Hillary Clinton painting triggers security dogs

Human beings are easily fooled, but dogs know!

See “Dogs are better at spotting liars than Obama supporters”.

Security dogs are specialist, trained canines. From K9 Centre Dog Trainers:

Training dogs for security patrol is generally the same as a personal protection dog but they are taught to protect a handler in the working environment and will be trained to defend from multiple attackers. We have had in the past both government and civilian security experience so we know what we are talking about when it comes to threat levels on the job and how your dog can be used as a deterrent or if push comes to shove WILL save you. K9 Centre trains dogs for use in and around schools, hospitals, offices and industrial business. Dogs are trained for work with guards for patrol duties. […] The minimum training time that is required for each dog is generally 3 months depending on personal training requirements for the type of dog required.

At around 8 a.m. on December 9, 2017, two security dogs reacted suspiciously to a crate for the Art Miami exhibition, leading to a two-hour shut down of the exhibit and a section of Biscayne Blvd. so that police could search the crate.

The crate contained a painting of Hillary Clinton — and nothing else.

Elizabeth Koh and Nicholas Nehamas report for the Miami Herald that when Miami police officers opened up the suspicious crate, they found a “punky” portrait of Hillary Clinton in a studded jacket and shaggy pink haircut, in a neon picture frame.

Police officers ran the 16 inch by 20 inch acrylic-on-wood artwork through an X-ray machine, which turned up no suspicious material.

“Punky Hillary,” already purchased by a collector for $4,000, was painted by Orlando-based artist Scott Scheidly, who seems to specialize in painting satirical portraits of politicians and pop culture figures, including Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler, Queen Elizabeth II, as well as President Trump. Scheidly’s “Trump Pimp” portrait, depicting the president in a zebra-printed hat with a gold dollar-sign chain around his neck, was in the crate with “Punky Hillary”. But the Trump portrait had already been removed from the crate before the security dogs were triggered.

Gallery owner Ken Hashimoto said police remained unsure what about “Punky Hillary” had caused the security dogs to react. Hashimoto said, “They have no idea. My thought is a Republican bomb dog.”

No joke, but the two security dogs at Art Miami must have smelled the odor of sulfur from Hillary’s portrait. See “Secret Service: Hillary and Obama stink like sulfur”.

Hillary’s fly

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24 responses to “Hillary Clinton painting triggers security dogs

  1. Answer: SULFUR. Secret Service got it right!!!!

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    • Dogs have instincts no human possess. Evil is an energy often unseen attaches to it’s likeness. All objects are only energy. The dogs sensed it’s evil. Very correctly.

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  2. No doubt the dogs are spiritually sensitive….I know mine is

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  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Yes, my dog, Beau, certainly did not like Hillary Clinton. Every time she appeared on our TV I would have to change the station because he would start barking and wouldn’t stop until I did.

    When I did – he would wag his tail.

    Wonder if they would have let Beau vote – don’t know why not – they let felons vote?


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  4. Clearly, they get (and don’t like) her…

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  5. Why would someone paint that or buy that? Maybe it’s something to do with Pizzagate. Must have a hidden message in it and the dogs sensed it!

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  6. the dogs seem to understand what liberals are too dense to figure out…

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  8. Dogs are very smart and the scent emanating from her must be obnoxious and annoying, Grrrrr, grrrrrr

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  9. And flies love sh|t!

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  10. The dogs knew that an evil spirit or spirits were there. Dogs can sense evil. They know when demons are present.

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  11. Dogs can sense demons and evil spirits! I grew up in a haunted house, it could even be classified as an infestation. Anyway, there were some times where our dog would bark at the ceiling. The dogs and even cats know when evil lurks, lol! Good doggies! LOL! Totally awesome article!! 😀

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    • HA. Wish I knew that before I married. My cat HATED my now ex. I have learned to always listen to the “animals” as they do indeed have a greater sensitivity (to evil)!

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  12. Hmmmm. My dog, too, would growl at any Satanist (who sacrificed people or animals) and he would never let them touch him. Often, it was because of my dog that I knew how dangerous some people were that approached us because of the dog.

    One person told me he couldn’t understand why my little dog growled at him because he even worked at a dog kennel (where lost dogs are kept). I looked at him and said, are you sacrificing any of those dogs? My dog knows. The offending person couldn’t get away from me or my dog fast enough.
    How any dog, let alone 2 of them, could sense that from a painting and sight unseen, is wild. Isn’t it?

    The other possibility is that there were drugs behind the brown paper wrapping of Trump (or behind the pic). Drug residue? Scent?
    My neighbors were transporting drugs in wrapped paintings, and these paintings were just junk.

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  13. If somebody was willing to pay that for a crappy rendition of Hitlery they would pay 9 digits for what I did to a magazine photo of her with a Sharpie!

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  14. Too bad the dogs didn’t “mark their territory”!

    That would’ve been a great answer to “Piss Christ”, only it would drive libtards nuts.

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  15. Fascinating story & comments re the intuitive dogs! “Neon” paintings/frames > perfect for the faggy “Art Deco District” of South Beach/Miami (the old 1950s style buildings with neon lights galore are really cool, but too bad the fags took over the entire area).

    Stashing drugs or cash behind the paintings makes sense, but that would be easy enough to find, I would think. So it has to be the “personality” on the dog-irritating painting, lol, the wicked witch of the libs! We all had the same thoughts, either her demonized-personality or her sulfur stink sent the dogs into a tizzy. 😀

    Obama was the ORIGINAL PIMP so I resent Scheidly painting POTUS as a Pimp. (Tried to find the older photo of Obama in purple pimp suit w/hat, but no success. Did see Scheidly’s Trump painting, yuk! He painted him fat w/double chin with same color frame as Hitlery’s.)


  16. I’m betting the container had contraband in it, and it is being covered up-dogs don’t behave like this without good reason


  17. I’ll bet that crate contained a shipment of cash hidden in with the witch’s painting and that the bills were tainted with trace amounts of cocaine causing the dogs to alert to the crate. Art work has long been used by smugglers to move contraband and had it been a huge roll of cash the x-ray machine wouldn’t have picked up anything unusual. They should have used a scanner that detects the magnetic strip in paper currency. If more then one dog alerted then the odds of there being something extra in that crate besides the painting are pretty good!


  18. That picture frame looks pretty wide and thick to me, kinda looks like it’s made from wood moulding like colonial casing sold in lumber yards. I wonder if there were hundred dollar bills tainted with cocaine residue inside that wooden frame.


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