Alabama secretary of state is investigating special Senate election fraud

Fox10 reports yesterday that Alabama’s Secretary of State John Merrill has launched an investigation into potential voter fraud in last Tuesday’s special Senate election, which Roy Moore (R) narrowly lost to pro-abort Doug Jones (D) a razor-thin margin of 1.54%.

The investigation is in response to what a young man said on camera to FOX10 news reporter Kati Weis at the Doug Jones victory party on election night:

We came here all the way from different parts of the country as part of our fellowship, and all of us pitched in to vote and canvas together, and we got our boy elected! Doug Jones!”

Secretary of State Merrill said he is trying to find out who the man is and if he really meant what he said, but that so far, there is no concrete evidence that any voter fraud has taken place:

“Well, it’s very disconcerting when someone who’s not from Alabama says that they participated in our election, so now it’s incumbent upon us to try to identify this young man, to see what kind of role he played, if it was to simply play a canvassing roll, or if he was part of a process that went out and tried to register voters, or if he himself actually became a registered voter. We don’t have any evidence of people doing that, our numbers do not indicate that has happened, but when you have someone actually recorded on television saying that they voted, and that’s what he said, then we’ve got to get to the bottom of that.”

Merrill maintains voter fraud is unlikely because “We have one of the most stringent voting laws in the nation” in that every voter is required to show a government photo identification card before casting a vote.

FOX10 News has also been trying to find out who the man in question is, even reaching out to the Doug Jones campaign for a list of volunteers, but the Jones campaign said it does not have access to the groups who volunteered to help canvas and campaign.

Merrill said the Jones campaign has been cooperative with his investigation, and that the results of the election will be completely certified sometime in the week after Christmas.

If you have information about vote fraud, contact Secretary of State John Merrill by calling 1-800-274-VOTE or click here.

See also “Voter fraud and irregularities in Alabama special senate election“.


35 responses to “Alabama secretary of state is investigating special Senate election fraud

  1. He and they know exactly what went on. I suspect john merrill’s only concern is a pretense,to fake an investigation and deny any fraud. Would hope to be wrong.

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    • Kevin . . . . I agree with you 100% . . . . “I suspect john Merrill’s only concern is a pretense, to fake an investigation and deny any fraud.” After the earlier article by Dr Eowyn giving us the site whereby we could contact Mr Merrill, I certainly did contact him. Also, there were other contacts by friends of mine. I suppose that after Christmas, he will come out with the news “that there was no voter fraud,” and nothing was amiss in that election. There was plenty amiss in that election! It is a travesty, and makes mockery of free and open elections. This is not just a problem within the State of Alabama, which one might think on the surface . . . since the elected winner of this election will be seated in a Federal position, where this individual will vote on proposals that effect each and every citizen of all 50 states. This type of dishonesty (including the false accusations made against Judge Moore, where evidence has not been offered up for inspection) are a damning blight on our system of government.

      I am very angry over this scenario, and am left to wonder . . . will all future elections include more of this same illegal voter fraud? If so, conservatives will be like a person trying to walk up a sand mountain, while carrying a 100-lb weight on their back.

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      • I find that I have to back-step on part of what I wrote in the above submission. After reading up on John Merrill, I find that he is a Republican, who has held two state wide positions. Since being put into office as the Secretary of State for Alabama, there were budgetary cuts that were necessary, so the state proposed the closing of I think 30 or so State offices for Dept of Motor Vehicles, where indigent persons could get identification cards at no charge. When Jesse Jackson became aware of this situation, he said “this is a Jim Crow act” which is calculated to suppress voting by black people. In response to that, Mr Merrill said the closures were based on lack of use, rather than an attempt to curtail black voters. He later cited the old adage, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink,” when it came out that only a little more than 5,000 of the 250,000 people who need ID to vote had utilized this free service. My respect for this man shot up markedly. Perhaps, he will really delve into the quandary of illegal voting activity. I think we should all pray that this will be the case. (By the way since when has Jesse Jackson ever been right about anything? Pretty much in my experience, if Jackson is “for” something, I can feel certain that the position I need to take on that issue is “against” that very thing.

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  2. Liberals and Neocons (who are mostly the same – the Clintons and the Bushes are great buddies by their own admission) will do whatever it takes to advance and to destroy their enemies. That’s what liberalism is – the only rule is there are no rules. Why should such folk respect the integrity of elections when they rig much bigger things without a second thought – like the “evidence” for wars that cost the lives of millions of innocents?

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  3. What a dumbass.
    Probably from San Francisco… Seattle… somewhere close by to AL.

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    • Sorry, referring to the guy in the video. Sarcasm there…


    • A few years ago I watched a video of a group of Hispanics going into a polling place in Arizona. There were three or four of them and each had a stack of ballots. There were poll workers there and a security guard. It was some sort of public building, probably a courthouse.

      You could clearly see them looking around while they STUFFED the ballot boxes. People were looking at them and it didn’t deter them a bit. Outside in a foyer you could see a man paying them as they came out.

      Besides the obvious fact that you’re only supposed to vote ONCE, I can at least see how this scam works. All that’s needed are actual ballots made out in someone’s name.

      Where I live they either mail you a ballot (upon request), or you go to your designated polling place, tell them your name, and they search the roster to ensure you are entitled to vote. If you are there, and haven’t voted already, you get a ballot. In theory, you can’t get TWO ballots and you can’t get a ballot if you are not already registered.

      So, while I don’t doubt that these scams happen, I don’t know how they do it. Maybe its like the example I made above. Maybe they hand out mail in ballots.

      Still, someone said that Alabama was one of the states that required photo ID. If that’s the case, wouldn’t your ID have to match the name on your ballot?


      • Unless they were hand-delivering multiple ballots for friends/family members, I don’t know how they could do that. That might mean mail-in ballots, but those have to be mailed-in ahead of election day, I believe. Where I vote, you get a ballot when you have shown your photo ID and signed in, then scan it into the ballot box to be counted and checked for correct box-checking when you’ve finished… there are poll workers watching closely as you scan the completed ballots; if you weren’t seen coming in and receiving a ballot properly, I doubt they’d let you scan-deposit it.
        There are some places that allow folks to both register AND vote with a provisional ballot — which is counted only after the registration goes through — even on election day. Might be another possible explanation. Might also have been a fake video…?


  4. I confess to not knowing how all the different states run their elections. One would think that, if the candidate held federal office, at least they would all be uniform in their procedures. I doubt that is the case.

    The states I’ve voted in required that you be listed, by precinct, in a voter registration book. So, when you showed up to vote they could look you up and check your name off as having voted. That way, if you found that someone beat you to your name you could lodge a complaint.

    How do people just show up, show and ID and vote?

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  5. I listened to a black man say he voted several times. How about investigating him too? This reeks of voter fraud

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  6. I think it is only right to investigate .

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  7. I understand some of Obama’s sons and daughters have been arrested when three of them managed to insert 3,000 illegal ballots into the system. Not that they are guilty, they are just a symbol of the widespread Dhimmirat trampling of laws that would render this nation as an equal of Mexico, Zimbabwe, or Venezuela.

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  8. Let’s just keep on praying for Judge Moore. He is a fighter who will not roll over and play dead. He’s a very strong Christian man, and that makes him fearless, as evidenced by his fight for the Ten Commandments in Alabama. We need him in D.C. If it’s not God’s will for him to be a senator, I pray that President Trump will appoint him to a judicial seat of some kind. We need some really good men there who actually believe in justice.

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  9. Busloads of Blacks from surrounding States brought in to vote a crook into office-How can this POSSIBLY be legal? Roy Moore,and his supporters,should immediately file suit against the State of Alabama,and the officials who allowed this to happen,to be INDIVIDUALLY named.
    I’m aware that SOME States,ESPECIALLY corrupt-to-the-core ones,have bylaws that say you cannot sue the State,but if I’m not mistaken,those very States,via their corruption,unwrap their “protection” with their aforementioned corruption,showing that NOTHING is carved in stone;That’s why the individuals who endorsed and allowed this crime,those who helped it happen,must be named as individuals,NOT the State. People,individuals,wouldn’t be exempt from a lawsuit against the State,would they?

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  10. amazing!
    it’s interesting how he continues to qualify his statements with “voter fraud is unlikely” before doing the actual investigation….he is presenting a case of plausibility for the outcome before the actual “research” has ended.
    one would think his investigation into voter fraud would come from all the videos showing buses pouring into towns with illegals, a website calling on blacks from neighboring states to vote in alabama, and ballots disappearing…instead of one guy (who could be a plant) making a statement about people coming from various parts of the country to vote.
    sounds like merrill is setting up the scenario to deny Moore his recount, unless Moore pays for it himself and I don’t see a bunch of folks lining up to donate to gofundme
    I also think it’s interesting that moore needs money when the typical politician swims in it…says a lot about who the swamp wants and doesn’t.

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  11. My question (above),was not a rhetorical one. Do they actually just allow anyone to vote that shows up? Don’t they have to be registered. Don’t they check the registers?

    Being registered isn’t perfect, but if you go to vote and the poll worker says “you already vote” you know something’s wrong. Lately I vote by mail. But they don’t send the ballots to anybody but a registered voter.

    You could fake residency, but you’d have to do it in advance of the election. At the end of the day the state should be able to tell you who voted and who didn’t. The only way to game that is to use someone else’s registration and they not show up to vote.

    So, what am I missing?

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    • MY question is:Why don’t they look at it from our point of view? Take ANY method of voting,and pick it apart-“How COULD someone vote illegally with THIS system? How could we make that impossible?” This is just common sense. OH-THAT explains it. I can understand the corrupt of our Government would resist any changes-THAT would stop too much of the corruption. I honestly can’t,though,see why the non-corrupt of our Government aren’t ALL OVER THIS.

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      • I’m agreeing with you. Anyone that facilitates fraud should be charged, period. All I’m trying to say is that, if Alabama’s system is similar to the one I deal with, voter fraud would be pretty hard.

        Now, they can outright lie about the count. They can keep dead people, etc., on the rolls. But they still HAVE TO BE ON THE ROLLS to vote. If someone were bused in from another area their name would appear at the polling place and they wouldn’t be allowed to vote.


        • I can’t see how they’d make the “voting-off-the-bus” program work either,but what OTHER purpose could there BE for bringing busloads of Blacks from other States,on ELECTION DAY,and giving them sack lunches? They even ADVERTISED for out-of-State voters on Craigslist!


          • I don’t know. That’s what I’m asking. Does anybody know how this works? If we understand how they do these things maybe it might be helpful in preventing it. I don’t understand it.

            I get the “running a scumbag” problem. I get the “false count” problem. I get “illegally registering” voters. What I don’t get is, how does somebody just show up, outside of a strange precinct polling place and be allowed to cast a vote.

            It appears that they’re doing “something”, I just don’t know what that is.


          • One thing that comes to mind would be having somebody on the “inside” at the precinct to let them vote under somebody’s name that hasn’t voted.


  12. This is extremely important, because Hillary and the Dems have made it known they are NEVER going to quit. It’s high time Trump dump Mueller, enforce the Patriot Act and the RICO Statutes and follow Robert David Steele’s advice and enact election reform. The very future of America is at stake here.
    Hey, Donald! Put the Diet Coke down and start lopping off some heads here!

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    • Steven . . . Thank you for the above post. I had not even thought out this problem in terms of utilizing the Patriot Act, and in particular the RICO Statutes. If this kind of garbage does not rise to the level of “racketeering” then I don’t know what does.

      I also agree that Mueller needs to go down the road. It is a travesty that a sitting panel of people who are judging the actions of others, contains only people who are the most biased individuals possible! I find that this “Special Investigation” has gone way beyond what they were to investigate, and now we find it to bee a witch hunt. I now see this as a horrific waste of the taxpayer’s money.

      I am always happy to read your posts, because so often you bring up information that really expands my thinking, and that’s a very good thing.


    • I agree. He should never have allowed them to get a toehold. They’re like cockroaches. Once you have them they’re forever.

      The FIRST order of business (right after intensifying security) should have been to purge anybody that even smiled at Obongo. To me that’s a no brainer and standard procedure.

      Allowing and losing control of this is a BIG mistake.


  13. IMHO,I think Trump’s primary reason for NOT shutting Mueller down is that he knows there’s nothing to find that can touch him,so let them do their stinking witch hunt. Possibly he didn’t consider,or couldn’t believe,that they’d do ANYTHING to protect their corrupt “Government machine”.


  14. I just simply believe the answer to why Judge Moore lost is the obvious one – the voting machines can be rigged outright. Why in the world do we even trust them, especially after the 2012 election bamboozle?

    For me, the real kicker is that the Alabama Supreme Court made that unbelievable 11th hour decision to allow all accountability for the vote to be destroyed immediately after the election. Why on earth would they do that right before a huge election, other than the obvious?


    • I don’t doubt any of that. I suppose what I’m asking is, everyone seems concerned about “bussing” of ineligible voters. I’m only asking how that would work, as a practical matter.

      I have often said, and meant it, that if no one ever voted the MSM would produce a show that “proved” their candidate “won”. I have no doubt that they lie about the count. I was merely addressing the concerns about bussing of voters.


      • Lophatt, I know what you mean, it is curious about why they bus people in. Maybe they get a cheap thrill out of doing something vile right in front of us to get a bigger reaction out of us in the end. Like an in-your-face kind of reaction. There is nothing that is off-limits to these people, is there? I’m just shaking my head. 😁

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    • Mary, yeah, the destruction of the evidence is a little more than “suspicious”. Why would they do that unless they were covering up something illegal?

      Anyway, all I can think of with the bussing is that somebody working the polls may assign a registered voter’s name to an interloper. Maybe they know all the dead voters.

      So the guy from out-of-town shows up, gets his “new name” and votes. He would have to get a ballot from someone.


  15. another waste of tax payers money


  16. Well….want to move to Alabama anyway in a few years and take our CA retirements with us…..Alabama charges no state income taxes on pension ….no property taxes on home-owners over age 65….and some other retirement-friendly things (like LOW cost of home-ownership and living over all). Lot’s of retirement-friendly towns established there already……esp in the north of the State. Alabama is flying the “welcome flag” to retirees. I’m hearing them loud and clear. They rank low in medical care for seniors…BUT, it is interesting that the seniors who retire there, do so in areas within an hour’s or less drive of major medical centers in Tennessee and Georgia……very “do-able.”


    • That doesn’t sound bad. You could do worse. I have come to appreciate living within reach of medical help. I never considered it earlier.

      You can certainly get a better house, etc., and your retirement money goes further in areas like that. Alabama isn’t too cold either. I’ve spent time there and all over that area.

      Quality of life is important to me. What that means differs from person to person. I’ve lived in some truly beautiful places. I’m blessed with the ability to find beauty just about everywhere.

      I wish you luck. No place is “perfect”, but it sounds like you’ve done your homework.


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