Voter fraud and irregularities in Alabama special senate election

CBS News reports that with all counties reporting, the Alabama Secretary of State gave the final vote count in yesterday’s special election in Alabama to replace former U.S. senator Jeff Sessions (who left the Senate to be U.S. Attorney General):

49.92% Doug Jones (D); 48.38% Roy Moore (R)

Pro-abort Jones is the first Democrat to be elected to the U.S. Senate in Alabama in 25 years.

Reportedly, absentee ballots from military service members have still not been counted.

Moore refuses to concede and is calling for all the votes to be recounted. The situation is made more urgent because of a ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court yesterday, shooting down a lower court requiring counties to preserve their digital voting records. In other words, Alabama counties can destroy voting records with the blessing of the state supreme court. The Moore legal team will need to jump on this development fast to protect those records.

Moore has compelling reasons to demand a recount:

(1) The difference between the votes for Jones vs. Moore is razor-thin — only 1.54%.

(2) Democratic voter fraud and other irregularities.

There are allegations that busloads of Democratic voters were brought in to voting stations, as well as calls for “African-Americans” in neighboring states to vote in Alabama.

On November 15, 2017, someone who calls himself “Warren4Prez” posted on Reddit a call for “African-Americans in Mississippi” to go to Alabama on December 12 to vote against Roy Moore. Below is a screenshot of the post (click image to enlarge):

Warren4Prez also had other posts on Reddit calling on “African Americans” in Georgia and Tennessee to vote in Alabama. Below is a screenshot taken by Big League Politics (click image to enlarge):

No surprise: Blacks voted overwhelmingly (94.5%) for Doug Jones, as seen in this tweet by BlackLivesMatter leader Deray McKesson:

Democratic activists also engaged in other shenanigans. Soros-funded organizations had registered thousands of convicted felons to vote in yesterday’s special election.

To begin, candidate Doug Jones spearheaded a project by a Soros-financed legal activist group demanding full voting rights be given to felons released from prison, including those convicted of murder, rape and other violent crimes.

Indeed, in recent weeks, assisted by Soros-financed groups, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow — a half-brother of Rev. Al Sharpton, and an “ex-con and recovering crackhead turned street preacher” — led a statewide effort that successfully registered thousands of felons across Alabama. Glasgow told that in the last month alone “we registered at least five- to ten-thousand people all over the state”. Speaking on his radio program, Glasgow said that “swarming the polls” with newly registered convicts could swing the vote, pointing as a template to the Virginia governor’s race, where in April 2017 Gov. Terry McAuliffe used his executive power to restore the voting rights of over 200,000 felons.

According to Breitbart, the Campaign Legal Center, ACLU of Alabama, and all worked to register convicted felons. All three organizations receive financing from such Soros-funded groups as the Open Society Foundations, Tides Foundation, and the Brennan Center for Justice.

H/t Big Lug

Update (Dec. 15, 2017):

Alabama election fraud: Man admits Democrat voters came from other states

Update (Dec. 19, 2017):

Alabama secretary of state is investigating special Senate election fraud


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  1. I’m so sick of that evil Soros!

    With the tally so close, there should be a recount. Most demorats would request one as well.

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  2. it’s disgusting that our satanic govt officials allow satanic soros such free reign to manipulate our society, country, votes, demographics, etc….he gets a free pass with every thing he does.
    no one in our govt holds him accountable….because they all serve the same master.
    voter fraud should be taken very seriously and those committing it should be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law.
    I pray Moore stands strong and does not concede to satan and his minions.

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    • MomOfIV . . . . Amen to that! I think you are 100% correct, we Conservatives are going to be fighting a tooth n nail, uphill battle in many, many future elections. This business of allowing Felons to register to vote is flat out BS. I certainly do agree anyone committing voter fraud needs to be sentenced to at least 10 years in prison, not some one year, forgiven sentence, and you can do community service. They already committed something that did “community dis-service” by facilitated fraud on the community.

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      • yes Auntie…and to think, people are celebrating voter fraud because the candidate they were told not to like lost…sad, very sad


        • MomOfIV . . . My sister sent me an article that indicated that college students that were attending school in Alabama were allowed to vote, although they were registered to vote in their states of origin, and were voting there via mail-in ballots. Why do they get to double dip? It is outrageous. Anyone caught committing this particular kind of fraud should be prohibited from voting in any state for a term of 10 years. Todays young people have no code of honestly, so they feel free to do whatever comes to their mind.

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          • “Todays young people have no code of honestly, so they feel free to do whatever comes to their mind.”
            so true….they are also very ignorant….probably the most ignorant generation of young people today…by design.


          • Why is it that we cant get the Secy of State, in any state to challenge voter fraud. We all know that it is happening and it is getting worse! Unless we can force recounts, certifications, prosecutions, and control who is voting, voter ids, our elections will continue to be frauds and democrats will continue to be elected. Unless, Americans get militant about this nothing will change. I personally believe Doug Jones victory is a sham, but I live in Oklahoma and have no standing in Alabama. Good luck and God save us.

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  3. Great to see someone address this herd of elephants in the room. I looked at a few alt-right websites today – and they all proffered various pompous know all explanations – it was all the “white cucks” voting for Luther Strange that did it, it was all the blacks turning out for Jones that did it, it was all the women voters that did it, it was white working class anger over Trump’s abandonment of his campaign promises that did it, yada yada yada. None of these alt-right scribes dared address the glaring conundrum of this contest, namely why did Moore’s vote collapse AFTER the revelation that one of his main accusers had at least partially forged the “smoking gun” yearbook. Every law of logic would dictate that the opposite should have happened – that he would have put on huge numbers of votes after some of his main accusers were shown to be cheap and incompetent crooks and liars.

    I never quite get the alt-right: On the one hand they say – quite rightly – oh you can’t trust the establishment: they lie to get us into wars that kill millions, they support the killling of unborn babies, and allowing grown men who wear dresses to use girls’ showers, they support mass immigration that is destroying western civilization, they support terrorist groups like Isis, Al Qaeda, Antifa and BLM. Yet when someone suggests that the same establishment might also rig crucial elections, the alt-righters reach for the smelling salts and say, Oh dear me no! How can you suggest such a thing! They would never do that! Get away from me you crazy conspiracy theorist!

    They’re like some broken down gambler at the tables in Atlantic City who is shown irrefutable proof the casino is rigged, but just can’t bring himself to admit that he’s pouring his hope, his money and his energy down the drain.

    The Alabama contest was clearly one of those elections the NWO merchants in the GOP and the Dems – not to mention the Deep State – decided was going to be rigged the very moment Moore got the nomination.

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  4. Did the law actually change in AL to allow felons to vote??? IF not then they really need to start acting fast.

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    • brackenkaren . . . that was exactly what I wondered. I am dying to know if ALabama felons can indeed legally vote. If not, they must act NOW.

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      • I ;looked it up , , , the State of Alabama does not automatically allow felons to vote. They must apply, and in some instances, depending on their crime, they WILL NOT have their voting rights restored. I will just bet that many of these felons do not go through the process of asking to have their voting rights restored, and many are living under a lifetime of suspended voting rights.


  5. This is all so depressing! Pathetic re all the felons voting. Of course nobody has to vote as they are told once they are in a voting booth. They could then vote for whoever they really wanted.

    And I find it hard to believe a zillion blacks actually got up & went voting. Maybe black church people & old people do, but I can’t imagine all the younger blacks (like you see in Black Friday videos) actually caring about voting.

    In the thread last night re the election at CTH blog, the general opinion (over 3,000 comments!) was that Moore was not really popular in Alabama, that he’s no Trump (personality wise), that he didn’t have charisma nor any money (GOPe cut him off), that he did not have a ground game, that there were no Moore signs, no canvassers knocking on doors, that he barely campaigned at all, that he likes to hobnob with his DC buddies vs. working his local state to get votes, that he did terrible/sounded guilty on Sean Hannity re the sex abuse charges (I didn’t see that), that Moore’s spokesman was also lousy; whereas they said Doug Jones held MANY FISH FRIES ALL OVER ALABAMA (no doubt with watermelon included) & with plenty of Soros-$$$, as you described, for creating a widespread ground game & workers/callers/canvassers, including bus drivers to haul in the black masses from states all around! One person also said the NAACP had called them twice before the election to ask if they needed a ride to the voting booth.

    Then the blame game began as well: It’s Trump’s fault, no it’s Bannon’s fault for wanting to promote Moore vs. Luther Strange or Mo Brooks, no it’s the Alabama Repub voters fault for staying home, etc.

    I hope Moore gets a recount. At least they will still have the paper ballots which Alabama law says must be kept for 22 months after elections. Of course it would be helpful to compare those to the digital records > easier to spot fraudulent changes, but a paper ballot count is better than nothing:

    I think(?) the difference in votes has to be .5% or less for the state to pay for the recount; otherwise Moore would have to pay for it himself.

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  6. Even the on the scene reporter for OANN,I believe,said there were busloads of Blacks coming in,supposedly to vote for Jones;he suspected many were taking the bus ride and eating the free lunch then voting for MOORE.
    It baffles me that during the last approx. 10% of the voting,Moore went from about 51.? percent of the vote versus Jones’ 48.9 or something like that to LOSING THAT BIG. I figure Harry Reid must be involved in some manner-that’s how HE won his last election. Losing by a substantial margin until the last 10 % of the votes,then WINS it. WTF??? I hope Moore’s investigators are able to prove the Voter Fraud.

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    • truck . . . doesn’t that just sound like a manipulation of the voting machines, in order to pull off that kind of thing. I’m with you, I hope that Moore’s people can indeed prove Voter Fraud.

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  7. Well, if the blacks elected him, then they will “reap what they sow”. The black community seems to be fighting for their own extermination – little do they know that is exactly what their puppet master George Soros and the Democratic Elite are/is hoping for. Soros did to his own fellow jew – he is a big eugenics guy, that does not give a rats a** about blacks, jews, latinos, homos, transgenders, or humanity for that matter. I guess it’s time to start marching them off to the planned parent hood “extermination chambers” – because you know it will come to that one day – all in the name of progress! And the Conservatives are NAZI’s? – oh vey!

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    • I could accept Moore’s loss easier if it was JUST the Blacks’ votes,but it now sounds like a considerable number of Jones’s Black voters were not residents of his State,they were brought from elsewhere on busses just to vote against Moore. THAT is what upsets me-and virtually NOBODY has mentioned it-even MOORE is not commenting. Is Voting Fraud THAT common,that it isn’t even mentioned by its own VICTIMS?


      • To understand why, and where, voter fraud is rampant, look to those who most objected to Voter IDs.
        You can’t get a license, food stamps or welfare, or borrow a book without one….but you can vote??? NUTS!


  8. The numbers don’t match. Alabama Sec of State claimed in 2016 that 3,330,802 Alabamians were registered to vote (meaning 99.xx of the eligible population). Someone captured screen shots and posted on twitter the write-in vote total DECREASING from time to time, as more results came in. I’ve seen emails that claim 600K votes disappeared. Its illogical for the Alabama high court to strike down a preservation order the night before the election! There has been word on 4/8 chan that the fraudulent ways used to rig the election are KNOWN and noted. This could signal the end of Soros voting machines, and democrats doing their usual busing in of black voters from outside the State.

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    • filia.aurea . . . thank you for that background info. Great addition to this discussion. I am all for ending the stranglehold that Soros has over our elections, and civil rights in general in this nation. I wish he would choke on a chicken bone.

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  9. TPR: I too find it very hard to believe blacks were so motivated to vote – what made this election so different where their interests were concerned? The conspiracy buff Jim Stone said that many blacks were actually voting for Moore – there’s still a strong conservative religious streak among southern blacks so I don’t think what Stone says is necessarily off the radar, though I’ve no way of knowing if it’s true. In my view there is no possible way blacks would turn out in the numbers for Jones that are being claimed – especially since he’s a white man.

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  10. POTUS Trump’s “BLACK VOTE LIASON” Fired(?) Last Night:

    Omarosa, POTUS Trump’s former Apprentice candidate/winner, & his “White House Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison,” was supposedly fired (or “pressured for a resignation”) & escorted out of the White House last night (Tues. 12/12/17).

    Sarah Huckabee did confirm today that Omarosa did resign & would be leaving her post as of 1/20/18 for “better opportunities.” So that’s official. The rest of it could all be “made-up gossip.” The two embedded source links in this below link go to the WallStreet Journal (article) & some (CNN?) reporter named April Ryan who gives a 2-minute audio news segment about it at aurn dot com:

    Supposedly Trump was aggravated re the Moore loss & felt Omarosa had not done her job to bring in the black vote & the HBCU crowd (Historic Black Colleges & Universities), so John Kelly asked/told her she would be “resigning,” at which time Omarosa became very upset, even using “vulgar language & curse words” & demanded to see Trump personally which was refused by Kelly who said POTUS already agreed/had signed off on the “negotiated resignation,” so she then tried to go in to the private Presidential residential quarters anyway at which time the Secret Service took over & basically “escorted her out of the White House.” Her assistant was also supposedly let go as well.

    Supposedly, Omarosa has already been known to get fiesty with other staff &/or reporters or whoever, with fights erupting between them. One of the comments at the above (anti-Trump AURN) link said Omarosa had referred to herself as “The Honorable Lady Omarosa M. Newman in correspondence to the CBC.” (Now that is funny.)

    *AURN = American Urban Radio Networks.

    –WSJ article requires subscription so I didn’t read it, but now many sites are carrying the story: NY Daily News, The Daily Beast, CNN, etc.

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    • Omarosa was a democrat who worked for Clintons in the white house and if I am not mistaken Al Gore. She has a loooonng history with the (Black) Democratic party and was a Hillary for Prez supporter. I think she joined the “Trump Train” for fame and fortune. She did have her wedding pictures taken at the White House – which I don’t think was Kosher with the Administration. I think she thinks pretty highly of herself. She will be her own downfall. I don’t think she can relate to the “average” black community member. Watch – she will come out with a “tell all” book about her time in the White House and join the Black Democratic Causcus again…

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      • Hi Teri, thanks for the additional details; & so true your last sentence… get this > Omarosa’s words (article & video) to the host of Good Morning America this morning 12/14/17:

        “But when I have my story to tell as the only African-American woman in this White House, as a senior staff and assistant to the president, I have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and emotionally, that has affected my community and my people and when I can tell my story, it is a profound story that I know the world will want to hear”:

        So, yes, I bet you she does a “tell all” some day (unless she signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement?). Supposedly the black community at large are mad at her for even going to work for that “racist” in the WhiteHouse, so they would likely love some dirt on POTUS & his Admin.

        The woman gives me the total creeps, too self-confident, & way too smooth-talking. As a very attractive black woman, I think it’s gone to her head.

        In an old interview from the Apprentice days I saw last night (she was on the different variations of the show three times & was fired three times, so she was never a winner after all), she basically said, “Conflict = Ratings, & I intend to give it to them” (ie, lots of conflict/drama). Whether she is really like that in “real life,” I wouldn’t know but I sure hope her new husband (since April 2017), a FLA pastor, is a strong man because she appears to be an overly-strong woman (but then a lot of black women seem to be like that for some reason). Supposedly her prior boyfriend, Michael Clarke Duncan, ended up dead; & supposedly she received “death threats” from members of the new husband’s congregation so she postponed the wedding (previously).

        I did hear about the wedding photos at the WH wherein she brought in her 39-member wedding party unexpectedly & they were “loudly” talking/walking all over the West Wing where they should not have, & it was getting on everyone’s nerves (or so the story goes). The top half of her wedding dress looked more like a lace slip that you would wear UNDER a dress. It did not look good, imho, bare arms, the shoulder straps were falling down, etc.

        The April Ryan reporter lady is also black & supposedly she & Omarosa used to be friends until Feb. 2017 when they had their first spat in the WhiteHouse, then another WhiteHouse spat in August 2017 (both spats were written about in all the “gossipy” type news sites).

        April said she woke up on Wed. 12/13/17 to a zillion text messages on her phone re Omarosa’s “firing,” but who knows how reliable any of the “extra details” were. Comments said the real original source was TIME, & from TIME to April Ryan.

        Per the GMA interview this morning, Omarosa says April is the ONLY PERSON making up all the lies of how she & John Kelly discussed her leaving. She said it was her plan all along to depart after one year so she could get back to her normal life… (which makes me wonder if she wasn’t acting as a Dem “plant”; but word is that Trump supposedly really trusts her & her “opinions”).

        Re her prior govt. jobs with Al Gore & Bill Clinton, this was in the mediaite comments (no reference link):
        At age 23, before she became a reality TV star, the Howard University grad worked under Vice President Al Gore with the title of “special assistant of logistics.” Then she bounced around a bit, working for President Bill Clinton in the personnel office, and finally at the Commerce Department. By the time she landed at Commerce, Cheryl Shavers, Clinton’s undersecretary for technology, told People magazine that Omarosa “was asked to leave as quickly as possible… One woman wanted to slug her.”

        Last night I read versions of the story at Newsweek, Fox, CNN, Vanity Fair, The Hill, WaPo, Washington Times, NY Daily Post, NY Daily News. Supposedly:
        –She said to Kelly, “I helped Trump get elected, I brought in the black vote,” & he replied, “No, not true, it’s not there” (the black vote).
        –Priebus never liked Omarosa & wanted her gone, as did John Kelly.
        –After Kelly arrived, she was “curbed” from Trump.
        –She was known as the “mood changer” a/k/a the “Trump Triggerer” in that she supposedly would take in to Trump negative news articles which would ruin his mood.
        –The Secret Service tweeted two tweets last night (true) saying they were not involved in escorting her from the WhiteHouse but that they were only asked to reneg her security pass to the complex (or words to that effect).
        –In the above GMA interview/article, she says she was given a different pass for the remainder of her time at the WH.
        –Re her referring to herself as “The Honorable” in the letter to the Conservative Black Caucus, she sent the complainers a copy of the WhiteHouse protocol manual that said that IS the correct title for her position.

        That’s all I know, ha. Black online forums are probably chock full of more opinions. One black forum I discovered years ago (when Zachery Tims, that Central FLA pastor was found dead in a NY hotel room) is called Lipstick Alley, & boy oh boy, do those ladies talk!


  11. As was shown in Alabama yesterday, 12/12/17, getting another conservative elected is not going to be easy.  Especially now that the MSM, Hollyweird, RINO’s, DNC’s, Soros rent-a-mob, and all other left wing liberal global elites have found their smoking gun — child molestation.  It does not have to be true.  I does not have to be accurate. I doesn’t matter that, at the time, the age of consent was fourteen.  It doesn’t matter that sodomites molest children, legally, on a daily basis.  They accuse you of sexual misconduct with a child and it will stick and you are done for.  The Russia conspiracy did not work.  Sexual harassment of women did not work.  Now they have found their smoking gun — child molestation.  I hope the people of Alabama are proud of themselves for allowing Hollyweird and associates dictating their election for them.

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  12. Stephen T. McCarthy

    It pretty well goes without saying that any election so close that victory is within the margin of Democrat theft WILL be “won” by the Democrats.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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    • You’re actually wrong here. All the polls except Fox had Moore winning. He should have won by 400,000 to 500,000 votes but votes for him were deleted. The Democrats were not within the margin of victory; this was outright gangster theft of an election.

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      • Owenmeister, you misunderstood my comment, but it’s my fault as I was being “cute” with my wording and I guess that made it unclear.

        I know that in a completely legal election (as all elections SHOULD be), Moore would have won easily. Most of the polls were right in indicating that he would have and should have won by a going-away margin (like 9, 10 points). It’s only by Democrat (aka Communist) vote rigging that Jones managed to be declared the victor.

        The idea that my original comment meant to convey was that ANY election that CAN be illegally stolen by the Democrat party WILL be stolen by the Democrat party. If they are able to overcome the legitimate Republican lead in authentic votes with fake votes (i.e., dead votes, illegal alien votes, out-of-state votes, rigged voting machines flipping votes) then they will always steal those elections.

        The Moore / Jones election may not have really been that close, but it was still CLOSE ENOUGH that the Demonrats were able to steal it for Jones.

        In the Trump / Hellary presidential election, Trump was such an overwhelming favorite with “real” voters that even all the usual Demonrat cheating was not able to overcome it.

        That’s what my original comment was really implying.

        ~ D-FensDogG
        STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’


  13. One step closer to Civil War II, armed insurection. Best be getting ready!

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  14. Rumor: A Resurrection Occurred In Alabama Yesterday….

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  15. Hadenoughalready

    If any of this can be confirmed, their governor should nullify the election and postpone a new one until 2018 as he should have in the first place.
    The people of Alabama need to raise hell and file a class-action suit demanding this.

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  16. Yup, this was a dirty election, full of the usual Democrat vote fraud. We need to get the votes secured nation wide in order to rescue this nation.

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  17. “New AL law restores convicted felons’ right to vote”


    SELMA, AL (WSFA) –
    A new Alabama law signed in May will restore thousands of convicted felons’ right to vote.

    “The new law lists 47 offenses,” said Artur Davis, the executive director of the Legal Services Alabama. “Before, if you looked around the state of Alabama, there were literally hundreds of offenses that somebody was treating as a kind of moral turpitude.”

    Alabama’s Constitution states that individuals convicted of crimes of moral turpitude cannot vote, but it’s unclear what constitutes a crime of moral turpitude.

    That is left up to the county registrars to decide, however, this new law provides a clear definition of what is and what isn’t a crime of moral turpitude.

    “The new law outlines what crimes are crimes of moral turpitude,” said Randall Marshall, the executive director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama. “If you look at that list and your conviction was not one of those you can go down to your registrar, register to vote, and cast your vote.”

    According to Marshall, moral turpitude consists of offenses that “impugn the moral character of someone.”

    Those who commit crimes such as murder, rape, sexual abuse, or any other heinous act will still be banned from voting.

    Those who have been convicted of a lesser crime such as common driving offenses, receiving stolen property, or drug possession, can still vote. According to Marshall, they can continue to vote while in prison.

    “One can continue to vote even while in jail or on parole if they were convicted of a crime that’s not on the list,” said Marshall.

    Training sessions will be held to discuss this new law and how Alabamians can win back their rights to vote.

    “Felon Voting Law in Alabama”

    Felons who have been convicted of certain crimes of moral turpitude (CMT) may apply to have voting rights restored after they compete their sentence and pay the applicable fees and fines. However, you cannot have your voting rights restored if you have been convicted of one of the following crimes – rape, murder, treason or a crime involving a child. In this case, you will be permanently barred from voting for the rest of your life.

    Specific offenses that are considered to be crimes of moral turpitude (CMT) are –

    · Murder

    · Voluntary manslaughter

    · Involuntary manslaughter, in some instances

    · Rape

    · Spousal abuse

    · Child Abuse

    · Incest

    · Kidnapping

    · Aggravated assault

    · Robbery

    · Animal fighting

    · Mayhem

    · Fraud

    · Conspiracy

    Felon Voting Law in Alabama

    More information about felon voting laws and rights can be accessed by clicking on this link, which is an overview of felon voting rights comprised by the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU for the state of Alabama. If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor, then you do not lose your basic right to vote. You can also vote by absentee ballot if are incarcerated for this kind of crime.

    If you have been convicted of one of the state felonies, you will not lose your right to vote in an election for the following crimes:

    · Aiding, permitting or facilitating a prisoner to escape

    · Conducting business without a license

    · Being in possession or under the influence of a controlled substance

    · Simple assault

    · Violation of state liquor laws

    If your felony is not listed above, then you must apply for voting reinstatement. In most instances, you should apply for a Certificate of Eligibility to Register to Vote, otherwise known as a CERV. Otherwise, you must request a pardon if you were convicted of the following crimes:

    · Luring a child to enter your vehicle for immoral reasons

    · Impeachment

    · Murder

    · Incest

    · Child pornography

    · Rape

    · Sexual abuse

    · Sodomy

    · Sexual torture

    · Treason

    How a Felon in Alabama Can Restore Their Voting Rights

    If your felony does not require a pardon, you can apply for a CERV after you complete your sentence, including any period covering parole or probation, and have remitted all the court costs, fines, fees and victim restitution.

    In order to apply to the Board of Pardons and Paroles, you need to contact the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama (ACLU) at 888-685-7979 to obtain an application, or you can download the form by clicking on this link.

    Once application for a pardon is made, the Board has 50 days in which to grant your request. If convicted of a crime in the above listing, you must seek your pardon from the Board of Pardons & Paroles. You must indicate that you wish to seek restoration for your right to vote. If the Board grants your pardon but does not state that your right to vote is restored, the pardon has been granted but your voting rights will not be restored. As stated, crimes involving a child or which involve treason, murder or rape are crimes where voting rights are not normally reinstated.

    Any felon who can vote once his sentence has been served and the requirements for parole and probation have been met can register to vote by picking up a form at a local post office, county court house, DMV, WIC program, parole or probation office, community center, welfare office or chapter of the NAACP. A form can also be downloaded by clicking this link.

    Read more:

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  18. “Whatever.” The vote tally in America has been for YEARS not dependent upon the fabled Russians…but upon the REAL illegals and multiple-times voters and DEAD voters in the USA. This is an insult to REAL, legal voters and to our Republic….SHAME!!!!!!!

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  19. Infowars showed Alabama maps from elections over the last 20 years or so and compared the county breakdowns for Dems. and Repubs. characterized by red and blue. Almost without exception the same counties have been red and blue for many years until yesterday’s election. Counties that hadn’t been Democrat for quite a few years turned blue last night. Major fraud was committed.

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  21. If you think election was strange, wait from here on out. The liberals found a way to break through and they put the pedal to the metal. They found a weak link, child molestation, guilty or not, they will attack everyone from now on.
    Voter fraud happened, no doubt. Just icing on their cake. it is who they are. They have gotten by with it for decades without any ramifications, so why not.

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    • Hadenoughalready

      Seems like it didn’t take much more than a political loss, for Moore, for the accusers to fade into the woodwork. I wonder if they’ll re-surface again…or maybe they’ll wait for his next run. Or the next victim.

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    • The ONLY way to fight their “golden egg” is going to be REQUIRING PROOF of the accusations. In other realms,if the issue is serious enough to put someone else’s life,occupation and reputation at risk,there needs to be EVIDENCE available,be it DNA,witnesses or video. The excuse of “It happened 40 years ago won’t wash-if it was bad enough to bring up NOW,it was bad enough to bring up back THEN. We KNOW “Things were different back then.”,but the crimes were as bad then as they are today,if not WORSE.
      I know this a harsh stance,but society is allowing this to be one of a growing number of cases where someone can just ALLEGE a crime with NO way to prove it one way or the other,and summarily allow public opinion to destroy another life,or to,or a Family,or a whole neighborhood. It HAS TO END,before the public’s opinions NULLIFY the Courts’ rulings.


  22. evilwhitemalempire

    “ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court yesterday, shooting down a lower court requiring counties to preserve their digital voting records”

    Anybody out there still think we’re living in a democracy?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hadenoughalready

      The DoJ, Sessions, need to file an injunction demanding a stay pending a US Supreme Court decision.
      This IS a federal matter as it affects House and Senate members’ decisions, which affect the entire nation, and not just local/state issues.

      Liked by 4 people

    • It seems like they wouldn’t have made that ruling had they not known the election was rigged. One more thing to demand an investigation into.


  23. The citizens of Alabama need to raise holy hell!

    Liked by 1 person

  24. I am still having a hard time that a deeply red and religious state suddenly turned left and for a guy that supports abortion, open borders and a weaker military.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Trump really screwed the pooch on this one. He supported Luther Strange. That was mistake # 1. Then when Moore defeated him, Trump’s support for Moore would be seen as mistake #2. But as today’s post points out, George Soros & Co. are still on the loose. So which is it—-does Trump intend to drain the swamp or not?
    Trump is going to have to go on the offense here, against a Democratic Machine as well as Soros. I don’t see it yet.
    I have begun to fear that Trump is not going to finish his term. He’s been sending out some signals of weakness lately.
    I hope I am wrong.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, Steven, sometimes I really gotta wonder about Trump. I voted for him and would do so again. He has done a lot of good things already and has shown himself to be more authentically conservative than any other president in my lifetime (including Reagan, once one ignores all he SAID and focuses solely on what he DID).

      But Trump sure does act like a Swamp dweller sometimes. Endorsing Strange (a dyed-in-the-wool Swamp creature) over Moore to begin with was a bad sign. And then when Trump finally did bother to formally endorse Moore in the general election, he sure took his sweet time about it, waiting until the election was very nearly upon us.

      There’s a lot I like about Trump, but frankly, there are also times he seems to have made some “deal” with the Swamp (maybe with Kissinger?) in which he may have promised not to take his MAGA program TOO far. Like two small steps forward and one medium sized step backwards all the way to the end of his term. It LOOKS pretty good for public consumption but it doesn’t actually kill the beast, nor even harm the beast too significantly.

      ~ D-FensDogG
      STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hadenoughalready

        When thinking Trump is a commiserating swamp rat, please remember: “Keep your friends close – your enemies closer”.
        Throwing your enemies under the bus the moment you meet them only sends the rest into hiding. “Snuggling up” gives them a false confidence. Strike when you have unmitigated proof of their treachery and no sooner.

        Liked by 2 people

        • HadEnoughAlready ~
          That “…Keep Your Enemies Closer” has been the standard response for a year now. One can find it everywhere that real conservatives gather — Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, etc.

          And I’ve been willing to consider that as an explanation, and still am, but to a lesser degree of confidence than previously.

          It seemed more reasonable earlier on when Trump was making some of his head-scratching cabinet appointments. But in the case of endorsing Luther Strange over Judge Moore, I’m afraid I can’t accept that explanation. When you have the chance to fortify & increase your number of MAGA soldiers / supporters in the Senate, one year into your presidency, but instead you encourage people to vote another anti-MAGA Swamp monster into the Senate, that’s a bit difficult to excuse with the old “…enemies closer line”.

          In fact, that explanation is starting to get kinda old, in my opinion. How long should one wait before they begin moving their friends and supporters in closer?

          ~ D-FensDogG
          STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

          Liked by 2 people

          • Hadenoughalready

            “How long should one wait”? Well, had Trump shut down Meuller a month ago, the FBI and DoJ wouldn’t be facing the questions they are.

            Regarding Sessions; I’ve grown weary of him, too. But Trump removed several, so far, for various reasons. Why he’s keeping Sessions is beyond me. But Trump does pay attention and though none of us know why, he must have a good reason. Perhaps a wrecking ball is being clandestinely assembled. One to guarantee a mess, so to speak.

            As for the Alabama race – sometimes it’s better to let the enemy win one, let their heads swell and get sloppy. We’ve seen it before and, as the saying goes: a leopard cannot change its spots.
            As I said in another post, with Jones making all those promises and winning, now he has to fulfill them. And when, not if he fails, the dems will truly be exposed; and all by their own hands.
            We, conservatives”, know they won’t. They can’t. They owe too much to their lobbyists.
            As you said, Trump’s been in office less than 11 months…looks what’s happened.
            Have patience. We could be talking about Hillery (shudder the thought).

            Liked by 2 people

            • I would have expected,had IT won the Presidency,by now we would NOT be talking about Hillary-she’d have EO’ed changes to the First Amendment making speaking ill of the president (back to lowercase because she wouldn’t make a wart on the ass of a REAL President…) a Felony,using the currently prevalent “Court of Public Opinion” to decide guilt or innocence. Sorry if I sound resentful-it’s only because I AM.


  26. Seriously, what indeed can be done? I heard that Moore would have to come up with the cash to pay for a recount or a recall, but he does not have the funds. It’s just getting to be like ho hum… another day, and another crime committed by the swamp, and a week later it is forgotten because the little people don’t have the bucks to mount an opposition battle.

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  27. We all know that voter fraud is rampant all over the country, especially in Democratic states that fight so hard against voter ID laws, because they allow illegals to vote in droves in those states. They can claim that Voter ID laws discriminate against blacks all they want, but they certainly dont have a problem showing proper ID when it comes to signing up for Food Stamps and other welfare programs, so why would they have a problem getting ID to vote?

    I actually think that attitude is more racist than any republican racism. The democrats tell the blacks that they are unable to do anything without the help of the democrat party. Essentially they are telling the black community that they are not as smart or capable as the rest of society, so they need to let the democrats help them, control them, and tell them what to think and how to vote.


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  34. When Judge Roy Moore wins in a Land slide in contest with a Republican in a predominately Republican state of Alabama and then loses to Democrat Doug Jones in a run off election you have to believe voter fraud was involved Big Leg

    Liked by 1 person

  35. asshole doug jones won by voter fraud, 10000 dead people and thousands of illegals and yet he gets away with it, then let alabama eat shit on higher taxes, allah and illegals and when the people who are stupid who let him win realize he’s a fraud there will be a recall

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