Liberal harridan triggered by Confederate flag

Harridan (definition): A scolding, vicious woman.

A liberal harridan went into a full meltdown over a Confederate-flag rug on the wall of a discount grocery store in Portland, Oregon.

She confronts the store manager, demanding to know why “You don’t care about having hate flags on your wall!”. She then scolds him, calling the Confederate flag “a symbol of slavery, raping and lynching of black people,” no different than the Nazi swastika.

A checker gives her the finger. LOL

The harridan then identifies the address of the business, telling everyone to boycott the store.

I tracked down the store:

Everyday Deals Extreme Discount Liquidators
622 SE 146th Ave.
Portland, OR 97233
Ph: (503) 477-8031

After the snowflake posted her video online, supporters of the store wrote these comments on Foursquare:

“I’d just like to show my support for this store, after I watched a video of an idiot complaining about the Conferate flag! Way to go, guys! Long live Everyday Deals Extreme!”

“Please don’t penalize ur employees cuz of a crazy lady & protestors. My friends & I enjoy everything in ur store. Ur employees did everything they could 2 get that crazy lady out.”

Grocery stores already operate on a very slim margin of profit, even more so for discount grocery stores. If you live in or near Portland, OR, please support Everyday Deals Extreme Discount Liquidators by giving them your business!

H/t FOTM‘s japoa


58 responses to “Liberal harridan triggered by Confederate flag

  1. This female (no lady) is totally ignorant of history and she just told the world what an ignoramus she is.

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    • What part of the history is she ignorant about? The confederate states seceded specifically to preserve slavery. She’s right … the flag is a racist symbol.


      • Jeff, you don’t know history. Do your research from historical reputable sources.

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        • I’ve spent over 35 years studying Civil War history. Read the secession declarations and secession convention speeches. The southern states were very blunt about the primary cause of secession … to preserve the institution of slavery.


      • “Specifically?”

        There’s plenty more to it than that. Much more than what government education teaches the masses.

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        • South Carolina, Mississippi, and Georgia all sent commisioners to the Virginia Secession Convention to try to convince Virginia to join the Confederacy. All cited the preservation of slavery as their state’s primary cause of secession.
          From Georgia commissioner Henry Benning’s speech at the Virginia Convention:
          “I have been appointed by the Convention of the State of Georgia, to present to this Convention, the ordinance of secession of Georgia, and further, to invite Virginia, through this Convention ‘ to join Georgia and the other seceded States in the formation of a Southern Confederacy. This, sir, is the whole extent of my mission. 1 have no power to make promises, none to receive promises; no power to bind at all in any respect. But still, sir, it has seemed to me that a proper respect for this Convention requires that I should with some fulness and particularity, exhibit before the Convention the reasons which have induced Georgia to take that important step of secession, and then to lay before the Convention some facts and considerations in favor of the acceptance of the invitation by Virginia. With your permission then, sit, I will pursue this course.

          What was the reason that induced Georgia to take the step of secession? This reason may be summed up in one single proposition. It was a conviction, a deep conviction on the part of Georgia, that a separation from the North-was the only thing that could prevent the abolition of her slavery. This conviction, sir, was the main cause. It is true, sir, that the effect of this conviction was strengthened by a further conviction that such a separation would be the best remedy for the fugitive slave evil, and also the best, if not the only remedy, for the territorial evil. But, doubtless, if it had not been for the first conviction this step would never have been taken.”


          • From the speech of John Preston, South Carolina commissioner, to the Virginia Secession Convention:
            “This, gentlemen, brings me directly to the causes which I desire to lay before you. For fully thirty years or more, the people of the Northern States have assailed the institution of African slavery. They have assailed African slavery in every form in which, by our contiguity of territory and our political alliance with them, they have been permitted to approach it.

            During that period of thirty years, large masses of their people have associated themselves together for the purpose of abolishing the institution of African slavery, and means, the most fearful were suggested to the subject race-rising and murdering their masters being the charities of those means. In pursuance of this idea, their representatives in the federal government have endeavored by all the means that they could bring to bear, so to shape the legislation as almost to limit, to restrict, to restrain the slaveholding States from any political interest in the accretion of the government. So that as my distinguished colleague [judge Benning], stated to you on yesterday, the decree goes forth that there are to be no more slave States admitted into the Union.

            Secondly, then, in pursuance of the same purpose that I have indicated, a large majority of the States of the Confederation have refused to carry out those provisions of the Constitution which are absolutely necessary to the existence of the slave States, and many of them have stringent laws to prevent the execution of those provisions; and eight of these States have made it criminal, even in their citizens to execute these provisions of the Constitution of the United States, which, by the progress of the government, have become now necessary to the protection of an industry which furnishes to the commerce of the Republic $250,000,000 per annum, and on which the very existence of twelve millions of people depends. In not one of these seventeen States can a citizen of one of the fifteen States claim his main property, and in many of them the persons of the citizens of these States have been violated, and in numerous cases the violence has resulted in murder.

            Third. The citizens of not less than five of our confederates of the North have invaded the territory of their confederates of the slaveholding States, and proclaimed the intention of abolishing slavery by the annihilation of the slaveholders; and two of these States have refused to surrender the convicted felons to the demand of the invaded States; and one of these-one of the most influential-one, perhaps, recognized as the representative of what is called American sentiment and civilization, has, in its highest solemn form, approved of that invasion; and numbers of people, scattered throughout the whole extent of these seventeen States, have made votive offerings to the memory of the invaders.

            Fourth. The most populous, and by far, the most potent of our late confederates, has for years proclaimed, through the federal legislature and by her own sovereign act, that the conflict between slavery and non-slavery is a conflict for life and death. Now, there is the calm, oft-reiterated decree of a State containing three millions of people, conducting four-fifths of the commerce of the Republic, with additional millions diffused through the whole of these 17 States. And many of these States themselves have decreed that the institution of slavery is an offence to God, and, therefore, they are bound by the most sacred attributes which belong to human nature, to exterminate it. They have declared, in their most solemn form, that the institution of slavery, as it exists in the States of their political confederates, is an offence to their social institutions, and, therefore, that it should be exterminated. Finally, acting upon the impulse of their duties of self-protection and self-preservation, majorities, large majorities throughout the whole of these 17 States have placed the executive power of the Federal Government in the hands of those who are bound by the most sacred obligations, by their obligations to God, by their obligations to the social institutions of man, by their obligations of self-protection and self-preservation, to place the system of slavery as it exists in the Southern States upon a course of certain and final extinction. Twenty millions of people, having in their hands one of the strongest Governments on earth, and impelled by a perfect recognition of the most powerful obligations which fall upon man, have declared that the vital interests of eight millions of people shall be exterminated. In other words, the decree, the result of this cumulation which I have endeavored to show you, was inaugurated on the 6th of November last, so far as the institution of slavery is concerned, in the confederates of the Northern non-slaveholding States. That decree is annihilation, and you can make nothing shorter of it.

            Now, gentlemen, the people of South Carolina, being a portion of these eight millions of people, have only to ask themselves, is existence worth the struggle? Their answer to this question, I have submitted to you in the form of their Ordinance of Secession.”


            • The Confederate flag stands for so much more than slavery. Equating it with slavery is like equating the American flag with the Vietnam War. Whatever the meaning or symbolism of the Confederate flag, the point is the harridan was bullying the grocery store employees. If shoppers object to what a store has on its walls, the thing to do is to not shop there or write a letter to the store owner. There is no excuse for a public scold and sanctimonious tirade.

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              • Absolutely correct. That’s what happens when mindless rhetoric replaces knowledge and common civility. The leftists love it. Hate breeds chaos and they thrive on it.

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              • Dr Eowyn . . . . Thank you for stating the obvious. She was a “guest” on their property. I certainly do agree . . . “If shoppers object to what a store has on its walls, the thing to do is to not shop there . . .” It does not give John Q Public the right to scream, yell and disrupt someone elses’ business. Then when she was in the parking lot she reverted to the same tactic that the dingbat city or county employee did recently when being pulled over by a police officer–she cried, feigned an anxiety attach . . . this is exactly what this woman did in response to being called on her bad behavior and being told to leave the premises. I believe that in the parking lot, she thought about the fact that she had been instructed to leave the premises, felt some degree of shame at being called on her bad behavior, so in an attempt to garner sympathy from anyone out in the parking lot–she pulled that trick of crying and bemoaning her fate.

                How sad that she is a mother, we will no doubt find that her children will also grow up to be neurotic, unstable individuals. Heaven knows we have more than enough of these kinds of folks here in Portland, Oregon.

                Under the law, a retail business can issue a “no trespass” order, and the person it involves must comply. Isn’t it just too interesting that this woman was alarmed that . . . “they are taking down my car license number,” which was something they were certainly entitled to do. You see she thought that she would deliver some “divine liberal justice” to this store. She did not imagine that they would respond in a negative manner to her tirade. After all “liberals have the right to 100% of the time have things their way!” (Sarc)) Don’t ya know! Those who think differently have no right to defend against their (the liberals) actions, thoughts or decisions.

                I further agree, the confederate flag does “stand for more than just the institution of slavery.” The reason the North entered into armed conflict with the South, was not due to the proposition of slavery, but was an effort to maintain the unification of all the “United States.” It was only after a period of time that Lincoln decided to free the slaves, and did so by proclamation.

                I am tired of liberals indulging themselves in revisionist efforts to change our history . . . if people want to reverence the Confederate flag, let them do so. As long as they are not physically harming other citizens. I take offense at people who are having tattoos of Killary emblazoned into their flesh. Frankly, I think she stands for thievery, dishonesty, traitorous behavior, a hatred of the little people in this country, etc. Should I have the right to demand that they either have the tattoo removed, or to cover it up when in public? No, they have their freedom, and consequently I have mine.

                My fondest wish is that we did not have such a preponderance of “liberal nut jobs” blighting the entire Northwest, and California for that matter.

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        • No need to reference what “government education teaches the masses.” We have the documents and transcripts from the actual events. Perhaps you should read up on how historians actually study history.


          • Thanks for the advice. Maybe I’ll pick up a book…

            And I can reference whatever I want. Government education serves only one purpose, and it’s not to teach facts.


            • Nice diversion.
              We have the actual documents from that time period that plainly state the cause of secession. I suppose you believe they lied …


            • DCG . . . that is a stellar observation! Government education in this country is no different that the “reeducation camps” in China, they only spout one theme and that is indoctrination.

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      • I guess you cannot be blamed for your ignorance Jeff. I too thought that the reason for the Civil war was slavery since that is what we are brainwashed with in school. However as Greenworxx states below, time for you to really educate yourself. To start with, the war more over was fought about unfair taxation of the South. Secondly some of the Northern border states still had slavery too. Lying media, and scheming oligarchs, and politicians did not start in the time of Trump.

        A few things to get your started…..

        And while you are at it you might want to explore the fact that Jews dominated the salve trade for 400 hundred years and owned slaves disproprotionately to their population.

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        • Lana,

          Perhaps you should learn how to actually study history before declaring someone else ignorant. The transcripts from the secession conventions and the secession declarations themselves are stil well preserved. We also have newspaper articles from that one period. You can read the statements of southern legislators, in their own words, explaining why the southern states seceded.
          They, unlike you, didn’t use YouTube …


          • One question : if the war was fought over slavery, why were there northern states that held slaves?

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            • And PS Jeff, in case you didn’t notice, I didn’t call you ignorant, I said, you could not be blamed for your ignorance, meaning, you cannot know what you have not been exposed to. So it was not a personal insult as you have inferred. I will not take offense that you have deliberately tried to insult me claiming all my info came from YouTube. I have listed two books above by Thomas DiLorenzo who is a professor at Loyola, and one of the YouTube videos is by Dr. Tony Martin, also a professor. So your accusation that all my information comes from YouTube is inaccurate, and your second assumption that everything that is on YouTube is somehow nebulous, nefarious, or otherwise uninformed because it is on YouTube is also inaccurate.

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            • Why would you ask that question when you should be learning how to actually study history by reading the available newspaper articles? We all know that those are the absolute truth, with nothing to hide. /sarc

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              • Tee hee, thanks DCG! Yes those were actually the next thoughts to come to mind ( but I was trying to restrain myself )…gosh darn it, If I just pay enough attention to the things I learn on the TV, newspapers, and esp. in university then I will know the truth and nothing but the truth, and I will never have to bother my little head to look beyond for anything!

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        • Lana . . . . God Bless you for bringing all this further information to us.

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          • Thank you sweet Auntie. I know I don’t know it all, all I know is that there is a heck of a lot of history that isn’t what we have been told, and I like to apprise myself of all sides of things and share what I have discovered so others can make up their own mind too.

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            • Governments have been justifying military action since before the Romans. This particular war isn’t even controversial. It’s a simple matter of what happened vice propaganda.

              Nowadays a whole shaky limb of leftist thought is connected to this lie. If this lie is found to be what it obviously is, then all of the hand-wringing, shame, disgusting lies that followed from it go up in flames.

              This was purely the industrialized, bankster-funded portion of the U.S. imposing their will on the South. The South said, fine, we’ll leave. The North said “the Hell you will…” and they were off to the races. All those wasted lives and property. All that enmity.

              If you get bored sometime just read the slavery owner statistics. Then ask yourself why you are supposed to feel guilty about this, or better yet, beholden. When we finish this I can do Andrew Johnson and the “Trail of Tears”.

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      • Jeff, why can’t people accept history, good or bad, and accept it as such. They want to live in someone else’s shoes in the past which is ignorant. They need to stay in the present and move on. They love being miserable and want us to feel as they do to make them feel they accomplished something great and fulfilled by dead past experiences.

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        • This is how conditioning works. Schools are controlled to teach one particular version of “history”. People are trained like Pavlov’s dogs to react when presented with stimuli.

          Even with all that, it is easy to do your own study and find the truth. Most don’t, however. For some of us, once we find that we’ve been lied to, we start looking at the rest of our assumptions.

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      • If the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia is to be considered a symbol of racism then by the same standard so is the United States flag.

        Abraham Lincoln was responsible for the deaths by starvation, disease and exposure of an uncounted number of non-combatants at the hands of the US Army. No one has any records. The best guesses come from the letters that people of that time wrote, describing the mass carnage and death. I’m not talking about the military conflicts where the US Army fought men who had taken up arms to separate from the Union; I’m talking about unarmed grandmothers, grandfathers, and grandchildren who had their property including livestock and food seized by the US Army and then left to face the elements with the clothes on their backs while their homes and farms burned to the ground. There is no way to justify this kind of behavior and it is as big a black mark on American history as the behavior of the Nazi party in Europe.

        Abraham Lincoln was also a well documented racist both orally and in writing. He had no use for people of African descent and did suggest shipping the ones here back to Africa. He considered them an inferior race. If you are thinking of Nazis again that’s good. Abraham Lincoln despised the indigenous tribes who were living here before us. He ordered the mass execution of one group, I would have to go back and find the date and location but it would not be hard to find. I’m sure Google could help if you were interested in looking it up. Further, it was Abraham Lincoln who ordered the US Army to start pushing the indigenous tribes westward to the ocean. He plainly stated that the land they were occupying was for white people. Look it up.

        You can argue that slavery was the primary reason for secession but you would have to ignore the economic burden the South bore as the North bled them dry. The heavily populated North had more representation in Congress. What kinds of laws do you think they passed with respect to controlling the economic wealth of the South? The Northern states systematically bled the Southern states dry for decades before the South said enough is enough we need another solution; Let’s try opting out, it’s in the founding documents after all.

        You can also choose to ignore the amount of Northern involvement in the slave trade, as if their skirts were clean. And the famous Gettysburg address freed no slaves. Just more legal double talk from a lying war criminal lawyer.

        At the conclusion of Lincoln’s war what happened to the history from the Southern perspective? We have no reliable way of knowing how many first person accounts of the war from those living in the South existed. I think there is a Churchill quote about victors writing history that applies here. We do know what kind of trash the North propagandized Southern school children with for decades after the war. Your belief that the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia is a racist symbol is straight out of their program.

        America used to be a free country, briefly, and at one time you could think whatever you liked and sometimes even speak it without being attacked. Not anymore.

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        • Louis . . . . Thank you for a most excellent response to this article. It has caused me to want to read some sources regarding the South’s perspective on their treatment by the North.

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      • I hate to break this to you, but what you refer to as the ‘Civil War’ (it wasn’t) would have been fought if the continent of Africa didn’t even exist.

        Only a tiny percentage of southerners actually owned slaves, and 95% or more of the guys that put on the grey uniforms and marched off to war didn’t give two sh*ts about slavery.

        They were fighting for their home states against what had become a tyrannical federal government.

        Back then, people’s loyalty rested with their states, as most people rarely ever ventured out of them.

        Robert E. Lee was offered command of the Union Army, but tuned it down because he refused to fight against his home state of Virginia.

        Slavery only became a major issue during the second year of the war when the Invader in Chief (Lincoln – a hardcore racist himself) made it one to try and rally the Union, as it was getting the boogers beaten out of it on a regular basis by the south.

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      • Jeff thanks for publically demonstrating your education attainment, intelligence, and vast knowledge of American history. Lincoln offered to make slavery secure if the South didn’t leave or didn’t you know that? Please explain the 4 states who left the Union after Lincolcn’s call for war against the states that left the union and the two border states that also left.

        Facts are so hard for snowflakes to grasp when moronic ideas taught by faculty lounge lizards who wear Che have indoctrinated them.

        Fail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 rubles comrade.

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    • Apparently she has no eyelids-a NORMAL person would just NOT LOOK AT IT if it offends us.

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      • That’s how it is with the “Social Justice Warriors”. They get “triggered” and stay “triggered”. There is only one “right” way for EVERYTHING and, BY GAWD, they know what it is.

        I’m afraid I have the type of personality that, even if I agreed with someone like this about their complaint, I’d still throw her out for rudeness. Who does she think she is?

        This is instructive, however. This is what we’re all up against. No shame, no grace, no consideration, just reaction and self-righteous nonsense. And, as for the eyelids, they probably stayed that way after all the programming. I think they duct tape them open while their handlers feed them poop.

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  2. This womyn needs to up her meds.

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    • The scary part is that they’re EVERYWHERE! They are too irrational to realize that their rhetoric overloads their dogma. As they used to say “their karma ran over their dogma”.

      What we need are some of those “Wild Kingdom” dart guns for people like this. They shouldn’t be allowed to roam the streets in this condition.

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  3. If I owned the store……..I would have some Confederate flags printed in some, not all, paper bags. If at all she returns to shop, I’d wrap her items in the bags, if she complains I’d tell her IN MY STORE I only carry that type paper bag -ONLY, and that’ll be the end of her shopping days there.

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  4. “I will no longer do my grocery shopping here.”
    Mission accomplished!
    And I’m gonna go out on a limb here and once again wonder aloud if “she” isn’t really a he… and whether “she” then went out and wrecked her car on the way home in her hysteria….
    OK, in fairness, I wrote that before I saw her meltdown in the parking lot. She obviously has psychological problems and likely prior issues with store employees. She should just vote with her pocketbook and NOT return to the store. Go home and blog about it privately in the safety of her own home. Talk to like-minded libs rather than get mouthy with those she opposes on THEIR turf.
    OTOH, the things she fabricated about what “they” said and did to her are the same ways the left hyperbolizes and spins facts toward their own ends and to gain sympathies through the press, which always believes them. Is that taught these days? Or in-bred?
    My guess is it’s a bit of the delusional paranoia brought on by wacky weed.
    God bless the Good Samaritan who made sure the woman didn’t drive off and immediately kill her kids in an accident. Calmed her down a bit first.

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  5. Annoy people and get upset when they pay attention…

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  6. This happened last May. The CEO of the chain apologized to the harridan and fired the two employees involved.

    The coward wouldn’t get a dime of my money.

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  7. This comes up over and over again. In truth the “Civil War” was the War of Northern Aggression. It was not a “civil war”. The definition of civil war is one in which one part seeks to control the other.

    The South wanted to secede as the federal government was not being fair to the South. In fact, not only had they not been fair prior to the war, they have continued to give the South a bad deal.

    In point of fact, the federal government imprisoned the South within the Union. Now they have the unmitigated gall to suggest that Southerners are “racist” and “inferior”. There was nothing holy in the prosecution of that war. There is nothing holy in holding these opinions today.

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  8. “In point of fact, the federal government imprisoned the South within the Union. Now they have the unmitigated gall to suggest that Southerners are “racist” and “inferior”. There was nothing holy in the prosecution of that war. There is nothing holy in holding these opinions today.”

    Very well, and succinctly put Lophatt! And that imprisonment was not metaphorical in any sense in that after the war there were years upon years of Martial law where White Southerners were put under rule of uneducated black figureheads of authority placed as puppets of the North—talk about a perfect storm to set up an anger and resentment between the races!

    I can only say for myself that once I learned even a smidgeon of the truth, I was totally disgusted at the vilification the South has unjustly endured even to this day.

    There are many factoids out there for our brainwashed friends to understand – that only one quarter of the South owned slaves. In fact this one data point alone shows that the majority of poor farmers without slaves could barely have competed with their rich slave owning neighbors- a bit of a shadow of things today where an American cannot expect to get paid fairly when the rich bring illegal aliens in to do labor at non union slave wages.

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  9. Another nitwit our wunnerful goobermint ejumikashion system has failed.

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  10. She begins with a tone of righteous indignation, and ends up a hyperventilating, slobbering mess. Liberals are strong when they are unopposed, or in mobs, but alone or opposed in any way and they fold just like this bitch did. Way to go Everyday Deals Extreme!

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    • Yeah, she’s “strung pretty tight”. Just imagine walking through life, all atwitter, waiting for something, anything, you don’t like. Then…….you lose your nuggies completely.

      At this point she probably scans the area to see if any other “Kool Kidz” are around to give her soft toys and hugs. Where else can you have an organized support group for total insanity?


  11. When you erase history you’re bound to repeat it. This snowflake syndrome is going to new heights it seems. Will someone please find a vaccine for this problem and save the country.


  12. Globalist racial division of America at work resulting in turning a woman from a courageous journalist to a China syndrome emotional meltdown in less than seven minutes.


  13. Another example of liberalism as a mental disorder


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