Study by liberal economists finds racial differences in how hard Americans work

A trio of liberal economists made the mistake of doing a study on how American workers spent their working hours. Their purpose was to find evidence of racial discrimination which would explain a racial gap in pay. To their dismay, however, the economists found significant racial differences in how much time Americans spent not working while on the job, i.e., how hard one works.

The economists are:

  1. Daniel Hamermesh, Professor of Economics, University of London.
  2. Katie Genadek, Research Scientist, University of Minnesota.
  3. Michael Burda, Professor Economics, Humbodlt University of Berlin.

The study was published as a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper titled, “Racial/Ethnic Differences in Non-Work at Work,” in January 2017.

The economists delayed publishing their findings until after the 2016 presidential election because they didn’t want to give ammunition to what Hamermesh calls “Trump and his minions” to use “as a propaganda piece.”

As reported by The Economist on Feb. 4, 2017, this was the study’s methodology:

  • The economists collected data from nearly 36,000 “daily diaries” — American workers’ self-reporting on how they spent their working hours, from 2003 to 2012.
  • Assuming that the self-reports were honest, the economists calculated the amount of time spent not working while on the job, e.g., eating, chatting, relaxing, surfing the net, etc.

The study found a small but statistically significant racial and gender differences in the amount of time spent not working while on the job — even after controlling for geography, type of work, union status, and other variables. “Statistically significant” means the racial differences did not occur by chance alone. Here are the findings:

  • Racial “minorities,” especially male minorities, spent larger portions of their workdays not actually working, i.e., are lazier:
    • Hispanics are the laziest, followed by blacks, then Asians.
    • White workers are the least lazy.
  • Gender differences;
    • Hispanic and black men are lazier than Hispanic and black women.
    • Asian women are lazier than Asian men.
    • White men and women are about the same, with the females slightly lazier than the men.

Trying to explain the racial gap, the study first considered racial discrimination as the cause — that minority workers slack off work because of discriminatory treatment by managers. But that explanation was rejected because the study found that self-employed minority workers also spent more time not working.

So the three economists finally resorted to the same “cultural differences” explanation that is used to account for persistent racial differences in IQ and SAT scores.

Denunciations of the study were swift, as well as retributions against its politically incorrect findings.

Within hours of publication, Daniel Hamermesh — an avowed “progressive” who refers to President Trump only by derogatory amusing nicknames and who had resigned from a post at the University of Texas over a state law permitting the open carrying of firearms — received vitriolic messages and was labeled a racist in an online forum popular among economists.

Ever the liberal, Hamermesh’s proposed solution to the racial work gap is not that minorities should work more, but rather that whites should work less because “Americans work too much”.


40 responses to “Study by liberal economists finds racial differences in how hard Americans work

  1. Yeah, that’s the answer alright. Bring everyone down to one level, the lowest. That should fix it. I could have told him this outcome years ago.

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  2. I have worked with all kinds. Yes to this chart. However, I have found most young adults to be extremely lazy.

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    • weezy . . . . Amen to that! They have been taught in school that “everyone” gets a trophy” for just showing up! This is a damning indictment on our public schools.

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  3. They had to do a study to find this out? I would disagree with one thing — White men and women are about the same, with the females slightly lazier than the men — in my experience this should be reversed. Women work a lot harder than men.

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    • Total B.S. As a business owner of 38 years, I have had to reprimand women for slacking off with BORING regularity. One in particular was fired after she showed up and did nothing but chat to other workers for a week. When she was confronted about her lack of productivity, she actually said “Oh, you were serious about that?”…. Woman work harder? In a pig’s eye…

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      • It probably depends on the field of work…
        In my experience both as a lab researcher and a professor, the folks I was most likely to see working late after hours — to ensure a job gets done or tomorrow’s class goes off without a hitch – were guys.
        I think part of that was that we saw our work as being of primary importance, and whether we got home “on time”, or made that social meeting or whatever, came a distant second.
        Most of the women I worked with, OTOH, seemed more interested in meeting their “social & family commitments” and such. Which are important too, of course. Just different priorities. And there are likely women who put their career first as well, likely (as with the men) happily single or married and not that intent on being that “socially relevant” or “connected”…

        End result? I’m now a mid-50s and socially irrelevant bachelor. Oh well.

        BTW, my sisters, my mom, and both grandmothers worked full-time. All of them pretty intense workers, and each working hard to “get there”. But dad was the beast, working long days and taking overtime and weekend work whenever it was asked of him. And he missed a bit of my youth as a result.

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    • The Men work as hard as the Women,just at different things. The Women work at earning paychecks,taking care of the kids,the house, and keeping up the social status of the family;the Men also work for their paychecks,but their other tasks include building trailers,sighting in their hunting rifles,repairing their buddies’ motorcycles,four wheeling to see an abandoned mining camp,and rescuing their friends when they break an axle on their Jeeps while hunting “out in the middle of God’s Country”,among other less likely emergencies. They ALSO do a lot of Family stuff. (I’m not saying this is true in ALL cases-this is just ONE Man’s opinion. YOUR experiences may differ.)

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  4. They needed a study to tell them that? Seems like an average shopping trip to any retail outlet would show you the same results. I see it every day no matter where I shop.

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  5. “whites should work less because “Americans work too much”.”
    the cart pulling the horse…
    I’ve noticed a difference between liberals and conservatives and work ethic; seems those who value life work harder than those who have no value for life.

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    • MomOfIV . . . . I think you are right on the money with that observation! Liberals look to others to sustain them, and they have little value either in life or trying to succeed on their own merits.

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  6. Did they actually PAY for this study? I’ll do it for half. That’s why Whitey is universally despised. We make the others look lazy, because they are.

    Whitey doesn’t usually count robbing liquor stores and getting face tattoos as bonafide pursuits. So, regardless of the criteria, or the outcome, its all Whitey’s fault.

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    • lophatt . . . Gosh! You’re supposed to keep that secret under your hat.

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    • ” We make the others look lazy, because they are.” At the risk of being RAAAACIST,’ll say that the primary thing the Blacks have against most whites is NOT about skin color-it’s that WE make THEM sound SO STUPID. Just LISTEN to them try to discuss anything important. They sound like kids trying to create their own language “on the fly”. I don’t even talk to ’em if I can avoid it,because I can’t fricken’ UNDERSTAND ’em.

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  7. Black women are by far the laziest of all creatures. I’ve never hired one that lasted longer than a few weeks. They simply will not work.And have the unmitigated gall to be offended when asked to do so.

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  8. Look, “Black Reds”. Maybe the solution is not to sell them anything. How many calories are there in crack and “Ho Ho’s”?

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  9. This is an extremely important article, and I think it is right on! Years ago, I worked at the Portland Chapter of the American Red Cross, calling donors to come into donate blood. It just so happened that our unit was the top producing unit in the country, and once I got the hang of it, I was usually the very top person will the most donors who actually showed up for their appointments.

    That being said, I was friends with a black gentleman who was 10 year older than I . . . there was one occasion that he told me, “You work too hard! It makes the rest of us look bad.” I was saddened by this comment, as I reviewed in my mind what drives me to try to be the best I can be, I was able to come up with several reasons: 1) perfection and performance is inbred in my family, this is a trait that comes down from my Norwegian grandfather (my father had this trait, and all four of us siblings have this particular trait 2) As a single woman, there is never a day that I do not realize that I alone am responsible for my own upkeep–there is no backup plan 3) If you have to spend your time somewhere, why wouldn’t you want to be the very best you could possibly be?)

    I think, and this is just my opinion, blacks have had the mindset for generations that they were wronged by “whitey” in that they were stolen from Africa (yes, whites certainly did participate in the slave trade, other black Africans captured members of weaker tribes, and certainly it is recorded that among some of the owners of the most slaves were black men) in order that the weakest among the slaves would not be punished for “not keeping up” all of the rest would engage in “half steppin'” meaning they just did not work to their optimum. Had I been a slave out in a field, I suspect that I would have adopted that same work ethic, it was a safety thing to protect the weakest among them. If everybody was going at a slower pace, then the weak and the elderly could not be singled out for punishment. The problem is that blacks no longer live under the conditions of slavery, and this mentality, does not serve them well in today’s world. Any one who does not perform on the job can be gotten rid of. That’s why anyone who wants to succeed, and have the blessings that a good paycheck brings, needs to work at a pace that management sees “this worker is really an asset to us.” Unfortunately, many blacks feel very envious of the success of those around them, but they just don’t feel it within themselves to set up to the plate.

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    • Yeah, I’ve encountered this too. As “Cogito…” says, below, it’s an attitude. Trust me, I get it. They see the whole thing as a Whitey-controlled scam. The idea is to get over on “The Man”.

      To a certain extent most of us are wage slaves. There is a fine line between allowing ones self to be taken advantage of and having enough self-respect to do an honest day’s work. To me it is a form of theft to do otherwise.

      Still, this is all tied together with other concepts we’ve discussed here. “Values” control much of our culture. Many do not have Christian values and are unlikely to ever get them. Many have been “taken care of” for too long.

      There is a very real push to make people dependent. This goes with lowered standards and expectations. So there is a generational difference in how we see work and life in general.

      In many ways I’m glad I’m as old as I am. I don’t think I want to be around for the logical conclusion to this.

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      • lophatt . . . I can only agree with you on the . . . “‘m glad I’m as old as I am. I don’t think I want to be around for the logical conclusion to this.” Anyone who does not think that the circumstances that we now have an ever burgeoning class of our society that “must to taken care of” is a fool. There will be time when the proverbial “the straw that broke the camel’s back” will come to fruition. As the group of those who do not work, yet extract monies out of those of us who do, continues to grow. . . those who are “producers” will see that they are not in a position to enjoy the fruits of their labor, and thus they will find ways to cut down on the effort and time they spend working. We see this to a certain degree today, those who are in a position on their job to work overtime, will see that after a certain amount of hours put in (perhaps 8-10 hours of work) you pass the point of diminishing returns. Your pay check is no larger, because of taxes being taken out, than had you not worked the overtime. It is difficult when employers need the work to get done, and in many instances, mandatory over is called. The only benefit to the worker is that more monies are being paid into Social Security, and thus once they are able to claim their SS benefits, they will qualify for a higher payout, whereas those who have done less work will need to be either satisfied with lower SS payments, or they will find a way to get the government to supplement them in some way, shape or form.

        I am grateful for the fact that I worked 13 years for the American Red Cross, because that extra monies put me in a bracket where I was able to realize a much greater SS benefit than had I just worked the one full time job. It was so hard working five days a week, 20 hours, in addition to my regular job, where I also had occasion to need to work overtime also. I know I could never do it today, but I was grateful for the opportunity to work the extra job back then.

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        • AL: To receive SS you have to work forty quarters and the payout formula IIRC is your best three years. So working over that doesn’t lead to one of your three best years doesn’t lead to an increase in your benefits.

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          • owenmeister . . . . I was not aware of that. Thank you for bringing that up. I suppose that my best years of earning occurred during the time I worked the two jobs. I just did not realize what the specific formula was. Thank you so much for enlightening all of us, this knowledge may come in very handy to others in the future.


  10. I think what some see as laziness, others see as “working/beating the system” and hence those paying them… It’s another brainwashed “value”.

    And some see EVERYONE (esp. whites) as “not really working”, so why should they? They also see college as largely a party town for rich, spoiled white kids, so once they get in, why should it be any different for them?

    Of course, many kids DO go to college the way they would go to summer camp. But not all, and those who work and apply themselves should, in the end, be the ones rewarded with the highest grades, degrees, and jobs. Just as those who work hardest and/or produce the best result on the job should be paid & promoted most. But some see that as mere racism or sexism, and are actively fighting for their “right to equal pay and promotion” without the need for (gasp!) working for it. That upsets me. It denigrates the job and the product or service produced.

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    • In my generation, and the one before it, college education was the exception, not the norm. I personally do not believe the push for everyone attending college had anything to do with “improvement”. I think it has to do with another profit source.

      Anyone who worked a standard job consistently could buy a house and car, have a vacation every year and plan to retire at 65. That was the minimum standard. I think that is very healthy and reasonable.

      In industrialized Europe the standard was much the same, although it varied from country to country. Germany, for example, had benefits much better than the U.S..

      Since that time I do not see improvement. Quite the contrary. Unrestricted corporate interests have led to where we find ourselves today. No one has any job security and can plan on working until they drop. If they are college educated they can be first in line to make “Slurpies” at the 7-11 and owe a huge student debt.

      Jobs that require skill and talent go where the labor is cheap. None of this benefits the residents of the effected countries. It only benefits the banksters.

      None of this is “accidental”or “natural”. This is all due to national governments and their employees being purchased by greedy interests. Those who’s jobs it was to protect their citizenry didn’t.

      Looking at the quality of graduates from universities is appalling enough. I managed legions of them with Master’s degrees that were functionally illiterate. How does that happen? I ended up spending much of my time teaching remedial English to “professionals”. I’ll bet they didn’t get any discounts for the failure to provide them any usable skills.

      At the heart of this rant is the idea that what we have now is an “improvement” over what came before. It most assuredly is not. So, I CAN understand how someone could get fed up with working to the point whereby they provided the absolute minimum. As a personal matter, that is unacceptable, but it is understandable.


    • I am sure there are different expressions of this as well as different reasons. For example, the work ethic in Italy or Spain is much different than in the U.S.. Indeed, on balance, we overwork our workers and expect much more out of them than most other places.

      Even Germany, an industrious country, had many more holidays than we do and virtually nobody works Sunday. The concept of “work” is much different as well. I found it to be more respectful than in America.

      If you go to Africa or Mexico you will see a different dynamic. Virtually nothing works (including the people), even if they have jobs. Somehow, even with the more relaxed attitudes in Europe, they accomplish much. Not so much in Africa or Mexico.

      So, like this study purports to do, there are other studies that are virtually taboo this day and age that probably more accurately identify root causes of low productivity and attitudes toward meaningful work.

      The 800 lbs. gorilla in the room is the topic of race. NOBODY wants to suggest that race has anything to do with it. I don’t know myself but the anecdotal evidence certainly points in that direction. It is a shame we can’t explore those topics without a hew and cry.

      So, what are we left with? We “pretend” that everyone is equally equipped and exactly the same. So, how do you explain the obvious? I find this topic interesting and I’ve done a little study of it myself.

      While I always caution that “we work to live, not the other way round”, we all need to find a balance that allows us to hold our heads up high and still find time for the business of living.

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  11. This IS a very good article,but it’s so–wait for it—-RAAAAAAAAACIST! (sarc)

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  12. Where do you get this type of crap from?
    Perhaps you should post the actual study or put a link to the journal where the study is. Anyone looking at this will recognize this propaganda for what it is……


  13. Some of this study might be affected by the culture(s) adopted by geographic areas and past histories of immigration/agriculture /industrialization/service /population (competition?) and outright expectations, etc. I’d like to see the geographics of the sampling. For SURE, coming from the Mid-Atlantic East to CA (via Utah)….I saw 3 totally different work ethics in evidence.

    The thing I notice most about so. CA is that, the people who work….work VERY hard and long days, whether on salary or hourly work….working for themselves or for an entity……and those who don’t (LOTS OF THEM) …DON’T—-and yet, for those who DON’T, their “free time” (4-wheeling in the desert, going to Six Flags or Disneyland regularly, etc etc…and yet…the bulk of my school population is on free breakfast and lunch paid for by the government…) is SACRED…..I have kids absent every Friday from school b/c the family participates in these activities regularly…and have switched their kids out of my classroom when I assigned them a “Saturday School” for a make-up test, for instance. They complained loud and ferociously (to my administrator) that I had no RIGHT to interrupt their “family time.” (But, they expected ME to interrupt my time and every other child’s time in my classroom to stop and administer a one-on-one instruction and test, etc. to their child to fix up their recreatioinal absences.. and ignore the rest of my class….for THEIR family time/convenience.) SImilarly, because CA shares a border with Mexico, most of my “Hispanic” kids pad each side of a “regular” school break with several weeks of unexcused absences… a 2-week winter break will for sure turn into a 4 or 5-week break b/c the family is “in Mexico.” The attendance office notes this on our attendance system in those exact words…as THOUGH it is an “excused” absence.” I still marvel at this “in Mexico” excuse…..b/c I would like to have a few “excused” days myself that might say “at the mall” or “at home reading a book, finally.” Without fail, the student will come to my desk, stand in front of me and say, “My mom says for you to give me all my make-up work.” (Which I am supposed to “rustle up”—1-3 weeks or more– instantly, while, again, being expected to ignore my day’s lesson plan for the entire rest of the class……) I used to try and accomodate. Too hard on me and on my other students. Then….later, I started making photocopies of every worksheet or notation about readings, notes, etc and file them into a notebook daily in the library. Then, when a kid did this to me…I’d send them to the library to get a sheaf of whatever date-span they needed. This STILL took hours of my time to document every day. Now, I just say “No, I am teaching our class. You must participate in our daily lesson and so must the rest of the class. Have your parents arrange a meeting in my room before or after school hours and I will help you catch up.” They NEVER show up. They take the “zero” grades if it is THEIR time that they have to invest in order to “make up” for their unexcused and lenghty absences. My point about all this is……THIS is where work ethic starts and , evidently, ends in my geographic area of the country. It could be quite different elsewhere that does not include these sorts of issues……

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    • CalGirl . . . I must congratulate you for your efforts and inventiveness. If children in school do not learn a work ethic there, or from their parents . . . they just aren’t going to learn it. I think it was extremely creative that you housed lesson plans in your school library, and put the responsibility on the student to “get their work in.” I wish we had more excellent teachers or your caliber! God Bless you for your efforts, I have no doubt that those students who do toe the mark, are grateful for your efforts, and the fact that they are actually learning something . . . and the rest . . . well I guess they will just have to jump into that great well of nothingness. They will not amount to anything because they did not put any time and effort into taking advantage of getting an education! Therefore, it’s just too bad, they will always trail behind those who applied themselves. That old adage of “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force it to drink” certainly applied in this situation. We spend billions on education young people, but because of their lax attitude toward getting an education . . . we might as well be throwing the money into a large pit in the ground.

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  14. So, I guess the bottom line is that…

    White Males really ARE privileged… to do more work.

    I’d like to see a similar study comparing the work habits of conservatives to liberals. I think we all know how lopsided THAT would turn out!

    There’s a White Male lib where I work, and after awhile I picked up on his habit of clocking in each morning and then going directly to the restroom, where he sits on the toilet for at least 20-25 minutes. The only thing I can say for him is that at least he IS using the MEN’S restroom.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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    • No doubt you’ve already caught on to all the creative ways he avoids actually doing his job;getting coffee,washing his hands,talking to his fellow employees as THEY work,anything that keeps him from actually WORKING. Truth be known,he probably leans on fellow workers to help him cover various parts of his job,because “I’m just so darned busy-I just can’t finish it without working overtime,and I don’t want to cost the Company money like that..” (These are things I actually witnessed from an employee at the Newspaper I worked at,when I was a Web-Press Mechanic. He lasted about a Month.)

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      • Yeah, TruckJunkie, if only the libs would apply their methods toward improving America, and transform their negative energy into positive energy, this country might really be a beacon for other nations and a social system worth emulating.

        Ah, but alas! I might as well be wishing that pigs will fly and Hellary Clinton will jettison the devil and turn to Christ.

        ~ D-FensDogG
        STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’


  15. As a former government worker I can tell you that there are three kinds.
    Those the make the work.
    Those that do the work.
    And those that get the work done in spite of the other two.
    I’d be bustin my hump all day while one guy surfed the web, another was always taking a smoke break, two others spent all day keeping other people from getting anything done, a couple of others stayed in the union office and the boss didn’t have a clue how to do anything but go to meetings and avoid having to make any decisions. The three or four of us that really cared got all of the work done the best we could.
    And you can bet which ones were the minorities, or EEOC, or affirmative action placements, or diversity program twits, and such. Shit. Even the drug addicts worked harder than most of those societal parasites.


  16. I assert that this is cultural than racial. I’ve worked in union settings white/black where the harder you work, the more your hated. In fact, my family visited Russia (all white people) during , and after Communism. When it was in power, the service workers were horrible and had a sense of entitlement. They even went as far to berate the workers who went above the norm in hopes, to get a gratuity. After Communism fell, the communist sycophants were lost who then drank and smoked themselves to death, from despair. This disease has permeated our universities, pubic schools and media. Keep your offspring away from these people, if you love and care for them.

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