Why no one trusts #FakeNews: NBC News says Trump’s North Korean policy could trigger famine

fake news

As if famine and mass starvation has never existed/doesn’t currently exist in North Korea under Fat Boy. These partisan, TDS-infected “reporters” are a joke. Expect more #FakeNews like this for the next three years.

From NBC News: The Trump administration’s primary North Korea strategy would do little to curb the country’s nuclear program and could trigger a famine, according to experts.

After spearheading several rounds of sanctions, the White House is now urging China to turn off oil supplies to Kim Jong Un’s regime and the 25 million people he rules.  Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, summed up Washington’s thinking Sunday: “You cannot shoot a missile without fuel.”

Many analysts say such a move would have minimal impact on North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs and would instead hit the country’s agricultural sector, potentially leading to mass starvation.

“If it could be done, a full oil cutoff would certainly dramatically reduce the amount of domestically grown food available to the civilian population,” according to David von Hippel, a senior associate at the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability, a California-based think tank.

Von Hippel warned the results of an oil embargo — which he conceded would be almost impossible to enforce — could have a catastrophic impact on a humanitarian level.

“Unless China or the rest of the world exported or gifted food to the DPRK to compensate, this would likely lead to famine,” he added, referring to the North by its official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

North Korea’s population would feel a lack of oil more acutely than most countries.

Much of the country’s 46,000 square miles, an area around the size of Pennsylvania, is covered in mountains. According to the CIA World Factbook, only around 22 percent of North Korea is used for agriculture, compared with 44 percent of the United States.

What arable land there is, North Koreans farm intensively. They’ve also come to rely on tractors, irrigation pumps, refrigerators and transportation trucks to harvest and distribute food before I trots.

Von Hippel said that even without further sanctions, measures imposed in September as a result of Kim’s missile and nuclear tests would likely impoverish North Korea’s breadbasket.

“The civilian population will certainly feel the burden of the sanctions well before the nuclear weapons or missile programs or the DPRK elites do, if these noncivilians feel them at all,” he said. “At some point, however, the agricultural sector will feel the pinch of sanctions.”

Elizabeth Rosenberg, a senior fellow and the director of the energy, economics and security program at the Center for a New American Security, a Washington think tank, said that famine is “among the possibilities” that lawmakers should consider when deciding whether to impose tighter trade restrictions.

Read the rest of the diatribe here.

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16 responses to “Why no one trusts #FakeNews: NBC News says Trump’s North Korean policy could trigger famine

  1. North Korea does famine all on its own, thank you very much.

    In the terrible famine of 1994-1998 — from the govt’s economic mismanagement and Soviet Union’s withdrawal of its support — 500,000 to 600,000 people died from starvation, out of a population of 22 million.


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  2. So from this twisted logic we some how have a moral obligation to support an enemy bent upon our destruction? That policy didn’t fly in the Middle East so these ‘thinkers’ believe it will work half a world away? War is a terrible thing but it is better to make your opponent die from the desire than to commit suicide to accommodate him. Too many think tanks, too few thinkers.

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  3. So these boneheads feel we should allow North Korea to continue to skip along the path to both nuclear, and biological capability, rather than utilize any means possible to bring them to heel? I’m not a genius, but that seems rather dumb. I hope the families of these bleeding hearts are among the first to be caught up in any aggressive acts by North Korea. This would only be fair, since they do not wish to inconvenience Fat Boy’s ultimate plans by withholding oil. When people spout this kind of rhetoric, I find it to be akin to treason on their part!

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    • Sounds like Democratic Liberalism on an International level to me. What they’d angle for is the population of NK to be brought into the US as a Sanctuary before we carried out any form of sanctions on NK.

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      • truck . . . . I am sure that the Dems would love to get ahold of all those prospective voters from NK, and put them on our Welfare Rolls, Food Stamp Rolls, and the Rolls of those entitled to Social Security benefits.

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  4. Progressive left/libtards again…

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  5. North Koreans are the only peoples that have been experiencing famine since the talons of communism took hold of the country, we would be doing a great favor to them if we could exterminate piggy-bank Kim Jong Un. I believe they rather die than continue with their horrible life in the living hell.

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    • Alma . . . I think you do have a good point there! I cannot even venture to guess the feelings of a pregnant mother in NK . . . knowing that their little one will be born into such a hell hole.

      The very thought of this makes me so very, very thankful that among all the people who were to come to Earth, I won the lottery, I got to come to the United States of America.

      God Bless America! God Bless our President!

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  7. Consider the soldier that recently defected, he was thin and full of worms, and he was one of those receiving food.
    Every few years NK tries to extract money and supplies from us. They have been threatening to bomb Hawaii a year before Trump was elected and BO did or said nothing. Then they added Guam and now the Continental US.
    But if they attack Hawaii and the President retaliates, somehow the loonies will blame him. I guess I am thankful they aren’t in charge of protecting us.

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    • Glenn47 . . . Amen to that! This is the very reason I am so distressed over Mueller and his henchmen just digging and digging . . . trying to find something to unseat our President. I rather doubt, as you have expressed, the Demorats have not, and will not preserve our nation. Just look at the shite they pulled at Bengazi– we had four American who had asked for help time and time again, yet BO and his gang just sat on their thumbs and let death overcome these brave and valiant men!

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  8. Love your Fake News newspaper photo at the top!

    And amazing stats by Dr. E in her reply re the prior 1990’s NK famine, wow. If they have so little farmland, you’d think they would have long ago learned to stock up big time (like the Bible’s Joseph, seven years of mass-producing/hoarding to survive the next seven years of zero production).

    I don’t like the idea of average everyday innocent people being starved due to their idiot leaders, so I have no idea what the answer is. 😦


    More re: #FAKE NEWS :

    John McCain creep is blasting POTUS Trump today in a tweet re Trump’s use of the FAKE NEWS term which, per McShame, has caused governments around the world to begin using the phrase as well as an excuse to lock up their journalists (per a new report out on the subject, up to 262, I think it said).

    Dumb McCain also used the FAKE NEWS term in a tweet previously. So if he doesn’t want it to spread, maybe he should follow his own advice.

    In other McCain news, saw a headline that said his wife’s father now has the same brain cancer as McShame himself. That’s two different families, hers/his. I wonder if the two families are heavy long-time (10 years minimum) cellphone users.

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    • What are the odds that both McCain and his father-in-law (the guy must be 1,000 years old) have brain cancer. Maybe it’s kuru.

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    • TPR . . . . I agree with you about the abhorrence of letting innocent peoples die of starvation: but then the question becomes . . . “What can you and I do about those who are who are living in NK and are starving.” This is a question that is akin to “Eat the food on your plate, because of the starving children in China.” Or perhaps, “What can you or I personally do about the tens of thousands of innocent babies being slaughtered by abortion. I think the only thing we can do is not to have an abortion personally, and teach that to everyone in our families.” There are certain problems that “we” either collectively, or individually cannot do anything about. I absolutely do believe that when it comes to NK approaching the capability of nuclear armament, and/or biological capability . . . I should imagine in God’s eyes that the better choice of who is to survive would be those who are righteous and good people who live in this land. If NK would be allowed to do whatsoever Fat Boy wants, there are many innocent peoples in many lands outside of NK that would be saved by the action of the US. Even in biblical times, God choose sides with who he wanted to be victorious, as long as the people remembered their God. I absolutely know that any person, whether it is someone living in America, or in North Korea will still be entitled to any and all blessings they are entitled to when you leave this Earth. Yes, some people do live shortened lives, some people die as a consequence of war, but in Eternity, you will not have any blessing taken from you, that you are entitled to.

      I can only imagine what a very heavy burden befalls our President, trying to
      sort out the mess in NK . . . . a mess which was never addressed by Clinton, Bush, or Obummer. They all decided to kick the can down the road, and let someone else deal with this horrific problem.

      Our President deserved all the prayers we can possibly send Heavenward, and each of us can rest easy that we do not have our finger on the red button.

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  9. Norks are dropping like flies from starvation.

    That’s what happens when people live in what is essentially a prison camp run by a family of tyrannical commie nutcases.

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  10. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    It looks like all of those mental doctors who have gathered to review our President’s mental capacity should get help for themselves. It looks like they have ripped their britches and some rods are showing.

    Someone please call 911 – they definitely need some help.


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