NSA tweet: Pizzagate is real

A year ago, on December 4, 2016, some “white hat” at the National Security Agency (NSA) tweeted that Pizzagate is real. Below is the tweet, which was retweeted the next day by @axslinger99 (h/t Voat):

I can confirm the following:

Certainly, if anyone knows about Pizzagate, it would be the NSA — the federal government agency that spies on every phonecall, email, bank transfer, travel record of every American. See:

See also:


15 responses to “NSA tweet: Pizzagate is real

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  2. What else is knew………I’m still,waiting….


  3. Been saying the same thing (Pizzagate is real) since last year when I investigated it. I called the DC FBI and they couldn’t comment on an active investigation.

    Also, check out the too many children missing in Virginia – like 10 times the number per capita as California.

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  4. You know…this sounds a little too good to be true. It actually lends support to the theory that pizzagate is a gov’t psy op designed to draw us away from other issues.

    I want pizzagate to be real, but I have more and more doubts as time goes on.


    • “I have more and more doubts as time goes on.”

      Why? You don’t believe there are pedophiles in government? (see Franklin scandal)
      You actually think very busy and important male professionals in D.C. chat incessantly about pizza, hotdogs, and walnut sauce in emails to each other?

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      • Hello Dr. Eowyn: Pizzagate is a link or portal to a worldwide pedophilia network. The massive criminal corruption starts here and continues with child sacrifice, human trafficking and organ harvesting by an array of psychopathic satanists in USG and elsewhere including Israel. If people don’t get this, they won’t get much else. It’s foundational to understanding how the world operates and why little changes in a positive fashion for people, particularly, Christians.

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      • “You actually think very busy and important male professionals in D.C. chat incessantly about pizza, hotdogs, and walnut sauce in emails to each other?”

        Of course I see such things as indicators tending to incriminate. My concern is that these things may have been constructed by the very parties we wish to believe are incriminated.

        I already said that I want pizzagate to be real. I just think it’s wise to consider that the whole thing may be a red herring.

        It may boil down to the veracity of WikiLeaks. If WL is a true bastion of truth, pizzagate is probably real. If WL is controlled by the powers that be, pizzagate is more likely a fake obstruction.

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        • I am confused, you said you want PG to be real or did you mean you hope the investigation is real?
          As for Wikileaks, like them or not, in over ten years everything they have given us was proven correct.
          PG is just one of the reasons the liberals fought for and still are fighting to control the White House. They want to continue with their abuse of child and money and control.
          With Clinton not in the White House their Mulitple crime sprees are ending.
          They have much to lose.

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        • Sorry Jurist – it’s not fake. Ask the people of Omaha who lied and covered for Boystown and Larry King and Alan Baer and a hole boatload of other “professionals” involved, names forever under seal. Ask the people of San Diego…. http://anonhq.com/massive-pedophile-ring-busted-in-california/….this has been going on for a long time…what I find kind of weird is that these pedo rings (somehow) show up near military bases. We know a number of military contractors were busted for “child and human trafficking”. What you have is the COVER UP OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. Funny how George Soros name always comes up with satanic behavior…..https://nypost.com/2017/11/03/portfolio-manager-accused-of-raping-beating-women-in-penthouse-dungeon/

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  5. There are many very good comments and insightful questions above, so I won’t add to that. As to the question of the veracity of sexually related crimes committed by USG personell, we must in the end agree that some degree of involvement is inevitable. The RC church is correct when it insists on us all being creatures prone to sin, even He Whom we follow said as much. The Greek word for sin is ‘harmatia’ in transliteration; it has a wide range of meaning, as it should! [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamartia]

    My early life was tainted by an attempted rape when I was 19.5 yrs in El Cerrito, CA. The result was that I have NO empathy for perps and endless sympathy for all rape victims. I think re-instating the stocks is an idea come due for these creeps.

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  6. Kudos Dr. Eowyn-this is very exciting news to get some official documentation-WE’RE COMING FOR YOU SKIPPY!

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  8. This is interesting… and disturbing. Hopefully those criminals all get jailed soon (Including Hillary and Bill Clinton).


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