Seattle Seahawks rookie arrested, calls female officer a b*tch & her partner the “N” word

malik mcdowell

Tell me why I should care one iota about these NFL child-like ingrates?

From Daily Mail: Body camera footage has emerged showing Seattle Seahawks defensive end Malik McDowell unleashing a foul-mouthed rant at police officers while being arrested for disorderly conduct outside a Georgia nightclub over the weekend.

In the four-minute video, the 21-year-old rookie NFL player is heard repeatedly calling a female officer a ‘b***h’ and her male partner the ‘N-word,’ bragging about his wealth and justifying his conduct by claiming that he paid $1million in taxes.

McDowell, who is not an active player after suffering a concussion in an ATV accident back in July, was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning after getting into an altercation over money outside the SL Lounge club in the Atlanta suburb of Chamblee.

At around 2.21am, the athlete allegedly shouted at a security guard that he had already paid $600. However staff claim he hadn’t given them any cash.

According to an incident report filed by the Chamblee Police Department and first reported on by TMZ Sports, security allowed him back in before kicking him out again.

An officer said the player poured out a couple of bottles of alcohol while inside the nightclub.

Officers then tried to get McDowell into the back of the police car to take him to jail on suspicion of disorderly conduct, prompting the Seahawks player to spout forth a torrent of profanities at the officers, whom he repeatedly called ‘dumba** n****rs’ and ‘brokea** n****rs.’

In the body camera video documenting McDowell’s arrest, which was also obtained by WILX, the 21-year-old NFL player justifies the verbal abuse directed at the cops by boasting about his prosperity.

‘B*h, I got money, that’s why I can talk st…you’ll be a broke b***h for the rest of your life,’ he rants. ‘B***h, I got lawyer money…I’m rich, b***h, dumbass n***er…I got a lot of f***ing money, you brokea** n***res.’

As a second-round, 35th overall draft pick, McDowell signed a four-year, $6.95million contract with the Seahawks in the spring.

Even after he was handcuffed and bundled into the back of the squad car, McDowell carried on berating the cops in the harshest of terms – and arguing that as a top-bracket taxpayer, he had the right to do so.

‘I paid a million in taxes this fing year. If I wanna call that bh a bh, I can,’ he tells the male officer, referring to his female partner. ‘Yes, I can. If I wanna call every officer a bh, I can.’

But the officer seems unconvinced by McDowell’s argument and points out that he paid his taxes in Seattle, not in the City of Chamblee. ‘We didn’t get paid on that – Seattle police did,’ the cops maintains. ‘We’ve been paid off City of Chamblee taxes. You can go to Seattle and call everybody you want a b***h.’

Once he is brought to the police station, McDowell insists that he did nothing unlawful, arguing that his calling an officer ‘a b***h’ does not merit a disorderly conduct charge.

The female arresting officer later claimed that the 6-foot-6, 299-pound defensive end put up such a fight that she almost had to use a Taser and pepper spray on him.

McDowell was booked into jail for disorderly conduct before being released on $325 bond.

On Monday, the pugnacious player tweeted an apology for his outburst saying he was ’embarrassed’ by his actions.  In his message addressed to the police, the Seahawks organization and his teammates, McDowell said that he was ‘a young man who made a mistake’ and that he was ‘constantly working towards getting better.’ 

That same day, McDowell met with Seahawks general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll, who described the player as ‘very remorseful’ and expressed hope that he would learn from this experience.  ‘We’ve already talked about that, and let’s hope that this isn’t an indicator of things to come,’ the coach told The Seattle Times.


19 responses to “Seattle Seahawks rookie arrested, calls female officer a b*tch & her partner the “N” word

  1. Stupid is as stupid does.

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  2. lemmee guess:
    ‘it wasn’t my fault…the alcohol made me do it…I really respect law enforcement’
    and while at the next game he takes a knee and cries about police brutality

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  3. So they got him on tape so he could lie his way out of it. Sounded like he was challenging the police to fight him. They were gullible enough to engage in some sort of useless conversation which just encouraged the hoodie to shoot his mouth off further so the next thing is be humble; and the NFL is supportive.
    I am thru with the NFL anyway.

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  4. Aha, this young boy arrested for disorderly conduct, he thought he had the tiger by the tail, you are 21yrs old and stupid to the core, you don’t know any better, because you are a product of your environment with a couple of coins in your shorts, that’s how you grew up. How pitiful. I always say you can get the animal out from the jungle but you cannot get the jungle out from the animal. The police is there to handle unruly people like you and stablish order, you are a football player because you can take the punches and you can give them back, they need players like you. Doubt that you can get anything from this encounter, sit your ass in jail and put you thoughts together, be ready for the next time you pull another act, no one can save your ass.

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  5. You can send these cretins to the finest colleges and universities in the country, even try to instill some degree of etiquette in them but underneath it all you still have ill bred rubes and unmannered morons with criminal tendencies. Always remember you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear and leopards don’t change their spots.

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  6. In ten years he’ll be applying for a job at a car wash. Which he won’t get.

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  7. The problem is that this kind of young man, from the time he was 14 years old, has been treated as special. He has had his life planned out for him, first probably by his parents, who looked upon him as a cash cow, and then by college coaches as someone who could help them boost their record and thus their ability to maintain their employment options. Then by the Jerry McGuire types who want to make their 10% off him. So nobody has actually looked out for his best interests by telling him how to act and how to behave, especially in the situation that he now finds himself in. Of course they do have people in the NFL that teach rookies things like that, who not only tell them what is expected of them as representatives of the league, but also now, they have people to show them how to invest their money so that they don’t find themselves penniless when they are no longer able to play football, which according to the league average, is 3-4 years.

    The problem is that many, if not most of these people from this class will not listen, or don’t have the capability to learn from this type of training. And so, when they do add alcohol, or on occasion, drugs, their stupid is just magnified. It actually is just a very small percentage of the people who make it to the top that turn out to be like this. It is so hard to move on up to the NFL, that the screening process usually gets rid of this type way before they make it that far. It simply is no longer enough to be big and fast. Even the lower level college programs are full of young men like that.

    It is just like the music industry. People who are good musicians and singers are playing in bars and clubs every night. I used to play music and our band was technically much better than at least a third of those you hear on the radio. There is no way to know just what makes the producers choose one act over another. But one thing I do know. They will not waste any time on a group who has a bunch of baggage with them. A really great group, whose lead singer is strung out on heroin, doesn’t stand a chance. The industry simply won’t waste their time and money on them, when there was such a big chance that they could loose it on a drug problem. There are just too many others out there that are just as good, or better, without the baggage.

    I don’t personally know any athletes who have blown it because of issues, but I know several musicians who had contracts that were withdrawn when the record companies found out that there was a problem. They do check before they actually let the artist sign, it is only a business with them. With money involved, they can’t afford to get personally involved. Two of these people were friends, and one was a nephew. All were offered contracts, and all were ultimately withdrawn when a background check was done, and not because financial issues.

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  8. Oh sure it’s okay for him to say the N word but when I say it suddenly I have an “attitude problem”

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  9. At seeing that the Seahawk’s management declared his behavior “as a young man who made a mistake. My answer to that is . . . horse feathers! He is a 6′ 6” 300 lb killing machine; the fact is that he posed a serious problem for these officers. Not only was he an obnoxious, belligerent, POS. I hope that the Seahawks get him shaped up. Just to look at him does not tell me that he is a stellar member of the community. I certainly do agree, in 10-15 years, he will be penniless, and then he will be a menace to his community. Individuals, who by the age of 21, who have not been raised better than this will remain a member of the jungle they came out of.

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  10. obviously the man was drunk….


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