Skier Vonn injured two days after saying, “I want to represent the US, not Trump at Winter Olympics”

lindsey vonnThat’s what you do represent. But then she had to display her TDS.

Karma can be a you-know-what.

On December 7th, American skier Lindsey Vonn said this (as reported by The Guardian):

American skier Lindsey Vonn has become the latest athlete to speak out against Donald Trump.

The most decorated female skier of all time told CNN in an interview that aired Thursday that she wants to “represent the people of the United States, not the president” and would turn down the invitation to the White House traditionally put forth to the entire US Olympic team.

“I take the Olympics very seriously and what they mean and what they represent, what walking under our flag means in the opening ceremony,” Vonn said. “I want to represent our country well. I don’t think that there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that.

When asked if she would accept an invitation to the White House, Vonn was to the point: “Absolutely not. Nope. I have to win to be invited so – no, actually I think every US team member is invited. So, no, I won’t go.”

Two days later, Vonn injured her back at a World Cup race in Switzerland. She then announced on Sunday, as reported by ESPN, that she would withdraw from another scheduled super-G on that same day before the race was canceled because of fog.

”Unfortunately I will not be able to race today,” Vonn wrote on her Twitter account 45 minutes before the original scheduled start.

”I am extremely disappointed but my biggest goal this season is the Olympics,” said the American star, who won the downhill title at the 2010 Vancouver Games but missed the 2014 Sochi Games due to injury.


21 responses to “Skier Vonn injured two days after saying, “I want to represent the US, not Trump at Winter Olympics”

  1. Maybe the Trump Curse is real ! 🙂

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  2. Touch not my anointed, do my prophets no harm.

    Mark Taylor, a prophet who lives in Florida, said that he believes that President Trump has a prophetic anointing on his life.

    Lindsey Vonn reminds me of that NY Giants football player who knelt for the National Anthem and then gave an obscene gesture to the people in the stands. A week later he broke his ankle.

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  3. I don’t wish anyone physical harm. When they choose to speak about politics they should know that their opinion will alienate the population who doesn’t feel the same way they do ESPECIALLY when they are unnecessarily nasty as she was. There goes 50.5% of your sympathy, Cookie! Just ask how the movies and the NFL are doing? DUMB.

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  4. Guess why she no longer has a “tiger” in her tank. Tiger Woods and President Trump played golf at Mar-a-Lago on Thanksgiving weekend, EAT YOU HEART OUT LINDSEY VONN” and literally, BREAK A-LEG!

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Not doing much for her notoriety; either.

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  6. Hey sister Vonn, it hurts, don’t it? Get ready for the Winter Olympics, if you can make it.

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  7. Neither good deed nor evil deed ever goes unpunished. She got what she deserved and rightfully so. If she had parents that weren’t brother and sister, they would have instilled in her right from wrong.
    I wish I were on social media so I could laugh in her face.

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  8. She’s the true definition of white privilege

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  9. Touch not my anointed

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  10. Sometimes I am in awe how fast karma works. She had it coming. In many races, she didn’t even finish. Let a younger harder working person a chance.

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    • funny you should mention that. Notice how FEW of the attention-grabbers we’re hearing from are top shelf in their skill set? Seems like MOST are well below Top 10 quality.

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  11. Screw her and the horse she rode in on. If she participates or not is not going to change a thing in this country and is all self serving anyway. Lump her and her ilk in with actors as far as importance and pro wrestlers as far as self promotion. Who does she think she is, anyway? How is her going downhill on 2 narrow boards going to improve life in this country? She’s not as valuable as the guys who pick up the garbage every Thursday morning! In the immortal words of Rhett Butler: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!” Take yourself, Hollywood and the NFL to Lion Country Safari in the back of pickup trucks!

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  12. Vonn says “It is hurtful to read comments where people are hoping I break my neck or that God is punishing me for being ‘anti-Trump.’ We need to find a way to put aside our differences and find common ground in communicating.”

    What a hypocrite. Her words about President Trump are the exact opposite of her sanctimonious preaching that “We need to find a way to put aside our differences and find common ground in communicating.”

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    • Great find! Hypocrite Supreme, indeed!

      Vonn Before: “Absolutely not. Nope … no, I won’t go,” says a four-year-old when told it’s time for their bath, or it’s their bedtime.

      Vonn Now: “We need to find a way to put aside our differences and find common ground in communicating.”

      My oh my, that spoiled liberal “toddler” certainly had a complete “attitude adjustment” after her “public spanking.”

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  13. Well, she bother wish, she isn’t representing the President. Or anyone now.

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  14. Time for her to retire and go away.

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