Hillary Clinton still wears a ‘medical’ boot two months after ‘breaking her toe’

On October 15, 2017, we were told that while on her book tour in the UK, 70-year-old Hillary Clinton broke her toe “running down the stairs” in heels and falling backward, never mind the fact that during the presidential campaign last year, she could barely walk without assistance.

February 4, 2016, in Charleston, SC.

The next day, her assistant tweeted this picture of Hillary wearing a medical boot on her right leg during an appearance on the BBC’s “Graham Norton Show” to hawk her memoir.

Coincidentally, or not, on November 6, we were treated to a picture of RINO Sen. John McCain also wearing a medical boot, ostensibly for a “minor tear” in his right Achilles’ tendon.

That both Hillary and McCain suddenly sported medical boots on their respective right leg triggered speculations in the Alternative Media that their boots may conceal ankle monitors. See “Are Hillary’s and John McCain’s orthopedic boots actually ankle bracelets?

It didn’t help that two weeks later, McCain switched the boot from his supposedly injured right foot to his healthy left leg.

McCain explained in a tweet that he’s wearing the boot on his healthy left leg in order to give the left leg “a break” because it “was doing extra work to compensate for the boot” on his right leg.

Not only is it nonsensical to give a healthy leg “a break” by encasing it in a heavy, cumbersome orthopedic boot, removing the boot from his right leg also means that McCain’s supposedly torn Achilles’ tendon had healed and no longer needs a medical boot.

Now comes news that TWO months after Hillary allegedly broke her right toe, she is still wearing an orthopedic boot!

Hannah Parry reports for the Daily Mail that although “Generally, toe fractures will take between four and six weeks to heal,” Hillary Clinton still wore a medical boot while in Vancouver yesterday, Dec. 14, to promote her memoir. Parry writes:

“Clinton strode out onto the stage, in a striking monochrome leather ensemble. But what was most noticeable was the bulky post-op shoe on her right foot – which she has been wearing since she took a tumble and broke her toe [two months ago] in October.”


18 responses to “Hillary Clinton still wears a ‘medical’ boot two months after ‘breaking her toe’

  1. Broken toe my butt!

    See she’s still sporting her Mao style.

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  2. If Trump wore leather, they’d cry about the cows he killed.

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  3. I broke my big toe cleanly in half and wore the orthopedic shoe for 1 month!

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  4. I broke my toe playing high school football. I never missed a single practice or play. Of course, it hurt like a son of a gun, and I didn’t like it a bit. I also played with a dislocated jaw, torn ligaments in my back, 5 or 6 concussions, and a dislocated little finger. That one, I missed a series of downs, as I went to the sidelines and had to have the coach pull to pop it back in place, and tape it to the next one. Now, I am paying the price for the concussions, but a broken toe, it healed up after football season. I suspect that she is wearing that boot either for support of a much worse injury to her toe than was reported, that required surgery, or more likely, as a mental crutch. That is not all that uncommon, and I can’t really jump on her for it. I mean, she is getting older, and her health is quickly fading, as is apparent to anyone who observes her. That she has implied that she would consider another run at the presidency, I find almost funny. The Democratic party would never allow it.

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  5. I broke my little toe and the one next to it when I tripped over my two wiener dogs and stubbed my toes on a door jamb. 😬 I wore high heels to work every day and walked up and down a flight of stairs a dozen times a day to reach my desk. They hurt so badly for a while I wanted to cry, but within a month they were fine. Broken toes do not require one of these boots, and most certainly not for two months. There’s something else going on here.

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    • I agree with you about the boot. After I got my first dirt bike (the basket-case “learning experience”) and got it running,I went through a spell of breaking fingers and toes,due to riding “over my head” to keep up with my friends and their bigger,faster bikes. The fingers were the hardest to get over. (We don’t realize how much we use ’em until we CAN’T use ’em for a couple of weeks.) That required some “adjustments” in my riding style,and continues to screw up my typing style. The toes,though,hurt like Hell,but didn’t actually take a lot of special care to heal. I broke three on the same foot,and cut the toe out of my boot so I could still wear it;( I had to remember to wear a black sock so the missing boot part wasn’t so noticeable.) The point is that I never wore one of those ortho-boots until I broke my ankle,and I only wore one THEN because I couldn’t pull my lace up steel toe boot on without two truckloads of pain. I just don’t buy the broken toe excuse,and I STILL can’t figure out how her description of how she broke it can make ANY sense. There’s just NO WAY she could bend the right direction to break a toe unless we include tumbling down a staircase,which only makes it a coin toss. I’m gonna have to call BS.

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      • truck . . . I certainly do agree that the description of having worn heels down a flight of stairs made her fall backward, I cannot imagine that if these circumstances are true that she would not have fell forward. This brings me to the point. . . . in all the years we have dealt with the Clintons, it has become apparent that if their mouths are moving, then the probability that they are lying shoots up to100%. I think this is one of those instances, because the story we have been told just does not cut it.

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    • Maryaha . . . the latest medical advice for “broken toes” is that you do nothing. Although they may hurt terribly, they will automatically mend themselves all on there own. (That is the sublime beauty of how God created our bodies, some things just go ahead and mend themselves. It always seems like a miracle when I really slice one of my fingers, and little by little, the flesh fills in and finally the sore is gone, and you maybe left with perhaps a small scare to remind you of that ouchie! This to me truly is a miracle! It is one of the miraculous facets of the bodies that God the Eternal Father created for us.)

      The only thing that I cannot conceive of, is that if she were wearing a police monitored ankle bracelet . . . why have we not heard of any reports of charges being brought against her? I can only wish that the police were zeroing in on her for all the murders and crimes that come back to her doorsteps. I for one, am dying to know what the real story is!

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  6. Great broken-toe stories by everyone, wow, ouch!

    As for Hillary, I would guess that a boozer’s body takes longer to heal as it has to detox the alcohol every night during sleep before it can even begin the healing process.

    “…a striking monochrome leather ensemble…”

    I must be blind because it strikes me as a very ugly outfit, but what else is new with Mrs. Potholders & her wardrobe, lol.

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  7. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:

    “sind Hillary und McCains orthopädische Schuhe tatsächlich Fußkettchen?”

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  8. Please-please, = don’t drive Hillarity Clinton from the Media Networks.. Her self-pity antics are quite Laughable and many of us Enjoy the senseless, self-pity Humor she puts Herself thru for our Pleasure..

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  10. Looks like long term problems. diabeties, pressure sore, rotten ligiments vascular disease, etc. I’m not a doctor but I’ve known a lot of people that as they aged these types of maladies plauged more and more of them. TBS once again, instead of telling the boring truth hilLIARy has a pathological need to spin it into something else. Give it up already. She’s fooling no one but herself.


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