Scourge of savage MS-13 spreads further into Nassau, New York


This is why you need the Second Amendment. And no sanctuary for illegal aliens.

A very informative story from the New York Post. A report that most in the sanctuary-city-protection media won’t dare tell.

From NY Post: On West Greenwich Avenue in Roosevelt, Long Island, the oak trees were just thick enough to hide Angel Soler’s mutilated body. The 15-year-old boy had been stabbed to death with a machete and dumped in a wooded area bordering the Southern State Parkway by members of the vicious El Salvadoran gang MS-13.

His family said he had been threatened by the gang in July, although it is still unclear why. Soler wasn’t a suspected member of MS-13 — he had actually fled his native Honduras more than four years earlier to escape gang violence. He went missing shortly after receiving threatening texts, and was found dead Oct. 19.

“You’re not safe anyplace,” Roosevelt resident Sybil Greenidge, 76, recently lamented to The Post, standing a few dozen feet from the area in Nassau County where Soler’s body was found.

The mouth of the woods is in her back yard, at the end of a dead-end street, just beyond her son’s basketball hoop. MS-13 members used the thick, leafy area — and the roar of the parkway — as cover while they brutally murdered Soler. Greenidge never even heard a scream.

While MS-13 has been operating in neighboring Suffolk County for the past decade, its increasing infiltration of Nassau is alarming authorities — and terrifying residents more used to worrying about the traffic on the Long Island Expressway than gang warfare.

“Thank God I haven’t been killed,” Greenidge said, standing in the doorway of her home on a serene, tree-lined block of manicured lawns and two-story brick-and-stone houses. “It’s crazy something like this could happen so close to your house.”

MS-13’s motto is “Murder, rape, control.’’

Authorities consider it the world’s most dangerous street gang at the moment, and its heavily tattooed, machete-wielding members easily live up to the hype.

The gang was born in Los Angeles in the 1980s in the wake of deadly civil wars wracking the three countries forming the so-called “Northern Triangle’’ at the top of Central America: El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Refugees from those countries fled to the United States, landing mostly in poor LA neighborhoods, leaving them vulnerable to Mexican street gangs already in power. The refugees banded together to fight back, taking cues from the Mexican gangs while forming their own version of a ruthless organization.

The new gang of street terrorists dubbed themselves Mara Salvatrucha 13, or MS-13 for short. The name is believed to be a combination of the Spanish word mara, or “gang,’’ Salva for Salvador and trucha, street slang for staying vigilant. The number 13 supposedly refers to M’s place in the alphabet — an homage to Mexico, the home country of the gangs that gave it its start.

About three decades after first hitting the US, the gang has infiltrated more than 40 states with 10,000-plus known members, according to FBI estimates. Their numbers in New York are murky, but one thing is certain: Long Island has become one of the gang’s major East Coast strongholds after Washington, DC, and its surrounding areas, authorities say.

The gang follows work opportunities, officials say: Where there are wealthy areas in need of cheap immigrant workers, you will find MS-13.

The gang has developed a grip especially in Suffolk County in the past 10 years, mostly in the Hispanic neighborhoods of Brentwood and Central Islip. Two sets of slayings tied to the gang in those towns have garnered national attention — including from President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, both of whom visited the county last spring to personally vow to eradicate the gang.

First, there were the double murders of Kayla Cuevas, 16, and her friend Nisa Mickens, 15, who were hacked to death by MS-13 members in Brentwood in 2016 after getting into a schoolyard fight with one of the gang’s thugs.

Then came the quadruple homicide of Justin Llivicura, Michael Banegas, Jorge Tigre and Jefferson Villalobos in a park in Central Islip this year.

The only working motive? The victims somehow “disrespected’’ MS-13.

But MS-13’s presence is slowly but surely spreading to adjoining Nassau County, following new work opportunities.

“We live in this nice neighborhood, and this is not what you would expect,” said a mom who lives with her kids in the Gates of Woodbury community on Long Island’s tony North Shore, where houses go for $1 million-plus. Her home was recently vandalized by suspected members of MS-13. “It freaks me out . . . I felt violated,’’ she said. “I sleep right there, and they were right [below me]. We’re upgrading our whole alarm system.”

Since last year, MS-13 has been responsible for at least nearly 30 deaths across Long Island, authorities say. Dozens more suspected victims remain missing.

MS-13 is not like other gangs, the head of Nassau’s gang unit, Detective Sgt. Michael Marino, told The Post. “They’re more organized, more sophisticated than you think,” he said. “They have a very distinct structure, a very strong punishment scale for not following certain rules within their gang.’’

The gang also is very ritualistic. For example, new members are initiated with a 13-second beating, and higher-ups divide their turf into 13 units to oversee.

Marino said MS-13’s bosses don’t care about making money like other gangs do — many of their members work as day laborers in places such as Home Depot and restaurants. One gang member doubled as the caretaker of the sprinkler system of a multimillion-dollar mansion on the North Shore.

Instead, the sadistic gang’s main interest is power. “In other words, ‘We are the gang, we are in control, this is our territory, everyone will follow our rules,’ ” Marino explained. “The more I learn about MS-13, the more I felt like I underestimated their organization.”

The gang’s presence remained relatively steady on Long Island until around 2014 and 2015, when it started to spike, authorities said. Marino attributed that mostly to an influx of “unaccompanied alien children,” or UACs, into the area — about 10,000 since 2014. UACs are minors who cross into the US alone without parents or guardians.

Marino estimated that 90 to 95 percent of UACs are legitimately trying to escape the poor conditions and violence taking over the Northern Triangle, which now has some of the highest murder rates in the world.

Marino said the gang, whose members are typically between 15 and 25 years old, uses the UAC “pipeline” to get current members here from Central America, as well as to boost its ranks with newbies. Even if the kids aren’t gang members when they come into the country, they experience tremendous pressure to join once they arrive, he said. They are primarily recruited while in the school system, Marino said.

“You’re taking a kid without parents . . . They don’t speak English . . . In school, they need ESL,” or English-as-a-second-language classes, which means they’re around the same group of kids all day long, Marino explained. ‘They lure them in either under the guise of girls or smoking marijuana. And they befriend a lot of them, too. They’ll go in the woods 10 times and smoke marijuana. On the 11th time, you get whacked.’

“Say [MS-13 has] a couple gang members or a couple bullies in there. They’re pressuring [the new kids] all day in the same class . . . recruiting for the gang or the rival gang. So [the UACs] are put in a very difficult situation . . . They are very high-risk to be recruited into the gang,’’ he said.

Marino said during a recent MS-13 sweep on Long Island, 22 percent of the people arrested were UACs. “That’s a statistically significant number,” he said.

Read the rest of the story here.


29 responses to “Scourge of savage MS-13 spreads further into Nassau, New York

  1. And yet President Trump’s intensifying crackdown on transnational crime gang MS-13 is being met with fierce resistance by the Left.

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  2. Thanks, Democrats!!

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    • Nassau County has been run by Republicans for a long time but that is about to change as the Republicans are hoist by their own petards for allowing massive illegal immigration so they could have cheap labor. Next year a Democrat takes over and the situation will worsen. MS-13 has been in Nassau for decades, they are not new but they are becoming more and more emboldened. Murders, assaults, drugs…..the whole 9 is getting out of control now so the politician controlled Nassau PD is pretending this mess is a new phenomon but it’s not!

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  3. Nothing new about this, MS13 has been in Nassau for years if not decades. Some of the towns like Freeport and Hempstead are looking like Central American cities. Even during the height of the depression when pubs in White neighborhoods were closing in droves the nightlife in the Spanish nightclubs was roaring full throttle. Drive through Hempstead or Freeport at 4 am almost every night of the week and you will see the Spanish nightclubs packed to the rafters. The authorities seems to be ignoring quite a bit of nefarious activities going on in those nightclubs like prostitution, gambling and drug dealing. Violent episodes of shootings and stabbings are more and more common. This combination of iniquity is a very suitable environment for MS-13 and they have been there for years now. Don’t let the establishment Republicans who control Nassau County NY fool you, they caused this plague by turning a blind eye to massive amounts of illegal immigrants so they could provide the local landscapers , contractors and other businesses with a virtual inexhaustible supply of dirt cheap laborers. There’s no way for blue collar Americans to compete for employment with the illegal Hispanics who live 30 to a house designed for a family of 6, tolerate nearly any form of workplace exploration, forgo medical insurance benefits and accept poor wages willingly. MS-13 is a biproduct of this need for establishment Republicans to keep their business owning constituents awash in cheap labor. The authorities should be deporting foreign nationals out of Nassau in droves on a daily basis but they have failed to do so intentionally. They have created a vacuum and the violent miscreants of MS-13 are wasting no time filling that void exploiting their fellow migrants and occassionaly Americans when it’s opportunistic for them to do so!

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  4. Seems the end game is just to shut Trump down at every turn. This shows that it’s not what the agenda is about its just stop anything he is doing even it its good for America so the left shows its contempt that they are not willing to lose and give up. Most of there financing comes from Soros and company who in turn are evil at the core.

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  5. Aren’t there laws prohibiting 30+ people living in a house designed for a family of 6 in Nassau county? This situation is overtaxing public services, hospitals and the public school system and it’s only going to get worse! I grew up in Nassau and seeing these MSS-13 idiots covered with tattoos , high on cocaine, heroin, booze and God only knows what else roaming the streets is sickening! I hope Trump deports every last MS-13 creature and imprisons those who can’t be deported!

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  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Now this is a lot of art work which is not hanging in any museum or in anyone’s home. Normally, art work is used as expression of one’s feelings and depicts beauty; but, in this instance, it expresses hate.

    These people spent a lot of money to destroy God’s original work of art. We must work to bring these people out of the shadlows and send them back to where they came from or, if they are guilty of a crime, must be punished.

    Time to stop listening to the Shumer/Pelosi/Obama’s mulim/communist democrats who want to associate hang around with these people because that makes them feel powerful and at home.


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  7. Jumping Jehoshaphat

    If MS 13ers like to fight and murder, send them to Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea,etc. In the 60s when a young miscreant was up before the judge, he had the choice of serving time or joining the military and going to Viet Nam. It was called McNamara’s Army. How about Trump’s Army?
    If you deport them, they’ll just be back on the next Greyhound. Send them to war and let the military courts handle them if they screw up. Let’s see what kind of warriors they really are.

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  8. Never reining in evil or punishing it commands it to be done. By voting in people who continually tolerate and encourage gangs to proliferate the people are literally saying they don’t mind having this force in their midst. Evil is not diversity nor is permitting it to run rampant any form of toleration! Baby killers, queers, psychopaths and all around degenerates have seized our cities and do not wish to coexist. They want to dominate! They will use the force of pandering, self serving politicians to gain that upper hand and will not be placated by acceptance but will demand participation. Laws will not prevent their agendas, they already ignore them. Their enablers in authority already shield them by granting various questionable rights and privileges as well as hand them a phony covering of protected minority. It’s a license to practice evil granted by a gov’t which is displaying its own invalidity. Apathy is killing our nation as the people come to trade their selfish personal needs for a compromise with Nineveh.

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    • Youghn . . .Excellent comments, I certainly do agree, many of those who strive for wealth, do indeed want an “unending” supply of cheap labor. The only problem is that, cheap labor, in this instance may be injurious to the health of the community. Any time you have gangs, who do not have gaining money as their prime motive, but would rather gain command of all the peoples around them. You have a problem that is horrendous.

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  9. ‘Authorities are alarmed?’
    is that supposed to be a joke?

    ‘They are seeking new work opportunities?’
    Yeah right, hook me up with one of those reptiles in the picture:
    I need a babysitter and a landscaper.

    IMO Freeport and Roosevelt have been rot pockets for several decades.

    I think Brooklyn is safe from an invasion between the cops, mafia and union guys that live there.

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    • MeThePeople . . . I think anytime the “Authorities are alarmed” although they are telling the public not to panic. You had better well panic over the
      situation. This is just unbelievable, our government allowed all these murders, rapists, thugs to invade our country, and now they are multiplying like rabbits. Draconian measures are needed to handle this situation. I can only hope that Sessions under the instructions of our President is up to the task. I frankly never though I would see savages of this walking around free as a bird in our country. If these thugs are as vicious as these accounts would indicate, we need to pray for all the help that Heaven can afford us.

      DCG . . . although this article is extremely troubling, thank you for bringing it to our attention. Great job!

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  10. It is a shame the left refuses to even consider working with this adminstration. The things they are fighting now have escalated over the last decade. The liberals were in charge the last 10 years and did nothing on this issues, but continue fighting anyone who does. Makes one think they don’t want this country to succeed.

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    • Glenn47 . . . .I think you have called this situation correctly. The Demorats have created this pitiful scenario, going all the way back to Ted Kennedy, and his push for embracing all the world’s low class citizens and bringing them to our shores where they are instrumental in tearing apart of society. It might be different, if the immigrants coming in were educated people with knowledge and skills that would make our country prosper, but no . . . we get the substandard, uneducated people that many of these foreign countries are more than happy to be rid of. When you stated, “Makes one think they don’t want this country to succeed,” I think they do not care one whit if the average citizen suffers because of “their lofty (sarc) desires to enrich themselves and gain power. They are entrenched in wealthy neighborhoods, or gated communities, and they feel they are immune from any of the negative collateral from their decisions.

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  11. Foreseeable, tragic end results to unwise, politically/emotionally-based decisions. When will they ever learn?

    “Just throw more money at it. Take it from the ‘haves’. They’re obviously the cause of the problem.”

    Wrong, the decision was bad. Reverse it and fix your own problem. Stop them from hurting us and then you can stop taking our money to put a band-aid on your screw-up!

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  12. I think they are looking for Mario Cuomo and Bill de Blasio for protection!

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  13. Damn-I remember when America feared the Hell’s Angels more than anyone else in the World.
    since most of these are illegals,we technically aren’t hindered by Civil Rights violations,prosecuting them as adults,or pretty much ANY of the restrictions American criminals hide behind. The hard part of going after these TERRORISTS is that we have to make SURE of their MS13 membership before we can use these freedoms against them. (My first instinct is to declare open season on ’em,but that could get totally out of control in about a heartbeat-vigilante justice turns to vigilante revenge,to just revenge,to just cuz….) Wish I had some idea of an easier,quicker way to shut these terrorists down for good.

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    • Open season indeed Truck, actually I would suggest the feds ignore foreign nations at present, and utilize the full force of the U.S. military on this filth and others like them (like the pedophiles in government), people don’t need to be wringing their hands about “isis” when these vile thugs are already entrenched this far locally, heck the warning in New York is about 20 years too late. As far as confirming membership, the police departments already have ample records of who is who, I’d suspect, and these reprobates are brazen enough that they self-identify by various methods, including tattoos, already.

      Bringing down the hammer on them shouldn’t be very hard, if the government were righteous, unfortunately, “untouchables” are few & far between these days, and corruption is epidemic.

      This kind of scenario reminds me of the premise for an old video game called “Streets of Rage” (Which also had other interesting elements as well.) oddly enough when the game came out was probably the best time to strike against the gangs & criminal elements.

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      • ” As far as confirming membership, the police departments already have ample records of who is who, I’d suspect, and these reprobates are brazen enough that they self-identify by various methods, including tattoos,”

        The main reason for positive ID is to eliminate the possible argument that “He wasn’t ONE of them-he was a good young man-an UNARMED good young man.”
        That would be a hard claim to defend in Court when we have PROOF the guy was a member in standing in a KNOWN Terrorist Group.
        It’d be worthwhile to mandate the most severe sentence for all Terrorist Gang members,with NO exceptions.


    • Yeah, that was before our owners called in their note. Since then “we the people” are left to flail and suffer while the public serpents do their master’s bidding. Long story short, they don’t work for us.

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  14. The gov’t couldn’t stop the spread of gangs like the Bloods, crips, Aryan Nation, Hells Angels or the 1% and they expect to stop the spread of MS 13…….


    • Do you have a suggestion? Frankly, I’m the LAST one to ask for GOVERNMENT to do anything. In some cases, however, we can’t do it ourselves morally or legally.

      We literally have SO many laws on the books that it is impossible not to be in violation at any time. While “association” is protected, illegal activities aren’t. There are also RICO and conspiracy statutes.

      Admittedly, its a sticky problem. Of course they’re making a solution a little more doable by marking themselves. If most of us were armed the odds would change. Of course the “authorities” response is to try to disarm us and make us helpless before them.

      These types that like gangs like safety in numbers. Those are the sort that cave pretty fast when threatened by an equal or overwhelming force. As a society we should simply not condone it. They should be ostracized and watched closely.

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      • Arming citizens won’t stop them either because armed citizens are individuals and unorganized. MS 13 is highly organized so an armed citizen won’t make a difference unless they are organized into some type of militia….


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