CNN’s idea of a ‘poignant’ American family

CNN yesterday, Dec. 13, 2017, published a 10-picture gallery, titled “Poignant photographs chronicle the evolution of the American family.”

The 10 pictures are from a new exhibition at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, of 80 photos spanning 150 years of the American family. Museum curator Karen Haas wrote in an email:

“The family is such a basic social construct and something that most of us have experienced in one way or another over the course of our lives, so I hope that the work in the exhibition will resonate with our visitors on a very elemental level. We only present images of American families . . . . Although many of the photos show biological or romantic families, the exhibition explores ‘chosen families’ as well.”

One of Haas’ favorite images in the exhibition is a shot by Nan Goldin depicting two drag queen friends, Jimmy Paulette and Taboo!, in a bathroom in New York’s East Village in 1991.

Goldin explains that her goal is to represent the two men as neither male nor female, but embodying an ideal “third gender.”

Only if the “third gender” are demons.

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31 responses to “CNN’s idea of a ‘poignant’ American family

  1. Google the term “happy American couple” and click on the “images” tab.

    Don’t do it near mealtime.

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  2. No where in the Creations made by God did he plan for, or envision a “third gender.” This “third gender” is strictly a gender created by man, patterned after the whisperings of the Father of Lies, in order to try to frustrate the creations of Our God, and his plan for His children here upon this Earth. I for one, would not waste my time or my money to engage in viewing something like this. It is just to sad to envision, and after viewing the picture of one of the pictures that is hung in this “portrait of the family” I would come away severely disheartened. I do support the fact that everyone has their individual free agency, but it is gut wrenching sad to see how some people utilize that God given right.

    Dr Eowyn, this is an excellent article. I am left wondering how much taxpayer funds are funneled into bringing this “artwork” (sarc) to the public. If they spent more than five dollars, the taxpayers are being cheated.

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    • Speaking of “gender”, I refuse to use that word anymore. There is no gender, only sex: male or female, outie or innie.

      The word “gender” is the product of a certain “Dr. Money” (I’m not even joking) who was a failed sex pervert “psychiatrist” who drove a patient to suicide in pursuit of validating his disgusting philosophy.

      Dr E, I assume you know the story, and suspect you already wrote about it. If not, I’m sure FOTM readers will love to read your take on the subject.

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  3. I avoid these photos, it’s from the pit, sin in its most decadent state, just like pedophilia. I can hardly stand what our culture has now become.

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  4. Christian Zionist, I hear you. It is so frustrating to me that this once great nation, that I still love and would give my life defending, has fallen so far into sin, even worse than what it had been from the so called sexual revolution of the 60’s. We live in a nation where the liberal left decries when a madman with a gun kills a dozen people and screams to take the rights of the people away, but they don’t even blink when you tell them about the 50 million babies that have been murdered since 1973.

    Or how they made fun of Mike Pence when he said that he didn’t have lunch with women alone, or with alcohol, without the presence of his wife, something that I myself have always have instinctively made the same decision on, without even thinking about it. Yet now we see dozens of women coming out and crying about being sexually abused or harassed by men, sometimes as long ago as 40 years. And Mike Pence is the strange one, for being a decent, honorable man who puts his wife and marriage first?

    Now, I will stop the kindness, and get down to meddling. It is us, my friends, who are responsible for all of this. We allowed this to happen, we as a body of Christ are the ones who stood by, fat, dumb and happy, and didn’t stand up, and raise such a roar of disapproval when some of these kinds of things were going on, that the government didn’t dare to try and push them through. We were content to let the more liberal churches mix their doctrines into the more fundamental doctrines that traditionally have been the stronghold of the faith, and as a result we see what happened. As it says, a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.

    I saw it when I was in Bible college back in the early 80’s. If you wanted to get a higher grade in say, speech class, all you had to do was come up with something unique or unusual. I did a speech once as if I were talking to a friend on the telephone, about a book I had read. I gave the topic of the speech as a book review for my friend. It was not all that great, but I got the best grade I ever got in that class, simply due to the fact that I did something different. Sadly, this was how they taught many classes like the Gospel of John, or New Testament survey. They wanted the student to question everything. Almost as if there were new ideas that God had about His word, and it was up to us to find them. Alas, all that this type of teaching has done is to turn out Pastors and church planters and missionaries who either are not grounded in the Word, or who don’t have a love for it. I believe that God’s Word is unchanging as well as the meaning of it. What has happened, not that we have so many church leaders questioning it, is that we see many of the flock and non Christians who are also questioning not only the Word, but also whether or not God even is relevant or exists.

    They say that nature abhors a vacuum. When the church is not filling the spiritual needs of people, they will automatically seek something to fill that need. For many, it might be drugs or booze. For some, it could be sex, or rock and roll music. What we are now seeing is that for too many, they look to illicit sexual behaviors, from homosexuality to pornography, to who knows what. It is as if they have an anything goes attitude. If it feels good do it. And I hate to harp on this again, but much of the blame falls on the body of Christ.

    We have been instructed to love, not only our families, but each other . Now, we should think that the first part should be easy, but in reality, even we in the church have just as much trouble as those without. I am just as guilty as anyone. I know, I went through a divorce at the age of 30. It was something that I didn’t want to do, but that doesn’t matter. The truth is, statistics show that people in the church divorce at nearly the exact same rate as people who are not in the church. So we are not loving our families, and we all have seen some of the back biting and bickering at a church meeting. Just how can we ask an unchurched friend to come to church, hoping that they might hear the Gospel of Christ, and get saved, when we have 5 families that can’t even sit on the same pew because they can’t stand one another?

    I am sorry that I have jumped on my soap box today, but it seems that lately I am seeing the drawing of the Lord coming nigh, as I am sure many of you do as well. And while I like to think I am ready, in reality, there are so many people out there who I am not sure are saved. If there is the slightest that I can reach them, I need to get off my backside and move.

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    • No need for any apologies or asking for being “excused” for being on your “soapbox” pigpen……ditto everything you most ardently wrote…except I’ve never divorced….but I know what you mean anyway……I am overwhelmed almost by your emotion and meaning in what you expressed. I agree.


  5. I’m sure CNN considers this “real” news…

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  6. Sometime ago the family sat down to dinner. Today a-one-parent a-one-parent house, food consumed in the bedroom and all communication via cell ph. And the other family a-same-sex couple raising children, there is no family and the end of HOME. That is the pathetic reality of the American family.

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    • pigpen51 . . . . God Bless you for stating what should be obvious to everyone. God’s word has not changed since he communed directly with Father Adam, and Mother Eve in that lovely garden which He had created as a home for them. Yes, they had to leave the garden due to their disobedience, but the teachings of God went with them, and they passed their knowledge down to their children, and grandchildren. It is man who has taken the truth out of scripture, and bent it and fractured it to create something that would please mankind. We need to follow as closely as possible those teachings as they were originally given.

      Your experience and wisdom has been beneficial to me and I am sure to the rest of the FOTM family. Thank you.

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      • I goofed something up the above comment should be under the comments by “pigpen52.

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        • Auntie Lulu, Thank you for this response. I worry so often when I post, especially when I get so wordy, that I am taking over the blog and bothering the people who moderate the blog. I don’t mind if I perhaps make others that read it uncomfortable, as sometimes, we need to feel a little uncomfortable with some of the things going on. And while I know that I don’t have a handle on much, I know that one thing I do have a handle on is that we as a Body of Christ have fallen down on our job of bringing the good news to the world. I remember one time a missionary from Togo Africa telling me that his people didn’t ask prayers for themselves as much as they prayed FOR us. Because they knew that we had things so easy and had so many things, they knew that it was easy to ignore God, and His love for us. Because we don’t have to worry where our next meal would come from, we didn’t have to depend on God so much. Be Blessed,

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    • Alma . . . I had to laugh (although it is pitiful) when I read your comment, . . “food consumed in the bedroom and all communication via cell ph.” To add to this comment, I see, even among my nephews that they cannot even take the time to “talk to someone via the phone” . . . . all the time it is typing, typing, typing on those little phones . . . . texting, texting, texting. I am very glad that I got rid of the stupid cell phone I had, if anyone wants to contact me, they have to call me and speak with me. I definitely would not appreciate some stupid typed message, rather than having someone actually call and speak to me. I find that all these electronics, although they are marvelous, they are helping to breakdown communication between people, in families, and in the world.

      Have you even had occasion to contact the phone company, or Geek Squad, or Hulu, Or Netflix, or Amazon, or the gas company, water bureau, in order to get help with a problem . . . now all of a sudden they are quick to direct you to using their “chat with agent” function via the internet; then you are left waiting many minutes to get connected to an agent, and you wait again in order to get a response from the agent who is supposedly helping you (I secretly think that they may have one to two other customers’ on the line who they are supposedly also helping. It is horrible to communicate with a business via the “chat with agent” function. You spend much time typing your problem, and waiting for the dumbo to answer you back. I’m so sorry for the rant, I know I went far afield on this one. I guess I just needed to get that out! I had an occasion in trying to solve a problem with Geek Squad, my first try landed me in the Philippines, then I called back, got a call center in Georgia, she was going to transfer me to an office who could help me–all of a sudden I was listening to dial tone. I was trying to change my appointment to pickup my repaired laptop from morning until evening. As of right now because of their less than adequate communication systems, I have made two appointment for 7:20 PM, and in response to yet another email from them I made an appointment for 7:00 PM. Yet they still think I am coming at 11:20 AM although I changed that for the first of the two appointments at 7:20 PM All this high tech nonsense is fort he birds if it doesn’t work right! I guess since I have three appointments for tomorrow night I will take one of the other laptops in for a tune-up.

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    • As tiresome as it may be for some, it is obvious that there is a plan afoot to destroy Christian society. The fact that these unChristian “news” organizations foster this effort should also be telling.

      Besides the “vague” statements about “inclusiveness”, etc., what precisely is the alleged “advantage” of these new-fangled relationships? To me (and I suspect several others who have thought about it), this looks for all the world like a total reversal of Christian doctrine.

      When someone says that they want to commit suicide the standard response is to try to talk them out of it. Why would someone want to “accept” this? If a little boy says “I’m a girl” the response should be “no you’re not, you’re a boy”.

      Not only do these manipulations serve to weaken common bonds and understandings, they encourage the level of docility necessary for the human race to become the human herd. By people sitting quietly by and accepting these social manipulations we are giving our tacit acceptance.

      People should be screaming about stuff like this. It is sick, twisted and destructive.

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  7. We are in a nation where the insane are catered to and demand we obey them. Time to purge the gene pool.

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  8. Only if the “third gender” are demons.

    So perfectly expressed.

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  9. “One of Haas’ favorite images in the exhibition is a shot by Nan Goldin depicting two drag queen friends, Jimmy Paulette and Taboo!, in a bathroom in New York’s East Village in 1991.”
    Yeah-and her favorite snack is probably fried dog poo on Poker Chips….

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  10. That photo of the drag queens is a freak show. Gross me out, what pathetically lost souls. And CNN’s other 9 “choice” photos from the collection are nothing to shout about either – though not grotesque, out of the zillions of black/white & color photos over the past 150 years, I would think they could have picked better ones.

    Slanted views?

    –The one of the white children showed them all acting weird, hollering, etc.
    –Another white family in a wagon were dirt poor.
    –But a “multicultural” photo of women were in white (saintly) nun-like attire.

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  11. “Goldin explains that her goal is to represent the two men as neither male nor female, but embodying an ideal ‘third gender.'”

    That “third gender” she is referring to is from the demonic esoteric “mystery religions,” notably the Kabbala (but also Theosophy, Hinduism, etc.), the primordial pre-Eve “god man” whom they refer to as “Adam Kadmon” who they teach was both male & female, an androgyne, & that mankind will, in the end, become androgynous again & become “god.” (Sound familiar? Like the original lie Satan said to Eve.) That’s why they are pushing all this disgusting “gender madness.”

    Wiki image description: “Adam Kadmon is sometimes depicted as an androgynous figure, having both male and female sexual organs.”

    ”The goal toward which the human species should aim is the progressive reintegration of the sexes until androgyny is obtained. The evolved being tends toward bisexuality.”
    –Danielou, Alain. THE PHALLUS: SACRED SYMBOL Of MALE CREATIVE POWER. Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions, 1995.

    “It behooves a man to be ‘male and female’, always, so that his faith may remain stable, and in order that the Presence may never leave him.”
    –Gershom Scholem, Zohar, the Book of Splendor: Basic Readings from the Kabbalah, Schocken Books, 1995, p. 10.

    “…As said there [in Genesis]: ‘God creates ‘Man in his own image’…in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them,’ the androgyne Adam-Kadmon. Now this Kabbalistic name is not that of a living man, nor even of a human or divine Being, but of the two sexes or organs of procreation, called in Hebrew Zãkhãr and nëqebãh; these two being, therefore, the image under which the ‘Lord God’ appeared usually to his chosen people. That this is so, is now undeniably proven by almost all the symbologists and Hebrew scholars as well as by the Kabala. Therefore Adam is in one sense Jehovah.”
    –H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol. II, p. 467.

    There’s tons more of these garbage quotes from lost people, past & present, but you get the idea, & how THEY (& their demons) want humanity to end up.

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  12. interesting to note that the transvestite on the right is wearing a ring on his left hand….wedding finger…I doubt that it’s a coincidence where we are a quarter century later and why that is one of haas’ favorite images

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  13. This crap of a “third gender” is a result of the New World Order attempt to reshape individuals into a procustean condition.

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    • Jumping Jehoshaphat

      NWO wants to sow confusion in the minds of the young to where they lose their moral compass,they don’t know what’s up or down, right or wrong.

      Saul Alinsky’s 5th rule for radicals: “5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.“ There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

      Ridiculing the family, religion, country to the point where people are conceding and giving room for these distorted ideas to thrive.

      The only good thing coming out of this is that is forcing people who had called themselves “Christian” to wake up and start defending what they have taken for granted for so long or risk losing it altogether.

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  14. Looking at that picture anything gives, IT can get stuck in itself, I could hear IT yelling heeelp, heeeeelp!!! I sincerely apologize for my comment but I couldn’t help the (sarc) laugh.


  15. Nan Goldin is a Jew — that explains a lot.

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  16. Does Modern Chemistry have any part in the massive physical obesity & gender mutations we see in the past 30 years..?? For the past 25 years the farmer that provides my half of a beef (the other half of His beef) keeps his own beef animals for private family consumtion – in a totally different feedlot.. Fed the best of the Hay, best of the grains & No Growth Hormones or weight-gain stimulants, or routine anti-biotics.. – but the rest of the commercial beef herd gets the full dose up to 15 days before shipping to the stock yards.. Corporate Foods are for the Profit. Private foods and private gardens are Best for Family Health..

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    • Unfortunately, greed (like racism) is a convenient, effective pitfall intended to hide the true underlying motivation for modern conspiracies (which are themselves all part of the same overall one, IMO). To answer your question regarding chemistry — absolutely! More specifically, we’re talking bio-chemistry here and a main part of this overall conspiracy that seeks to greatly reduce human populations is to destroy human health and although this is done in various ways, a major contributor to the loss of health over the past three decades has been to replace good oils/fats in our diets with bad ones. In this corner of the conspiracy, the significance of bio-chemistry is the fact that our bodies’ cell membranes — which act as the core of our immune system — are composed to a large degree, of fats and those fats must be of a particular kind containing one or more “double bonds”. These ultra-important, high energy fats used to be referred to as “Essential fats”; that is, until about the year 2000 when the powers-that-be changed the way that we refer to them so that the word “essential” has effectively been removed. Now, everyone refers to them as “omega-3” or “omega-6” fats. Unfortunately, the scientific basis for the modern “consensus” in how omega-3/6 supplementation ought to be done is all wrong and those who follow the advice will only bring further damage to their health. And as for splitting food according to quality, apparently the rich and powerful don’t eat the same food that we do. I’ve heard that the British royal family for example consumes only food that is produced on their own farms.


      • Yes, the “herd” is being fattened and made docile. Few seem to question the why’s of these social and public decisions. Suddenly “someone” introduces new foods, customs, expectations, all without our input. Why it seems that we are just here to pray, pay and obey.

        Numerically, as well as being a practical matter, we cannot be ruled without our assent. Virtually everything seen on TV is a form of manipulation. Whether that is product driven or cultural pressure.

        Unquestionably we are growing fatter and dumber by the day. I was disappointed to see the lack of resistance. I didn’t expect to see so many running to embrace this.


        • Absolutely. Regarding TV, yes, it’s all propaganda disguised as entertainment. This is especially clear when you’re an old fart like I am who has seen entertainment over a relatively long span of time. Even the old Andy Griffith series — highly thought of as the purest form of entertainment by people my age and older — is absolutely thick with social engineering propaganda. The Soviets could only dream of having a propaganda machine this effective.

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  17. Kevin J Lankford

    Poignant is a quite appropriate description for the one shown. The picture is certainly a pain for the ordinary moral to look at, and effect can only be disgust, and disaster to real family values. The others do seem innocent enough and may have worthy stories behind them.

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