Chicago teen charged in beating disabled man & broadcasting it live on Facebook gets probation


This animal will do no real time for her crime.

She can’t use social media for four years. And gets 200 hours of community service. Unreal.

I told you about this beating in January of this year. See the whole story here.

From Fox News: A Chicago woman involved in a beating of a mentally disabled man that was broadcasted on Facebook Live pleaded guilty Friday to a hate crime and was sentenced to probation for four years.

Brittany Covington, 19, entered her plea in a case that received national attention because it involved an 18-year-old disabled white man and four blacks who taunted him with profanities against white people and now-President Trump. Covington narrated the video of her and three others torturing the man.

The victim disappeared in January and his family said they received text messages from him claiming he was being held hostage. Jordan Hill, one of the four friends charged, picked the victim up at a McDonald’s in Streamwood in a stolen van. Hill and the victim previously knew each other from high school, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The two reportedly drove around for three days.

The video captured the four suspects taunting him and cutting his clothes after a “play fight” in Covington’s sisters’ apartment. The video showed a wound on top of the victim’s head and him being pushed by one of the attackers. A neighbor threatened to call police which resulted in the four suspects raiding her apartment and stealing her property, police said. The victim was able to escape during that time. Officers found the victim in torn clothing a block away from the apartment.

The videos sparked outrage including condemnation from then President Barack Obama who called the acts “despicable.”

Covington has been behind bars since January when the video, which she narrated, surfaced. Her three co-defendants remained in custody and their cases were pending.

In exchange for pleading guilty to committing a hate crime, aggravated battery and intimidation, prosecutors dropped a kidnapping charge and others.

The judge ordered Covington to not use social media for four years. She also must perform 200 hours of community service.


18 responses to “Chicago teen charged in beating disabled man & broadcasting it live on Facebook gets probation

  1. I’m betting she violates probation.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Just wonder why they would negotiate for a guilty plea when conviction should have been assured.

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  3. For beating up a disabled man, then sadistically putting the video on social media, Brittany Covington’s punishment is that she can’t use social media for four years, and must perform 200 hours of “community service”. But a Florida gets 15 years in prison for the “hate crime” of leaving a slab of bacon in a mosque.

    That tells us volumes about the twisted priorities of today’s America.

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  4. And yet Chicago says the problem is guns! A gun might have prevent the abuse she heaped on someone. And saved the taxpayer a bundle of money.

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  5. Sounds like a judge needs to be Unemployed.

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    • truck . . . . when judges render such asinine rulings, you bet, they need to find their butts in the unemployment line. This is just a travesty. There is no deterrent for further back youths to think twice about committing this kind of heinous criminal activity. .Since there will be no serious ramifications, if this is a sample of “Chicago style justice.”

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  6. Normally I don’t like the feds getting involved in local cases like this, but this judge is an idiot, and a federal prosecution might just be in order.

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  7. Reverse the players , totally different outcome !

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    • japoa . . . . No doubt about it! If a black kid has been terrorized and physically assaulted in this same manner, and the perpetrator’s were young white kids. This particular young girl would be Post-menopausal long before she would see the light of day! How can there be justice, when blacks are treated in a different manner than white defendents?

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  8. Seems like they forgot about the Lindbergh Law… made kidnapping a federal crime, and a capital offense (death penalty) if harm were done — until it was weakened by the 70’s SCotUS.
    She and the others involved should serve life sentences, even if only to discourage others from repeating their heinous crimes.

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    • cogitoergosumantra . . . . As harsh as it may seem, I would agree. They kidnapped this young man, they tortured him . . . . let them pay the prescribed penalty for this crime.

      It will be very interesting what kids of sentences will be meted out to the other three defendants in this case.

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  9. How about a TWO Stage sentence? 7 years would be enough to let the criminal ponder the ramifications of committing that crime;a subsequent death sentence would save the Taxpayers from supporting his ass for 43+ more years.

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  10. Come on now, lets be honest; if it had been a white kid that did the same to a black kid, the results would be the same if not less; no jail time for the white kid. This does not excuse what this goofy girl did in any way; a lot of these youths are nuts and morally corrupt, thanks to the drugs and the rap music.But the truth is the truth; The Justice System is totally racist and believe me blacks are still being incarcerated at a much higher rate and it doesn’t matter if they are innocent or not. Case in Point, all the wrongful convictions that have been overturned thanks to DNA


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