30-40 members of Congress may be accused of sexual misconduct

The resignation of Sen. Al Franken (D-Minnesota), accused by women of sexual misconduct, is just the beginning of the draining of the Congressional swamp.

See also “Sadistic pedophiles and Sen. Al Franken’s ‘joke’ about anal rape of babies”.

Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, said this yesterday:

“I’ve heard reports that as many as 30 or 40 members of the House and Senate may face allegations of sexual harassment.

From a secret slush fund of Congress, taxpayers had paid over $17 million (between 1997 and 2017) in “awards” to settle complaints and disputes involving “legislative branch entities,” including Congress.

Now we are told that taxpayers had paid $200,000 to an accuser of Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Florida), and $84,000 for Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas), for their sexual misconduct.

Demand that Hastings and Farenthold repay what we taxpayers had paid for their sexual misdeeds.

Drain the Congress Swamp!!!

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22 responses to “30-40 members of Congress may be accused of sexual misconduct

  1. Is anybody truly surprised that people who have exempted themselves from laws passed would act in a manner that shows they are largely unaccountable?

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  2. It all depends on what the meaning of “is” is .. or what the meaning of “harassment” is. Although I think a majority of Congress members qualify for “perverted, self-serving, parasite status,” it seems their agenda is to rid themselves of Donald Trump and his agenda. This morning, the former bimbo line-up against Trump was reactivated via the fake news media.

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  3. Looks like someone sprayed insecticide and the cockroaches are running wild!

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  4. Don’t forget Al Franken’s book that came out this year… apparently he was cool until stuff went public:

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  6. I have little doubt they are all guilty of multiple crimes. Not a single one spoke out against the fraud and foreign infiltrator, obama, who is not natural born of any where, and whose whole persona is a conspiracy to destroy U.S. sovereignty.

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    • The unelected bureaucrats of the United Nations were doing a fine job even before Obama came on the scene. In fact, so was the Council on Foreign Relations (the sister organization to the Royal Institute for International Affairs), and the Club of Rome, and the myriad corporate fascists at the head of corporations, and the unelected bureaucrats at the “earth friendly” NGOs. Obama was just the guy chosen to shut European Americans up for 8 years for fear of being accused of racism, sexism, “homophobia”, intolerance, and wearing tin foil hats when concluding he was ineligible to be President. But hey,


  7. Feminists-get ready. There’ll be a LOT of vacancies in Congress soon-you might as well load Congress with a womyn’s touch….

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    • truck . . . . please don’t wish that on us. Isn’t Nancy (I have lost my mind, and cannot remember where I’m at when I’m speaking) Pelosi; Maxine (I can’t tell the difference between Crimea and North Korea) Waters; and the ever getting older, Elderly female Senator from California (whose name escapes me because I am developing dementia myself!) who just decided at the age of 83 to run for yet another term in office. I just don’t want a “womyn’s touch” if they are any way as goofy as the fore mentioned.

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    • Sorry-I left my (sarc) in my other suit.


  8. And there you have it, the continuing growing list of guys that could never get a prom date. Each and every one is down right icky.

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  9. From what I am reading on social media and through my on-line e-mail news “magazines” all of these Congressmen are being sacrificed in order to force President Trump to resign in disgrace because of his so-called sexual misconduct.  Soros is funding every last bit of this.  I believe that most of us who ever worked in the work world have had to deal with sexual misconduct.  Where most of us decent-hard-working women drew the line was we did not intentionally and on purpose go to a man’s pad, alone, especially at night.  Like so many, especially Hollywood crowd, seems to have done. On last nights — 12/11/17 — MSM news clip there were several women talking about how so many years ago President Trump did this and did that and etc. etc. Is Trump perfect, no but he is a whole lot better than so many others in terms of what he is trying to do as President. The MSM will beat this dead horse to death. The evil in this world knows no bounds. May the Lord have mercy.  

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    • You’re absolutely right MA, this was a planned strategy with the end result to get rid of Trump. Since the globalist and deep state have exhausted all other strategies, this “around the end” is hopefully their last gasp.

      Infowars reported there are several slush funds of taxpayer monies which have been used to pay off the victims. It was also reported the total payed out is much more than the 17 million we’ve been told. Who has been in control of theses funds and how many of our legislators knew about them over the last 20 years or so?


  10. I’m sure there are more than those given numbers, it’s a matter of time. Many of them have kept well paid mistresses and as long as money flows silence will pay off. Remember, the men in Washington DC are alone an they find “love and companionship” away from home, and women-a-plenty in DC, what starts as flirtation, well the end is obvious.

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  11. Al Franken Stein, hahaha, has that Obama look about himself, and he got deflated just like a balloon out of air.

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