intention to retire next year. That gives President Donald Trump potentially seven seats to fill on the largest and most liberal appeals court in the country. Even if all those judgeships are filled, however, Democratic appointees still will maintain a healthy majority on the court with 17 of the 29 seats.


15 responses to “Ninth Circuit Court judge steps down after accusations of sexual misconduct

  1. “Kozinski’s retirement leaves five seats open on the 9th Circuit, with two more judges already having announced their intention to retire next year. That gives President Donald Trump potentially seven seats to fill on the largest and most liberal appeals court in the country. Even if all those judgeships are filled, however, Democratic appointees still will maintain a healthy majority on the court with 17 of the 29 seats.”

    That means there were 24 liberals among the 29 judges! No wonder 9th Circuit Court’s rulings are so over-the-top leftist.

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  2. Since this article is about judges, I would like to say I am very happy that Judge Moore is getting a recount in Alabama. I have been praying so hard about this, and I will continue to pray for justice and truth in this election.

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    • Maryaha . . . I’m with you on that sentiment. I think there is every reason to think that the results of that election were not the true mind and will of those who were, by statute, allowed to vote in that election. Everyone should be prayerful over this travesty.

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  3. Aha, retiring? The easy way out to avoid being dishonorable booted out. By retiring he already signed, sealed and delivered his guilt. Dismiss, You Honor, woooohoooo!!!

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  4. I cannot even imagine the life of privilege this man has had. He sounds like he is pretty playful, and oblivious to how to behave appropriately.
    How about the nominee screwing up during confirmation for a DC court seat?

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  5. Despite the judge’s extraordinarily poor judgment and incredibly bad taste in women, he deserves the vilification. What was this slug posing as a jurist thinking? As leftists those women are mentally unstable by definition and almost tautologically so. This is no anomaly, as we’re learning, since in an utterly corrupt political system only moral scum need apply. And but for mere chance we would probably have had Carlos Danger as VP if H had gotten elected.

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    • Dan . . . It is interesting to note . . . “He is known for his irreverent opinions, and his clerks often win prestigious clerkships at the US Supreme Court.” I should imagine that among the women who are currently in his office, the fact that they came forward may well dampen any other judges from seeking them to fill clerkships. I have been sexually harassed on the job . . . and guess what, I just kept my mouth shut. I did not desire to go to management to discuss the behavior of a fellow employee. I can say, that whole experience did not hurt me in the least. I think that that the plethora of women claiming, “I’ve been harassed” does more harm than good. We see that a good percentage of the women who are making claims of harassment, do not wish their real name to be divulged, or they don’t want to submit under discovery rights, the actual documents that may well prove, or disprove the legitimacy of the claim. Other’s are just down right preposterous . . . such as the woman who appeared in the Miss America pageant, and who said “He would come back into the dressing rooms, and “there I was C-O-M-P-L-E-T-L-Y naked . . . under my bathrobe.” I can say in all honesty, as I sit here today, I am also completely naked under the clothing I have on. When they intimate that these occurrences have absolutely ruined their lives; their lives were forever changed by whatever the occurrence was, and they have suffered untold agony. This kind of BS damages other women who have a legitimate claim of harm, such as rape. I agree that it is probably better that he went down the road, but I find that I am growing weary of everyday there is another, and another, and another man being charged with harassment. Why did all these women not have the fortitude to come forth and make their claims much earlier.

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  6. OMG
    So I guess a doctor with cancer can still treat patients and cure them, but if my daughter has to go up against a judge like this guy in her divorce, what chance does she have?

    This judge and my daughter’s useless cheating, lying husband work out of the same playbook and play by the same rules.

    What kind of moral compass does a misogynist pig use when “judging” other misogynist pigs?
    I guess it has something to do with if they belong to the same country club or secret society. That elitist crap we’re all so tired of.
    Maybe we should be allowed to interview several judges and pick one who is not a pigfu*ker like this dude.

    He looks like a nut. Like that guy who played Willy Wonka.

    Is “misogynist” too harsh? No it understates his betrayal of We The People’s trust.

    How do you rate their level of degeneracy? Does he judge a murderer by the age size and weight of the persons killed?

    It’s tough dealing with allegations, but when the guy cuts and runs, what are you supposed to think?

    At least Judge Moore spit in their eye, and had a track record of fighting for what is right.

    I think, since morality and degeneracy are dealt with courts of law, then the mental disorders that guys like this must be suffering with should be factored in before they can put on a robe, like a person needs to pass a screening to obtain a gun.
    This guy should have skipped being a Judge and just been a Democratic politician.

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  7. Jumping Jehoshaphat

    This guy has been on the radar since 2008 :

    ” federal appeals court judge under scrutiny for sexually explicit videos and photos posted on a personal Web site” “cache of material came to light while the judge was presiding in the criminal case against a porn movie distributor” “included a photo of naked women on all fours painted to look like cows, and a video of a man being pursued by a sexually aroused donkey. The Times said the site included images of masturbation, and a slide show featuring a striptease with a transsexual.”
    He survived the ethics investigation, then.

    One of the bloggers in 2008 who was able to view the file posted in the article by Patterico stated:
    “Wow. The Misses is defending her psycho husband and her demented son — I don’t think a picture of a guy dressed as a priest with a CHILD giving him oral sex is “acceptable humor”. How is that funny? How is it acceptable, even in the disgusting slime capital of San Francisco? His wife thinks this is cute? There are thousands of victims of pedophiles who will fail to see the humor, and the overwhelming majority of US citizens will be disgusted that a JUDGE,his liberal wife and his creepy son think this makes for family fun”


  8. maybe I’m the only one who thinks this (I haven’t heard this argument yet), but all these well heeled people resigning due to ‘allegations’ (and I’m not denying them), of sexual misconduct – no substantial counterfight and suddenly after a slew of federal sealed indictments issued – these people are GUILTY of much more than ‘harrassing’ the opposite sex – (think about the DEGREE and actual pervasiveness of the allegations – 30% of the male population easy – number out of my hat of course) I believe (due to collective circumstantial evidence) we’re all being lied to by the MSM and Law Enforcement about their TRUE crime. Wouldn’t it fit their MO if law enforcement officials allowed these CRIMINALS to get a (publicity) plea deal so as to SAVE the FACE of the INSTITUTIONS they represent! Seriously, IF the FBI or other agency had in hand, incontrovertible video evidence – perhaps sourced from weiner laptop or DWS’s or Awans’ (so much so that 30+ left dem’s left Franken hanging) of these well heeled people in severely compromised positions (I won’t speculate what but you could probably guess), isn’t this how they would execute justice behind the scenes without demolishing the institutional paragons of our culture? THIS STINKS and WE ARE BEING LIED TO as to the true nature and scope of the CRIMES ! Someone’s being appeased but it isn’t the dignity of the public.

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  9. Hmmmm….happening in Mexifornia as we speak. Who Knew? (she said, tongue in cheek.) Nothing that happens in “Mexifornia” these days is GOOD for the US Constitution OR the US “justice system” at large on any level … OR….hey you all…..please take a look at the social-justice heirarchy of the “Hispanic culture” of any and every level of “justice” in the SouthWest …. heavily-based on the ‘male-as-head-of -household; or, the little boy is blameless, it is everyone else’s fault; or, “women have no voice,” and myriad other insults to humanity as we THINK we know it in the good old USA. Coming to you in a voting booth SOON.

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    • CalGirl . . . . You have really hit on something. I have made particular note of the fact that here in Oregon, you often see young Hispanic boys acting up at the grocery store, or library–yet their mother’s do nothing to correct their behavior. It is such a marked behavior, that when I am in a store and I hear a uproar, although I cannot see it, I usually assume that those who are involved are Hispanic. Then when I get to where I can see the perpetrator . . . . Yup! I was right. One day I saw a Hispanic mother with her teenage son. He was probably 16-17 years old. He looked like a pretty healthy, sturdy young man . . . yet the mother was walking out of the store trying to balance two bags of groceries, and this young man had nothing in his hands. Even the woman and girls are trained to acquiesce to the importance of the males in that society. I thought when I saw this that that young man should have been kicked in the butt, for such outrageous behavior. This kind of attitude does not make our society a better place. It is highly prejudicial of females, and it trains them to be subservient.

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  10. Seems the swamp is deep as it is wide how long before we purge out system of the slithering snakes we have sitting in places of authority.

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  11. “Even if all those judgeships are filled, however, Democratic appointees still will maintain a healthy majority …”

    Well, that’s a start. Hope there’ll be more. The courts need to be cleaned out and disinfected of vermin.

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