Students wearing MAGA hats booted from “safe space” coffee shop


The real world is going to be a bit challenging for certain snowflakes.

From NY Post: A social justice warrior booted her fellow Fordham University students from a Bronx campus coffee shop because their pro-Trump “Make America Great Again” hats violated its “safe space” policy.

“It was absolutely insane,” Fordham junior Aaron Spring, 20, told The Post of the Thursday incident. “We weren’t even talking politics — we were talking about finals.”

A video of the encounter appeared Friday on the conservative CampusReform website.

Students wearing Trump’s trademark MAGA ball caps were accosted by a student worker at Rodrigue’s Coffee House, which is run by volunteers and is organized as a club.

“Get out! Five minutes,” the worker barked. “I’m protecting our customers … you are wearing hats that completely violate safe space policy. You have to go. ”

She exploded when Michael Esposito, 19, asked her to explain. “Fascism, Nazis!” shouted the snowflake. “You have three minutes.”

“I do not see fascism, Nazis on this hat,” Esposito answered. “I see America.”

“It was humiliating to be called a Nazi in front of so many people I go to school with,” Esposito told The Post. “It’s almost scary.”

The students said they were not seeking trouble. “It’s not like we’re here reading off a manifesto,” said Sebastian Balasov, 21.

The cafe has a lengthy set of “safer space” rules, including “Do not make assumptions about someone’s gender, sexuality, race, class, or experiences” and “No racism – No sexism – No homophobia.”

The rules do not mention headgear.

“They try to say that all are welcome,” Spring said. “But if you talk about diversity, that has to include diversity of thought and opinion, too.”


10 responses to “Students wearing MAGA hats booted from “safe space” coffee shop

  1. What were they doing in a TOXIC environment like that to begin with? (I’m SURE it’s ALSO a “TARGET RICH ZONE”. For everyone’s “SAFETY”…)

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  2. Aww, triggered left/libtards… more MAGA hats needed:

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  3. For the radical left, tolerance is a one-way street.

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  4. Seems to me the student screaming about safe space was indeed the facist. What about the students in there having their freedom of speech attacked?
    These SJW are out of control.

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  5. I did not see this treatment for snowflakes pink idiot hats. Talk about discrimination!!! Look at all the other stuff they pulled as well with no backlash.

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  6. Commie-libs are the true fascists among us.

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    • Dave . . . Amen to that! How can this place be a “safe place’ with that young shrew screaming at her fellow students who choose to wear MAGA hats? Does this school take “ANY FEDERAL DOLLARS?” If so, Federal funds need to be cut right now. There should also be an investigation of infringement of these young men’s civil liberties.

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  7. Whether it’s about safe space, politics or any other endeavor, I see the culprit here, the one irreducible thing that these snowflakes (and their parents) will never give up, and that is abortion. For most people today, sex is the coin of the realm, their “carnal bitcoin,” and they’re not going to the grave until they’ve had enough, as far as they’re concerned.
    For at the end of the day, they want to fornicate without consequence. That is what every single issue is about.
    There are three existential things that are also metaphysical, and they are sex, religion and death. This is why people like Sartre, deBeauvoir, Kinsey, Sanger and Hefner escaped exposure for their crimes! They were the fornicators’ champions!
    It is not enough to separate the sexual act from its paramount purpose, procreation, No! People need a rationalization to assauge their guilt. And their politics needs an ideology to front it. It’s not about virtue or justice; It is about passion and appetite. For don’t we all have desire? In their eyes Nietzsche’s Will to Power makes sense: Fornication is an exchange of power between domination and submission.
    That what this is about.

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  8. Read Professor Broiles words carefully even if you disagree. The concept of safe space emerged from 1970s American corporate (liberal) psychology. The white stiletto brigade may no longer be with us, but cult concepts continue, how much the original theories are understood remains to be seen in my opinion. Yes, the “carnal bitcoin” is the new currency, another cult concept in the making? Philosophy is only worthy when understood against the background from which it emerges. “So put on your dancing shoes and explore.”


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