Alabama election fraud: Man admits Democrat voters came from other states

In the December 12 special Senate election in Alabama, we are told that pro-abort Democrat candidate Doug Jones narrowly won with 49.92% of the votes vs. Republican Roy Moore’s 48.38% — a razor-thin margin of only 1.54%.

There are allegations of vote fraud and irregularities, including:

  • A “timely” ruling on election day by the Alabama Supreme Court allowing the destruction of digital voting records.
  • A “timely” drive to register thousands of convicted felons to vote.
  • Allegations that busloads of Democratic voters were brought in to voting stations.
  • Online calls for “African Americans” from other states to vote in Alabama, which, of course, is against the law.

We now have direct evidence that people from out of state did indeed vote in the Alabama special election.

At the Doug Jones victory party, a female Fox11 reporter asks a bespectacled young man what he’s excited about the Jones victory. Holding a “Doug Jones for Senate” campaign sign, the clearly jubilant man leaned into the TV camera and says:

We came in from different parts of the country [inaudible] and all of us pitched in to vote and came in together and we got our boy elected! Doug Jones!”

Here’s the video, followed by a GIF I had made of what the man said, in the event YouTube scrubs the video.

Since Alabama requires a photo ID to vote, this means that out-of-state people like this man could only have voted with the complicity of those manning the voting stations.

Alabama’s Secretary of State John Merrill oversees elections. Please notify him of this fraud and demand an investigation. Call 1-800-274-VOTE or click here.

Update (Dec. 19, 2017):

See “Alabama secretary of state is investigating special Senate election fraud“.


15 responses to “Alabama election fraud: Man admits Democrat voters came from other states

  1. Well, well… Democrats can’t ever do anything fair and square.

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  2. Does anyone know if Judge Moore has been able to get a stay on that last minute ruling on the destruction of voting records? I read something yesterday about it, but I don’t remember where.

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  3. It is unbelievable they are not contesting this election. Something is seriously up if they are not. It is clear from many stories on the Web that they did the usual bussing and paying people to vote. And then bussing in outsiders to vote, and you can bet, paying them. This is how its done in the South.

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  4. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:

    Alabama Wahlbetrug: Mann gesteht Demokraten Wähler kamen aus anderen Staaten

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  5. They should investigate this.with only 22,800 total voters less then 400 would meet 1.5%

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Didn’t every body already know. Trump’s election just caught em by surprise with his unexpected support. They don’t mean to let that happen again.

    Only a real law suit and prosecution will stop such actions; the proof is in the face of all the U.S

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  7. And just look who are supporting this anti-American Communist………….the under 30 crowd. The future of this country based on these idiots is very bleak.

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  8. We knew it would happen. And if someone does bring some serious hurt to the fraudsters the practice will continue. Once jail time is given to some, the numbers should decrease.

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  9. I wonder why the DOJ and FBI haven’t gotten involved in this obvious voter fraud? from what I’ve read alabama is not pursuing it….trump is encouraging moore to concede…sessions doesn’t seem to care…
    seems the swamp doesn’t want moore..
    if the tables were turned and liberals suspected voter fraud against their candidate, we would never hear the end of the screams of bias, favoritism, discrimination, and unfairness going on with trump’s administration and lawsuits filed.
    “Roy Moore wants money to prove ‘voter fraud’ in Alabama”

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    • Well, just look at the bang-up job they’ve done with Hillary and the DNC criminals. It would be more effective (and honest) to hire Blackwater. Calling the FBI is like turning yourself in to the Stasi.

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  10. Why aren’t the Alabamians outraged and demanding justice be done here? Perhaps it’s because they’ve put dumbing-down chemicals in their water or possibly threatened them in some way or form. I don’t know but why aren’t they demanding something be done about this immediately! This is what we will see in 2018 elections – as much voter fraud and election theft as we allow them to get away with. I certainly pray that enough people rise up to their God given duty and we get who we elect. American citizens, for our sake and the sake of our freedoms and liberty and prosperity, wake up and rise to the challenge! As a side note: in Illinois, Cook County commissioner, Richard Boykin, wants to bring in the UN police in place of ours and take command of the murder in Chicago. Trump wants to help but they are rejecting his help. Once the UN gets involved here you can bet they’ll be taking away our only way of defending ourselves from a tyrannical communist government – our guns! Please pray this isn’t allowed to happen.

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  11. Well, it appears YouTube did scrub your post! Glad you included the gif. I have heard that there will be no recount because the margin has to be one-half percent or less of the total. The 2018 vote is going to need close scrutiny if these tactics are in play for the leftists.

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