Liberalism is a mental disorder: 44 y.o. man has Hillary Clinton’s face tattooed on his testicle

Yesterday, DCG published a post on a cast member of Saturday Night Live, 24-year-old Pete Davidson, getting a new tattoo of Hillary Clinton on his right leg.

Davidson wrote on Instagram:

“Wanted to get @hillaryclinton a Christmas gift so I got a tattoo of my hero. Thanks for being such a badass and one of the strongest people in the universe.”

Ever shameless, Hillary responded to her “useful idiot” worshipper:

“Thanks, @petedavidson, This makes it significantly less awkward that I’ve had a Pete Davidson tattoo for years. But seriously, I’m honored. Merry Christmas my friend.”

Davidson isn’t the only man to sport a Hillary Clinton tattoo.

In 2008, Luis Salgado, 28, owner of a tattoo parlor in Philadelphia, got a Medusa portrait of Hillary inked by “artist” Buffalo Bill on his thigh at a tattoo convention in Baltimore. Bill was offering free Hillary tattoos because his daughter Sarah Toby is a big Hillary supporter.

In September 2016, Ron Morrison, the owner of Ron’s Barber Shop in Winter Haven, Florida, got a Hillary tattoo on his upper arm.

But Pete Davidson, Luis Salgado and Ron Morrison are all outdone by another useful idiot — 44-year-old James Branton who had Hillary’s face tattooed on one of his testicles.

Branton published pictures of the painful tattooing session on his Facebook account to show others how much “Americans are ready to sacrifice” for the cause and to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t end up in the Oval Office.

Branton told reporters (

“I love her so very much, she is such a great woman and an inspiration to all Americans. I tattooed her face on my balls because I want my future child to have a little of Hillary in him or her.”

Pete Davidson says he has borderline personality disorder. What’s Branton’s excuse?

H/t FOTM‘s Anonymous


29 responses to “Liberalism is a mental disorder: 44 y.o. man has Hillary Clinton’s face tattooed on his testicle

  1. I did not need to see it. It was more than enough to read about it. 😳😵

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  2. The mark of the beast

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  3. must be soy among other estrogen mimickers/chemicals in the inks…
    too many soy boys and too much propaganda that society is pushing for tattoos (permanent chemicals injected into the largest organ of the body).
    these people are over the edge…I wouldn’t be surprised if he now has ED as the result of choosing to have ball-biter hellary on his nuts.

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  4. This week’s caption contest, no doubt.

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  5. BTW, seems fake.

    (1) Too outrageous
    (2) You can’t tattoo that much detail on such a small space. No pun intended.

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  6. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Obviously, this clown is a NUT!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  7. Maybe he could have gotten a face tattoo of her on his “junk”. This is the sort of rocket scientist that will go far in the Democrap party. He should ask Lena Dunham for a date.

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  8. Pete Davidson doesn’t have “borderline personality disorder”. He has full on personality disorder.

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  9. Tell me, how many decades ago did Killary look like either of the tattoos shown?

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  10. What an idiot…

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  11. Now he can’t blame his blue b@//s on Trump. (Butwe all know he will, because Trump is the cause of all evil)

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  12. Well, Hilda Killary Broom can now truthfully say that she FINALLY has a man by his precious, my precious!

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  13. Good foreign policy point made this afternoon:

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  14. Uhhhhh……no matter how you “look” at it Killary’s gonna get hung!

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  15. I am now 1 item closer to having seen it it all.
    I’d rather have eaten an apple from a tree in a garden.

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  16. Let’s not forget Rush Limbaugh’s meme:
    “The Hillary Clinton Testicle Lock Box”

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  17. There are some seriously disturbed people getting this done to themselves. Smh.


  18. I don’t care what this “tat” looks like now….I wanna see it in a couple of years…up front & close…..Betting it’s gonna “hang” with the same “cares” and age that Hillary does at the time…….WHAT can people be THINKING? Pretty sure the cost of this sort of frivolity/madness could pay for 5 community college classes in the California system…also pretty sure the people who do this….send their kids to my school on approved free breakfast and lunch programs…..I’ve seen it far TOO MUCH as a teacher…the parent who is on every “free” program you can list/name/identify/find…..but arrives in a wife-beater T-shirt (male and female alike) so we can see the thousands of dollars of tats on their arms, necks, shoulders, backs…ankles…calves…….


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