CAIR & suspected terrorist bomber’s family outraged at investigators’ tactics

albert fox cahn

Albert Fox Cahn: Representing the terrorist-supporting group CAIR

On Monday a Bangladeshi immigrant attempted to set off a homemade pipe bomb strapped to his body in a crowded Manhattan subway. The immigrant, Akayed Ullah, 27, was taken to a hospital after suffering burns from the explosive device that was attached to his body, which did not fully ignite.

It appears his family is more outraged by the investigators’ actions than their own relative being a terrorist.

From NY Post: The family of the alleged ISIS-inspired Port Authority bomber said they were “heartbroken” by the attack on Monday and blasted law enforcement agencies for what they claimed were heavy-handed tactics by investigators.

“We are heartbroken by the violence that was targeted at our city today and by the allegations being made against a member of our family,” said the statement read by Albert Fox Cahn, legal director for the NY Chapter Council for Islamic Relations.

“But we’re also outraged by the behavior of the law enforcement officials who held children as small as 4 years old out in the cold and who pulled a teenager out of high school classes to interrogate him without lawyer, without his parents.”

It was not immediately clear if the 4-year-old or the teenager were related to the suspect.

The family continued to criticize the way the investigation was handled — even though the suspect, Akayed Ullah, allegedly launched a failed terror attack in a crowded city subway tunnel.

“These are not the sorts of actions we expect from our justice system,” the statement read.

“We have every confidence that our justice system will find the truth behind this attack and that we will in the end be able learn what occurred today.”


24 responses to “CAIR & suspected terrorist bomber’s family outraged at investigators’ tactics

  1. CAIR is insisting that if Akayed Ullah is to be permitted to remain in the U.S.A. it is mandatory that he return to bomb making school and retake the course.

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  2. There are no doubts that this SOB is a terrorist. Execute him. End of story. And anyone who helps, protects and defends the enemy, same: execute them all – CAIR is a terrorist organization. To aid and abet enemies, foreign and domestic, is criminal and treasonous. Time to take off the silk n feather gloves and hit them with a sledgehammer.

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  3. Oh, boo hoo, ingrates.

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  4. The terrorist was a NYC taxi driver, I wonder if he’s literate enough to have passed the written test for a drivers license. These Muslim creeps go straight to driving taxi cabs and many of them hire proxies to take the motor vehicle department written test. After they are licensed drivers some POS city bureaucrat grants them a hack license. The instances of women being raped in NYC taxi cabs is skyrocketing because of these filthy 3rd world animals. The ones who are lucky enough not to be raped are verbally abused and harassed by these pigs! Anywhere 3rd world Muslim men go, rape goes with them, it’s a cultural thing. They don’t need to investigate this one more then figuring out whether he is literate and if not how did he become a taxi driver. The rest of the “investigation” can be resolved with a rope and a street lamp as he was caught in flagrante!

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    • Patrick . . . . I think you have just about covered everything there is to say about this garbage being allowed to go on. Perhaps when you first apply for a “learner’s permit” there needs to be a picture taken, along with finger-prints; when the student driver presents to take both the written and behind the wheel test, their picture and finger prints are matched to the original applicant. Also, there needs to be an audit of cab driver’s, where police stop cabs, compare the biometrics with the original application. There also needs to be some compilation of which driver’s have the necessary documentation to drive what cabs . . . any driver caught driving a cab who is uncertified to drive that particular cab and the cab is confiscated. it is not given back to the rightful owner, since the owner was lending the cab out to other persons, without any regard for the safety of the public.

      Since I do not live in New York, I am wondering if the majority of cab driver’s are Muslim? If so, I would think riding in a New York cab to be risky behavior. To all who know our FOTM’s Steven, who drive’s for one of the car services in New York — riding with him would be the better choice over taking a cab.

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      • Hi Auntie Lulu, I live in NYC and the vast majority of the yellow taxi cabs and gypsy taxis are operated by 3rd world Muslim men. There are still a few White, Hispanic and Black American drivers and a handful of West Indian drivers but the vast majority are Muslims from places like Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other 3rd world Islamic hell holes. Muslims tend to gravitate to the livery businesses because there’s no intensive labor involved and puts them into the know about what’s going on in town. Taxi drivers are said to garner all manner of inside information about the towns they work in especially about nefarious activities like black markets, prostitution and other things. In Britain Muslims have completely taken over the livery business and I’m seeing that phenomena repeated here in NYC. The instances of NYC taxi drivers raping female passengers has skyrocketed but of course the New York Times isn’t interested in covering it. Many of these drivers can hardly speak English and are ridiculously aggressive motorists. A NYC taxi cab ride can be extremely dangerous for inebriated women or women needing a ride in inclement weather conditions especially snowstorms. Women I know personally who work in Manhattan complain to me about taxi drivers harassing them all the time. I know that most of these animals are illiterate and could never pass a written test moreover you can’t even tell if they are the same person pictured on the hack license half the time! I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for Mayor DeBlasio to crack down on them and guarantee that there is no fraud and other monkey business going on the the NYC livery business. The mayor would surely be charged with bigotry by the Muslim community for keeping taxi drivers honest and on a short leash. DeBlasio has zero integrity for anything other then his own extreme leftist ideology so let all women visiting NYC be warned that NYC taxi drivers are almost all depraved 3rd world illiterate Muslim mysoginists and a simple taxi ride can be extremely dangerous late at night, inclement weather or after a night of drinking or too and from JFK, LaGuardia or Newark.

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        • Patrick . . . God Bless you for the blow by blow synopsis of what is going on in NYC regarding who are driving their yellow cabs. It does not sound like taking a cab is a particularly safe endeavor, especially for a woman. I think that butthead you have for a mayor–since he will not crack down on any nefarious activity,is a great travesty to our entire country, since New York City is a crown jewel of America. I guess I will delay coming there until you get a major in place who will actually clean up the place. I am so very sorry for all the good people of New York, who do not deserve this kind of criminal activity going on in their back yard.

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        • what part of NYC do you live? Women getting raped in a Taxi is big news and I haven’t heard that a woman was raped in a Taxi in NYC for a long time. Yes, I live in NYC too and I can tell you Muslim Taxi drivers do dominate the yellow cabs but not the black car services. In the Bronx you see Taxis are dominated by African & Dominican immigrants, in Brooklyn it is dominated by Haitian immigrants. Yellow cabs is mostly in Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn with the Muslims. Now Uber is dominating the Taxi industry in NYC and Uber drivers could be anyone even women. Yes, I have a TLC license too I drove a yellow cab on weekends for a couple of months. So a lot of what you say about getting licensed is not true. You have to be finger printed, drug tested and when you take the test they take your finger print of your index finger when you sign the attendance card.


  5. Dr. Michael Savage made the suggestion the family and extended relatives of islamic terrorists who came to the US as a result of “chain” migration and commit terrorist acts should be deported back to their home countries. He calls this “chain” deportation. If only………..

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  6. Re: “Albert Fox Cahn: Representing the terrorist-supporting group CAIR,” isn’t it odd that a jewish lawyer is representing one of the most poisonous jihadist organizations in the world? But then, a quick look at any of the prophets of the Bible will reveal the Lord’s frustration with Israel’s spiritual prostitution.

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  7. So,the connected family is heartbroken about what happened, but they are Immediatley connected with CAIR? Just more proof they aren’t assimilating. Most likely just taking from our system one way or another.
    Just what kind of treatment did they expect when they are harboring a terrorist? There were 8 million lives at stake.
    And where did he get the money for world travel?
    I like the ring to the chain deportation statement. We need it to survive.

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  8. This terrorist came to America through family relations. I forget what the program is called and that really does not matter. Whenever one of these reprobates shows up, they all need to be deported. His mother, father, sister, brother, in-laws, out-laws, cousins, cousins twice removed, cousins third removed, maternal grandparents, paternal grandparents, children, children in-laws and any one associate with the perp. Do this a few times and these families will think twice about harboring terrorist in their midst. No actually what will happen is they will leave the terrorist behind to do his/her dirty deeds and they will all self-deport just before the incident. Then wiggle their way back into America to start the process all over again.

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  9. “We are heartbroken by the … allegations being made against a member of our family.”

    What??!! The blatantly-guilty perp has BURNS on his body where the pipe-bomb was (=PROOF of guilt) & they are “heartbroken” re “allegations” of his guilt? SMH. We’ve heard of cops planting guns on the non-guilty, so are they insinuating the cops planted/strapped a pipe-bomb on this guy? /s

    #ChainDeportation = yes, that makes an excellent new hashtag & Trump rally mantra, along with #BuildThatWall, #LockHerUp, etc. 🙂

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  10. Where did they say he came from? Half-a-bangladesh?

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  11. Deport the whole family, then CAIR, then this Jewish (sic) lawyer. Let him see what the Muslims will do to him.

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  12. and they threw in a “christmas tree light” (That’s like something out of a family guy episode, is that filthy macfarlane in charge of the CIA’s domestic terrorism narratives now?) for added insult to provoke a reaction, I’m going to call this one another psy-op like the rest, can’t really say whether this thug was intending to work for free , was paid, or was possibly extorted, but in any case hopefully the ones using him to push their agendas are exposed, and any plans they have for Christmas or new years will come to naught, I would suggest praying for the failure and exposure of their vile schemes.

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    • Seumas . . . . . Your most excellent comments brought something to mind, “They threw in a “Christmas tree light,” should this punk not be charged with a “hate crime?” I am judging that based on the fact that the guy in Florida who put “bacon” either inside a mosque, or on the door handle of the mosque, was charged with a hate crime. In Western civilization where we commemorate the birth of Our Savior, which has
      evolved into bringing trees into our homes, decorated with “Christmas tree lights” as part n parcel of our significant observation of Christmas. THIs terrorist deliberately choose one of the symbols that us Christians use at this time of year to celebrate. (No, Christmas tree lights are not necessary to our celebration of Our Savior’s birth, but it is something which we have adopted as a symbol of this particular day being special out of all the days in a year.)
      As far as I am concerned, this joker committed a hate crime, just as much as did the guy who left bacon at the mosque.

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  14. Well what would you expect. The family is not going to disown their own because he committed a terrorist act against the gov’t.
    I tend to agree that Investigators should not treat the whole family as criminals just because one member did a criminal act. Did the 4 year old younger and 14 year old children plan and executed a terrorist plot? Why should young children be in the cold while they search the house. At least let them wait in a warm vehicle; if the teenager didn’t hate the gov’t before he will now; they presumed he was part of the plot…….


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