Cook County commissioner asks UN to send troops to quell Chicago’s gun violence

Last weekend is no different than previous weekends in Chicago, a gun-control city. Sixteen were shot in the city’s mean streets, killing five, including a 15-year-old boy.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 2016 was the deadliest year for homicides in decades, but 2017 promises to outpace 2016.

The victims are preponderantly black, as are the perpetrators. As an example, the Chicago Sun Times has a website, Homicide Watch Chicago, chronicling every homicide. From the photos on the website’s front page, the latest victims are all black.

Chicago is in Cook County in the state of Illinois. If a city’s police are overwhelmed by and unable to contain its epidemic of homicides, the mayor should declare martial law. If that doesn’t work, the state can send in its National Guard. If Illinois’ National Guard is unable to deal with Chicago’s homicides,  Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner can ask for help from the federal government.

But Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin is bypassing the due process chain-of-command. Calling Chicago’s homicides a “genocide,” he means to ask the United Nations to intervene by sending “peacekeeping” troops to the city — U.S. national sovereignty be damned.

Question: Is it “genocide” when the people (blacks) doing the genociding are the same people (blacks) who are genocided?

On December 14, 2017, apparently about to board a plane at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Boykin tells CBS Chicago:

We’re headed to the United Nations to meet with the Assistant Secretary General to talk about the violence in Chicago and gun violence in particular — the bloodshed that’s taking place in too many of our communities, like Austin, West Garfield, Park North, Lawndale, places like that where we’ve just seen horrific levels of shooting and that sort of thing. And so I’m hoping to appeal to the UN to actually come to Chicago and meet with victims of violence, and maybe even possibly help out in terms of peacekeeping efforts because I think it’s so critical for us to make sure that these neighborhoods are safe. Quite frankly we failed the people of Chicago in many instances in these communities because we failed to protect them from the violence. I’ll also say this, that there is a quiet genocide taking place in too many of our communities. 80 percent of those are being killed by gun violence are African American, and often killed at the hands of another African American. And so we must protect these population groups, and that’s what the United Nations does, they’re a peacekeeping force, they know all about keeping the peace. And so, we’re hopeful that they’ll hear our appeal.”

When asked by a reporter, “Why now?,” Boykin said:

“This meeting has been in place for at least a month now. We’ve worked on this a while. Quite frankly, we can’t wait until, you know, the mayor comes up with another thousand police to try to make the streets safer. Quite frankly, the people want to be safe right now in their homes and their neighborhoods, and we want to make sure that they’re safe and that’s why we’re doing it today, we can’t afford to wait.”

For a county commissioner to ask the UN — which has no sovereignty over the United States — to send troops to Chicago, not only is Richard Boykin insane, he is bordering on treason.

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV


55 responses to “Cook County commissioner asks UN to send troops to quell Chicago’s gun violence

  1. Hadenoughalready

    Any “foreign army”, no matter the source or entities involved, setting foot on American soil, uninvited by the federal government for any reason than, perhaps “training purposes”, is an overt “Act of War”.
    If ANYTHING would give Trump the impetus to withdraw from and throw the UN out of the US, this would be it.
    I dare them to try it!
    Furthermore; It would be in the best interest of Chicago and the State of Illinois to have those in charge arrested for “dereliction of duty”, “treason” (by requesting foreign troops), “sedition” (by undermining the efforts of the federal government to remove criminal illegal aliens) and endangering the public safety by “acts of malfeasance”.

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  2. Is he crazy? What is wrong with the gov requesting the National Guard? That is what it is in place for. We aren’t even supposed to allow our own military to have boots on US soil and certainly there is no way foreign troops should be allowed in this country, especially the UN. They are a joke. Research the rape and corruption charges lodged against UN troops. The left has finally gone bonkers…. for sure.

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    • I think they’re all off fighting for the New World Odor. They should lock this mutt up for even suggesting such a thing.

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    • phoenix . . . . I am just flabbergasted at the very thought of having “boots on the ground” that are filled by persons who are foreign citizens. First off, the Mayor should have addressed this problem, or referred it to the Governor of Illinois. This jack ass needs to be arrested for sedition, and treason, at the behest of President Trump. Who in creation does this joker think he is, as a County Commissioner, to make this outreach to the United Nations. If the UN can get a foothold in Chicago . . . you can bet your bottom dollar they will feel that interference in other areas is necessary. This just does not bode well for our country.

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  3. That’ll solve their problem, the gangbangers will surely cooperate.

    No doubt all those “peacekeepers” will head straight to Industrial Strip (great Yelp reviews) to attend to their mission.

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    • Why the UN likes their three-hour lunches on missions:

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    • DCG . . . You have brought up the most pertinent question regarding this proposed disregard to The Constitution of the United States of America . . . . what idiot really thinks that the gang bangers are going to obey “foreign troops?” Most probably, they will give “points” to any homies that pick off any of the UN troops. Now in reference to foreign troops being stationed on our shores . . . why would anyone really think that in a pinch these troops will not “shoot first, ask questions later!” Can’t you just see UN troops “shootin’ up Chicago.!”

      The very idea that a ignorant black man would come up with this solution to a problem that has been caused by the disintegration of the black family is preposterous. Why is the black family in a state of disintegration . . . young woman allow themselves to be impregnated by thugs who have 10 minutes of time to waste; young men think nothing of begetting bastard children, they don’t support these children–the rest of society supports them; unfortunately there are a high percentage of black communities who put NO VALUE on education, or “getting out of the hood;” because of the numbers of people in these communities who are undereducated, due to their own choices, they are not people who can really compete in the job market–therefore they are forever shut out of being able to grab the brass ring and move up to being productive members of society, and being able to turn their backs on live in the hood. Pray tell, how are UN troops going to bring anything to the table that will change in one iota the basic causes of the despair, and lack of reverence for life, that is behind the gang violence, and senseless shootings. I cannot envision anything . . . . unless they intent to spend time teaching black children to read, to understand math, or science, or how they can become better members of society. I grieve for the members of this community who so not come from a “criminal background.” They are to all intents and purposes . . . collateral damage. They do not have funds to move from these war torn communities, so they have to remain there, and suffer along with those who are creating this carnage.

      Dr Eowyn . . . As sad as it is to say, this is such an important article. Thank you! The only thing I can suggest, and I will be doing this as soon as I exit FOTM . . . I plan on emailing President Trump to apprise him of this situation. I also plan on emailing this particular article to people in my circle of acquaintances–asking them to push this article on, with the request that they either call the White House (most people have free long distance these days if they have a cell phone) or go online to the site where you can email President Trump. To just let this situation sit, and do nothing, does not seem like an acceptable solution. I personally feel that this man should be taken into custody and charged with sedition, and as a traitor to this country. He definitely should not be allowed to appear before any member of the UN. He is not a US government official that would have any business to bring before the UN in any capacity.

      Note: I am just smokin’ mad right now!!! Just in case anyone was wondering.

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  4. With all the military equipment the cops have are they saying they can’t control this, or that they don’t want to? If they can’t do it they should bring in another police force. This is NOT a military situation.

    This is PRECISELY what the excuse for the exorbitant costs of the police are claimed to be needed for. If they are saying “we can’t protect the citizenry”, they need to be fired.

    Could the military do this? Of course, that’s not the point. Why would we want the UN even if we conceded that military action was required? It isn’t and this guy’s crazy to suggest it. He must have been given the assignment by his globalist owners.

    There is nothing special about the thugs in Chicago. They bleed just like anybody else. If they come to believe that behaving themselves is all that keeps them from certain death, they’ll comply.

    Frankly, I still like my idea better. Build a wall around it and keep them all in there. It’ll sort itself out.

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    • lophatt . . . . Thank you for bringing up the first thing I thought, which was . . . . . this joker has to be one someone’s payroll. He is initiating a plan which was assigned to him by his handler, one the the New World Order. No sane person would want “foreign troops” let loose on our shores!

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      • I wonder if this idiot is related to that congressman who thought an island out in the Pacific would flip over if we put too much men and materials on it. LOL… unbelievable.

        As for being on ‘someone’s’ payroll, does anyone remember how BO would run every military operation by the UN wanting their permission. Used to tee me off big time. If BO still held office this is exactly the kind of outrageous move he would have made…. a direct attack on America’s sovereignty.

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        • phoenix . . . . You are absolutely correct in your observations of how BO ran things I blame him for the fact that the UN has previously considered interfering in the affairs of the United States of America. We have a Constitution, we do not need that criminal, financially draining organization to interfere in the business of this country.

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  5. How stupid can this Mister Boykin be to make that suggestion??? KEEP THE UN OUT OF OUR BUSINESS, our problems are to be solved by none other than US. GET RID OF THE RAHM EMANUELS, pour dignity to the black community, give the children a reason to be and help the families out of poverty, and soon Chicago will experience a change, Children are children, no matter what color, unless they don’t receive help they will be the adults of tomorrow, a never ending cycle.

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    • Alma . . . . Very true observations! The one thing that rings so true in my heart is . . . “”Children are children, no matter what color, unless they don’t receive help . . . . ” There has been for many of these black children a complete failure by their parent(s) to push them to excel in school and to value learning. Unless the black community makes the decision to change their attitudes towards education in general, there can never be a real change for the better in these communities. These poor children must feel a sense of real hopelessness when they see that many, many of the mother’s in their community will “hook up” with any man who comes along. Many of these same mother’s may have different father’s for their children . . . is this not a source of distress, and shame in their minds? Their lives are very sad, and confusing–their is so little “good stuff” going on in and around where they live. It is little wonder that life is heap in the hood.

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  6. Isn’t that unconstitutional?

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    • Yes, absolutely.

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    • Well, it is “unconstitutional” to harbor troops (foreign troops) here. Of course this relates to the British using private residences for billeting. There is
      Posse Comittatus”, that prohibits the use of military for police work.

      Inviting a foreign military to perform police work on American soil is certainly “illegal”. Remember, the Constitution not only prohibits certain things, like in the Second Amendment, but it delineates what powers the Government has. If it doesn’t SPECIFY one, they don’t have it.

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  7. Maybe they should hire a militia. That’d probably get the job done.

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    • Why, they’ve got cops up the wazzu. I’ve already made my suggestions. If we acknowledge that its a “black” problem, why not let them fix THEIR problem? If we look at it as a potential danger to others, then someone needs to go in there and fix it.

      This clown’s suggestion that the UN is needed is utterly ridiculous and most likely suggested by his owners. Seen the right way, an admission that they can’t control their own city is pretty stupid. Even if the black population were 50% (which I don’t think it is), that should be a piece of cake.

      The standard distribution is 13%. That’s far too few for declared “no go zones”. If they don’t want my wall then set up some Joe Arpaio style tent cities and start carving them out of there. Bust ’em up into little groups and sit on them.

      Find new homes for them (preferably in Rahm’s neighborhood) and cram ’em in there. If that doesn’t work there’s always North Korea or Israel.

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      • “Find new homes for them ”
        I hear Syria is looking for a few people…

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      • lophatt, People need to be “guided” “helped”, a little push at a time so that they can advance in a society, ignorance will not bring progress, start from the bottom which are the children, no doubt they need help along the way, they can assimilate and when they WANT to get out of that environment they prove that they are smart, intelligent and they succeed. It is the environment that has them chained, they just don’t know how to get out of it.

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      • They HAVE found new homes for them out in the northwest suburbs. The Robert Taylor projects were torn down and they moved them out. Now there is crime we never had popping up in these areas.
        They won’t be sent to Rambo’s neighborhood, they will be sent to ours. (and yours) We have a lot of guns though.

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  8. if they are this desperate, then they should eat crow and end gun control in chiraq so people can adequately defend themselves…
    chiraq is proof why gun control doesn’t work

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  9. OK, the ONLY reason I’m commenting is that as an Old Chicago boy I know what gives and what’s best for the ‘Butcher to the World’ as we knew it, growing up in the Fifties. That is, IF we made it though ‘growing up’ w/o growing dead. And NO, it was NOT the 1850s, OK?

    What’s to worry about? Just let in any & all foreign elements; the boys in the ‘hood will dispatch them, PDQ. DONE, deal over, no Problems. See how easy that was? None of this is a social or poitical problem, just a nifty way to supply moving targets for OUR side, OK? Look at it as target practice for our boys as they defend their Muttha Land….

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  10. PS: Just check this out with our Dave. I’m sure he’ll agree this is a Highly Positive & Cost Beneficial Final Solution. Steven Broiles…? No, not so much, but that’s because he’s still one of the Good Guys, while meself and Dave have no doubts as to our status, now that we’ve retired from Political correctness….

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  11. …he is bordering on treason.

    This stinking communist puke is already there.

    Boykin should be rudely arrested, tried, and shot for treason.

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  12. Are we sure that this is stupidity, and was not the overall goal of implementing the gun control policies in the first place there, proceeding exactly as planned, or perhaps even as scheduled?

    Besides, the criminal element there has been controlled a long time, I seriously doubt this problem is truly “out of control” as advertised.

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    • I wouldn’t rule that out. On the other hand, there are so many felons there that “legally” can’t get guns anyway, its hard to see what difference it makes. Obviously,the shootings proceed apace.

      As I’m sure you know, gun control legislation has never been about crime. It is about “parasite safety”. Constitutionally, they have ZERO right to restrict a citizen’s right to arm themselves. It doesn’t matter WHAT reason they come up with.

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  14. Kevin J Lankford

    Yea!….Inviting in more foreign influence (illegals) is a great idea. We’d never get them outa here, either.

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  15. He’s a bloody Commissioner! Where the hell was he while this problem was escalating? What is he currently doing (besides wanting someone else to fix the problems he helped create)? If anything this shows his own incompetence and why his ilk should never be allowed near public offices! What’s being done in Chicago can be done anywhere else in America so abandon the city and let it rot. Otherwise, grow a pair and take your city back. There’s going to be a body count either way! Better theirs than yours!

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  16. I am reminded of the song ‘Send in the Clowns’ in this case it would be ‘Send in the Blue Tops (from Rwanda).’
    Good luck with that.

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  17. To “protect the minority population” from such violence and murder, one might reasonably think that removing the perpetrators of such violence from society, either through lifetime jail sentences or perhaps by deporting them to, say, The Sudan or North Korea or Iran, would do the trick.
    OTOH, if you want to perpetuate the problem and grow it further, just continue the revolving door policy of justice, refusing to prosecute, sentence, or properly maintain such thugs in jail where they belong.

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  18. Who the F__k! is this guy. That’s so like a like a black person; to look to others to solve their problems. This is a domestic Issue and an internal one that has to be dealt with. If the Police wanted to curb gun violence, they could do so simply by having a heavy Police presence in the most dangerous neighborhoods. But since this “genocide” that they are referring to is confined to mostly black on Black crime. You want to put fear in young wanna be black gangsters? Send their asses to the military for service based upon their crimes. The worse the crime, the more years of service you would have to serve your country. Jail is a reward for the average black criminal. Why? Because most are in a gang and all their buddies are locked up already. Its a freaking family reunion. Young black punks are however, afraid of discipline and traveling out of their familiar surroundings.This Boykins character is a sellout, a traitor and the mere fact that he even suggests the use of troops and the UN gives me the impression that he is part of a bigger conspiracy to suppress the citizens of this country. Like I said earlier; F–k this guy. Beat it Like Michael Jackson!!

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  19. Good Post, Thanks Dr Eowyn

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  20. UN Peacekeepers might act as an occupying army, forcing American military action against them on our own turf.

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    • Scary thought, traildust. Makes Boykin look even more stupid. He has no authority to speak for the US to invite any occupying force into the USA especially a force as corrupt as the UN Peacekeepers (an oxymoron if there ever was one).


  21. Bad news. I also wrote an article about this.

    Would anyone from FOTM be interesting in being a guest on my news blog?


  22. In Mexico…no one other than police or military can own or use a gun. Not working very well there after years and years of this policy—& not working after decades in Chiraque, either.. I haven’t been a causal shopping visitor to Tiajuana in eons despite my proximity ….NOR would I intentionally stop in Chicago. I’ve taken cross-country train trips that must negotiate Chicago…&, once, I took an ailing father on the trip & warned him that, we would NEVER stop or request aide in Cook County, Illinois…..we’d have just “push on through” to the next stop if he needed assistance…..I pretty much figured even way back then that only a GUN SHOT victim would recieve attention at any hospital…….whereas an out-of-town visitor would be left to die on a stetcher in the hallway of something much more benign…..


    • There’s a certain “psychology” that goes with the “gun control” crowd. From what I can determine, they like to be helpless and at the mercy of The State. They are not content to be childlike on their own, they insist that everyone be naked and helpless right along with them.

      These gun control measures are not about crime. Obviously, if anything, they tend to increase the level of violent crime as the criminals have little to worry about. The State loves them, of course, since they know that the cattle will have to physically catch them to beat them to death with sticks or rocks rather than to shoot them from afar.

      Your choice of Tijuana as an example is a good one. The “rat lands” of Mexico have always been a depressing hellhole. They were not improved since the days of Poncho Villa by the criminalization of firearm possession. Mexicans have, however, distinguished themselves as great knives men.

      At the root of all this, I suspect, is some dim notion that if weapons were gone violence would disappear as well. It’s childlike in its simplicity and detachment from reality. It goes well with “if we didn’t have fists nobody would get punched”, or “if we didn’t have feet no one would get kicked”, you get the idea.

      I firmly believe that people with this inclination actually want to remain children forever. They want to be patted on their pointy little heads and told that Mother State loves them. People like us, who relish their liberty, scare them to death. They are very much afraid that Mother State will be displeased and there will be trouble.

      It seems that you have a sound strategy for travel. I always try to avoid Chicago. Of course I try to avoid Baltimore and Philadelphia too. Sometimes it can’t be helped. On one of my last visits back East, I had a layover in Detroit. I actually ate Mexican food in the Detroit airport. Now THERE’S living life on the edge.

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  23. older video, but very relevant today:
    “America, the UN will take your guns away”


  24. “IANSA (soros-involved) anti-gun propaganda machine” behind australia losing gun rights, is focusing on usa:


  25. Has there been ANY new info on this?


  26. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Rahm Emmanuel is attempting an unauthorised surrender David Rockefeller’s CFR/UN/NWO troops. When RE worked for BHO, he spoke enthusiastically about becoming mayor of Chicago. How did he know? And Boykin, African-American, why can’t you remember the m any African-Africans slaughtered as the armed David Rockefeller U.N. “peace keeping” troops stood by and watched for so long in Rwanda. Win-Win for the NWO. Create chaos from depopulation to achieve Global order for a few.


  27. Obama and Emmanuel, from community organizer to Global organizer. Okay, Mr. Trump is president, not Mrs. Clinton, but you are trying this anyhow, Rahm. Desperation.


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