Unexpected Conversions to Orthodox Christianity

Russian Priest Explains Why Westerners Are Converting To Orthodox Christianity

To most of us, this is unexpected news from a foreign culture

I admit to being so Americanized that Orthodoxy seemed very strange. But one day when driving out of Boston, I noted muralists working on St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Jamaica Plain. Being a muralist myself I was hoping to talk to the artists, which I did (a married couple from Argentina) and received some very useful advice.

But as interesting was my introduction to an Orthodox priest there. He was as culturally American as me, and reminded me of one of the trusted Catholic and Evangelical pastors I knew. We discussed a number of topics that were important to me. At that point, Orthodoxy stopped seeming like something “other” than Christianity, and became for me a part of the large Christian family.

In this brief video we see a Russian priest, Fr. Andrey, talking about a secret movement among muslims and other Europeans to convert to Orthodox Christianity. What I take away from this is that God has many more strategies than we are aware of for reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

18 responses to “Unexpected Conversions to Orthodox Christianity

  1. Hadenoughalready

    I grew up going to this church but we quit going after it began to “Russianize” its liturgy.
    While Ukrainian and Russian are similar, they have a distinct dialect, alphabetic and language differences.

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    • Both the artists and the priest corrected me when I incorrectly called St. Andrew a Russian orthodox church. I was too naive to know the abuses heaped on Ukraine by Joseph Stalin.

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      • Hadenoughalready

        Throughout the Russian occupation, the Ukraine had become increasingly Russianized. Only in the upper northeast, bordering Poland, has the original language remained.
        Both of my grandparents and my father came from southeast Poland but spoke both, Polish and Ukrainian.
        My father absolutely hated the Russians. My mother had no use for them.

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  2. If I were the Greek Orthodox Church, I wouldn’t trumpet Tom Hanks’ conversion (he converted because his wife is Greek Orthodox). I have a really bad feeling about Hanks.

    See https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2017/12/07/steven-spielberg-takes-aim-at-president-trump-with-new-movie-the-post/

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    • I agree. That photo was the “poster” picture for the youtube video. And each time I look at it, I get a shiver. But I will continue for the moment to hope his conversion takes hold in his heart.

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  4. All Religions and Cults want the non-member to convert!
    This is all about Group Think!
    When I see Black and White Pentecostal preachers fleecing their people. I would like to exterminate them!
    You are your own TEMPLE!
    You are your own PRIEST!
    You offer your own SACRIFICES!
    No honest man needs institutional religion.

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    • “Buddy Holly” I may have had a similar experience with religion. You’re near Dublin, and I grew up near Dublin West (Boston). Regardless of screwed up leadership, each person still needs to come to terms with their creator and their mortality. I urge you to turn to Jesus. It doesn’t matter if you never warm another chair in a church, as long as you have a living relationship with Him.

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    • God gave people free will. That’s why people are always corrupting any and every institution. The message of the Bible is a good one, and Jesus Christ was the only One who did not sin. There are plenty of dishonest preachers, rabbi’s, imams, etc that do not follow the teachings that they should. I read other religions and also read a lot of Buddhist things, but only Jesus Christ resonates with my ‘still small voice’ within. The other religions in my opinion really go nowhere. I’m a Christian, not some other denomination. lt’s hard to look past the human factor, but that’s the evil behind it all, trying to corrupt what God made.

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      • Follow what Christ said and you can’t go wrong. THAT is called “Faith”. THAT is all one needs.
        Denominations are sectarian interpretations of what the Bible says. We don’t need that.
        If you follow His words, the rest doesn’t matter. It’s THAT simple.


  5. Most of the famous churches in the Holy Land are Orthodox, but Roman Catholics can say mass there.

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  6. sixlittlerabbits

    I also believed that the Orthodox were part of the Christian family until I encountered an Orthodox priest who looks down on Catholicism and comments by others proclaiming the superiority of the Orthodox faith.


  7. This is great news, though I do not trust Tom Hanks…he’s too “in” with Hell E. Wood if you know what I mean. Though I have heard that there are many Muslims that are converting, which is great news! I just hope they are truly converting to Christianity, and it’s not a ruse for whatever reason. I’ve looked at all the religions out there, and while many have a “good” message, the only one that is where God was made as a man was Christianity. Budda was a man and he died. The prophet Mohammed was only a man (and a warlord and killed people too!) and he died. Only Jesus was the true Son of God, and He was resurrected, for everyone. The only thing that makes sense to me is that the Bible was over simplified so that everyone could understand it. They didn’t have ‘secret’ or ‘mysterious’ doctrines that only ‘initiates’ could understand. God doesn’t keep secrets, but mr. D. Evil sure does. John 3:16 to 3:19.


  8. Pray for your “enemies”! Pray for those Hollywood perverts! Pray for those politicians who are doing evil deeds.Pray they all repent and ask Christ for forgiveness. The devil doesn’t like it when you pray for your enemies and bless them. Even those who have done horrible things, pray for them and try to not give them back what they give to you (though it is very very very very very HARD to not do that….believe me). Ask God for help if you feel you can’t do this. If you do, even a little bit, you will find it a tiny bit easier next time. Look at the examples of those people who have had their children murdered and some of them say they forgive their child’s murderers, and look at the ultimate forgiveness when Jesus Christ asked God to forgive those who were torturing and murdering Him.

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  9. God is the unparalleled tactician & strategist, indeed, Traildust. Something I am also glad of, myself.


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