Family members of Berlin Christmas terrorist attack receive bills from government

berlin terrorist attack

Bureaucracy doing what it does best.

From Those whose sons, daughters and loved ones were killed by a terrorist plunging a hijacked truck through a Christmas market in 2016 thought at the very least they’d get a letter of condolence from their leader.

Instead, almost a year after the Berlin Christmas market terror attack, relatives of the 12 Germans killed in the attack have received bills for identifying the dead bodies and threats to call the debt collectors in.

They received limited compensation and not an official word, or letter of condolence, from German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Merkel failed them, say the grieving relatives of the 12, who have vented their anger in a withering letter accusing the Chancellor of “political inaction” and of failing to reach out to the bereaved.

Almost a year after the attack, we note that you have not shared your condolences with us either in person or in writing. In our opinion, this means that you are not doing justice to your office,” read the letter, published by weekly magazine Der Spiegel on Friday.

“In failing to do so, we believe, you are failing to live up to your high office … It is a question of respect, decency and, finally, a matter of course that you as the head of government should acknowledge to us the loss of our family members through an act of terror.”

Among those venting their anger, frustration and grief are Sigrid and Hans-Georg Rheinsberg. Their daughter, Doris, was killed in the attack by a jihadist asylum-seeker Anis Amri.

The only official communication they’ve had is an invoice from the forensic medicine department demanding €51 ($80) for identifying the body of their daughter. And a very official warning that if they didn’t pay it in 30 days, a debt collector would be hired.

Hans-Georg Rheinsberg told the magazine: “Ms. Merkel embraced the refugees, but she left us out in the cold.”

The letter says the bereaved were neglected by their government after the attack.

Accusing the Chancellor of “failing to live up” to the responsibility of her office, it notes how she and other dignitaries attended a rushed mass at the Memorial Church, a Berlin landmark in the heart of the Christmas market, while relatives of the victims were desperately struggling to find out whether their loved ones were among the casualties. Some waited for days to be informed.

The letter contrasts how other nations dealt with the five foreign dead: the Italian President attended the transfer of the remains of one of the victims; the Polish president knelt in front of the coffin of the truck driver murdered by Amri. Israel, home to another victim, passed a law giving financial support to families of terror targets overseas.

Meanwhile, the injured German survivors of the attack are also angry: while the killer received state support, some of the 70 injured have not yet been compensated for massive medical bills.

The German government has so far paid out $1.9 million to those wounded in the attack and to the victims’ families, according to the justice ministry.

Merkel’s office reacted swiftly to the public damnation, her spokesman saying on Monday she will this month hold her first face-to-face meeting with relatives on December 189 — one day before the anniversary of the attack.

Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said Merkel will listen to their grievances and see “which lessons can be learned” at the December 18 meeting.

He claimed the meeting was scheduled before the open letter was sent, nevertheless, “the letter shows how useful and urgent this meeting is”, Seibert said.

The letter had harsh words for the security “failings” that allowed Amri, a failed asylum seeker from Tunisia, to carry out the attack, the deadliest yet in Germany to be claimed by the Islamic State group.

Authorities missed a number of opportunities to arrest and deport the known drug dealer with connections to radical Islamists, who escaped detection by skipping across German state lines and using different identities.

On the day of the attack, he hijacked a truck and murdered its Polish driver before ploughing the vehicle through the market on his deadly drive. He was shot and killed four days later by Italian police in Milan.

The annual Christmas market at Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz reopened last week with new security measures in place, including concrete barriers and a heightened police presence.


23 responses to “Family members of Berlin Christmas terrorist attack receive bills from government

  1. since merkel brought terrorism to germany, she should be held completely responsible for all of the crimes brought to the people by the terrorists

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  2. There’s a reason why Merkel rhymes with HELL!

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  3. All of which leaves me wondering as to whether or not any of theses bereaved family members may have voted for Angela Merkel, while knowing her attitude on is Muslim issue,..

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  4. though she has a LONG way to go,she appears to be working towards taking Hitler’s claim of the most hated Ruler in History. Somewhere,there MUST be a list ofthe Most Hated Rulers;I’ll look for it.

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  5. It is almost inconceivable that it would have taken Merkel an entire year to plan a meeting with the family members of those who died in this horrific massacre. What has been so pressing in her schedule that she could not free up time to address the needs of the grieving families? Germany can shell out untold tens of thousands of Euros to pay for housing, food, clothing, and medical care of foreign nations since the hoards of Muslims have invaded Germany . . . but they cannot absorb the cost of identifying the remains of slain Germans, in an attack that was perpetrated by a jihadist Muslim? This woman. Merkel, is the personification of E-V-I-L. I have very little doubt where she will be spending eternity . . . . the very same place that Satan, the Father of Lies, resides and has dominion over. I just wish that the German people would wake up, and think before they vote! Putting her back in office is a travesty . . . all the rest of the Western civilized world looks on, and we are left scratching our heads over her remaining her post.

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  6. Angel (a) by name seems to be Satan’s conscript.

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  7. People deserve the government they get. They voted for her.

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Angela Merkel is a muslim loving communists. She lived in East Berlin what did the people who voted for her expect.


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    • You are certainly correct about her being a Muslim-loving communist. She was in the party in East Germany and nothing I’ve ever read about her would indicate that she is anything but dedicated to the Zionist/Communist cause.

      So, it isn’t too surprising to see her schtick. As to “voting” I suspect they have the same issues as us and the rest of the world. These animals loosely referred to as “globalists” rule the day. I don’t think for a minute that anybody actually “votes” them into office.

      But I’m of the opinion that, if nobody voted at all, they would produce show on election results and breathlessly tell us how “close” it is until they announce the “winner”. It’s all theater.

      Having lived in Germany for a couple of years a long time ago, I find it hard to believe they haven’t physically dragged her out of there by now. I guess it will never happen.

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  9. Slap a civil lawsuit on the local police chief, town council, state governor and Chancellor Merkel for failing to protect German citizens from enemies both foreign and national.

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    • MA in MO . . . . that is absolutely the correct response to the failure of all the German governments to protect those who they serve, and who pay their wages.

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  10. Betcha Merkel wouldn’t do that if the victims were Muslim.

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  11. I’d tell Merkel to go ____ herself.


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  12. Merkel is more guilty in that attack than the terrorist. She recruited him, and those like him.

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  13. She must be the German version of Hillary . The gall of this idiot astounds me . I agree with Dave ; backwards , forwards , sideways , etc.
    And anyone who would pay is a complete idiot

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    • japoa . . . Well said, I must agree she must be the personification of the US born Killary. I would say it is important that none of the individuals who received this demand for payment notification–IGNORE it, don’t pay it. Let them come after you, it will foment in the public eye, and bring attention to the wrongful way that native German’s are being treated.

      Here in Multnomah County, Portland, Oregon, the “liberal” voters were able to vote in a $35.00 a year tax on each adult who works. After the election, it came to light that it was “illegal” to force those who are on a State or Federal pension. In this area, these are the very liberal folks who voted in this measure, and they bring home the very highest of pension payments. I paid it the first year, but the last three years I have not, not after learning that some folks got a dispensation from paying this tax. In the Fall of this year I did get a notice that my fine had increased. I must confess, there is not a snowballs chance in Hell that I will voluntarily pay. Sometimes, it is just the right thing to push back against governments that are being onerous.

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  14. Do they really want her to “reach out” to them at this point? – they already have a pretty good idea of what kind of person/Mensch she is.

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