Hey! ANTIFA! We’re still here!

And we’re coming!

And Hell’s coming with us! 

16 responses to “Hey! ANTIFA! We’re still here!

  1. Heh……….indeed. Snowflakes will melt when hell hits

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  2. Opttion to twitter if you or some sites youmliked were tak down is Gab.

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  4. Speaking of which, did you hear Traildust? allegedly antifa claimed responsibility for derailing that amtrak train in Washington onto I-5, they also linked to some instructions on how to derail trains etc. as well. Does an attack on a public mass transit line constitute terrorism, do you suppose?

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    • I hadn’t heard that they’d claimed it. I had seen the piece they put up in July with instructions on how to wreck a train by pouring concrete on the rail bed. That was the “Olympia Chapter” (or whatever) so it could be.


      • On further checking (thus my use of “allegedly”, didn’t trust the story fully myself either.) It seems the story about Olympia got conflated with this incident, not that it rules out involvement, but it doesn’t guarantee it either: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/anarchist-group-deletes-article-bragging-about-april-train-track-sabotage-near-monday-derailment_122017
        That it is also basically the same vehicle that crashed, and on it’s “maiden launch” (As well as, apparently, trump yanking funding from railway infrastructure for some reason?) a few things seem “hinky” here as they say… usually destroying a transport item on its “maiden” is a way of shutting down a whole project from the get-go, the question here however, would be “why”? Especially since trains carrying “fracking” equipment were the original target, and are vastly removed from a passenger transport, which is what the 501 was said to be. It could also be that they may have put garbage on this track as well, in an attempt to have as “wide coverage” as possible for other potential cargo trains, and nailing this train was, perhaps, accidental.

        However, given “antifas” history going back to nazi germany etc. and the link between them and the satanist bolsheviks, attacking a passenger train is not something I would put past ’em, either.

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        • The story I read, and I have no way to validate it, is that the Antifa thing was alleged to be some protest about “fracking”. I know, I don’t get it either. There was a piece, however, that actually was a “how to” for crashing trains using concrete poured on the roadbed.

          Now, they said they made a trial run with this a couple of days earlier, so, if anything was done to the track it would have had to happen after the trial. Today they said that the corner it derailed on had a 30 MPH limit and he was going 81 MPH. Beyond that, nothing new.

          Another strange thing is that they haven’t released the final death count and it keeps changing. They did a better job reporting train wrecks in the 19th century!

          There was also talk about DHS sending some “special team” to the site for terrorist investigation. I don’t know if that’s “standard” or not. This route they just started has encountered a lot of resistance due to safety concerns. I’d say it got off to a rocky start.


  5. TrailDust, for me, ‘Tombstone’ may be the most quotable movie ever made. I’ll bet a week doesn’t go by that I or a friend of mine don’t use a line from that film in some situation.

    In fact, just a couple days ago, a friend of mine jokingly said to me, “Not you, sir. You’re in your PRIME!” I love that movie — one of my Top 25. And mostly because of the dialogue!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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  6. Today’s word is: “cleanse(ing)” -no matter what method’s applied, it ‘s proven to be effective. Try it !!!!

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  7. I just hate commies.

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  8. FBI field report: Antifa has improvised explosives stored on college campuses. Members of Antifa have met with Islamic terrorists to obtain weapons & training.



  9. Antifa went to “Come Get Some!”

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    • What a Christmas present! I hope the red truck wasn’t damaged.

      Concealed Carry is the cure for Antifa!

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    • Jackie Puppet, I don’t rejoice in the harm that hit that woman. But this kind of “instant karma” (as John Lennon called it) is happening at a more rapid pace these days. It would be wise of any man, woman or child to live in the fear of God. Things are coming to a head, and the Lord is not waiting so long to pay back His enemies.

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