NFL week 14: Sunday night ratings suffer a steep drop

NFL blowback

Imagine my distress.

From Hollywood Reporter: Sunday’s super-slim 39-38 victory for the Pittsburgh Steelers over the Baltimore Ravens was the biggest thing going for broadcast on Sunday night.

NBC’s latest Sunday Night Football averaged an 11.6 overnight rating among households. Before time zone adjustments, it easily won the night — topping even the midwinter finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead. But, stacked against a season high for the same week a year ago, the game suffered a pretty steep drop.

The Steelers’ win was down 30 percent from the huge Giants-Cowboys game a year ago. And, even with such a tight matchup, this week’s marquee primetime game was down 11 percent.

Good news for Fox: its own NFL overrun, from the day’s biggest game, propelled huge gains for its primetime lineup. Before any adjustments, The Simpsons averaged a 2.7 rating among adults 18-49 in Fast Affiliate returns. Bob’s Burgers (1.6 adults) was also improved, while Family Guy held steady with a 1.2 rating in the key demo.

ABC aired a special Frozen short, which pulled in a 1.2 rating in the key demo. On CBS, Wisdom of the Crowd dropped to a 0.7 rating in the key demo after a steady 60 Minutes. NCIS: Los Angeles (0.8 adults) and Madam Secretary (0.7 adults) rounded out the evening.


12 responses to “NFL week 14: Sunday night ratings suffer a steep drop

  1. I don’t care one bit what happens to the NFL. When this all started last year and nothing was done to stop it, we turned them off. Totally, no peeking.
    They could have stopped this and did nothing and now Goddell is rewarded with a 200 million contract? Now. They reward for inactivity and bad behavior. Nope, they lost us. I know they don’t care, but then again, neither do we.
    Funny thing is, we don’t miss it.

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  2. Gimme a baseball, a cap, a bat and a glove, gimme a good all American guy, a good home run player and I’ll say take me out to the ball game and PLAY BALL! Gimme a Chase Elliot, a Kyle Bush and a Jeff Earndheart and give me DAYTONA on a 4th of July. “Gentlemen, start your engine” wooooshhhh, wooooshhhhh.

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  3. I wonder if this is related to the Democrats’ desperation to stop Trump from destroying their corrupt machine. Hell of a coincidence that THIS happened at about the same time as the Harvey Weinstein accusations. NOW I’m hearing over 60 Congressional Women are demanding a Congressional investigation of sexual harassment in Congress.
    Rush is of the opinion that the D’s plan to purge their own Party of “perverts”,but ONLY the ones they have True Blue Dem’s to replace them with,THEN they’ll (supposedly) have the Moral high ground to DEMAND action on Trump’s removal from office. They (and the RINO population) are TRULY,INSANELY DESPERATE to keep Trump from laying wide open their long-standing system of Corruption and Debauchery. I wouldn’t put it past them to resort to using a “Hired Gun” to stop him if nothing else works.
    The ONLY thing that reassures me is the recent information of a Government-wide removal of the Corrupt Politicians. A LOT of what I’m seeing is just too logical and fits too well to be bogus. (IMHO) I pray to God this is for real!

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  4. I, like many others grew up watching college and pro football. My grandfather and father played football for UNC (Tarheels). My dad was drafted by the Chicago Bears, but it was war time and he enlisted in the Army (WWII) instead wanting to serve his country. My mom and I had no choice but to follow football and all things sports with my dad and 3 brothers post WWII. Those were fun times when life was more innocent. Over the last 25 years, I’ve lost some of my enthusiasm to watch pro football and basketball as our country has changed with deep state operatives politicizing and corrupting things we never would have imagined. Most athletes are extremely overpaid, spoiled and ungrateful for the opportunities given to them. Too many are wife and girlfriend beaters, murderers, drug users, thieves etc,…….they’re just plain thugs. This is a system that needs to collapse.

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    • greenworxx . . . . I certainly do agree that “This is a system that needs to collapse” The American people just need to continue “starving the beast,” until it can no longer get up on its feet.

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  5. It’s pathetic, with millions of American men still associating the sedation required to sit through that crap (drinking beer after beer) with manliness, instead of seeing it as the direct result of those brainwashing ads that turn reality on its head by equating manliness with drinking beer and eating snack food, which, according to the brainwashing, will also greatly improve the man’s appeal to the opposite sex. Sure, of course it will. It’s also sadly still true that at Super Bowl time thousands of men, in a mental state verging on possession, with also be forking over thousands for giant TVs to watch 13 minutes of action in an all-day telecast.

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  6. They still take a knee and make that Brillohead man of the year. No wonder ratings are down. Too many injuries and penalties. Bigger and faster players but sloppy undisciplined play. Brady votes Trump and the fake news media rips him a new one. In my opinion the NFL peaked in the late sixties early seventies. It’s been losing its luster ever since.

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    • Check out old black and white videos of pro football from its early days when it was spontaneous and more like rugby with lots of laterals for real excitement. Today’s game is a boring joke in comparison, with about 6% of the telecast time being actual play action, with performer antics that would have gotten athletes only a generation ago thrown off the field.

      Unfortunately football fanatics are so brainwashed that simple facts about play time and the cruds on the field fazes them less than facts faze initiates in cults like Scientology. Football fanatics have no answer other than a sh*t-eating grin and walking away because the facts are undeniable.

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  7. I watched the 2nd half because it was between my AFC-N teams, which is likely also why it had a smaller draw than the Cowboys and Giants. Here’s what I observed:

    The ratio of black (or other color) to white players is now ~ 8 to 3 on offense and 9 to 2 on defense, even worse than last year. With the influx of new black QBs in recent years, that will soon drop to nearly 100% colored players on both sides of the ball. That, my friend, is discrimination. And considering the $Billions involved yearly, it needs to change. It is also modern-day slavery.

    It’s the same in the NBA, while MLB favors a majority of Hispanic players… watch the next “All-Star” game among the league’s “best & brightest”. The NBA version in particular has become a joke, mere “street-ball” wizardry.

    With the lure of that much fame and fortune, why would any black boy be tempted to do well in school, to take his studies seriously? Or, for that matter, to become a civilized and law-abiding member of society, rather than think he can do as he pleases, because someone will always be at the ready to bail him out? “We” encourage animalistic behavior, and discourage intelligence… or even just getting along and working to help others. Or showing respect.

    Second, and just as upsetting, is that the “game” is no longer a sport, it is a fight. In recent years, defenders went from merely trying to stop the forward progress of the offense on each play, via tackling, to actively trying to steal the ball from the offensive team on every play. That turns me off. And now? It’s gotten downright UGLY, with teams OBVIOUSLY trying to HURT those on the opposing team, and then gloating & taunting afterwards! It’s no different than thug-gang warfare. Or “Rollerball”. Or “Pro Wrestling”… They’re literally being encouraged to HURT others in order to help themselves. And that mentality then gets out into the general public who sees the end effects.

    Both this week and last I saw members of the Stealers hitting their opponents in ways that should have not only gotten them ejected, but jailed. They’ve been doing it for years. And here’s the thing, the Stealers’ coach was on the 700Club yesterday for being such a “good Christian man”, as he “steals children from slavery” in Pittsburgh (don’t ask me, I didn’t understand it either). Yes, the Browns, Oilers, Raiders, and other teams have played dirty in the past. New Orleans got busted for actually paying players to do it. But the Stealers? Would prior coaches Chuck Noll or Bill Cowher have put up with this?

    This coach, Mike Tomlin, at very least is turning a blind eye to his players’ crimes, or at worst, encouraging them! This isn’t a matter of “aggressive” play, it’s about tactics that have no place on the field of sports. Something needs to be done, but I doubt the NFL will be the one to do it, as they like the increase in viewership among the young and likely colored fans who tune in to see exactly that type of activity… bring on the money! The whole incidence of “kneeling” during the Anthem only makes it worse. And more divisive. Thank goodness for college ball, but it’s not that much different.

    We really need to consider, as a civilized society, if the money involved is really worth the inculcation of such values into our youth, to continue dumbing down our young boys so they can become over-paid athletes (and other entertainers) who act like barbarians on the field and off… it’s self-perpetuating. And it’s at our own risk and worst interests long-term.

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  8. Thank God for college football. 🙂


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