Cat opens drawer containing treats

Just give kitty his treats already!


15 responses to “Cat opens drawer containing treats

  1. Absolutely adorable. 😉

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  2. Sweet kitty, meowwwwwww!

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  3. Looks very much like my Cat “Hinder”-even acts like her. I just can’t be upset at her,no matter WHAT she does-it’s those big beautiful eyes…..

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  4. Wonderful post! Kitty opened the drawer, using both her mouth, and then her paw. That is just amazing. When the owner shut the drawer, you could just see in Killy’s eyes, “How dump can my Mama possibly be!”

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  5. Yes wonderful! And I had to laugh at the way once she opened the drawer she politely sat there as if to tell her owner, well you know what you’re supposed to do next.

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  6. I am such a sucker for pet stories! Love it! I have several cats (all of whom sleep with our big, maternal Blonde Lab “mommy dog,” it’s a real kick that we keep taking pictures of….that’s what you do when your human kids are grown up.) One of my female (of course, spayed) cats “steals” laundry fr the laundry room ( loves esp. socks…but will even take big sweaters, etc.) to drag into the family room in order to “nest” on/near the feeding area. She will let us take it “away” and re-wash, when we give her the “Tasty CHicken-flavored Temptation Treat.” We call this ‘trading for treats” and we had a beloved Lab/GSP mix dog who did the same thing in his day—we put him on a diet and he’d steal MAIL, washcloths, hangers…the paper…to TRADE for food. These fur-babies are NOT DUMB! They figure us out!

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  7. Kitty caught taking something out of drawer:

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  8. Too cute, and we think animals aren’t smart? Oh boy they’re smart

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  10. I’m sitting here saying “just take the whole bag” mean owner, good kitty.

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  11. That cat is looking expectantly at its owner for some of the treats in the drawer. Its owner shouldn’t tease it. Beautiful cat. I once came downstairs to find the fridge door open and some cold meat missing. I had 2 cats at the time and knew which one was guilty but didn’t mind.

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