Arkancide Strikes Again

Has Murder Incorporated just “suicided” a doctor related to the Haiti relief effort because of his complaint about Clinton corruption?

His daughter found him dead of a stab wound to the chest on December 10, 2017

NYDAILYNEWS: Doctor found dead with knife in chest inside Manhattan apartment while home alone with 11-year-old daughter

Dr. Dean Lorich, a trauma surgeon, was found dead with a knife in his torso inside his E. 96th St. apartment on Dec. 10, 2017. (BARRY WILLIAMS/FOR NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

An acclaimed trauma surgeon was found dead, with a knife in his chest, by his 11-year-old daughter Sunday in his Park Ave. apartment, police said.

Investigators were treating the death of Dr. Dean Lorich as an apparent suicide, sources said.

“He was under some personal stress,” a police source said.

The surgeon was home with his daughter, police said, adding there were no signs of forced entry at the tony Upper East Side apartment at Park Ave. and E. 96th St.

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Ruled a suicide? Hmmmm…


18 responses to “Arkancide Strikes Again

  1. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Self-stabbing to the heart is the new bullet-to-the-head. Expect it to become the latest rage in suicides. (WTH?!)

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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  2. Suicide… yeah, right.

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  3. Hadenoughalready

    I think, with Hillary behind bars, all of this would stop.

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  4. What the ACTUAL F*CK?!?

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  5. Suicide by knife? Man, that’s brutal. Kinda find it hard to believe.

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  6. Say it’s the hand behind the knife that did it.

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  7. How much effort does it take to plunge a knife into your own chest deep enough to cause death? I’d wager few men have the strength to get past the bone and cartilage that protects he heart.
    What kind of man would do this with his own daughter in the house? A family man with 3 girls and a Wife isn’t likely to kill himself anywhere his family might witness the act.
    Sorry-I’m calling BS on this claim,for these aforementioned reasons.

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  8. — truckjunkie — I agree with you.

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  9. A trauma surgeon has been Arkancided. Stabbing himself? no way Jose. This is murder.

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  10. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:


    For your information.


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  11. Erin Elizabeth, founder of Health Nut News website, & either long-term “significant other” of Dr. Mercola, began “unintentionally” keeping a list of “Dead Doctors” 2.5 years ago, some of whom they knew personally or had met, especially the ones in Florida where they live.

    She counts this current Dr. Dean Lorich as Dead Doctor #81. Just a week ago on 12/3/17, another doctor from the same hospital (Weill Cornell, 1300 York Ave.) was also found dead, in a bathroom there, Dr. Crespo, age 40, stem cell doctor/researcher, who spoke five languages! > Dead Doctor #79.

    Here’s Erin’s newest article re Dr. Lorich #81 with link included in it to her longer list of all Dead Doctors so far:

    Commenters all suspect foul play (& I agree!), think cops are in on it by always ruling automatic suicide, suspect Big Pharma behind the scenes, &/or the Clintons, &/or “satanists/globalists” who are against “natural health” because they want to drug & vaccinate everyone instead.

    Snopes, naturally, says Erin’s list & suspicions re all the deaths is baloney.

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  12. Yeah, it’s as likely a suicide as Adam Lanza shooting himself in the back of his head with a gun 8.03 inches long. Try doing that with a ruler.

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  13. Normally when a person commits suicide by blade there is evidence of cuts or puncture marks. They very rarely if at all, do it on the first go. Usually you will see evidence of their attempts before carried out.
    For example if one slits one’s wrists usually there is clear evidence of the cuts and abrasions from the individual working up the courage to follow through.
    Think about what it would take for a person to stab themselves in the chest, threw the heart. The amount of energy needed for something like that.

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  14. Dr. Lorich had volunteered his time in Haiti to try and save or operate on as many Haitians as he could. While there he saw what corruption was going on as under the Clintons 5.4 billion was squandered never given to Haitians in need only to Friends of the Clintons.HIs equipment and supplies that he had flown in to resupply his operation was stolen at the airport in Port au Prince and he was forced to return to the states after performing around 100 operations as best he could.
    He emailed hillary and her aides demanding to know what was going on got little in replys.
    This is more Arkancide.

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  15. It is truly amazing that two individuals like these can keep having people killed , and not a damn thing happens to them .
    They called R.R. the ” Teflon President “…………John Gotti ” The Teflon Don ” ……..
    I can’t even come up with a term to describe these two assh$les . ..
    I could , but it wouldn’t be for family viewing .
    Some day , they will get one hell of a payback .
    What goes around , comes around ….
    You can’t avoid karma , it will get you in the end . Billy might like it that way tho !!!!!!!!!!!!


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